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Author D.M. Murdock/Acharya S is battling breast cancer and needs help

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D.M. Murdock/Acharya S’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser

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(The following is an article I wrote for my column at Examiner.com, but it was rejected as “self-promotion.”)

It has been some months since I have written an article for my column, where I have been sharing my research on religion and mythology for a number of years now. The first couple of months were busy times after I got a terrible diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer (“IBC”) – a rare but increasing condition that affects 1-5% of breast cancer victims – followed by an even worse diagnosis that the cancer had metastasized to my liver, making it Stage IV. I immediately jumped into action to find out how to treat and heal my body, carefully and diligently weighing the options, without panicking, despite the fact that I was told it was “high grade and fast-acting.”

As I was being diagnosed through almost 30 biopsies of both my breasts and liver, the latter of which turned out to be excruciating, I immediately started what turns out to be a ketogenic, anti-cancer diet, supplemented with known cancer-fighting substances as curcumin and many others, including mushrooms and ginger, which I’ve been chewing on for nausea. While waiting to see what my new doctors were going to recommend, I figured I would hedge my bets by employing as many relatively non-toxic cancer-fighting strategies as I could. Scientific studies from around the world have shown there are many substances that fight cancer in vitro and in vivo experiments with animals; the only question is whether or not they will work in humans.

Over the next couple of months, unfortunately, a liver ailment knocked me down – was it the cancer, as the doctors suggested? We didn’t want to think so, especially since an ultrasound showed no progression in my liver, while an x-ray revealed no spread to my lungs. My breast remained the same, as well, fortunately. The liver ailment was accompanied by lightheadedness, so an MRI was scheduled, in case the cancer had spread there. I did not have a contrasting agent, so the MRI was not conclusive, but at least it did not show a decisive mass. It did, however, reveal possible “swelling” and “flaring,” something my optimistic friends and advisors reminded me could be just a “shadow” on the scan.

At this time, I am pursuing medical treatment that will not be covered by “Obamacare,” as I have been compelled to work outside of that box, so to speak. I was told early on by the surgeon who did the first biopsy of my breast skin – inflammatory breast cancer is marked by a skin thickening – that I was “inoperable,” which took surgery off the table. I was placed with a palliative care oncologist, which means I was not pushed into aggressive chemotherapy or radiation, as these often are not recommended for those with metastases in their liver.

It is my understanding that renowned cancer center MD Anderson does work with Stage IV IBC patients with metastases to the liver, and we tried early on to get me into their program, without success. Their fees are extremely expensive, including $20,000 just for a consultation.

When first diagnosed, I also became very hopeful after viewing HBO/Vice’s “Killing Cancer” documentary. Unfortunately, the treatment options highlighted may not be available for years.

Also, this article says the documentary’s claims are “overstated,” and experts are not optimistic about a pending “cure” for cancer. Under such circumstances, one can see how difficult it could be to remain positive.

Thus, I have established a fundraiser to cover medical expenses for treatment outside of what is available to me now. There is no other option at this point, but I am optimistic, especially since the response to my fundraiser so far has been inspiring, to say the least! But I will need every bit of my goal, so I hope others will jump in to support, whether financially, emotionally or via networking.

On my fundraising site at GiveForward.org, you will read about my dear young son, whom I call my “sweetness and light.” He would be crushed if I lost this battle, so I am fighting with all my might. There have been success stories with virtually all types of cancer at all stages, and I take great inspiration from these accounts.

If you are inspired by my story, please know that I am highly grateful for all assistance. Please go to the following link to read more and to help out:

D.M. Murdock/Acharya S’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser

I also have a “community page” on that site where I can chit-chat with friends and supporters:

D.M. Murdock’s Giveforward Community Page

If or when I succeed in “beating back the beast,” you can be sure that I will be bringing wider attention to what is becoming a global epidemic. Before this nightmare struck me, I had no idea how bad the cancer rates are worldwide. It’s positively frightening and will require all of us to work together to deal with it.

As always, thank you very much for your attention – and a big hug!

P.S. For more information, including disturbing, graphic images of IBC patients before and after treatment, see:

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

26 thoughts on “Author D.M. Murdock/Acharya S is battling breast cancer and needs help

  1. Inflammatory breast cancer….you want to inhibit the MTOR inflammatory pathway and the best way to do it and the cheapest and most effective way is NAC ( N-acetyl Cysteine)4500mg a day divided into three doses of 1500mg…A 100 cap bottle of 500mg each is under $25.00. The NAC is also anti viral and promotes Glutathione production…great for the liver

    1. Dear Murdock my mom had breast cancer and surgery treatment was succesfull she also has anerism to this day shes83 yes old you will get well bless you

  2. Ralph Moss PhD was employed as a science writer in Sloan-Kettering’s Public Affairs Department. It is said that he risked his job and career by blowing the whistle on the suppression of positive laetrile studies conducted at Sloan by Sloan, with their Institutional Policy Committee, where seven of nine members had ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

    For those who can’t remember laetrile, the substance is otherwise known as laevorotary mandelonitrile beta-diglucoside. But seriously, I found this very good article on it. http://www.whale.to/c/laetrile.html
    It’s appears to be an unbiased rundown of the various studies that at best provide a reason for more study. At the very least the article brings the controversy up to date and beyond any doubt that the issue is still alive and unresolved.

    I read the 1963 book Laetrile, Control for Cancer by Glenn D. Kittler and was impressed with the trophoblastic theory of carcinogenesis. These trophoblast cells play a vital role in the attachment of the fetus to the uterine wall. In their normative role they are invasive as they make the opening where the fetal sac attaches and receives nutrition from the mother’s bloodstream. That same invasive quality is present when activated in their naturally distributed locations by the lack of certain enzymatic control conditions. This co-factoring accounts for the apparent renegade behavior of the so called cancer cell. The problem is not in the cell per se but in these malfunctioning controls.

    I think it’s important to keep the idea of co-factoring most salient. Just as there is no single gene that is solely responsible for any discreetly describable trait, there is no singular genetic remedy. Furthermore, within the context of health maintenance in a highly complex somatic body, where the importance of genetics is reduced to a co-factor, it’s the monopoly that medicine has on health that mitigates against an independently derived co-factoring of treatment. The greater complex of monopoly along with it’s lesser monopoly of medicine, dictates only the lucrative treatments and does so by reducing the range and reliable accuracy of general health concerned knowledge, where only the most intense awareness discloses the depth and pervasiveness of a psychological occupation by the advertisements of a footloose corporate system. Tolerance of conspiracy theories is not necessary to see that monopolies can be deadly in their own right.

    Through the assault on the very idea of education by a system that masquerades under the name of the idea, where we learn not to resolve conflicts but to tolerate them, where by the shear ineptitude that’s generated by the tyranny of “correct answers”, the wiles of collectivist tyrants have their way in the miseducated populace. This results as the place where unrecognized authority makes decisions like how much and where fluoride is added to public drinking water; the allowance of chemical additives under the label of natural flavor; the saturation of the atmosphere with metals, oxides, and biologics under secretive geoengineering projects; constant unwarranted surveillance; the truth about false flag pretexts for war and occupation, domestic disarmament, and psychiatric circumvention of our common rights and justice. Is it any wonder why so many believe that health is not the object of our crowded “authorities” at all, but rather extermination?

  3. I’m sorry, but $20.000 for a consultation?
    I’m sure you are looking into this thoroughly, but this sounds rediculous.. Especially when this company is doing clinical trials.. They should pay people..
    I hope I do not see the complete picture here..
    If you find a need or reason to go overseas for treatment and end up in Norway/Stavanger let me know and I will arrange a place to stay..

    1. My best wishes and hopes to Acharya.

      Secondly, I am not surprised at all of the twenty thousand just for a consult. I live in Indiana, a hot spot for high cancer rates. If there are two of the most damaging entities that ruin lives is the medical fields and legal systems/lawyers. Both keep extremely high rates and cost that prohibits many from proper care and justice. Here, bankruptcy from the high cost of health care is very very big/lucrative business and all many lawyers here do alone to live in their mansions.

      Veterinary care is about the same or more than Human care is today.

      I have lost so many people from cancer it boggles my mind being only in my sixties. Family, friends, friends since grade school, work mates, girlfriends, fiances, etc. My dogs even, and I have never had a pet needing cancer surgery before. And who is smiling all the way to the bank? Those in the health fields and the lawyers that charge so much to keep professional mis-conduct and abuses out of the courts and controlled media. I wil fore-go the horror stories.

      One good thing is, she at least, doesn’t have to deal with veterans affairs for health care. That is another entity that needs some media attention and real change. But, the American people don’t seem to care about much unless it hits too close to home, and then they want some action..few seem to get. Only the super wealthy and connected get attentions and concerns in America, or Indiana.

      If I get the big C I will do what she is doing. I’ve already been through the research stages with others and seen many times what others go through. One thing for sure, I would not depend on the VA health care, throw away and die system of health care. Nor do chemo/rad. I would not even allow for liver biopsy. I’d go natural, alternative, and then possibly meet the great mystery of life head-on with no regrets or fear.

      Hope you all have a nice day/evening. And the well wishing and healing towards her.

  4. https://youtu.be/JMxBFIqYR-0 (a segment from Ty Bollinger about enzymes from ‘The Truth About Cancer’)
    I would have used another format but your system keeps rejecting my email as an invalid address. I had to look in the mirror to make sure I was there.
    I really hope your doing well…
    Focused harmonics your way,

  5. I have tried a coupla times, via the giveforward link, to pay D.M. Murdock back the ‘at least’ $150 I owe you for listening to so many of her radio interviews and reading so many of her books in digital format for free before now, but I can’t get it to accept my payment – the WAIT RIGHT THERE symbol just spins endlessly (I’m in the UK – is that it?).

    If I instead pay what I owe her via this page’s link, “Donate to the Cause” and make a ‘donation’, really overdue payment, there, will that go to the same fund?

  6. Shovel down the Milk Thistle and ginger for maximum Glutathione production.
    I would take 4 capsules every 12 hours .

    R’fua sh’leimah !

  7. Giveforward wouldn’t let me give forward, twice, here in Britain. If other Brits have the same unsuccess at giveforward.com the paypal/credit card method linked right at the very top of this page should work for you as did me.

    Best wishes, DMMAS.

  8. Keep up the search. Everyone has sent you so many alternitives I am sure these have been mentioned. Cannibanol oil, pancreatin digestive enzymes, milk thistle, and essiac tea. If you can get in contact with Suzanne Somers she seems to have beaten cancer with alternative methods. Stay strong.

  9. Dear Acharia,
    I wrote to you about cannabis oil on your last update. I have made the oil myself and it has cured 2 people of cancer – one with bladder and the other with brain cancer. Both have subsequently tested negative. I have also treated my own skin cancer with complete success.
    I say again – Please! Please! Please! The answer is Cannabis Oil. The tears are rolling down my cheeks as I write this, knowing that the oil will cure you if only you give it a try. A bonus is that it will probably also turn out to be the cheapest solution.
    Another remedy, promoted by G.E.Griffin is Laetrile (B17) found in apricot, peach and plum seeds and also almonds which are the easiest to get. Eat a small handfull every day.
    Love and admiration, Graham

  10. I hope this helps, but my mother had surgery for breast cancer in her early fifties, and made a complete recovery, living a very active life until she was 94. Other than that, I hope you get all the help you need and more. I have never met you, although we have spoken a little online. You are one of a small number of scholars who have enriched my life with your work. I also think you are a kind and thoughtful person who has dedicated yourself to the truth and given generously to the world’s fund of knowledge. Many people have benefited from your wisdom, and if there is any justice in the world, they will rally round and give you their full support. Life, Light, and Love. Zoe xxx

  11. Cures 90% of cancers. It is called MMS and has been developed for use INSIDE the body by Jim Humble for the last 12 years or so. Cures many diseases. Big Pharma doesn’t like it because it is inexpensive, natural and they can’t make money off of it PLUS…it actually CURES!! Malaria and many other diseases. It only kills pathogens and leaves other body materials alone. check it out at jimhumble.is

  12. Our best wishes from all in South Africa who are enthusiastic followers of your research and scholarship. Your diagnoses came as a tremendous shock to us all. I contacted Hennie Strydom (he did the same research in astronomy and wrote the book: Stonehenge) and all the others to consolidate endevours to help you where we can. Please get well and remember the power of positive thinking. Love from us all.

  13. Changes saved!
    How your gift appears on the page: Edit appearance
    Rob C

    Try all the alternates in the blog and don`t forget H2O2, MMS, Rife etc. Keep up the good work! We need you to live long, happy and healthy.

  14. October 18th update:

    “Great news! As my treatment continues, a new MRI shows NO metastasis in my brain! That fact makes things much easier and more hopeful.

    Also, the metastasis in my liver has been reduced by about 60%, as has the swelling in my armpit involving my lymph.

    Thus, six months after my diagnosis the cancer has neither progressed nor spread but in fact has improved.

    The therapies I am receiving at this cancer treatment center are effective, and I am so grateful to everyone who has contributed to the cause in whatever manner to help me continue along this path.

    I remain in need of assistance to complete my treatment, so I hope those who are inspired by my improvement will consider helping by donation or passing along the good news.

    D.M. Murdock/Acharya S’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser

    Keep in mind that every little bit helps $5, $10 or $15 from many can make a real difference in my battle with cancer. So please help if you haven’t already.

    For breast cancer victims, there is real hope!

    Thank you very much as always.

    D.M. Murdock/Acharya S


  15. Bob beck in Grenada.MMS.Colloidal silver. `Cloves,lots of grated ginger,turmeric, cumin,nutmeg,a dash of cinnamon,and honey,add to boiling water.When pot boils, turn to low ,put cover on and let simmer for 15 minutes.Drink it as a tea twice a day.12 weeks no more cancer cells.This works for many other diseases too.Have a happy and prosperous life Ancharya.Take care, your friend Keenan.P.S The turmeric and cumin will incapsulate and stop tumor growth.Lots of scientific proof of this but they keep taking it down.

  16. Have you tried cannabis oil? http://www.cbdfarm.org/cbd-oil-for-sale.html You never properly studied the book by Pierre Krijbolder, Crucifixion and Turin Shroud Mysteries Solved / https://nazoreeer.wordpress.com/ So I would say: this is your punishment, for reinventing a poorer wheel compared to what Krijbolder already demonstrated, concerning the inhistoricity of Jesus. Yet, spiritually as a symbolical personification for the spiritual model of a new movement within Essenism, and John the Baptizer as symbolical personification of the spiritual model of the Qumran sect (2 different movements, but catapulting a third, Nasoreanism, as a combination of the best parts of the earlier two). But for this spiritual model of Nasoreanism (those who think to know it better, like Acts 5: only YHWH can be the judge of their purely spiritual law model, no Sanhedrin, so: not guilty, punishment is solely up to YHWH), except for a prohibition to preach their law view as a proper jewish law orientation, within Judea / hence, off they went abroad, P/Saul etc..
    The very same Christ as spiritual model, returned over 4 decades ago. Sciences only took the parts from the same spiritual methodology, as predicted by Kuhn, that would net profit – the proper understanding would rather prevent profit.
    So you betrayed like science, the proper appreciation of the historical Jesus, uncovered by Krijbolder, not a person, but thought model.
    You reinvented a rectangular wheel lady.
    But I hope you conquer any illness, including liver metastasis, oedemia, breast cancer. And I this for you more than for anyone else. Maybe the (Returned) Logos will kick in, and throw all bad cells from your body, yet for It to work, requiring you first of all things, to study the work of Pierre Krijbolder.

    John Hagen (Publisher)

  17. December 27th update

    I apologize for not posting sooner as this is a post I did not ever want to have to make – I regret to inform you that it is true that Acharya S/D.M. Murdock has passed away due to cancer on December 25th, 2015 oddly enough considering how much she wrote about pre-Christian religious concepts and rituals that probably led to Christmas type celebrations.

    I have just lost my best friend. It was a privilege and an honor to know her and to work with her and be so close to her and her son for the last several years. She was truly extraordinarily special to us and so many others as well. The grief I feel for such a loss is unimaginable and heartbreaking.

    – N.W. Barker

    Do not use that fundraiser link any more as they charge 10%, instead use her donate link. Now we need to raise money for burial and other expenses:






    A Tribute to the Life and Work of DM Murdock aka Acharya S

  18. Please contact Elyn Jacobs in New York. She is a breast cancer survivor and a cancer coach. There are many effective cancer cures available, most of them natural, though not all of these are necessarily cheap. I am somewhat an expert, through my personal experience and with due gratitude to a couple of medical professionals I’ve become friends with. Also, the Beljanski ladies live right in the middle of town, and they can help you. Fighting cancer, you will have to learn an awful lot about health, simple sound health practices, like diet for instance. You must change many of your lifelong habits; how do you think you got cancer in the first place? The Standard American Diet is both imbalanced and inadequate in vital nutrients, like the eight vital sugars, for instance. For cancer cure diet your prescription is twofold: get the good stuff in, and keep the bad stuff out. Organic food and fresh organic juices, cultivate wheat grass and sprouts, fermented probiotic foods, raw food diet (or under-cooked – enzymes break down above 114 fahrenheit.

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