Best and worst countries for women

(According to Newsweek magazine, out of 165 countries.)

No. 165 is Chad, in Central Africa. Iceland (#1) gets a 100 rating overall, and the U.S. (#8) receives an 89.89, while Chad gets a 0. Israel is #51 on the list, with a 78 rating, not far above Mexico (53) with a 77.5. At no. 27 and a 83.8 rating, Greece surpasses its neighbors Italy (59/76.1) and Turkey (114/56.2).

No surprise that Yemen has a 0 rating in the politics department, while the Solomon Islands rates a 0 in the justice category.  Finland rates 100 in politics, whereas Saudi Arabia receives a 5. China has a 100 rating in education, while Armenia has a 99.3 in education. What drags these and other nations down is the lack of women in politics. As we can imagine, Afghanistan gets only 41.1 in education, beating Pakistan’s 34 education rating, while Chad has a 0.

Top 20 Best Countries for Women Worldwide

1. Iceland
2. Sweden
3. Canada
4. Denmark
5. Finland
6. Switzerland
7. Norway
8. United States of America
9. Australia
10. Netherlands
11. New Zealand
12. France
13. Luxembourg
14. Portugal
15. Macedonia
16. Moldova
17. Philippines
18. Belgium
19. United Kingdom
20. Romania

Prominent Muslim-Dominant Country Rankings

81. Malaysia
82. Brunei
83. Indonesia
92. Maldives
97. Qatar
101. Kuwait
102. Bahrain
109. United Arab Emirates
110. Jordan
114. Turkey
115. Algeria
120. Egypt
121. Lebanon
123. Oman
124. Morocco
125. Iran
130. Syria
132. Libya
139. Bangladesh
147. Saudi Arabia
158. Pakistan
161. Mali
163. Yemen
164. Afghanistan

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  1. re: Best and worst countries for women
    The uk is one of the lase ones for good countries. Wow!

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    It comes as no surprise that Scandinavian countries were at the top of the list and that many of the top 20 were countries of the “Western World”.
    And of course its no surprise that the Islamic countries all get really low down on the list. A question though: seeing as the examples shown only go down to number 164, who was number 165?

    1. Umm…#165 would be Chad. It is the first sentence of the article..

      1. “It is the first sentence of the article”.

        It is now yes. It wasn’t in the article when I first read it.
        I suppose Acharya must have edited it since then to include some extra info.

        1. I did indeed add that data based on your query. Thanks!

  3. good idea
    good idea to show the list and to give the full list link also

  4. Philippines?
    :cheer: Oh yeah!!! Women are so much loved in our country Philippines. Thanks to the “women and children’s desk” in every police station, several political party lists who promotes women’s rights and having two women presidents. That’s great.

    The downside here in the Philippines is that there are so much associating religious beliefs with their identities. No wonder there are so much calumny and vitriol dished to anyone who questions mainstream religions (major religions here are Christianity and Islam)

    How I wish same respect and rights could also be applicable to members of LGBT? There are so much misunderstanding about that aspect.

  5. Men should always treat women as equals, if not act with even with more reverence! – peace

  6. Iamblichus Chalcidensis

    Egypt #120
    It’s amazing when you consider Egypt at being #120 in this list. How did a country that influenced so much of the classicial world have THIS:

    …and then wind up at #120? One could make an argument that 5,000 years ago and over it’s massive endurance of 3000 years, women enjoyed more equality there than in some of the countries that are in top 20 list. You talk about taking a MASSIVE step backward.

    What happened then? Yahwism happened.

    It’s high time the Egyptians recover much of the attitude and philosophy of it’s Ancient Culture, instead of the various Yahwisms that have co-opted it.

  7. Yes, Yahwism, Jesusism and Allahism happened. Right now, Egypt is suffering mightily from the latter.

  8. It is no coincidence, I think, that countries that scored low on politics also scored low overall. Women need to be involved in political decision-making to make our issues a priority. In countries where the power lies only in the hands of men, women tend to fare poorly.

  9. Women are superior to men. Men are unclean when they lose sperm from their penises. All men should cover their private parts. All men should cover their heads with a scarf and cover their bodies. You muslim men do not realise you have been BRAINWASHED.

    Leave women alone, it is their right to wear no head scarf. You Muslim men get yourself a vasectomy and do not have children. There is no heaven or hell. You have Muslims have been told lies. There is no Jesus. DO NOT BEAT WOMEN OR have sex with them. You did not have to get married. Allow women to drive a car. Women around the rest of the WORLD DRIVE A CAR, so should women in Muslim countries.

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