Ancient civilization discovered in Amazon

lost amazonian brazilian city civilization rainforest jungle brazil amazon

Lost Amazonian civilization under Brazilian rainforest (Photo: Antiquity)

A fascinating find has come from the tragic loss of Brazilian rainforest, making some lemonade out of that lemon. Of course, what this discovery of a long lost Amazonian civilization means is that there have been other times when the forest was likewise not there, giving us hope that currently devastated areas can be regrown as well.

What this find also means is that those intrepid explorers of earlier times, such as Colonel P.H. Fawcett and many others, were correct in believing the natives, whose stories beginning centuries ago described not just one but many civilizations or cities lost in the massive rainforest as well as elsewhere in remote, overgrown parts of South America.

Evidence of Ancient Amazon Civilization Uncovered

As a result of the deforestation of the Amazon basin, a startling discovery has been made. Hidden from view for centuries, the vast archaeological remains of an unknown, ancient civilization have been found.

A study published in Antiquity, a British archaeological journal, details how satellite imagery was used to discern the footprint of the buildings and roads of a settlement, located in what is now Brazil and believed to span a region of more than 150 miles across….

According to Martti Parssinen, Denise Schaan and Alceu Ranzi, the authors of the study, the community likely had a population of more than 60,000 people. The researchers said they have only uncovered roughly 10 percent of the existing structures, which may date as far back as A.D. 800….

…British explorer Percy Harrison Fawcett claimed he had found evidence of an ancient civilization, which he called the City of Z, in the same area. He disappeared in the jungle on a 1925 expedition undertaken with his son and a companion…

The author of a book on this subject, David Grann, relates:

In cleared-away areas of the upper Amazon basin, researchers, using satellite imagery, have recently pinpointed a vast network of monumental earthworks, including geometrically aligned roads and structures, constructed by a hitherto unknown civilization.

According to a new report published in the journal Antiquity, the archeologist Martii Pärssinen and other scientists have documented more than two hundred and ten geometric structures, some of which may date as far back as the third century A.D. They are spread out over an area that spans more than two hundred and fifty kilometers, reaching all the way from northern Bolivia to the state of Amazonia in Brazil….

Over the past several years, however, there has been mounting evidence that nearly everything that was once generally believed about the Amazon and its people was wrong, and that Fawcett was in fact prescient.

None of this wondrous discovery would have come as a shock to various authors who decades ago recorded the stories of the natives and explorers. During that time time, however, mainstream archaeologists have frequently pooh-poohed these tales and ignored the whole astounding field. As we can see, times are changing.

Further Reading

Mysteries of Ancient South America by Harold T. Wilkins
Secret Cities of Old South America by Harold T. Wilkins
Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of South America by David H. Childress


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    1. Great article
      Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. forbidden archeology?
    Mum’s the word on any Vishnu statues and/or other anomalies found.

  3. Yet more discoveries that Mormons will interpret as evidence for their scriptures! 😀

    1. Mormons
      Actually, a LOT of new discoveries have been coming to light that seems to add credulence to Mormon stories. Interesting.

      1. No there aren’t. If so, name one.

    2. Why Not?
      If the Mormons interpret this discovery as evidence for their scriptures, they will have interpreted correctly.

    3. To all the atheists and Non Mormons. John Wesley Powell under the direction of the Smithsonian and Bureau of Ethnology Deliberately set down Political Policy to declare the American Indian as Savages to promote Manifest Destiny and take the land away from the Indians along with Lewis Henry Morgan ATHEIST. Morgan gave counsel to Engels and Marx to promote their works toward communism, anti religion and anti family. Powell under the direction of the Core of Engineers, destroyed hundreds of North American Mound Cities (one containing a mound in Ohio the shape of a Menorah)in an attempt to destroy the concept of Civilized Indians and any connection to the Middle East. He also set down the doctrine that anyone (especially Roger Williams and Joseph Smith)that suggested a connection with Europe and the Middle East were to be discredited and maligned. Check out the Kennewick Man in Washington and the Windover Bog People in Florida. Know Your History.

  4. Maybe readers…
    of the article should open and discover the realities. We frirst settled on planet earth approx 220,000 years ago, arriving as a higly ciivilized race, with beyond light speed travel tech. Other races also came here.

    The history of humankind, we have been informed, (not by fake anthropologists toeing the line for grants), is recorded as over a billon years old.

    To assume that we originated from chimp or from Lucy, or that this is the first civilization here, and, that we are probably alone in the Universe, are arrogant and naiive assumptions.

    1. Yeah, I saw Battlestar Galactica recently too. A few words… THAT WAS A TV PROGRAM!

  5. Lost Civilisations
    Were there not similar discoveries not long ago from the Congo/West Africa?

    Where next….from beneath the Antarctic ice sheets?

    1. Haven’t you heard?

      Have you heard of the Piri Reis map, and other similar maps? The piri Reis map shows the west coast of Africa, the east coast of South America… and (accurately) the northern coast of Antarctica – before it was coverd with ice.

  6. Long years of enlightened expectancy have nourished a hearty skepticism of all things gathered under the care of the Academes of Zion. Would the truth hiders finally lose their game and the revealers not tire of the burial of trueth v. history carried out endlessly by the money controlling elite. But we do not hold our breaths do we? Is it something fundamental in a species that ensures we morph into suicidal maniacs who kill what we dont eat?

  7. Very good reading
    All three of the books referenced in “further reading” are great. I have them and have been re-reading them with fresh appreciation as the “crazy” ideas the authors advocated have been disclosed to have been very credible after all! Wilkins is compulsively readable and Childress is lots of fun.

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  9. I bet its older than that. Try 3,000 years before Christ, and let’s do look at the fact that they had used GM Maize in their final days, as opposed to some ‘carbon-dating’ scheme used in 1965, etc.

  10. Stargate Chronicles
    The planet earth is an enslaved globe that acts as a star race nursery.
    Many such races have been born and raised here.
    Many have been transported to other planets to SEED them. The Mayans!
    Clark McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida USA

    1. Evidence please? Or was that a TV program as well?

    2. Nice Photo
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  11. think outside the bun

    …and yet the Book of Mormon mentions multiple highly evolved societies with large populations. At least one of which mentioned allegedly deforested large land tracks north of where a later group moved to. As a result the people who settled there were forced to become expert in cement type building until they waited for the trees to regrow.

    Thus far the Book of Mormon has been pooh-poohed for mentioning cities with hundreds of thousands of people, advanced political systems and such, yet here we are again looking at discoveries supporting those exact suppositions.

    That it’s a book meant to bring people closer to Jesus Christ doesn’t diminish the accurate societal and geographical mentions by the authors of it. Most people believe it was written by an uneducated 20 something boy in the early 1800’s. This is pretty ironic with so many of these discoveries coinciding with what was written there long before scientists have even been willing to accept the possibilities of such vast populations in South and Central America.

    Science is great when it takes into consideration more than it’s own self serving outcomes. When does theory turn into prophecy? And when does prophecy rightfully turn into the basis for scientific theory? Mormon’s have believed in the possibility of this type of find since 1830, Fawcett believed it in 1925. It just took 85 years, major deforestation and some satellite images since Fawcett for science to reverse itself.

    This is in no way meant to prove the veracity of the Book of Mormon for anyone. It’s just a commentary on how science often closes it’s collective mind when well sold theories make it easier to believe they hold some position of power. It’s as though the rainforest they were protecting as “pristine” was allowing itself to be stripped like clues in a living CSI episode so that real evidence could free the falsely imprisoned truth that large populations did exist where science claimed there could be none.

    1. Friend the book of mormon cities was supposedly centered around new york and the great lakes, read all the earliest writings of smith and the other patriarchs,,, O i forgot you are not allowed

  12. Platonic solids
    The photos all depict Platonic solids and hypercubes. It is an ancient inter-dimensional portal for alien visitation.

  13. Deer shape in a Central, WI Forest.
    I was looking at a map on google right in my own area and found a deer shape in the trees.Just like the one guy found a face in the mountain. The deer shape has to be at least on 60+ aces (It’s huge!) of land the shape is made by the top of the tree’s because the trees are lower, It is part of a stream. I say it is some type of secret Indian grounds and it’s right next to a small hill and not to far form a bluff and it is a perfect area fro Indian camp ext..
    If you look at solid tree’s, I have seen other shapes in other places also..but this one is as clear as day..Though you would never see it walking the land..It was done by air like the spider and bird landing field that one hidden area we know about. The deer shape is seen looking down form the sky of the top of the tree’s. I found it and no ne knows, except a friend.

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    Just these few lines down your way. Hope all is swell with you. I certainly appreciate receiving your newsletter.

    I see you have fixed the issue with it showing up in email. The layout looks great!

    Keep up the good work. I really liked your take the Avatar…once again..the nail was hit directly on the head, and your perceptions ,minus your paper and pen, where exact.

    Good Work!

    1. Thank you for your kind and inspiring words.

  15. 1491
    In his book 1491, Charles C. Mann devotes quite a few pages to the evidence of ancient civilizations in the amazons. It’s a good read.

  16. Interested in your ideas…more please!!
    After reading your short comment I was left wanting more. Your comment lies more in line with so much I have read and beyond, so I was interested in knowing what books you may be commenting from or considering your former title ScO (Science Officer?) and your previous place of employment I am sure you have other knowledge which intrigues me even further. So how about it? Want to share?


  17. Geoglyphs
    If you visit Acre (Brazil), there are travel agancies in Rio Branco that can take you to what they call the geoglyphs. And there are several there. Also, the indigenous tribes talk about buried ancient cities and pyramids in the forest. I believe this information will be made public in the years to come, but not in a conventional way… And yes, we are a conglomerate of many kinds of beings. What either? Believing mainstream education just makes our lifes boring.

  18. geoglyphs Amazon
    Geoglyphs in Amazon ([url][/url])

  19. Strange… clean roads? ancient civilization?

    Well I know Amazonia forest is huuuuuge. But by the time is has been explored I belive that the natives civilization there possibily have been in touch with men already. Even cuz many farmers and land hunters have search every perimeter of the area. There is an organization that take care of this contact and assist them to keep the native culture and protect.

    Anyway, these clean roads lead somewhere that vehicles can pass thru. Too strange for me this is an ancient civilization and blablalbla. Junk news! It sells.

    Brazil reads Acharya S. Luv u!!!

  20. Would it hurt to keep an open mind?
    :dry: I think that by making jokes like that it perpetuates the “earth is 5000 years old” myth. Why is it so hard to believe that humankind has been on earth longer than 5 or 6k years? If we do ever find proof, and I mean real proof to the main stream beliefs about humankind longevity, what will you say then? It’s just SCFI? If that’s the case then there is no reason to have a discussion with you. Just keep an open mind and perhaps we all can learn something new.

  21. logic
    Well I’ll start with a question what is the great day and how much time passes in it? OK two questions. a great year also, and how long is that?

    Answer these and you’ll get an idea, now much of the Bible is copied from earlier or other myths but too many have had them to be completely wrong. And no the earth much older than few thousand great years but the earth as we know it is not. If you know what river actually is the Nile and I’ll have to go back and confirm doesn’t the bible say the Nile flowed west of the Pyramids? This would make the CURRENT Nile the river Stix which flows through the city of the dead right? Which it actually does flow from the south where the necropolises are right. No one has publicly released any info about the black soil deposits that are the same as those in well I won’t spoil the surprise for any one but it is a shocker! When you find out it will blow your mind, also has any one heard of the clay figurines from central Mexico that resemble dinosaurs? Google that one too!

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  24. It was the Lizard People, I tell ya!

  25. That would be a first
    “chapman – Mormons
    Actually, a LOT of new discoveries have been coming to light that seems to add credulence to Mormon stories. Interesting.”

    Such as???

    On a more credible note:

    Obviously, the forensic archaeologist in Germany that found the traces of cocaine and tobacco knew what she was doing: she was considered the “leading authority” until she found it….funny how that works.

    I still say Mississippi is a “double Isis” name. Egyptians or their mercenary Phoenician navy sailed up it, with “J Isis” priests on board…”Meri’s” they were called. They probably thought they had found the Nile’s double.

    SP Wright: when that man calling himself “Jesus” performed the “Magi” trick (very common in that era, btw) of “raising the dead”…who did he raise?

    He raised “The (L or La) Osiris” (Azerus)….. ‘L’azerus.

    He named himself a PRIEST of ISIS performing Her resurrection feat thousands of years prior…on Osiris.

    “J” meant “Beard” (the symbol of the pharoanic beard) and Isis was the Goddess.

    J-isis performing resurrection of Osiris.

    He demonstrated his Magi mastery. Illusions.

    Worked pretty well: there are brain dead folks in the desert of Utah 4 thousand years later still thinking some conmen named Smith and Young had validity.

    Like you.

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    Great story and facts but what is the name of this civilization? 😮

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