Ban the Burka?

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Afghan women at USAID health clinic (Photo: USAID)

As I said in my last burkha post:

To be a good Muslim woman…she must not:

  • have a job
  • wear anything but Muslim clothing, including hijab, niqab, chador, abaya or burkha
  • drive
  • associate with non-Muslims/infidels

What we discover, therefore, is exactly what Islam means for a woman: Debilitation and isolation.  And that demoralized and derogated state is essentially enslavement, since she obviously has no choice, according to megalomaniacs who believe they have the right to impose such debilitation and isolation on her against her will.

The solution seems to be to ban the burkha for future generations. Allow the women who are very uncomfortable exposed to dress as they wish, but don’t let them force this oppression on their children. If members of society who are deformed want to dress this way because they are uncomfortable, they should be allowed. In this regard, fundamentalist Muslim women have been conditioned to believe their entire bodies are as sexy as what we consider the “erogenous zones.” It’s safe to say that most women would feel mighty uncomfortable if demanded to expose their breasts in public. I suspect that‘s exactly how these Muslim women feel without their various veils.

Oh, and I agree wholeheartedly with Pat Condell’s remarks below. Go, Pat! A brave man, indeed.


  1. Ban Burka
    Wonder is the female robots under male control wear bras or thongs?
    Wonder if there is a porno industry?

  2. Absolutely great and very funny. It’s about time someone put it out there.

  3. Ban the Burqa
    Banning Burqa may not solve the problem. In stead it may harden the attitudes. Trying to extinguish the flame without attempting to switch off the source that feeds the gas to perpituate it will make the whole exercise, if not futile then at least difficult by all means. Therefore the need is to attempt to extinguish the flame by switching off the cause that feeds it the fuel to keep it going. This may sound a rather long cut but more rational and permanent remedy.

    Religion and rituals are two things. The dressings are a matter of “conditioning”. This is again a relative phenomenon. As said above about exposing the breasts in a public place, it may not appeal to someone but it is not so ugly for someone else. There are even now a few societies in some places or countries who are prety primitive and they barely have any modern means and training for covering their bodies. You must be aware of it.

    Some of them use a small rag to cover their pubes only and they live in herds with no difficulty or ill and emotional feelings. These are a subjective matters conditioned through a lot of socio-psychological evolutionary factors developped over a period of time conventionally. The conventions again may differ drastically from place, time, society, customs and etc.. Religion is one of such evolutionary means
    used as a pretext.

    There can not be laid or prescribed a set or fixed rule. It is just a matter of [b]”Conditioning”.[/b]

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  4. Don’t over-think this
    Support of human rights should never be dependent on what it will or will not do. It stands on its own. The subjugation and oppression of any part of humanity cannot be supported by any reason. F@!# ritual. Religion and ritual are joined at the hip. If that is one of your reasons for enslaving women then please re-think your mediaeval nonsensical beliefs. Choose understanding and compassion first. The raising of consciousness cannot stop because of the attitude that we need to tip-toe around such an atrocity. Stop trying to study the problem and just SCREAM “ITS WRONG!!!!”

  5. Acharya, what do you think of Islam when women aren’t oppressed? I know of some who write books, are lawyers, etc,, and I’m sure you’ve met some?

    1. You’ve known who? Who write books and are lawyers? Women? Or Muslims?

      Of course, we all know Muslims – there’s nothing new about that. I’ve known Muslims for decades. I went to school with some a long time ago – one of my friends was from Karachi.

      We all know Christians and Jews as well – we interact with them on a regular basis. Does that make Christianity and Judaism true or worthy? They still have the same atrocious, bloody history, whether or not we like people we know who are Christians and Jews.

      Islam is one of the worst oppressions of [i]all [/i]humanity.

      If you really want to learn about what Islam truly represents – and I guess that’s what you are asking – do read the numerous posts at my forum:

      The Truth About Islam ([url][/url])

      But you don’t really need to read all that to see what human rights abuse are rampant in Muslim countries, do you?

      Let’s not forget the deaths of 270 million people worldwide in the name of Islam. The Indians have suffered horribly because of Islam – so have the Bangladeshis ([url][/url]) and many other people.

      I would also suggest you read the account by Ayaan Hirsi Ali of her life as a Muslim in Somalia – the worst hellhole on the planet, and also one of the most fundamentally Islamic countries.

      My review of her account is on this page:

      Ayaan Hirsi Ali saves civilization ([url][/url])

      And let us not forget the unending terror produced by Muslim fanatics:

      The Religion of Peace ([url][/url])


        Hello Ms. Archaya S!
        How are you? We just want to thank you for your book that we read because you hit the nail on the head and called a spade a spade! Roman Catholic church is just a continuation of Roman empire, with a rehash of all pagan religion and rituals added; all of which were fundamentally about Madonna and Child which is an allegory about Nimrod and Semiramis, carefully hidden and used to exploint billions of human beings for about 1,700 yrs now by the parasitic and vicious elites. You’re a brave and beautiful woman, a heroine of humanity! May the Universe keep blessing and protecting you!

  6. Hoorah! Someone who makes absolute sense. AND the hypocracy of modern ‘feminists’ in their silence is noteworthy as well.

    No ‘shiria’
    no burqa
    No bullsh*t.

  7. I should add that I concur with Pat Condell’s righteous indignation. In another vlog, he gave good reasons for NOT banning the radical Muslim party of Great Britain run by the Islamist clown Anjem Choudary.

  8. I LOVE Pat!!
    I couldn’t agree more with Pat about the silence of the feminsts! Well, this matriarchist feminist is absolutely disgusted with the feminist. WTF is wrong with them? When something is harmful to women and their children’s health, it should NOT be tollerated!!

    I gave up on the feminists a long time ago, that is why I am a Matriarchist feminist. The mainstream feminist hate us and most of them even deny the prehistoric Goddess. Instead of changing culture and creating a society based on female nurting and life possitive ideologies…they comform themselves to fit into the patriarchal norm and behave just as bad.

  9. All non-spiritual organized religions of the world are programs that enslave and exploit human beings and those of us who have awakened to truth and light must do our best to help the rest of billions of human beings who don’t know about this spiritual parasitism and enslavement to see the light, awaken, and become self-conscious, free and happy human beings

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