Aliens coming in 2012?

Now that it’s the New Year of 2011, time to start looking towards 2012, which is widely touted as a year that will bring about great changes. The nature of those changes is debatable, as some claim 2012 will signal the “end of the world,” while Maya elders say that’s not what it means at all. And here comes my friend Dr. Carol Rosin to discuss how the powers that be will allegedly be springing an “alien” trap on the world in the coming years. Carol’s successfully predicted a number of previous events based on her insider experiences with government officials globally. Fascinating stuff, indeed!

Please note that the editorial at around 9:45, after Carol’s appearances, does not necessarily represent views shared by us at Freethought Nation. Nor am I endorsing the notion that there are alien beings or extraterrestrials of any kind on Earth, but I do like what Dr. Michio Kaku has to say on the subject of UFOs. I’m also not sure where the “2012” comes in, but certainly we have been hearing more about “aliens” and “UFOs” over the past decade or so. In posting this video, I am only interested in what the highly connected Dr. Wernher von Braun allegedly told Carol, as I think it’s important. And to those who may object to the notion of “the government” being involved in anything like this, does not the fact that a Nazi scientist was given a high post at NASA as part of a secret government operation raise an eyebrow in the first place?


  1. Well look at the gulf region and the now observable fact of the gulf stream slowing and in certain areas stopped. Also the corexit9500 is full of genetically engineered organisms that are…..” eating steel” and changing the fish? So say many living in the gulf region, now the corexit9500 makes not only oil sink it also make fresh and salt water mix!

    Now as for the Nazi’s UMMM, well let’s just say the facts are skewed and” lies touted as truth”, and the ALLIES/ALL-LIES crimes are either forgotten or ignored like the many deaths in the German “work camps” were because of allied bombing of food, medical supplies and support routes for the camps! But go right on and, believe in the “HOLOCAUST (TM.) (C) (Reg. Pat.)” ETC>ETC> if you want to. Yes there was great evil done all around during that time, and many “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS LOST THEIR FREEDOM AND POSSESSIONS UNDER HITLER, BUT THEY WERE GIVEN THE CHANCE TO GO BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM” so now we have the same problems repeating in our own countries now as planned! Yes madmen like Mengele were given carte blanch, but did the Americans not do much of the same experiments? Yes in fact much more horrifying experiments were and still are being done by the U.S.! And yes the whole premise behind all the “GREAT WARS” including the ones we currently engaged in, was/is for FASCIST control of every aspect of all our lives!

    OK, nuff said I feel to many enemies, too many fights damn it can’t we just have “factual” truth and not emotional heart string pulling lies? Now if what I said above doesn’t p someone off enough hows this Anne Frank’s diary…. was now wait for it ………………………..”IT WAS WRITTEN IN BALL POINT PEN!” …….They did not exit during the time she supposedly lived and wrote it :woohoo: 😛 :huh: :whistle: 😡 and if that doesn’t piss you off you truly are a believer in your dear and fuzzy, LARD AND SAVIOR!

    Oh yeah, so the “communists/BANKSTERS” kill and murder and get stupid sheeple tp do their bidding after taking over all the worlds education systems and create psychotic divided people as well promote the cross breeding of all the “species of genus man, see negro, mongol, caucasian, what ever classification the other asian people are into one sickly freakish un-natural beast” and you are all doing just what they want you to do aren’t you! 🙁

    I should just let it go, but I am sick and tired of idiots. Sorry if I hurt your sensibilities, and frame of truth and whats factual but when your wrong it comes back to you, just remember that KARMAS A BI_CH!

    1. how
      🙁 ❗ arnt the aliens evil I had couple in counters but in dreams they show me of. Wiping out all humanity and destroying the earth

      1. ive honesly never had an encounter but it sounds like a experience i would remember

      2. Well..i belive in aliens a lot..nut still i can’t asure maself dat aliens really exist or not..! it’s zst like a waking dream :s ..anyways..i have heard a lot of cases from ma teachers and friends…i got 2 hear that 1 man was being taken by the alien in their spaceship..and after some days they left him on the earth..when people found him..he had lost his memory..n his physical appearance was totally changed..but gradually he retained his memory and told all bout’ the it true?? 😮

        anyways..are the aliens gonna visit the earth this time in 2012??
        please…confirm evrything in details…and help me as soon as possible..thank you! 🙂

  2. Yes, You Heard It Right “Aliens Are Coming”
    First of all I wanted to say thanks to Acharya S. for bringing us this most needed information. Now more than ever people need to know what is going on. I have also been following the powers that be agenda. Which is a Controlled Orwellian Society. I have also found many websites where Mayan elders are saying that 2012 is not the end of the world or some major catastrophic event. I know for a fact that we can now predict the powers that be and I am sure we will be seeing more and more Problem, Reaction, Solution presented and I think 2012 will be an excellent time for the powers that be to come up with yes another scenario where we are being invaded by Aliens and we need to protect ourselves and this how they will promote their Orwellian agenda through scare tactics just as they have always done in the past. A very good example was 911 to promote a war. People need to wake up!!!

  3. eww…
    Don’t you think you should distance yourself from this guff?

  4. 😮 And man made god in his own image , and after his own likeness !
    Those who believe God will be righteous !we have absolute opposites !
    Creation ? or creation by adaption ?It would seem that religions are a reversal of progress and dumbing down of the populace in a very serious way ! :woohoo:

    1. Religions and progress
      You say religion dumbs us down and hinders progress…

      However religion and it’s adherents are responsible for the foundation of modern society and science and continue to help more people meet their most basic needs than any governmental entity.

      Explain how Buddhists determined that the “soul” entered the fetus after 49 days of gestation, which happens to be the exact day of differentiation between male and female in the embryo…confirmed by modern science.

      Explain how Islam gave us a system of navigation we still use today and do not need technology for…

      Science has made life easier, but do not confuse ease with progress

  5. John Lavato
    Thanks acharya!!!…

    But i dont think 2012 is going to be the welcome year of changes as every year bring some small or major changes in the world. It is for sure that there wont be any end of the world in 2012.

    Till then Awaiting 2012.

    Corcovado National Park ([url][/url])

    1. DontFreak Out … Its Just A Person To Help Peopl
      Well God Made Us To Die .. Its Like A Life Cycle For A Human Being ..Its Like Every Living Thing In The World … But God Made Earth Not To End.. And Yes The Aliens Might Come … Never Freak Out … Its The Way We Live … Sure We … Make Mistake.. But God Will Always Forgive Us … But The “Bad” Things! God Will Never Accept That ;…. So Always Think Twice Before You ..Speak…Nor…Do Thing…Just Remember .. Live The LIfe

  6. Holograms Over The White House

    From 1968 until September 1976 I lived in New York City (in Manhattan). One day a lady on the street was passing out brochures. I took one. Her brochure told about the coming dictatorship. It talked about how the Hayden Planetarium was part of this conspiracy. So I went to check out the Hayden Planetarium.

    During one of my visits, they displayed large photos of the gigantic steel entry doors to NORAD under the Colorado mountains. I believe it said that these doors were 30 feet thick. I wondered who the people could be that house themselves inside NORAD.

    In their auditorium which was something like a circular theatre, they had a spectacular holography show. It was a beautiful, colorful projection of various large shapes – about 10′ x10′ x10′ – that floated in mid air. They moved and wriggled around.

    If the Vatican, the Church of England, the Jewish Oligarchy and the U.S. government wanted to refurbish the currently disintegrating Christian religion in the West, and, also wanted to convert to Christianity the East, Western science, as described in two of the attached links, could transmit a gigantic (hologram of Jesus) over any city or country in the world. This could be Christianity’s long awaited Second Coming – brought to you – not by God – but by MIT and NASA.

    For some reason, last year, Pope Benedict visited Israel and Great Britain, which is unusual since Israel was once the enemy of Jesus and England was once the enemy of the Vatican. What’s also unusual since the Pope’s visit is that the news has been reporting that quite a few Episcopalian ministers have been quitting the Church of England and joining the Roman Catholic Church. Also, 80 million Bibles have recently been printed in China, where, I thought, Aetheism was the official “creed.” Just the other day the news showed photos of Russian leader Vladimir Putin attending Christmas Mass with townspeople at an Orthodox Catholic Church. Is he the first Russian leader to attend Mass in the last 95 years? “You know something’s happening but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mrs. Jones!” – Bob Dylan.

    Internet links are reporting that technology might also enable the Jesus theatrical organizations to broadcast a high volume voice that would seem to be coming from the mouth of the hologram of Jesus. The hologram would look as though He were talking. The voice would speak in the (language) of whatever country the hologram is projected over.

    If they’re successful in creating their New World Order, they could enforce it in one of two ways: with a re-occurring, mezmerizing Jesus hologram light show that would appear weekly in your backyard, or, with a bunch of black leather jack booted authoritarians, many of whom have costly appetites and many of whom might prefer to switch over and side with the serfs. I’d prefer the light show!

    At the sight of the talking Jesus hologram, the poor, suffering people in countries like Afghanistan – especially those who have never seen a movie – would probably say, “Goodbye Islam! Gimme Jesus! This and a few poppy flowers is where it’s at!” And they’d yearn for every return visit of that hologram. I mean, look at it this way! I’ll bet some Americans have seen Gone With the Wind 50 times.

    MIT and NASA could project 3-dimensional gigantic movies in the air on any theme. People – the size of three-dimensional football fields in the sky. And, as implied in the Dr. Carol Rosin video, they could probably project gigantic invading alien space ships with little green men waving out the windows.

    I can hear the crowds now – “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s Jesus!”

    To see hologram ideas, CHECK OUT THESE TWO:


    1. “012 Olympics
      Ive been studying the conspiracy and truth movements. Looking at secret societies, ancient history and accounts of alien/ ufo info for a few years. I believe that the false flag alien attack will happen at the London Olympics on the opening ceremony – 27/7/12. I live in the UK and I love sky gazing. Day and night. I have seen two very strange objects recently. Also many military craft. I believe the Elite already have anti gravitational crafts and such technologies. I think the alien attacks will be holographic and anti gravitation. It will all be planned. Problem. The ppl will react by demanding the military do something. The solution will be a one World Army. New World Order.

      Zeitgeist Teach.

  7. You ain’t seen nothin yet. B-, b-, b-, baby…
    Extract from [i]Trapped in a Masonic World[/i]……The world’s people will certainly become one, as they will all truly be misplaced and totally lost, in shock, distressed and completely abandoned. [Whilst the elitist Masonic families will be living deep inside their already built and completed underground facilities tunnelled miles deep into the earth’s crust, self sufficient and with enough water and food stored to keep them and their families alive for years if need be, though it won’t be necessary, as certain parts of the world will be untouched, and vaccines that work, as opposed to the ones administered to the majority of the population that wont, will be administered to the selected privileged few.] After an unbearable period of time, those unfortunate enough to have survived, will be more than willing to forsake and discard any of their previous religions and beliefs, and will be ready to accept with open arms the lil ol devil himself as the new Messiah. In fact if you were told a particular bolder, rock or stone was the new God, your be more than willing to accept it, falling to your knees and pathetically praying to it, whilst wailing out; Oh mighty stone, which aren’t in heaven… but is here on the ground! – A new dawn would have descended, out with the old, and in with the new. Another manmade religion or a tweaked alternative to the existing ones would be on the menu and the new thing to revere and fear. A new world government, new currency and new bank will be introduced. New GM food will be the main stable diet, for the mass populace, as it’s possible the soil will be too contaminated to grow crops as we know them, and the air will likely be full of contaminates, but nevertheless in time, things will return to normal, nature is stronger than all other things on this planet. The memories will be so horrific, our compartmentalised brains will shutout the recalling of the traumatic past and will quail any forms of rebellion. The introduction of cloned animals, such as cows, sheep and human beings, with the two former feeding us, and the latter with our insubordinate traits being removed from our brains, that will then help bring about non rebellious human beings, who will work and accept anything for nothing in return, and in fact looking around me and seeing the majority of the population, I think this has already been achieved, much to the delight of Jake the Peg and his extra Clegg, and Obama and his personal army of volunteers. Be ready to be manipulated and totally controlled much more than we presently are, and as the words of the rock song by Randy Bachman & Turner Overdrive go: You ain’t seen nothin yet. B-, b-, b-, baby… Here’s somethin’ that you’re never gonna forget. – [url][/url]

  8. Infernal Inter-dimensional Beings
    “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” – 1 Corinthians 2:14 –

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12 –

    With respect to the reality and activity of Satan and other infernal entities masquerading as ‘aliens’, I invite Acharya S to ruminate on the following quotation gems from none other than Dr. Jacques Vallee, arguably the world’s leading scientific authority on the UFO/Alien Abduction Phenomenon:

    “It appears that we are sharing this planet with another race…This race is invisible to us, is more intelligent than we are, and is hostile to us. It is trying to control our destiny by influencing our imaginations.” (Note: this is a summary, not a verbatim quote.) – Dr. Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia –

    “I would like to step outside the conditioning maze and see what makes it tick. I wonder what I would find. Perhaps a terrible, superhuman monstrosity, the very contemplation of which would make a man insane?” – Dr. Jacques Vallee, The Invisible College –

    “Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception.”
    – Dr. Jacques Vallee, Messengers of Deception –

    If this view were merely the position of Christians who have investigated the UFO Phenomenon, it might well be dismissed as so much narrow-minded religious paranoia. But when we find that this conclusion is supported directly, and indirectly, by secular experts who have no interest in supporting Christianity generally, then we know that we have discovered the truths as taught in the very Bible that you routinely malign:

    (1) That there is an invisible race of Inter-dimensional Beings (IDBs) on a level of existence coinciding with our own.

    (2) That it has been actively involved with humanity down the centuries.

    (3) That this race is unflaggingly hostile to humankind.

    (4) One of its primary goals is to promote a New One-World Religion which is integral to the plan for domination of humanity as an exploitable psychical and biological resource.

    (5) These IDBs will eventually succeed in convincing almost everyone that there is no need of a personal Saviour.

  9. Aliens
    I hope when the Aliens come, they are sexy. I could do with a good shag that is out of this world.

  10. stupid

  11. Aliens
    🙁 Im really scared guys I dont want aliens to come are they? I just wanna live a normal life without worrying about them! Please tell me if they truly are going to take over and if they will be mean to us 🙁

    1. your sweet
      You sound awfully nice wanna chat :kiss:

  12. Bullsh*t
    It is all a bunch of Bull sh*t. Yes it is widely belived that the government is lying about Extra Terestrials, but to me it seems a little to far fetched to invole religion into the thought of aliens taking over the world in 2012. What does religion even have to do with it? Also, why does “Jesus” need to come back to Earth? Did he forget his sun glasses? Seriously, quit being so goddamn stupid.

  13. Meeting with aliens
    While sailing from Nova Scotia to the Azores in 2009 I was followed by an alien craft, probably a submarine, I could hear them communicating with eachother. After they found out that I could hear them they tried to convince me to join them. From their discussion it became obvious that they had very much personal information about me. I refused. My refusal angered them and they tried to kill me. They chased me for almost a whole day but they could not catch me. At one point I received assistance from a higher power who halted them for a while. This convinced me that the alien power was actually satan or related to satan. Eventually they continued their persued till I was rescued by a german containership. I had to leave my boat behind. Shortly before my rescue I had observed an unmarked bouy very nearby that seemed to follow me. This was not a scientific bouy but the sort that is used by submarines to communcicate. Also the german ship noticed this buoy. The german captain explained to me that they had noticed that this buoy remained on the same geografical position like it was attached to something that was holding it there. Normally a free buoy should habe been moving with the gulfstream that was setting appr. 2 knots to the east at that point. As the ocean at that point is to deep for a buoy to be anchored is the obvious explanation that it was attached to a submarine vessel of some kind. From the conversations that I had overheard it appeared also that they have under their command several alien sea animals that they train to perform tasks. I also learned that their leader is in control off several government officials including highranked millitairy leaders. It seems that they collect humans from ships and yachts who they then use to undermine and infiltrate our governments. Just a few weeks before this happened a yacht was found east of the Azores after a search. The yacht was in perfect shape with the sails up. From the experienced crew of two was no trace and there had been no bad weather when the yacht had gone missing. I don’t wish to go into to many of the details about their communications with me and among themselfs except that it has convinced me that we are dealing with a power we have not heard the last from. Slowly but surely this power is preparing itself to take over our world. It seems sofar that I am the only one who ever escaped their grip.

    1. nonsense
      👿 too much sun.

    2. I Am Awake
      You are on the right track.

  14. mr
    I hope they do come…we NEED real leadership, wisdom on our earth instead of greed, hate, war.

  15. What is the song playing in the background?

  16. re:
    [quote name=”Joe”] I hope they do come…we NEED real leadership, wisdom on our earth instead of greed, hate, war.[/quote]
    True, as long as they are as you say, and not violent and aggressive. They could be worse than we are. Nobody knows!

  17. bullsh*t
    if these so called “aliens” come, so what? we’re absolutely f*cked, but that’ll be the new normal. you’re all worried about russians, nazis, and now all you jesus thumpers think it’s satan coming after you or jeebus coming back from “heaven”?

    I’m a Satanist. I’m offended like any christian would be if I insulted their god. so Cap’n Jack, I’m sorry, Satan didn’t team up with E.T. to chase one person around trying to get more followers. I’m listening to this little schmeil about aliens and jesus and satan and the government and nazis and russians, I think you all REALLY need to play less Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. if you want something good to do, get out of your mom’s basement, go get a job, and grow up.

    also, I’m in the Air Force, so I’m literally Government Property. nobody here has ANY room to spread mindless banter about the government.

  18. Dont Worry About Who I Am u

    Ha! “normal life”…

  19. Arthur Anthony Williams

    Hope aliens do come.they have to be better than wh
    Aliens have been here for a very long time. but they have been rejected by man, purely out of man’s primitive thinking. We just cant come to terms with the idea of something be more intelligent than us. It all boils down to the idea of God being all powerful. We were told that god is all seeing, all knowing and all loving. The people who told us this were the people with all the wealth and power. they used God as trick to keep the poor uneducated masses in line. without the God con trick ordinary people would be free. The power hungry few who rule us like sheep, keeping us all wage slaves for their never ending greed. They are the reel aliens who need to be removed. If that’s what ET’s have planned for mankind, then lets welcome them with open arms.

  20. 2012
    luke – bullsh*t wrote I’m a Satanist. I’m offended like any christian would be if I insulted their god. I think you all REALLY need to play less Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. if you want something good to do, get out of your mom’s basement, go get a job, and grow up.
    what a dipsh*t! Let these people believe what they want. This is the problem with the world today, Somebody has an opinion and some dick(like you) comes along and tells people what they should believe. I seriously don’t know what will happen in 2012 and i don’t know if there are any real aliens, you say you’re in the Air Force? i can see that, because you a**holes are taught to be mindless pricks. You don’t like it when people speak their minds and that is why the country is going to hell. you can blame it on video games all you want, but at the end of the day, the only person to blame is yourself. if you don’t like what these people have to say, why read their comments? do you like making negative remarks to people? That’s the thing with the Amry, The Air Force, The Marines, etc. None of you like it when the people speak their minds. My point is to let people express themselfs. Let them believe whatever THEY want to believe in. In these dark times we live in, We have to have something to believe in. otherwise we’ll all be mindless fools who would follow idiots like the Air Force man to our deaths. Think for yourselfs, isn’t that what “Freedom” is all about? “Do not ask what is needed to be done, but ask yourself what is needed to be changed”.

  21. i have information.
    hi evryone please hear me out before you call me mad right basicly i am an alien i promise on anything i am not lying so please take me seriosly the hole 2012 thing is crap i can assure you that aliens do egsist and they are far more advanced than humans im not showing off or anything because its just that humans dont understand how powerful they are yet, not to get technical but humans on average only use 6.5% of there brain but my species uses 44% average but all speciese has the chance to use all of it anyway i cant tell you that much and i respect you for probably thinky oh thats covienient but i realy can only tell so much it is our “law” but altimatly what im trying to tell you is that humans as a speciese has a lot to learn and you will get there and that is were 2012 comes in it should not scare you as it will be a mass vistisation by all known intelegent species to move you along in your development and to create a new world order there is nothing to fear it is standard procedger and will do you and your beautiful planet good only all i can say now keep carm as i can personly garantie your saftey i will be the spokesperson for the intergalactic council remember my name will be kiz on the day thank you for listening…

    1. everything will do Allah…!!!

    2. total nonsense.
      Aliens visiting in 2012? Well we’ll soon know. Then you’ll be exposed for the nut case you obviously are. 😮

    3. kiern
      for a species that is supposed to be so much smart than a human, your spelling stinks…..just saying.

  22. kieren alden, it’s very difficult to take you seriously when you claim that you are an alien and that aliens are so much more intelligent than humans when you can spell worth a crap. If you’re going to attempt to punk people like this then at least use the damn spell check.

    It would also be great if you could prove that you are an alien. Send a space ship over to my place and take me and a few friends for a ride so we can see for ourselves, please.

    And PLEASE do away with all those damn evil politicians and evil muslims and evil Christians and evil big business CEOs, Wall St. Bankers etc. as they ruin it for everyone else. Please also get rid of pesky flies, mosquitoes and diseases too.

    meh, while I’m at it I have a sort of Christmas list too: I’d like a vehicle that doesn’t pollute or cost me money for fuel. Same with the house. OHhh, I’d like to have my own space ship too so I don’t have to go through airport “security” anymore. It would be great to have my health back too.

  23. kieren Alden is correct they have been with us a very long time. 12 different species 13 if you count the rest of us on earth as we to are from beyond and hold a great power that will eventually be unlocked and is the envy of the other species. Most are here to help us but can’t directly influence us but they are also a few who who will harm us. 2012 is a chance for us all to connect like never before.

    Peace to all Vrillon and Sakar

  24. Yes they supposively are coming in 2012 21st December they are coming in three giant spaceships one 28km long!!!! 😯

    1. Title

  25. lol
    aliens are already here its us we all have alien dna , they have spent years unravelling it, why dont a nice person from the gov tell the truth where we come from.

    its not exactly rocket science to know we dont belong here.

  26. For all who dismiss religion as idle fancy of the weak minded.

    Science has given us ease and comfort, do not confuse ease and comfort with progress. Science is the new world religion, it has it’s disciples and acolytes in white coats and it’s universities are seminaries. It’s dogma is a study in contradiction but can be boiled down to, believe only what can be observed and re observed and measured, except doctrines we dictate that require no proof,

    It has it’s own creation myth, evolution and the big bang. Scientific models were built on these two theories and while they produce some support for them, they produce no clear evidence.

    You judge “religion” on scientific principles, man made systems of measurement you apply to the infinite and indescribable. However, applying scientific scrutiny to the myths of creation in science and you realize they do not hold up, and are mere speculation, you “believe it only because the alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable,” Arthur Kieth.

    This one world religion you fear is far more dangerous than any other, because it creates discord between humanity and the earth. It has made us more dependent on it and less dependent on ourselves. It is a religion of strict rationale where there is no room for emotion.

    Because of it the greatest evils in the world were committed leading to the deaths in one century of more people that existed on the world before it…period.

    I’ll take feeding the poor and loving the sick over raping th earth and genocide any day

    Joshua Patrick

  27. So Many Options
    Okay, people, my question is this. If our God is so powerful and loving why do children starve and wars kill thousands. Why do any bad things like that happen? I don’t think its really just us in this universe but did we really come from them. And the big thing that bothers me is millions of years ago we were supposed to have these big lizards walking around earth but that isn’t mentioned in the bible. So did they come before are after Adam and Eve. And if being incest is supposed to make the offspring deformed are still birthed how did we get here? And it is proven how old ancient people like the Egyptians had amazing technology, then again how do we see spaceships and get “abducted”. Then you have those people who say they have seen Heaven and they have also seen Hell and if they are those two places how do we have ghost? Is that the limbo? What do we do to deserve to go there?

  28. The real story
    Im keeping my self anonomous. I talk about only facts. The world is Definetly not ending in 2012 or any year close to that for that matter. That is a fact. People assume this in different religions and ill explain why later. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis are not ending the world. That is a fact. They happen now and is because of other scenarios out of our control. The poles are shifting but is not the end of the world. That is a fact. The planets might and will come close to a perfect alignment, but that wont end the world. That is a fact. We will not be swallowed up by a black hole, That is a fact. God and the devil are not coming to earth, Religion is for control and that is a fact. If you know deep down that im right thus far then you will have an open mind for what im about to say. All the thing mentioned above have something to do with another, as a whole it will not end the world. Some people hare and there will die just like they do everyday. Just cause you here of people dying doesnt mean the end of the world. 230,000 people were killed in a tsunami not that long ago in Thailand. Thats alot of people, again not the end of the world or a civilization. Now, for some reason society is mainly focused on this mayan calendar. However hindi, buddhist, muslim, cathloic religions have the same blueprints. Most people dont even know why were obsessed with the mayan calendar. They all say its the most accurate. They say the mayans knew the solar system and stars better then anyone. Really? They had telescopes and space crafts? Here something no one realizes. The mayan calendar was created 3200 years before the mayans existed. Yes you read that right. Noah’s arc was before jesus. Most biblical things were before jesus. Most talking to the gods were before jesus. Heres what is actually happening, belive it as it may be. Dont believe it. To me it doesnt matter im only here to inform and enlighten you. Like everything else with humans we change the stoy, we make it more interesting, we use it to scare people or control countries. Ever think why everyone has thier own god if it can truly be only one. Why is there allah. Why is there jesus or god. Indians who worship cows, most people laught but back that many years ago they seen things. Down the road things get twisted and told out of context. The bible had mostly a solid foundation but alot of made up stuff too. The fact we all spoke one language was right at one point in time. This planet could not create a human being in any condition, If it did happen to create a man how the hell did we get so many people out of one man? Heres the real deal, back many many years before the belief in god, people were visited from aliens which in turn are really us changed many times over thousands of years. Our dna has been restructured several times to create the perfect body to develop. The calendars all marked the return of them. This whole time we have been put under a test. We will be scored on Dec 21 2012. Are you ready to be tested. Have you been a good person? In 6 months youll find out? We were made to live on different continents with different langauages and come together as a one. That was the test. We all failed. One of three things will happen. This is a fact. If were lucky we will all be given another 4000 years to make it all right. The project will be over and the good will be saved. Or three, the profject is so unstable well all be scratched off the drawing board.

  29. Dont believe in anything! Its all real!
    About the alien that misspelled most of his post and the guy that attacked him over it. NOTHING CREATED IS EVER PERFECT! TOO FINE OF A LINE, BETWEEN THAT AND DESTRUCTION. Be glad of this and rejoice!

  30. I the aliens are coming to take Mitt Romney back home.

  31. It all sounds crazy… FACT!
    Crazy much…

    If you simply think rationaly and look at the facts its not hard to see that this theory is completly full of holes…

    1. The HOLOCAUST happened Hitler was an evil little Meth head who went on a race driven killing spree…plenty of evidence out there, plenty of Jews survived to tell there stories… there first hand witness’s… FACT!

    2. Communism was a real threat…. and still is…. Russia supplied many weapons to enemy’s of the free world, remember vietnam… remember Cuba….. remember Korea….. remember Gulf 1 + 2 lots off proof exist of communist’s threat… FACT!

    3. Terrorism is real… plenty of proof out there just open your eyes and look… muslim extremist’s dont just attack US they attack everyone who is not muslim, they have bombed US, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom and many other nations. If you dont believe me go to the middle east and see how they feel about western nation’s oh and try not to get your head cut off. The threat of terrorist attacks is extremly real…. FACT!

    4. Even if aliens do exist, which they dont but if they do the Nazi Communist Terrorist will probably blow them up….. Fact

  32. when are they coming i hope there friendly no ww3

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