1. I spent 26 years with Victoria Police down here in Australia. Then I had a series of breakdowns!! in the 30 years since then, 1984, I’ve often wondered WHAT caused me to become so ill? Psychiatrists said I absorbed all the bad times with the good, and wasn’t able to unburden myself!What I DO remember is every time I entered the witness box in courts to give evidence I swore an “oath” on a bible to tell the truth, but I was always a truthful cop! and wondered WHY I had to keep on swearing that ” Oath”? I knew others who did were lying!! then I made a personal study of the Torah, Bible, and Quran! now I know!! MAN MADE GOD! I was made to believe LIES for those 26 years service as a “Cop”.

  2. Betty’s the best!

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