Afghan man: Selling daughters is ‘common practice all over the country’

“A woman is worth less than an animal.”

“That’s the tradition we have with daughters here in Afghanistan. That is common practice all over the country – you sell your daughters. You can sell them for a piece of land, some sheep or for money. That’s our way of doing it.”

Well now, since it’s your tradition and way, I guess we have to respect it. Let’s welcome thousands of these folks into our lands, so we can respect their traditions. After all, we are a multicultural society, and we must bow down to and accept everyone’s traditions!

Islam has truly brought so many blessings to Afghanistan, since, even if this is a pre-Islamic tradition, the religion has obviously not made any progress in getting rid of it. On the contrary, Islam has encouraged this utter misogyny with its own virulent woman-hatred.

It’s my tradition to despise women-hating barbaric cults and to expose them for the evil that they are – will everyone please respect my tradition?

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  1. Trading girls in Muslim societies
    Muslims from gulf countries come to India in Hyderabad, pay money to the parents through middlemen or agents, enjoy as many nights as they stay and then leave them abandoned, divorce and run away. So many times, it has been reported. It is again common in Saudi Arabia to pay money to the girls’ father and marry her. Even people of more than a century old, will marry a girl in her teens by paying money. His older children may be in eighties or so. It considered a pride over there.

    They hire maids from other Muslim countries, exploit them forcibly and these ladies have no access to law. Recently such one case happened in Saudia where a woman from Indonesia was beheaded.

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