American pastor: Women need to shut up in church

This sexist cretin is so idiotic one is tempted to think he’s a spoof. But, thanks for demonstrating that Christianity is a fallacious male-dominant cult of misogyny and sexism, which we have been contended for many years now.

What is pathetic is that this guy  has some 15,000 subscribers to his videos.

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  1. My guess is that this goes on in at least hundreds of churches across the US every Sunday morning and, of course, in every mosque.

  2. james McGillivray

    This man is a jerk1

  3. Dharesatharen Chetty

    One cannot pull the wool over people for too long. The truth will always prevail. No matter how many ways he tries to justify his statement, we know the truth.

  4. This is clear evidence of the machismo that has been displayed for millennia. It is spread everywhere in their pages (“sons of Isreal, sons of…”). Yet more daughters get blind daily and follow the trail of willing loss of their dignity simply because they seek miracles from their “god fathers” and “preferred son” in the persons of pastors, reverends, fathers and other clergy. Come to our Churches in third world nations; you will be amazed at the loudest, acceptable, squeaks of “AMEN!!!” when these same men who have super-imposed their unjustified preference “by God” over women pray that women get “good husband”. The truth will reveal.

  5. These sexist remarks are ridiculous. I am Roman Catholic and any man who tells me to shut up had better he trying to handle a hostage situation or some type of extreme emergency. Shut up? Why doesn’t he shut up. I always remained quiet during mass, but could never imagine the priest telling me to “shut up” if I spoke during mass.
    Hey people, this is NOT a good leader to follow. Terrible and abusive to woman.

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