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An Iranian speaks out against Islam and 35 years of oppression

I love Iran!I received the following important and enlightening comments from an Iranian living in the United Kingdom and calling himself “Cyrus,” the name of the revered ancient Persian king. I felt his remarks were significant to demonstrate that, while many Westerners think that by coddling and defending Islam they are protecting Muslims, in fact they are helping to keep millions of human beings enslaved under this ideology against their will.

Over the years, I have known many Iranians – or Persians, as some like to be called – and the bulk of them do not consider themselves Muslim, even if they were raised under Islam. In fact, most I’ve spoken with detest Islam and view it as a foreign invader cult compelled upon their people through force and violence. I’ve been told repeatedly by Iranians that millions of Persians want to be free of Islam, but they cannot escape so long as they live in Iran, under the heinous rule of the religiously fanatical mullahs and ayatollahs.

It does these millions of human beings a great disservice to defend Islam, which dominates their lives and essentially enslaves them. The Persians I’ve communicated with over the years are mystified by the leftist throwing in with this religious thuggery, actually enabling it to continue its hold upon the great and noble Iranian people. I agree that such support and defense of the world’s most infidelophobic, misogynistic and violent ideology is not only perplexing but downright immoral, in my opinion.

Rather than encouraging and enabling Islam’s grip on people like the Iranians, we of conscience should be helping them and any others who wish to be free to overthrow these religiously oppressive shackles. Instead, I constantly find many of my liberal peers to be helping rivet these shackles more firmly in place, which I feel is embarrassing and shameful indeed.

Let us hope that the Persians can extricate themselves finally from this oppressive religious rule, leading the way for millions of others globally who likewise may not wish to be under Islamic domination but who cannot escape, due to spiritual terrorism, social thuggery and malignant apostasy laws.

Basically, the overwhelming majority of the Iranian community has run way from Islamic law, which has been enforced in Iran since the establishment of the Islamic Republic regime since 1979. We fully support halting the islamisation of Britain and feel that people have a right to voice their concern about issues that are visible in British society. Basically, the Iranian people have come out to the streets many times in every major city of Iran, in the millions, to change the Islamic system to a secular, democratic one, but they have always been suppressed brutally by the Islamic state regime, which has been ruling Iran by murder for the last 35 years.

All democratic secular activists have had to go underground or flee the country to Europe or America. These are known facts about which there is no dispute. Waves of Iranians had to flee their country and live in Europe or America, mainly because they don’t want to live under a system that enforces Islamic religious laws or “sharia,” as they call it. These are laws belonging to the desert Arab society, which is the very opposite of Iranian/ Persian culture, heritage and traditions.

So, the Iranian community is fully aware of the suppression by Islam and Islamic laws as inscribed in Quran, the textbook of the religion of Islam. Iranians have felt this suppression within their skin and bones. The forcing of women to wear scarves on their head, 35 years of executions and crimes against humanity carried out by Islamic regime against secular, democratic, patriotic and liberal socialist groups of people who might have the potential of threatening their power. Even the most basic freedoms such as what to wear, dancing, drinking (which is an old tradition of Iranian people going back thousands of years), etc., etc., have all been suppressed every day, by laws fully in force as we speak.

The majority or 99% who have left Iran come to live in Democratic Secular countries precisely because they don’t want to live in a society that is ruled by Islamic law. So, as far as Iranians are concerned, it makes us sick to see Islamic activists roaming free in this country [U.K.]. If you go to any Mosque, you will not see one Iranian. Islam to Iranians means inviting the beheading of our ancestors, forcing them to accept Islam. And recent history as well, with the ayatollahs’ suppression, economical collapse, terror engraved in Islamic teachings – as long as it’s in the name of Allah, of course.

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In the following videos, we can see how millions of Iranian women during the 1979 revolution did not want to live under Islamic rule. They were physically beaten down by men, however, forcing this misogynist fanaticism upon them. It is shameful that their plight not only is ignored but encouraged to remain by Western “activists” stumping for the ideology and government that oppresses them.


Islamic fundamentalism does not give women a choice to wear a veil

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16 thoughts on “An Iranian speaks out against Islam and 35 years of oppression

  1. Yes, Islam religious countries oppress people who want to be free of their dress, and thought by ordering fathwa as not to decorate their hands applying Mehandi (herbal red colour) on accasion of their marriage,which in india it was great fashion in india.arthodox and rigid muslim Mullas impose their malignat views even on english studying girls to wear burka (ghosha) all over physic in India

  2. Hi I did send you another post which I hope you have received. Please publish it. It takes a lot of stress having to write these.. It brings back the horrors of Islamic republic for us.. So pleas post it. Thanks Cyrus
    I have resent it below/:

    Fully respect and support what you are doing. May all the powers of good and positive be on your side. And please note that Anti-Islamic views which I have mentioned are certainly shared by grate majority of Iranian/Persians. It is common sense and fact that even looking at it from a human natures point of view, if you have a system (Islamic so called republic established in Iran 1979 which enforces islamic law, that which is in collision with Iranian culture and Racial background) you would only get opposite reaction anyways. So as far as Iranians are conserved, any Iranian in Europe and America etc. is going to be there precisely because they do not want to live under Islamic law. And it’s no good saying this one is softer Islam and that one is extremist Islam etc. Islam is what has been written in Quran the text book of terrorism and whoever adheres to it would have to be killing in the name of Mr Allah and Mohamad the terrorist paedophile so called prophet.. Any so called moderate Muslim who doesn’t adhere to the Qur’anic laws is simply fooling themselves and are only Muslims in name. Which then gives power to the Islamists because they can turn round and say hey look there are millions of Muslims.. Well basically do not count and /or include Iranian Nation as part of the so called Muslim worlds anyways. I tell you for why, because even the few Iranians who are still calling themselves as Muslim in religion are not really Muslims or seen as Muslim by the main majority of Muslim people anyways. Because they’re Shiite which is not considered as a Muslim by Arabs, Turks, Pakistanis etc. etc. whom are and follow the original Muslim leaders and Khalifas as they call them i.e. Sunnis. Don’t get me wrong the Shiite branch of Islam is just as same terrorists suppressive as its main branch of Islam the Sunnis, it’s just a historic difference in the power struggle they have had between them when originally they looted and raped and destroyed Non-Arabs such as Iranic people etc. etc… Majority of Iranian Nation has rejected Islam as a whole in their hearts and minds. They don’t want it (Full stop), And promise you as soon as the power which is suppressing them (Islamic republic regime) is weakened and overthrown you will see how the ones even which you might have thought were Muslims (BBC News reports in a way which makes uninformed viewers think people of Iran are some kind of Muslim and thy like Islam!!), how they would come out with what’s really in their hearts and minds, it won’t be long that one every street in Iran people will be burning Quran the text book of terrorism and Mosques will certainly be burned and turned into Libraries and Iranian cultural heritage centres, mark my word..
    For Iranians Islam is actually the total opposite of Iranian Ethnic, linguistic, Cultural historical way of thinking.

  3. The dreadful takeover of Persia by Islamoshits is clearly what Musloids want in civilised countries !
    The PC poltroons are unthinking supporters of this sickening outrage!
    Support by leftist idiots for a supremacist,totalitarian fascist cult makes me very angry!
    Hopefully as a result of the dreadful rape of helpless children in Rotherham the apocryphal arseholes of the police and the council bureaucracy will be convicted of crime!

  4. I have just realised that this site belongs to DM Murdock!
    She should receive invites to speak in pulpits of all religions to educate believers in the fantasy of imaginary sky fairies!

  5. Dear Brother,

    I am a muslim and I understand your feeling.The problem you all have is not the Islam or the Quran ,but the misinterpretation by most scholars.

    You are aware that the Quran not a single word has been altered since the appearance 1400 years ago.But,going back to the root of the bible-the old testament and the Torah you will get shock about its content.You will definitely go back and embrace the Quran and the Islam.

    For example: in the Talmud which is definitely considered by scholars to be the fundament of the Torah and the old-testament and finally the bible it said:Girls at age 3 plus one day are filthy and ripe for sexually intercourse.Having said this in the holy book Talmud it means this behaviour was approved by the religion and that
    they were executing this behaviour in name of jewish and christianty otherwise why else it was necessary for approval in the Talmut.

    It was also said that jews have the right to steal-loot-rob
    destroy non-jewish property-jews are not allowed to accept interest from another jew,but must ask interesthow much he want to from non-jewish people.Taking into consideration the confirmation by the christians themself that Jezus was jew ,what opinion we should make????

    And ther are a lot more ugly remarks in the Talmut and later in the old testament and Torah as well which were wiped out by man when they produced the bible.

    But,the Quran is there 1400 years without one single word altered.So,comparing the original books the Quran is the best among all of them with improvement for example: Interest should not be asked by nobody not only muslims-compare to Talmud-Only for jews but all other need to pay interest.

    Going back to the Quran: In Iran the women are covered in full,but that is not written in the Quran.If you look at muslim in other parts of the world I would suggest 80% does not cover their body in full.In the Quran is clearly written women should cover in such way that she gain respect sothat man will not be tempted to rape her like what is happening on today world on daily basis.

    Finally you should know that Iagree that the young muslim must overtrow the old thinking and misinterpretaion of the Quran to fulfill the wishes and/or feelings of the conservative muslim scholars in the world.In the Quran it is said clearly;AllAH have ordered all muslim man and woman to devolp their knowledge as much as possible.

    You have to read the Quran critically-positevely and honestly verse by verse and compare to other religion you will conclude there is no better one so simple-clear-nothing like stories-but real facts like the Prophet-pbuh-
    said correct and honestly to his followers: Iam human same like all of you and shall also die and judged about my deeds inspite I was a messanger to fulfill the last book
    with the word of God to humanity-He did NOT mention muslim,but clearly the word:humanity.

    wassal-mehrour Badloe

    1. Ah yes, the “misinterpretation” argument. If you asked the many scholars you are faulting, they would say it is you who are misinterpreting Islam. If Islam is so difficult to interpret and get correct, what good is it? It is in fact useless.

      In any event, hundreds of millions have “misinterpreted” Islam to the great detriment of humanity. We simply do not need Islam, so let us forget about it such that no one can ever misinterpret it again and commit an endless array of atrocities in its name.

      1. YES! Exactly! You hear that same argument from Christians when you try to point out faults in logic in the Bible.

        “You’re just not reading it correctly.”

        To which I ask “How do you know you’re reading it correctly?”

        “My preacher tells me what it means. He knows.”

        Then I ask “How do you know your preacher is reading it correctly?”

        I either get a blank stare, or they say “He’s connected with God” or “God makes sure he reads it correctly”.

        What a load of hooey.

    2. Some recent ones do. Not all tranrlatoss have revised their translation from the research yet. Especially the ones before year 2000 haven’t even noticed this. As this finding goes mainstream, hopefully the tranrlatoss who are still alive will revise their translations and future tranrlatoss will adopt the changes. Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar And those females whose resistance you fear, then admonish them (f) and abandon them (f) in their sleeping places and go away from them (f). Progressive Muslims As for those women from whom you fear a desertion, then you shall advise them, and abandon them in the bedchamber, and separate from them; Reformist Translation As for those women from whom you fear disloyalty, then you shall advise them, abandon them in the bedchamber, and separate them;

    3. Irrelevant.

      Despite what you might read in the Talmud, there are no Jewish or Christian states offering beheadings, genital mutilation, enforced dress codes for ALL women, marrying off three year old girls; hangings and for gays; or outright murder for apostasy or drawing a picture of an imaginary being named Mohammed.

      You see, your fixation on what might or might not be in the texts (and not a single original one exists) of the Torah or the Christian compilation of the Bible are totally irrelevant to the current world situation.

      The Koran, as you have pointed out, has NOT been altered. And that is the problem. It contains despicable edicts from the MEDIEVAL AGE that were invented by THOSE people in THAT time. We do not live as tribal Arabs in a desert wasteland. We are civilized Westerners who have gone through the Renaissance, the Age of Science, the Age of Enlightenment, the Space Age and now the Information Age. We live in the 21st century. We are not MEDIEVAL peoples in need of an imaginary friend who demands murder for those who don’t believe. Sadly, your very own religious history nixed Islamic advancement.

      You see, at the core of Islam are fundamentalists. They’re not at the fringe. Just beyond them are Islamists who support them and after that there are States that contribute to these fundamentalist views. This sort of structure doesn’t exist anywhere in Christendom (any more!) and for Jews, they have a tiny State that doesn’t force people to worship a particular way.

      No. The Koran isn’t being misinterpreted. It’s being APPLIED AS IT IS WRITTEN by the very ZEALOTS who are constantly reading it and supported by others because if they don’t they will be MURDERED.

      Sorry, pal. Islam is a ‘whole pack of very bad ideas’.

  6. The Iranian people are being held hostage. It is true most iranians do not want the islamic state to be in control of the country. However they need to shed blood in order for change to happen. No dictator has ever given up their power without a fight, there must be rebels willing to die for change and i have not seen this develop yet.
    On to Islam arguing about Islam is silly, Mohammad never existed and besides Islam is a religion that was created to give the Arabs legitimacy as a people. This religion was not created to reach Nirvana but to control people in a different way other than Christianity, FOR those people tired of the control coming out of Rome.
    Mohammad doesn’t even have a face, don’t believe in Mohammad, nor jesus nor any of the dieties. God is inside of you go inside instead of always looking for external answers.

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