Armageddon sick of it!

armageddon gustave doreThe religious maniacs are going to destroy the whole planet. Sometimes it’s easy to understand the fury with which the “New Atheists” have come out swinging!

Besides all the religious bickering that goes on day in and day out in countries where criticism of religion is actually allowed under the auspices of free speech, in other locales such rational critiques are actually illegal, which means yet more human beings are being abused, tortured, persecuted, imprisoned and killed in the name of religion.

For example, the battling between Islam and Christianity in Egypt – resulting in the slow genocide of the Coptic community there, which dates back to the earliest times of Christianity – is reaching new heights, with books critical of each other’s faith causing ruckuses.

The latest shot being fired comes from a Muslim scholar who recently published an “anti-Christian” book, supposedly in response to a Christian book exposing Islam’s flaws.

Obviously, taken at their face value, my position is that both these faiths are full of wacky, bigoted and deleterious ideas. But to say so in Egypt could actually get you a prison sentence, as it has done, for example, with a blogger who dared to raise unpleasant issues about Islam.

The bottom line is that these delusions are deleterious, destructive and dangerous, and they may very well lead to an apocalyptic nightmare rivaling the Armageddon of the Bible or worse.  It’s time for the saner and more rational segment of society to put its foot down and say, no, you will not destroy the earth over your flimsy and nonsensical ethnocentric and cultic beliefs!

Muslim Scholar Publishes Anti-Christian Book in Egypt

…Ghobrial added that what Imarah wrote “defames the Christian dogma, in contradiction with Article 98 of penal law dealing with derision of religion.”

Ms. Elaine Kellini, Coptic member of the People’s Assembly, said she has ordered a copy of Imarah’s book and would take legal action against him, if it was proven that he defamed Christianity.

The Egyptian Newspaper Al Destoor in its December 7 issue reviewed the controversial book, saying Imarah published his book in reply to a proselytizing book called “We Are Ready To Answer” by an unknown Christian author who took the alias name of Dr. Samir Morcos. Imarah said the book was presented to the Islamic Research Academy (IRA) to obtain permission for publication, which the IRA duly turned down, “as it contained many false allegations regarding Islam, making of the Koran a lie, therefore promoting hatred towards Christians,” and that he was obliged to answer back….

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  1. i know exactly how you feel. End times, rapture, jesus return, madhi – barf.

  2. I agree with anon from above.

    I always say, if god would come down to hold an interview at his favorite media TV station on the evening news and select a political party & a specific religious denomination we’d all have something interesting to talk about. Until then, not.

    I thought the whole point of all these holy books was to save more souls. That is just not the case. God, the supposed creator of the universe, seems unable to leave behind credible evidence of himself which would:

    1. Save for example, Christians from persecution etc.

    2. Convince billions of non-believers thus, saving more souls.

    So, either god doesn’t give a flying monkey fart about you or, he just doesn’t exist.

    1. where to place one’s bet
      My money is on the : he doesn’t exist.

  3. :woohoo: It’s the ‘salesmen’ selling to the post neanderthal two legged creatures with an unfulfilled sex life who call themselves priests,pastors, rabbi’s, imans and whatever. There are at least a couple million of these dumkopf’s who aren’t up of the latest research exposing all religions for their myths. Take away these ‘salesmen’ and world religions collapse. Few minds are advanced enough to know that everything good in religions and a lot more can be discovered by oneself. Dios Mio!

  4. God is Great, beer is good, people are CRAZY!! :confused:

  5. The irony is that people are fighting over astrotheological myths without even realizing it. :s

  6. Beer is good, obviously…I can experience that, People are crazy….I have experienced that as well….God is great?… sorry but I haven’t experienced, seen, heard, smelled, any invisible beings as of late and if you try to point to his deeds you might as well say satan is great. Which, by the way, is nonsense as well.

  7. epic psychosis
    For every group practicing anything there is a religious group that wants them dead. these people will sacrifice their own daughters for laying of hands or a dropping in the lap. people throw sense to the wind in order to appease a contemptible sense of oneness with the universe and God. My daughter has a disease that God wants her to live she will, if not she will die. I will not allow demonstratable medical procedures to be performed on my daughter. I am getting to the point in my life where I think that anyone that is capable of justifying a concept in any way that allows for you to abandon sense, accountantability, and personal responsibility should be viewed as psychosis. It is this belief that allows me to give it up to god or believe without understanding or decide which voice in my head had the upper hand through temptation or wholesome family goodness. Honestly if you bring “god” you bring “satan” and I don’t want the three of you hashing it out in my living room. 🙁

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