Barbara G. Walker this weekend on Aeon Byte!

My friend Miguel/Abraxas has a very special radio show playing all this weekend, May 8th and 9th.  On this program, Miguel interviews the fabulous Barbara G. Walker, who discusses her wondrous life’s work as found in her new book, Man Made God.

Here is where you can listen in to the show on May 8th and 9th:

Click on the musical note ♫ on the Stickam box to bring up the menu with Barbara’s who, then click on the show.  It should start playing.

Here’s what Miguel says about the show on Aeon Byte:

For thousands of years, the Patriarchal Gods and their minions have ruled most civilizations, either with an iron first or a subconscious lullaby.  It has given the world ages of constant warfare, suppression of minorities and iron-fist dogmas.  Yet the Information Age has not only given rise to humanism, it has also renewed the reverence for the seemingly-lost Divine Female Principle through the blossoming interest in Neo-Paganism, Kabbalah, Marian Catholicism, Gnosticism and other esoteric traditions. We explore how the once-balanced Divine lost half of its aspect and how it can fully regain it despite a time when the old Patriarchal systems fight even harder to keep their solar dominance.  We take look at the perils and opportunities of the return of the Goddess, as well as expose the deep scars the unchecked males deities have left on the human psyche (and whether they can be healed).  All this through the lenses of one of the groundbreaking scholars of our modern age in the fields of mythology, comparative religion and feminist studies, who will also relate her journey from fundamentalism to humanism.

Astral Guest: Barbara G. Walker, author of Man Made God, The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets and Restoring the Goddess.

Topics Discussed:

  • Barbara’s personal journey from a theist to a humanist.
  • Why it’s not possible to be a woman with full humanity as long as any Biblical worldview is held on to.
  • How the patriarchal gods overcame the matriarchal societies and the era of the goddess, culminating with their extreme extinction during the rise of Christianity.
  • Understanding the primeval roles and identities of various ancient goddesses, including the real origins of Eve and Lilith.
  • The core reasons Christianity disdains the feminine so much.
  • Insightful secrets behind such universal myths as the Creation Narrative, the time of giants, the Underworld, the Witch & the Cauldron, and many more.
  • An overview of various atrocities committed against women and other minorities in the name of religion (and the warped theologies behind them).
  • Is the return of the goddess really happening and will it make a difference in the end?

And much more!!!

Here is where you can listen in to the show on May 8th and 9th:


Click on the musical note ♫ on the Stickam box to bring up the menu with Barbara’s who, then click on the show.  It should start playing.

And here is where you can get Barbara’s new book:

Man Made God is available now through Amazon U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany and Austria. You can also download a Kindle edition and perform a search inside the book on Amazon.



  1. I really can not say enough about this book!! It is chalked full of information! Especially about the MANY, MANY, Gnostic sects! Barbara G. Walker does a great job at describing in blunt layperson’s terms, the different gnostic and christian sects of the time. I walked away from this book with a full understanding of the many gnostic ideologies and the differences, something I could not say after reading many of Elain Pagels books. Don’t get me wrong, Pagels is an expert in the field, but I was educated in America and worse, the bible belt of America. :s

    I also walked away realizing that Barbara G. Walker(cuz much time has past since I last read one of her books) is completely responsible for shaping my “sexist” views. 😉

    She is the epitome of the Goddess in every sense!

    1. That’s so great, Amy! I’m glad you are enjoying the book. Please consider writing a nice review for Amazon and elsewhere. It doesn’t have to be long – but your enthusiasm would undoubtedly by appreciated by others as well.

  2. Acharya,

    I tried but Amazon wont let me without buying the book from them. grrr BUT, I will add a comment.

    I pre-ordered my copy from Barns and Noble and it was a good thing I did, cuz none of the book stores around here carry your books. 🙁 I did have Borders order it and of course I’m not picking it up. :whistle: I do that once in a while in hopes that some lucky person will find it and get the chance to read your books. I think I’ll hit the other books stores around here this week. 👿

  3. I posted a short review @ Barns and Noble.

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