Boys are mutating into girls

hermaphrodite boys turning into girlsNeedless to say, this aspect of our high-tech world is beyond horrifying.  Some of us have known about these facts for quite some time. One of the principal food sources for female hormones is soy, which is being consumed in huge amounts.

As we can see from this article, we are being bombarded by these health-threatening and gender-altering chemicals and hormones from a variety of sources, so just avoiding them in the diet is obviously not sufficient. Even the very clothes we or our children are wearing could be contributing to this mutation.

Very disturbing, indeed.

Why boys are turning into girls

Here’s something rather rotten from the State of Denmark. Its government yesterday unveiled official research showing that two-year-old children are at risk from a bewildering array of gender-bending chemicals in such everyday items as waterproof clothes, rubber boots, bed linen, food, nappies, sunscreen lotion and moisturising cream.

The 326-page report, published by the environment protection agency, is the latest piece in an increasingly alarming jigsaw. A picture is emerging of ubiquitous chemical contamination driving down sperm counts and feminising male children all over the developed world. And anti-pollution measures and regulations are falling far short of getting to grips with it….



  1. Kee-rist, Acharya! As if we didn’t have enough to worry about these days. When I read the headline of your bulletin, I immediately thought that it concerned the way that the politically correct lobby has turned our masculine population into overly sensitive female wannabes. I had no idea that you actually meant FEMALES! This is very interesting and I think we need to look into it a great deal more. Yes, this is exceedingly important.


    Where’d they go?
    🙁 So, it is safe to say Corrective Measure are needed. What are they? DHEA, DHA, Testosterone, Other(s).

  3. This topic has come up a few times over the last 12 or so years and the list of things gets longer. We also have chemicals & hormones that effect girls and some years back Monsanto bovine growth hormone was said to be found in milk & beef and the effect it has on young girls if they get enough of it! It can make 8 year old girls go into full puberty and I’m sure it has a bad effect on young boys as well.

  4. Natural Evolution
    maybe…the human species is evolving into a higher level of consciousness that is stereotypically feminine.

  5. The Terrible Truth About Plastic You Never Knew, m
    This is my translation from english to icelandic about plastic and the health risk from it…Better stik to the old glass…specially for boy´s if they do want to be man…not woman..
    But soy is also doing the same thing with boy´s/man as the plastic..because of the phyto estrogen which mimick´s woman estrogen..Too much is also bad for woman…
    You will find many links to informative sites about phatales and bisphenol A

    1.8.2008 | 03:24
    [b]HRÆÐILEGUR SANNLEIKUR UM PLAST!![/b] Er það að gera syni okkar kvenlega? Valda blöðruhálskirtilsstækun? Brjóstakrabbameini?

    [b]The Terrible Truth About Plastic You Never Knew[/b]

    [b]The Truth About Plastic[/b],9171,1821664,00.html
    [u][b]Related Articles:[/b][/u]
    [b]Do You Know What Plastic Recycling Symbols Mean?[/b]

    [b]Don’t Put Your Coffee in Plastic Cups[/b]

    Common Plastics May Increase Your Child’s Obesity Risks
    Toxins, Endocrine Disruptors And Carcinogens That Migrate From The Molecules Of Different Plastic Containers To Their Contents

    [b]The Truth About Plastic[/b],9171,1821664,00.html

    [b]Hvað er phthalates?[/b]

    [b]Here is my blog translation about soy but you will find many links to sites on english there.[/b]

  6. anonyous from germany

    Does anyone seriously believe this is just an *accident* and not INTENTIONAL.

  7. Evolution….
    doesn’t necessarily mean an advance of species survivability, especially when artificially induced.

  8. little inown obstectrial fact
    curiously, i have learned that we are all conceived and begin as one similar being, essentially female; that is, until the ‘y’ chromosome kicks in on the 49th day after conception and the genitals begin to descend. until then, we are all the same.

  9. We’ll have to wait until women inherit the planet to get this problem fixed. They’ll probably fix many of the problems that we’ve created thus far including war. But when the men gain in numbers again they will resent womens power, intelligence and compassion and the fact that it is the women who chooses the man(not the other way around) and they will revolt once again driven by testosterone and the cycle will begin again.

  10. Bad Science: Poor study, researcher refuses to rel
    This says it better that I can –

    “Once upon a time–this week, actually–mothers all over the world woke up and wondered whether their little boys were increasingly behaving like little girls. The cause for this sudden concern: a new study claiming chemicals in everyday plastics might be feminizing their brains.
    Was this a feminist plot to end patriarchy and violence? A cunning plan by doll manufacturers in a hitherto-hidden war with toy-truck makers? A long-term strategy to improve the growth potential of grooming products for men? No, it was just another study that the media rushed into publication without any pause to examine how it was assembled.
    So what the reports failed to mention was the weak statistical data the authors of the study employed to reach this conclusion–after using an unvalidated methodology to collect it, which, for good measure, may also have been contaminated by survey bias. Astonishing? Not really.
    We live in a virtual junkyard of information, a growing, steaming pile of statistical garbage and toxic nonsense that won’t decay and disappear. “In modern research, false findings may be the majority, or even the vast majority, of published research claims,” Dr. John Ioannidis, an epidemiologist who has researched the accuracy of scientific research told the Wall Street Journal in 2007.
    At the same time, almost anything can be taken seriously in the media if there is an expert to validate it. If you add another expert–presto!–you have a “growing number” of scientists to advance a concern. If you add a dissenting voice, you’ve done your job as a journalist: You’ve been fair.
    Things are tougher when you end up arguing a point in court….”

    You seem willing to believe anything.

  11. you need the ying and yang. black and white or life stops. we need to understand that the controllers are trying and succeeding in separating us along gender lines stop helping them!!!! O and one way to kill off humans is to make us all into fems.

  12. oestrogen in medicine too
    Another cause of feminization of the males is the presence of oestrogens in the water, which cannot be filtered out in treatment plants. The contraceptive pill, as well as hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women contain oestrogens which are expelled into the urine and end up in the water.

    Those who won’t complain are gay males, but it could end up being the death knell of the human species if reproduction is impossible. Oh, but we have in vitro and all these technologies, silly me I forgot! Thank god for the sperm banks!

  13. I have read elsewhere that, because birth control pills being taken by so many women today are not fully absorbed by the body, a lot of estrogen-based constituents are being passed via the urinary tracts and flushed into municipal water systems….and filtering, while ridding the water of bacteria and particulate matter, cannot filter out the estrogen and other hormones. So even in our daily water supply we get a steady dose of hormones. This has also been put forth as one reason so many girls nowadays are maturing at earlier ages than when I was growing up. In the 1950s, a girl didn’t reach full maturity or even child-bearing age until around 15 or 16, sometimes older. Today we see girls at 10 to 12 years old, sexually mature and getting pregnant. Something is certainly happening. Meryl Streep (“WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR CHILDREN?!”) should be less concerned with Alar and more concerned about our drinking water.

    1. It isn’t just estrogen
      The fact is that there are all kinds of drugs and chemicals are in our daily drinking water. We can send people to the moon, build the Hubble telescope, and yet we can’t figure out a way to filter water so that it is pure? Seems hard to believe . . .

  14. Well…that’s the “conspiracy theory”, that they’re trying to feminize males to make the population less resistant or whatever. Interestingly, I’ve heard some studies suggest that males are actually more inclined to “fall into line” with a power structure than women.

    Who knows.

    What we DO know is that our health worldwide is on a serious decline! Rising rates of cancer, obesity, mental retardation etc. These diseases aren’t just falling out of the sky, SOMETHING is causing them.

    Soy is SUBSIDIZED by the government, which is probably one reason why it’s grown in vast quantities and marketed to an ignorant populice as a “health food”.

    Problem is, few want to listen! People get really defensive if you try and tell them what they are doing is unhealthy.

  15. Best bet
    is Dimpro.

  16. Chlorinated water and cancer link

    Glad to see that you care about health related topics.

    A link has been found associated with Cancer and chlorinated tap water.
    Get this junk out of your diet.

  17. i cant think of anyone recently who has even had a baby boy…
    theyve all been girls….
    stop eating refined and processed food people!

  18. Descartes Error
    This book is an excellent example and explains why most people choose to be willfully ignorant sheeple. Preprogramed to tune out crazy whack job conspircay theories that may in fact possibly if enough people wake up save their sheep like existence. This is my first time on this site and I am happy to have found it. Make no mistake about it virile free thinking males are a threat to the powers that aspire to be. More soy milk anyone?

  19. re: oestrogen in medicine too
    [quote name=”Brigitte”]Those who won’t complain are gay males, but it could end up being the death knell of the human species if reproduction is impossible. Oh, but we have in vitro and all these technologies, silly me I forgot! Thank god for the sperm banks![/quote]

    I read this and suddenly realized it isnt just Christian Occultists and other religious radicals that foster hate toward gay people. It is sad testimony to the existance of so many misconceptions and the degree in which people believe them while relaying their flawed logic based on misinformation.

    Acceptance of gay people does not translate into every person on the planet eventually turning gay. That is an absurd idea and to spread hate based on that flawed ideology evidences character flaws that are rather ugly to consider. Also, with the massive overpopulation on this planet, I doubt very seriously that the human race will die off if people accept gay people as equal human beings. Again, these false fears are very lame excuses to foster and promote hate. Hate is like drinking poison believing it will kill your enemy.

    This also brings into question what your ideas of feminine and masculine really are. Not all gay men are effeminate. I am a gay man who has three children, I’m an ex-Marine who had a top secret security clearance to dispense our nations call signs, radio frequencies, crypto gear and authentication codes, and I am currently a Marine Electrician working in the multi-trillion dollar oilfield industry. If you think there’s ANYTHING feminine about me you had better fall back and examine your nomenclature.

    I have a bi-racial nephew who is three years old and I can assure you he is ALL BOY! There are absolutely no signs or symptoms of him being “feminized” through chemicals or anything else. My own two boys are very masculine as well.

    I am curious as to just what it is that is being changed to “feminize” the male population. They still have male genitals and by looking at the population on this planet today, those genitals are working just fine. Are you ascribing “feminized” to the lack of willingness to get out and brawl like sailors in a bar, or the tendency to not be controlling over women? Because I dont see any youngsters with boobs, vaginas, or getting pregnant. How “feminized” are those male soldiers over there fighting for our freedom from terrorism and religious radicalism?

    I was under the impression that free thinkers were those with the ability to read outside of the hype and break free of the sheeple and cattlefolk herd mentality. I’m not into conspiracy theories and tree hugging. If I dont trust my water, I’ll boil it before using it. If there are harmful chemicals in something, I will not use it. Another thing I will not do is join up with a group of people and cry about it while spinning my wheels doing nothing to effect positive change in my surroundings. If you have a petition protesting the harmful chemicals, I’ll sign it. If you have identified an astounding number of feminized children and start a website to protest it, I’ll join.

    A friend of mine brought me to this group as we fight the battle of religious oppression on another site. There have been some good articles posted from this site. I am hoping that trend will continue. I will not tolerate the rediculous hatred and oppression of gay people by small minded herd oriented misinformed heterosexualists.

  20. Hi Adam –

    I don’t know who you are referring to, but I am simply reporting on a news item written by someone else.

    Not only “freethinkers” and “atheists” read this site – that item was picked up by other sites and received several thousand hits from the full spectrum of net surfers. In the interest of “free speech,” I tend to allow as many comments as is possible, except for those that are violently hateful or mere personal attacks (esp. on me! :ooo: )

    But I appreciate the referral from your friend.

    Stay tuned for more – but it certainly won’t be politically correct! :love:

  21. re:
    [quote name=”Acharya S”]Hi Adam –

    I don’t know who you are referring to, but I am simply reporting on a news item written by someone else.

    Stay tuned for more – but it certainly won’t be politically correct! :love: [/quote]

    Hello Acharya,
    I apologize if I came off too strong. I tend to voice my opinion in a graphic manner at times, but I never intend to make it personal. My take on this is similar to the poster Pete who wrote;
    “So what the reports failed to mention was the weak statistical data the authors of the study employed to reach this conclusion–after using an unvalidated methodology to collect it, which, for good measure, may also have been contaminated by survey bias. Astonishing? Not really.”

    Because I do not see evidence of this feminization of males. Our soldiers are lean and strong and our atheletes are steadily breaking records.

    Thanks for being patient with me.

  22. Are you insane? My mother and her sisters are the most vicious and vindictive people I have ever known, my ex sister-in -law was also another of these women of “power, intelligence and compassion”.
    Women are just as venal, cruel and power hungry as men, they are human and fallen, just as men are, and the only thing that would change if women held all the power is that they would probably be even worse than most men.

  23. I watched a PBS program about this subject, at least 8 years ago.
    There was a huge reduction in the amount of fish in a waterway in
    England and they were trying to figure out what had happened.

    The scientists started testing the water and other factors they thought might be involved and they discovered that the real problem was the fish themselves. For some unknown reason, most of the fish were female. They were stunned. With further examinations, they concluded that the male population of the fish weren’t wipe out selectively but, that some of the fish had started out as males but, because of chemicals from near by companies had altered them and the fish had become female. Their conclusions was that some of the chemicals mimicked estrogen.

  24. From BPA to BUTTER to TRUTH
    I came across an article [url][/url] in “e360 DIGEST” section at “Yale Environment 360” [url][/url] that caught my eye because it was referring to BPA saying that [b]High Levels of BPA
    May Hamper Male Sexual Function[/b]. I had remembered that there was an attempt to ban its use in California, but has been met strong resistance by Industry. I got two fliers in the mail warning me that [b]”You Favorite Products May Soon Disappear”[/b] and that I should call my state legislator and tell them to vote No on SB1713.

    Seeing this article also reminded me about an email I had gotten from my father in May this year that was about the differences between butter and margarine. It had been forwarded to him from someone who also had received it as a forwarded email. I decided to make a blog of it. [url][/url] After finishing that I came back here to post my comment, but while I was doing that it occurred to me it did not say anything about being related to female hormones so I began a Google search from my Google Toolbar with the word [b]margarine[/b] and one of the [i]Search Suggestions[/i] that came up was [b]”Margarine was originally manufactured to fatten turkeys”[/b] which is part of the beginning of what I was posting on my blog.

    I was shocked 😮 by what I saw in the search results. A great number of them were identical copies of the same thing I had gotten in my email and a few indicating it being an email hoax! :ooo: Which brings me to another thing that is bothering me and I think the best way to describe my disillusionment is with a new word I am learning about – Epistemology.

    😡 😮

    At this point I must stop. This comment is beginning to be like a blog of its own. I may post this on one of my blogs with further info, but I have to check more of this butter vs margarine scandal and fix my blog so as not to become part of the problem I have been having on the Internet of [i][b]”Who Can I (You) Trust”[/b][/i] regarding information and [u][i][b]Truth[/b][/i][/u].

  25. Really?
    Lee, your uneducated assumptions are just that. I suggest you study the matriarchal societies that still exist to this day, who by the way do NOT have war, domesitc violence or rape. I also recomend you do a quick google search to find the statistics on violence and crime. Men are responsible for 95% and the 5% that women have been guilty of the vast majority were doing the bidding of a husband or boyfriend. Really get over yourself!

    Sorry if there is any misspellings this is an area that just lights me up to where I can’t see staight.

  26. Simplistic assessment of the situation
    Wouldn’t it be great, Acharya, if boys were boys, and girls were girls, black and white, just like it used to be in the good old days?

    Everything would be so simple then wouldn’t it? Then we wouldn’t have to learn tolerance and respect for others who are different. Then we could define “right” and “good” as “straight”.

    Then perhaps we could get rid of these trans weirdos and gays who are soiling humanity’s purity. Of course the fact that transgenderism and homosexuality are a common phenomenon in Nature might bother our consciences a little at times.

    Ever given a thought for the trans people the world over who live in misery and oppression on the very fringes of society? Might be better to kill ’em all I suppose. Ever seen what goes on with trans people in India and Pakistan, Acharya, as we speak?

    Virile, free thinking men a threat to the powers that be – don’t make me laugh! The most unconscious human beings are those whose brains and motivations reside in their testicles. Testosterone promotes aggression, competition, personal bias, ugly male pride, greed, rape, violence, primate territorial urges, sex desire divorced from love – all of the ugliest things about the human being.

    Testosterone is ultimately responsible for ALL WARS. A man cannot even begin to call himself by that term unless he is psychologically functioning on a level ABOVE unconscious reactions to testosterone.

    If such men are a threat where are they? Where are the straight, virile males exposing the 911 crimes? Where are the virile males speaking out against wars? If they are there, they are certainly ineffective. I see plenty of them fighting IN those wars though.

    The truth is that most males are unconscious and need to awaken but they cannot do this until they have beaten their own unconscious testosterone motivated status, power, territorial and male ego based pride related urges.

    I say nonsense – what the PTB REALLY fear is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine – revelling in her wisdom, femininity and POWER.

    I say your thinking on this subject is too simplistic. The levels of hormones in the environment are nowhere near enough to produce any noticeable effects upon individual males.

    Ever heard the saying that everything is meant to be the way that it is? Don’t you consider that these events, as mediated by the double helix in DNA, may actually be based upon a genetic level awareness of what is happening here? How do you know that isn’t so?

    But instead you wring your hands in dismay. Phooey! Your fan chorus claps obediently in unison.

    It’s not horrifying, Acharya, it’s probably a good thing, and I for one applaud that it is happening. I do not believe there is any evidence whatsoever that it is wrong or harmful. There are too many humans on the Earth at this time. Lowered sperm counts is a GOOD thing.

    Examination of the Kaballah furthermore proves – as far as that can be done – that feminization of the psyche in BOTH men and women is the future and destiny of humanity.

    1. gah….
      Sorry Barbara but women like you make me sick to be one sometimes….

      Your comments are just as bad as any male chauvanist pig out there, just from the opposite end of the spectrum.

      And sorry….but examing a ‘religious’ (read quasi mystical clap trap) text PROVES nothing.

      I’m not particularly horrified by the article in question and i’m neither ‘pro’ nor ‘con’ for it but your comment begged comment!!! Seriously you’ve actually made me feel queasy with all your intolerance and bile masquerading as ‘female POWER’…..bah!

  27. better more girls than more boys
    I agree with Barbara, and I’m a man. Testosterone is responsible for a lot of stupidity and violence in the world. And we don’t need as many men as we used to. We have technology and machines to do the toughest physical work. We also don’t live in the wild anymore, so we don’t have animals attacking us. Nowadays, a more feminine world wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

  28. Boys are mutating into girls
    This is a very wonderful point of view. Thanks for letting us know about this matter. I would definitely bookmark your site.

  29. Vaccines contain mercury and aluminum. Don’t be fooled by the industry saying it removed thimerasol from vaccines. Both these heavy metals can cause spontaneous genetic mutation and endocrine disruption. The endocrine system control male/female hormones. Screwing with it by poisoning babies might leave them with gender confusion.

  30. 🙁 noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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