• February 26, 2024

An exchange with a Christian fundamentalist

I recently became aware that a Christian fundamentalist, “DS,” was circulating a blog by another rabid fanatic – whom I shall call “BS” – that smeared me with all manner of vile calumny, based on Bart Ehrman’s trashy and libelous Did Jesus Exist? book. This fundie – a man, of course – emailed the URL of this ad hom garbage to a friend of mine, saying, “I think you’ll enjoy this,” and mentioning another prominent scholar friend of mine whom he also was evidently trying to turn against me.

My friend in turn sent the URL to me, and I responded to both him and DS, asking why such libelous trash would be “enjoyable” to anyone, since Ehrman had lied blatantly and defamed me. The Christian fanatic wrote me back saying he had “no sympathy for either of you,” referring to me and Ehrman, claiming that he had “read” and “heard” some things by both of us. He then stated, however, that he concurred with Ehrman’s poor assessment of me and my work.

Those of you who are aware of what Ehrman did to me and other mythicists in his book will know that it was a total smear job in which he obviously did not even read our books, had farmed them out to his assistants, misrepresented several elements of our work and then sneeringly knocked down the straw men. The whole sordid tale can be found across many pages on my forum, including a point-by-point rebuttal of much of Ehrman’s defamatory rubbish, which DS essentially demanded I provide for him.

After reading the fundie’s rude response to me – one could sense the arrogance and contempt dripping off it – I responded as below. I’m sure that this individual felt that he had harangued me sufficiently and that I would bow down to his “superior” intellect, especially since I am a “little woman” who should not teach and should remain silent (in church and otherwise), as the apostle Paul dictated. I post this exchange here for others who may find it empowering in overcoming religious bullying.

To Christian fundamentalist “DS”:

I’m sorry, but you don’t know my work, and Ehrman’s “analysis” was vile libel, because he lied and did not even read my book. You should be ashamed of yourself for siding with such sleazy calumny, including that wretched BS – that’s about the lowest affiliation one can have, but anything’s great when it bashes me, eh?

I highly doubt you have read or listened to anything of mine either. If you did, you would already know that I’ve done a point-by-point rebuttal of Ehrman’s trashy book, which could be and should be pulped for its libel. On my forum alone are dozens of pages refuting his false claims. You can find the links at the URL below, but I doubt you will actually read them, and you certainly will not admit that Ehrman behaved disgracefully, because it suits your agenda, even though you otherwise surely can’t agree with him about Jesus. Like I say, when it bashes me, it’s just fine and dandy, no matter how libelous or dishonest.

I have about 40 pages more [of rebuttal], but I’m not interested in being bullied into providing it for you or anyone else. From what I can tell, you are a biased Christian fundamentalist and spend your time upholding bogus Christian claims. If you wish to remain deluded in a false belief system, that is your prerogative, but I will continue to inform others of the facts and truth. Many people are waking up to this delusion, and the old tactics of lying about and smearing critics will no longer work. We’ve frankly had enough of the sexist, misogynistic and culturally bigoted bibliolatry.


D.M. Murdock/Acharya S

“Many people are waking up to this delusion, and the old tactics of lying about and smearing critics will no longer work. We’ve frankly had enough of the sexist, misogynistic and culturally bigoted bibliolatry.”


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9 thoughts on “An exchange with a Christian fundamentalist

  1. Pat Robertson and every imam on the planet.

    These religiotards don’t deserve the time of day from you.

  2. Hi there. I am a newby to your sites. I found you when I was reading abt the Sumerian gods, frankly I am was SO confused until I ran into this website, not sure what I googled. But have been stuck to you for 2 straight days. Every opportunity I could get I was on this website. I also added you to my G+ account. I am not a crazy nut, i promise. But i was brought up as a Christian, baptizing stuff & all & i was never 100% into Christianity thought or beliefs all my life. i would love to get all your books @ once, but know that would b impossible financially, but possibly 1 book @ a time. i am eager to read these & thank you for your free-thoughts 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind regards and interest in my work. However you ended up here, I found your message to be very sweet and inspiring, and I hope you will continue to benefit from my labors.

      Be aware that there is plenty of free material on my blog, websites and forums, which are all linked into the search engine here, so you could explore the subject for quite a while. My books, of course, tell a more complete story and contain thousands of citations and hundreds of images – and you can hold them in your hands! 🙂


    2. Acharya S and Kenneth Humphreys; easily the two most trustworthy resources in Mythicism today. The extensive work they’ve done and the facts they present in comparative religion is unparalleled. Have fun!!

      1. Thank you for your kind regards and assessment. I appreciate the vote of confidence, as I work very hard to bring you the best information available in this subject.

        I agree that Ken Humphreys is among the best in the mythicist field. His work is very good, and, importantly, he is a nice person, unlike some very dishonest and contentious characters in this field who have poisoned the well and prevented people from studying the subject in earnest.

  3. Dear Acharya S,
    I really must say that you continue to amaze me. I owe a great deal of thanks to you, your books and other tireless work that you constantly endevor in. I think that it must be quite trying to be mistreated and defamed in the manner of ad hominem attack as well as sheer blatent dishonest ignorance. Yet even this being so I think that you act more christian than the so called christians. Not that that is some ideal to live up to. It really seems to me that you are an honest, truthful, intelligent, scholar that has some very important information to impart. And you do so in many formats, with eloquence, directness, thoughtfulness, and in a way that I think brings honor to yourself and the truthfulness of what you have to impart. People I look up to are few and far between…I must tell you that you are one of them. I might even consider you a hero or heroine, whatever political correctness requires. At any rate I have long followed your work and benifited by it. The one time I spoke with you on the phone is still memorable to me. I really hope our paths cross sometime soon as I would love to shake your hand, look into your eyes and share my heartfelt appreciation for you. Thanks for being! Sincerely, Henry

    1. Hi, Henry! Thanks so much for your kind regards and support. It’s because of good folks appreciating my hard work that I continue on this path, in the face of unrelenting hostility. Fortunately, I’m in the right place and right time to do it.

      The defamatory speech and disrespect are, of course, not limited to fervent believers but have also been tossed my way abundantly by so-called skeptics. There seems to be a problem with sexism and misogyny still when it comes to academia. Women who toe the male party line will be promoted, while independent females like me will be ignored, disparaged and have their reputations sullied at every opportunity.

      Those who abide by such hate speech and ad hom fallacies will miss out on all the great research and scholarship I bring to the table, so in the end it’s their loss, not mine.

      Smart folks like you, however, will actually read the fascinating material I dig up from remote antiquity to the most modern scholarship, thereby benefiting immensely. So, congratulations on being smarter than the average boor… 🙂

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