1. Persistence, thy name is D.M.MURDOCH!
    Dear Acharya,
    Your persistence to reveal the truth about false faith is to be lauded.
    All the best for this epic struggle.

  2. 🙂
    I just love you and your research Acharya!

    Your comment on how these stories could only exist in a vacuum… how true, how true! And the Christians of the 4th century knew it. And they knew it so deeply, that they took it upon themselves to DESTROY the ancient cultures, once they got a Roman Emperor (Constantine) to declared their religion favored by the Roman Empire. It only took about a century or so, but several hundred more years to ethnically “clean up” the remnants. An outside society, looking in, Persia, even remarked on this in their histories and the findings of archaeological evidence shows a destabilization and decline in trade due to Roman civil wars, but the sheer and utter collapse does not show until Constantine’s time, after a recovery.

  4. Articles like this is why I sincerely love this site.

  5. Great to see this excerpt from the DVD ! I often paraphrase this comment about Christians making extraordinary claims without acknowledging the need to provide any substantial proof.
    And this still only scratches the surface of all the fine interview material found on the DVD, “Great Minds of Our Time”.
    Yea Acharya !!!

  6. Rev. D. E. Goodman

    thank you
    YOUR research has saved me countless hours of research myself. Being my age, it is much easier than reading ALL THE STUFF, that it takes to learn what you have. The real problem is, parents that continue this charade without ever even bothering to question WHY?My little brother has one tattoo. It is WHY with an infinity sign at the end of the Y. Keep teaching my lady

  7. Fantastico …
    Yes, they created an isolated alternate reality, a fantasy world and … they’re still living in it. :Pinch:

  8. Great Minds of Our Time. DVD
    Acharya I have succeeded in ordering your DVD “Suns of God” from Lori Brandner. He dissapointingly informed me that they cannot supply the DVD “Great Minds of Our Time”. I did follow previous directions from you with no success. Please help if you can. Adress is South Africa.
    Quite a number of people I have forwarded your research to here in Cape Town are now following your articles and publications with interest and some in shock. Amaizing how uninformed people are when it comes to Mysticism not to even mention Mytheology.

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