• April 21, 2024
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Bigotry in the nonbelieving and mythicist fields

I’m essentially the lone female scholar of notoriety in the field of mythicism, and I can guarantee you that my treatment is not unlike the first woman sports announcer in the locker room, the first female stock trader, or any number of “firsts” in which women have been harangued relentlessly.

Over the years during which I’ve been putting out some of the best work in the field, I’ve come to the blatantly obvious conclusion that a significant part of the bigotry and defamation thrown my way is based on my gender. It’s as clear as glass, and I’m not alone even in the nonbelieving, skeptical world, as assorted females within the mainstream atheist community have complained about vicious intimidation campaigns against them.

Why women would want to continue in that community is beyond me, but it’s one reason I’m not running around to this and that “atheist” or “reason” convention. SNORE! Sovereign remedy? Start your own thing and stop sucking up to the males dominating the field. They are doing their best to keep you out anyway, so why play with them? Empty out the churches AND the atheist conventions. Replacing one bigoted and sexist ideology with another is NOT an improvement.

In the meantime, I repeat that my work is among the best in this field, and I challenge anyone to produce a better book than, say, Did Moses Exist? Go ahead – I’m waiting. But first you actually will have to READ it and to prove to us that you have read it. Then you will have to improve upon it. Until then, I’m not interested in your opinion – and neither should anyone else be.

If you read or hear malicious TRASH about me and my work, please speak out. Thank you.

Christ Myth

8 thoughts on “Bigotry in the nonbelieving and mythicist fields

  1. A prophet is not recognized in his or her own time, so goes the timeless proverb of many cultures. You, Acharya, and your mythicist colleagues know that your works will one day be vindicated. In the meantime, you are right in feeling hurt from the debasement which you are enduring from believers and from some atheists as well. Doubly hurtful is the gender discrimination which underlies some of the backlash to your work. I will get back to that point later.

    Your Moses work is the best in the field. It goes without saying that the public does not a have a broad interest in the subject and that most objective scholars have already concluded that Moses did not exist. Of course, as you mention, the quality of your work establishes your stellar scholarly standing. If the “all boy’s club” inner circle of Egyptology does not want to give you your due because of your gender, try not to let it hurt you.

    As for the atheist community’s animosity directed to you and to “mainstream” female atheist scholars, I have to say that such conduct almost makes me ashamed to say that I am an atheist. Of course, not all atheists will put down a scholar on the basis of gender, and I hope that those who do are in the minority. Unfortunately, the noise of an unreasonable minority can be disturbing.

    Finally, I agree about avoiding atheist conventions. As a lay person, I would not attend one. A few scholars whom I respect have made contributions to some conventions, but they were selective in choosing the venues and careful in limiting their involvement.

    Many thanks for your scholarship and dissemination of your knowledge.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate your assessment of my Moses book – I stand by my challenge for my critics to produce a better one!

  2. As a man, I was raised in a male is superior type of thinking. But in my quest for finding facts, I cannot afford this distorted attitude about the world. As far as I’m concerned, Acharya, you are a very skillful compiler of scholarly, and scientific information that is admittedly controversial in our society, and you are citing, and quoting scientists like mainstream Egyptologists among others. If anybody is interested in debunking you, they must first debunk the very many numerous mainstream scholars that you cite, and quote, period. The fact that there are bigoted non-believers, and mythicist attacking you rather than the peer reviewed mainstream scientists, and other scholars that you put on the table, just proves that these non-believers are a disgrace -I was gonna use a four letter description- to the non-believing, and mythicist community. Don’t listen to them.

    I have been re-reading for the third or fourth time “Christ In Egypt”, and I’ll be frank with you, to attempt to debunk your scientists and scholars, but I’m really having a hard time in my task, in fact, I CANNOT. Meanwhile, I’ve been learning quite a lot about ancient Egypt’s beliefs. Thank you for your great work! Now, I’m looking forward to reading “Did Moses Exist” again with the same task of attempting to debunk your many scholars that I’m sure you cited and quoted in your new book. Thanks again, keep up the good work, and ignore total bigotry!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind regards and interest in my work. I appreciate the encouragement and support immensely, and I’m delighted that you are enjoying my book Christ in Egypt.

      You are correct, of course, that, since I rely on ancient primary sources in their original languages, as well as the works of qualified scholars and scientists, my critics should be turning to them, rather than me. As we can see, it’s often a question of biting the messenger’s finger, rather than looking where s/he is pointing.

      It is unfortunate when nonbelievers engage in the same dishonest and deceptive behaviors as do fervent believers. So long as good folks like you study the fascinating information I work so hard to bring to light, I feel hopeful, however.

  3. Hi,

    I’ve heard a lot about the growing mythicist community and it going more mainstream. I’m interested in why they have so little regard for your work? What do you think? Would you agree to a discussion with them? Also was it Robert Price that agreed with you before anyone else started to think seriously like you about the issue?


    1. Thank you for your query. It depends on who you perceive as the “mythicist community,” since the mythicist community interested in my work assuredly does not have little regard for it. If you are talking about the “mythicist community” monopolized by the likes of Richard Carrier, one can only say that their bigotry is based on ignorance, arrogance, egotism, misogyny and assorted other issues, rather than a quest for truth and facts.

      I would discuss mythicism with just about anyone, but who is the “them” you are referring to? If it’s Richard Carrier and his minions, there is no rational discussion to be had with irrational bigots who lie about knowing my work and who are trying to censor it so that their own inadequate work is foisted upon the public instead.

      Stupid Things Richard Carrier Has Said and Done

      Robert Price and I are friends, and he supports my work. You can see others who do likewise in the column on the left here. Several of them are other mythicists whose superior work is also being ignored by the mouthy and pushy ignoramuses attempting to monopolize this field. In my opinion, it is these latter individuals whose work should be ignored, because it is very inferior. Drs. Lindtner, Lockwood and others do much better work, and several European scholars have complained about these pushy Americans trying to dominate the field with their inferior work. It is shame that they have a following to the point where you would think that “they” are the mythicist community.

      The “them” you are referring to are frankly an embarrassment to this field, as they make other American mythicists look very bad.

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