Bear kills Muslim militants

bears militants muslims terrorists

Well, that’s a shame.  Two Muslim nutters hiding out in exquisite Kashmir – currently being destroyed by Islamic fanaticism – were slaughtered by a bear.  The article says the bear population is increasing.  Perhaps it’s the revenge of the bear god…

Maybe the world’s anti-terrorist units should hire a few bears.

Oh, but then we will hear shrill cries about the “Islamophobic,” “racist,” “Zionist” bears!

Bear kills militants in Kashmir

A bear killed two militants after discovering them in its den in Indian-administered Kashmir, police say.

Two other militants escaped, one of them badly wounded, after the attack in Kulgam district, south of Srinagar.

The militants had assault rifles but were taken by surprise – police found the remains of pudding they had made to eat when the bear attacked….


  1. yay bear
    They probably threatened to convert the bear to Islam at knife point. I must say I’m on the bear’s side on this one.

  2. Yes, I defend the bear’s rights.

    It is unfortunate that I have had to make the comments here registered only because of one bad-egg cyberstalker who kept making insults and threats. A very mentally ill person who has been doing likewise at my Faith Freedom and Freethought Examiner articles as well.

    Otherwise, I’m sure there would be more comments about this news item.

  3. the bears are empowered
    It would appear that those bears in Kashmir were simply exercising the constitutional right to arm bears.

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