Why Bible critic Dr. Bart Ehrman won’t tackle the Koran

Question: “How about working on the Koran?” Ehrman’s answer: “When I stop valuing my life, that’s what I’ll do.” I believe Ehrman’s response is important to demonstrate the atmosphere in which scholars must operate. The same occurred, of course, within Christianity during the Inquisition.


  1. Here it is over at jihad Watch:

    Biblical critic says he won’t criticize Qur’an because he values his life ([url]http://www.jihadwatch.org/2011/10/biblical-critic-says-he-wont-criticize-quran-because-he-values-his-life.html[/url])

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    Geert Wilders’s ‘Fitna: The Movie’ Review]Geert Wilders’s ‘Fitna: The Movie’ Review ([url]http://www.truthbeknown.com/fitnareview.html[/url])

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  3. The threat of murder
    This chap is by no means the first to say that criticising the religion of peace may be a life threatening folly.
    Various British comedianse.g Rory Bremner,Terry Jones have mentioned
    that although there’s a mountain of material with which o poke fun at Islam they have a responsibility to their wives and families.
    It’s interesting that Billy Connolly has recently been laughing at Islam.
    Pat Condell, of course,has become famous as a result of his Islamic “observation”.

  4. Ridicule …
    Regardless, we MUST ridicule, criticize and take Islam to task at every opportunity and we MUST present a united front. Otherwise, we are lost. Nothing, especially ideology, is above free speech, nothing.

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