American Sikhs sue Jay Leno for ‘libel’ over Golden Temple joke

These Sikhs have just lumped themselves in with Muslim extremists – not a good way to bring attention to yourself and to make friends. Newsflash: America isn’t India, where your ethnocentric cult is coddled by the law – and RELIGION IS NOT A RACE. The “racism” and “defamation” cards are really getting old.

This lawsuit needs to be thrown out and the plaintiffs made to bear the costs – telling jokes is surely a First Amendment right on the part of Leno. Can we sue supremacist and male-dominant religions for libeling and defaming humanity, especially the female half? Criticizing and ridiculing sexist and bigoted religious ideologies is part of my religion – who can I sue for oppressing me in my religion?

I have always liked Sikhs, a number of whom I’ve been friendly with over the years (some funny stories), but this wisdom-less brouhaha is very disappointing. I do have a question for Jay, however: Would you dare ridicule Islam and Muslims?

Jay Leno sued over ‘Tonight Show’ joke

Jay Leno’s really taking it on the chin over his joke about Mitt Romney last week.

Leno has taken heat from a religious group after cracking that presidential contender Romney keeps the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, as his summer home. And how he’s being sued by a religious organizer who claims that Leno libeled the entire Sikh religion with his joke.

In court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday and obtained by The Wrap, Dr. Randeep Dhillon, who does business as Bol Punjabi All Regions Community Organization, claims that Leno “hurt the sentiments of all Sikh people in addition to those of the plaintiff” with his joke. Dhillon further claims that Leno’s joke “clearly exposes plaintiff, other Sikhs and their religion to hatred, contempt, ridicule and obloquy because it falsely portrays the holiest place in the Sikh religion as a vacation resort owned by a non-Sikh.”

Claiming libel, Dhillon is seeking unspecified damages, plus court costs.

Since making the joke — which was a riff on Romney’s wealth — Leno has taken heat, with one group launching an online petition against Leno. The petition claims that Leno has a history of making discriminatory comments about the Sikh religion.

“Previously, in 2007 he called Sikhs ‘diaper heads.’ In 2010, he remarked, falsely so, in his monolog that President Obama could not visit Sri Darbar Sahib because of requirements of wearing a turban,” the petition reads. “Clearly, Jay Leno’s racist comments need to be stopped right here.”

NBC has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.


  1. All too many religious people seem unable to take a joke.
    There’s nothing wrong with making fun of something if its just meant as a joke, and those religious dullards need to learn to relax more and get a life rather than worrying about what comedians are saying.

  2. I don’t usually side with the religious types, but in this one case, I am very happy to see Jay Leno in trouble.

    Leno is an obnoxious moron, always was. Deserves it!!!

  3. I actually found Leno’s joke to be funny
    I actually found it to be funny.

    Mormonism is one of the richest ( and weirdest) cults on earth with money invested all over. So, the fact, that super-rich Romney (by extension Mormon church) is so rich that he has the Golden temple as his vacation home is quite funny !

    But, those Sikh guys are over the top. Some people are way too over-sensitive. Its a joke !

    Although, both Hillary and Bill Clinton are regulars at the Golden temple. They are close to some prominent Sikhs in New York. I think even Obama visited the golden temple. It is a spectacular place, their food awesome and the atmosphere amazing especially when they have their annual spring festival with chanting and meditation sessions.

    My joke about mormons:

    Salt lake city is actually a place where Jews are actually gentiles because mormons consider themselves to be the chosen people of God !


  4. G-d is a cosmic joker no doubt Source of All Creat
    Ra, these religious types crack me up i think i was a jester in the court of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba’s court in a past life, i like that Bill Hicks he used get hated on by some of these red necked christians. I wonder who invented these religions shamed to say may have been something to do with me i think i one of the ones that went against Musa/Moses the tribe of korah or is it koresh sorry i fighting a memory war like asian dub foundation tune…..i try not to let it trouble me too much or make mi heart shake i did hide mi heart i heard in a third door down song ELi was coming hide your heart girl i did didnt want Eli to see it i think now cos it was filthy no matter aint no hiding place from the Ruler of Creation like Prophet Bob Marley said. i paying for it now going tru mad tribulations i think Yahshua aka Iyesus Christos who some call Jeasus is coming back to kill me he keeps raising me and dropping me its in the bible how can do that is a lowkey song called rise and fall too i kinda the opposite bit blatant but wtf 2 sides of the same coin, illuminati got a version of that too they take stuff of G-d and twist it if Jah dont stop putting jokes in mi head i gonna die laughing….when i was at a palestinian demo with some of the muslim defence league and others i left to go get sum fags i came back by mistake, or was it, i ended up in the opposite pen with the english defence league under the star of david flag, i didnt realise at the time who the true hebrews were the lost sheep of the House of Yisrael black folks this state of Israel is just the beachfront property i heard it on Jah’s elect channel of Ras Tafari on ethiopia world net on youtube. i joked at the time that Y’ashua led me astray now now i wonder if He was leading me back home, i listen to the Torah readings on there on sabbath he got the voice of an angel and i dont mean fallen like immortal tec i still like a lot of Islam stuff i used to watch Hashem fillm guy on wake up project i like the sufi islam ones on there who whirl around in circles we had some of that Islam in Ireland once its in lots of the history about the black muurs who came help civilise us more primative types…we say Tiochardi ar la which means our day has come its pronounced Chucki Allah, get me…..i also liked the black folks on there who jump up and down i not sure who they are i get the feeling its to do with song of solomon maybe i done that book when i was in college. i dance like a cross between ian curtis from joy divison and ian dury but i dont give a feck i want to go back to the davidic worship of having a joyful song and dance to the Lord i was twirling round the ohter day while jumping up and down nearly fell over i cant stand up for falling down like elvis costello and the attractions or was his band the imposters cud be both, i like double bubble boil and trouble double portion book of isiah i cursed and blessed by Elohim i dont just beLIEve Jah prove it to me in heaps of ways. I was wearing a heart of stone until i heard in a ub40 alpha blondie and steel pulse album say a lyric i wanna be your footstool cos you wear the heart of stone i thought i better get mi heart back dont want ppl thinking i getting ideas above mi station just ignore me i not really here well i am and i not i like schrondigers cat dead and alive at the same time hidden in plain sight signing on the ub40 which is the dole code for unemployment benefits in uk they got a song 1 in 10 i am the one in 10 a number on a list i am the one in 10 even tho i dont exist…..i get double bubble tho cos i a crazy schitzophrenic i getting alot better since i stopped taking these psychatric aka psychic tricksters drugs i aint moaning and muttering i think some of it must be karma i try to not worry be happy not easy is tears of a clown sometimes like smoky robinson i think i gonna go up in smoke like cheech and chong i wouldnt mind a smoke why is sacred weed illegal yeah its a gateway drug like govt says theres truth in everything theres truth in lies theres even truth in me and i prety false like the qu’ran says all falsehood will perish i lost a lot of weight lately these christians wanna moan about being persecuted its like this nazi holocost wat about the african holocoust even in Eireann we had famine and cromwell killing inthe name of God not sure what God that was i do know lots of us followed the Black Christ before these catholics and protestants came its looking a bit silly now all that religous strife when both their leaders is following satan, i not knocking it satan had a job to do put ppl to the test and stuff and he will pay the price but at the end of the days he will turn around and say that….dont get it twisted i not racist like Haile Selaisse I conquering lion of the tribe of Judah and Christ in His Kingly character said in his speech to the un until the collolur of a mans skin etc but like the good book says salvation is first and foremost of the hebrews…..Jah bless and senbet shalom.

  5. 😯 bokertov..lilatov..unt akoltov , who hasn’t got a sense of humor ?i was born on april fools day 1941 in Germany .

  6. Nice to know that Sikhs are crybabies too. :woohoo:

  7. There’s a reason why the whole world sees the USA as being full of obnoxious people; the fact that so many Americans defend the obnoxious figureheads in mainstream media.

    Perhaps you should take this opportunity to research Sikhism and it’s history defending India against the invading Mughal oppressors who tortured and murdered Indians who refused to convert to Islam. Modern day terrorism is a horrible thing, but you really have no idea of what terror really is. The Nazis, Al Quaeda, Taliban, IRA, none of them account to the horrors committed by the Mughals in India. 9/11 was minuscule compared to what the Mughals put Indians through, yet it was the Sikh minority that saved India from them.

    Thousands of Sikhs lost their lives at the Golden Temple, Amritsar. Would you happily joke about the resting place and memorial centres for those American patrons who lost their lives fighting in WWII? Would you laugh and joke about the National September 11 Memorial & Museum being a holiday home constructed for a politician’s leisure?

    You may say religion is not a race, so this can’t be referred to as racism. However, discriminating because of someone’s religious beliefs is just as bad as racism. If the race and defamation cards are getting old, perhaps people should stop discriminating.

    And on a side note, Americans that love their own nation’s history should be ashamed of themselves. A nation stolen from the natives, who were then murdered in cold blood (men, women and children massacred), and built on the backs of slaves. American history should be taught to the world to prevent that treachery taking place again. Your founding fathers were no different to what you today refer to as terrorists. The wise and knowledgable will contemplate on this, the ignorant and obnoxious will close their eyes and ignore this fact.

    1. Where do I begin with such hateful and angry comments? In the first place, I defended Sikhs in my original post, so there is no need for derogation towards me as the author of this blog.

      Secondly, religion assuredly is not race, so let’s not even bother with the racism card. Nor should a decent and moral human being refrain from discriminating against horrible religious beliefs such as child marriage/rape, beheadings, stonings, honor killings, genital mutilations, genocide and all the rest that have accompanied various religions over the past several thousand years. The shrieking of “religious discrimination” is frankly tiresome and myopic.

      Thirdly, your claim that the American founding fathers were “terrorists” is egregious. Only the Brits who tried to defeat them would use such inflammatory language. The framers of the U.S. Constitution were more enlightened than most of humanity over the past several thousand years. I suggest you actually study the Constitution and open your eyes to what it has represented for all of humanity, rather than spewing your own obnoxious and ignorant remarks.

      Fortunately, there are millions from around the world who have understood the Constitution, which is why almost every culture on Earth has been able to live under it in a more peaceful manner than in most cultures globally since humanity has existed. Millions of immigrants to America, such as Igor Finkler, are very grateful for the opportunity to live free and improve their lives.

      Only in America: The story of Igor Finkler

      Most of us are well aware of how the Americas were founded, and there isn’t much we can do about that now. Most of the dead were killed by disease, not slaughtered by invaders, and millions of Americans do not descend from any of these initial travelers in any event, so ranting about “us” in general as if we are culpable is frankly bigoted. Do you include my black and Native American friends in your generalized rant against Americans?

      And where do you live, please? Is it a pristinely founded nation where no one ever died from other immigrants and invaders? The whole planet is one of constant migration and frequent warfare, so let us not be hypocritical and needlessly hateful, generalizing those of us alive now who are assuredly quite peaceful.

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