1. TEE HEE
    Run Forest run, they gonna warp yur mind! Yeah well I don’t choose to care if there is higher power that controls all the universe? OK sure what ever! All I really have control of is me as it should be, you have free will if you give it up you are a looser. Now ask all the questions you want, but if you take too much and destroy you will meet your just ends. So if you want the angry old bearded man, or the all loving sex goddess be careful what you wish for it will never be what you think it is! Just live your life and tread lightly on each other or you may wake the sleeping eye!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0liNBOnSqD8&feature=player_embedded

    Just for posterity of course 😉 :woohoo: Frank Zappa AH! you are missed! YOU DIRTY PERSIAN PERV! :side: 👿

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