Bangladesh: 49 million Hindus missing since 1947

The U.S. prides itself on being a great humanitarian country, with good reason in many cases. So, why are we not hearing THIS longstanding atrocity – GENOCIDE – on the MSM? And why does it take a Republican politician to bring it to the government’s attention?

Millions slaughtered and raped – one guess who the perps are…

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  1. 😮

    I dunno, but I bet the jihadis who have accomplished such wondrous deeds will call him an “Islamophobe” for not attributing them properly and then will put a fatwa on his head.

  2. Well …
    He didn’t say “Islam” or “Muslim” … I wonder why.

  3. Ramadanadingdong …
    As of last update, day 23 of the annual Ramadan Bomb-A-Thon count, our little religion of pieces followers are averaging slaughtering 2.13 people an hour (1,173 dead bodies in 23 days).
    Source: The Religion of Peace

  4. Day 26
    2013 Ramadan Bomb-A-Thon scorecard update: 250 terror attacks, 26 homicide bombings, 1,342 dead bodies, 2,585 wounded, all by Muslims.
    Same by all other religions: Zero.
    Islam is poison and death.

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