Birth decline killing Europe?

european europe population growthWhile Europe’s indigenous population is declining as many people are choosing to have fewer children, the immigrant population is exploding. Most of these immigrants, of course, are from Muslim countries, which means that European demographics are changing dramatically, and Eurabia is emerging.

Contrary to what this rabbi opines, however, many people are likely not having children because of the environmental impact of overpopulation. Indeed, this notion appears to be lost on the religiously inclined who apparently feel that it is best to reproduce wantonly, no matter the cost in natural resources.

In reality, in an overpopulated world running out of natural resources, not having a bunch of children is a very selfless thing to do, while mindlessly reproducing yourself either for egotistical purposes, to “please God” or to dominate the world is incredibly selfish.

Instead of bringing an unlimited amount of mouths to feed into this world, let us make sure that everyone already here is well loved and taken care of!

Falling birth rate is killing Europe, says chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks

• People accused of being too selfish to be parents
• Sacks says non-believers lack family values

Europe is “dying” because its citizens are too selfish to have children, the chief rabbi has said, blaming a dwindling birthrate on a culture of “consumerism and instant gratification”.

Sir Jonathan Sacks accused people of caring more about shopping than spirituality and tied the secularisation of Europe to population decline….


  1. Ever step back and notice that the “worst” of society are breeding like rabbits, while the more intelligent and and noble tend to wait till their 30s, to have maybe 1 kid, if any at all?

    What will the end result be? It seems to be one more factor that is making the world dumber and dumber.

    Sometimes when I hear about the idea of a asteriod wiping us all out, a part of me is like…well at least it will take all those idiots out with us. ; ) Is it sadistic for me to think that way?

  2. The only reason Arabs are taking over Europe, is because white anti-whites, Demand that all white countries and only white countries, be flooded with millions of people that are not their race, and for everyone to “mix”, until whites become a vanishing minority.

    If any white objects to this, the anti-whites scream at them: naziwhowanttokillsixmillionjews!

    No one is flooding Africa with millions of people that are not their race, in the name of “anti-racism”. No one is flooding Asia with millions of people that are not their race, in the name of “anti-racism”.

    Only white countries are doing this. They say they are anti-racist, what they really are, is anti-white and they want White GeNOcide.

    Japan is 98.5% Japanese and only allows the Japanese to vote. Singapore and Malaysia cane illegals and send them home. Mexico puts illegals in hell hole jails.

    If a white country did any of that, the anti-whites would declare WAR. But as it is non-white countries doing it, they don’t care.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  3. -I am not like the norway killer I believe highly in the commandment thou shalt not kill…Everyone should realize islam is growing in europe. I believe in the near future there will be a new crusade but this time Jews and christians will unite to defeat the growing spread of islam. I have went to an arabic school and even studied the language but when I read the Koran It felt as if it was hateful and had too many contradictions. The old covenant of the jews and the new covenant of christianity must realize that we are losing faith to atheism, islam, gnostiscism, and cultists which are spreading hate to christ and the true prophets. I think we all must realize that a fire has been set. one of the four pillars of islam states that they aren’t allowed to build upon churches or synagouges. Yet they build upon sacred land that was once holy. Islam is not the religion of peace. It teaches wage war and literally defile our body by killing ourselves for allah. The word for Jesus in islam is “ISA” and they believe that he just died as a prophet. Yet in the old testament proverbs 8 and psalm 24 tells both the crucifixion of the steaks into his feet and hands and declare my only begotten son. The old testament predicts his coming. Jews believe also in a messiah. there messiah will be Jesus in the Crucifixion Jesus says they don’t know what they do. So Jesus in the end times will forgive them and us. Many muslims are coming to christ through visions and dreams and even near death experiences. not all muslims are hateful and believe in peace. Mohammad wasn’t a bad prophet yet iran and other countries misuse these prophecies as well as some christians. So prophecy isn’t meant to be taken literally but by honor, love, and cherishing and salvation can a prophet be called a true prophet. In the Koran so much of it has already been used. The koran’s prophecies have already happened. The koran is not something new. everytime you look in the torah, kaballah, talmud, and bible you find something new that enlightens our day. Islam believes the trinity is among idol worship. Yet the trinity is quite true. Without jesus Jews don’t need to sacrifice animals to Yahweh but to pray and forgive for there sins. Islam believes the al-aqsa mosque was once a mousque dating to the time of adam and eve. Yet proof exists that the temple of solomon once a time was there. Muslims destroyed much of our biblical relics due to jealousy and multi-culturalism. I believe that somewhere in egypt proof of the exodus may lye within. In Jerusalem the ark of the covenant may be hidden. The Cross of Jesus in a place undisturbed. Mohammads Robes found in a hidden room. All I can say these relics could be out there. Europe is now becoming a islamic haven in which islamaphobia is spreading. I am not an islamaphobe but I am a little suspicious. Mohammad I believe once existed to create a rivalry among christianity. I can’t agree everything with christianity but I do believe jesus is the son of god. A lot of people make fun of catholics and call them child predators. Yet I think priests should get married as well as nuns. also christians need to be more open with there faith. They need to spread the gospel all across the world in all languages. I believe islam and christianity must get along one day but they need to stay out of europe which was created by kings and people who survived through devastating conflict. Awhile ago I saw muslims young muslims doing the hail hitler thing. that got me quite suspicious is islam in denmark preaching the next holocaust this time against the christians and jews. Islam must grow up as a faith become more civilized hitler was a evil man. Murder is a very disgusting thing and worshipping Hitler after his riot seems un-religious. Islam if you want to take over europe you must learn the truth about christianity that we won’t give up that easy to our faith. We will die for Jesus of Nazareth we will die for the Jews and the father Yahweh. they give us hope and reason. Believe in god and not allah.

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