Afghanistan: Damned if you do or don’t

I am conflicted on the non-Afghan presence in the country of Afghanistan. If, on the one hand, the motive for occupation by Americans, et al., were really about stopping Muslim terrorism and creating a less impoverished, more democratic infrastructure, then I would be all for it.  If, on the other hand, it is largely about oil and opium, then I am against it. As should be obvious to those who possess innate morality, instead of blowing holes in another country and killing its citizens for its resources, we should be just creating our own hemp-based economy, get our citizens off the addictions of oil and heroin, and leave the Afghans to their own devices.

Then again, there are people in Afghanistan who do not want to be living under any of the Islamist regimes there, and there are certainly many Afghan women who detest the Islamic fundamentalism of the Taliban and others, by whom they are enslaved and tortured. Moreover, without outside help to build the infrastructure, which includes desperately needed schools, the Afghans will suffer even more mightily.