Acharya S/D.M. Murdock Memoriam

Most are aware by now that a tragedy occurred as Acharya S/D.M. Murdock passed away due to cancer on December 25th, 2015. The cancer became resistant and came back very aggressively and took over her immune system and liver. Chemo-sensitivity testing revealed that absolutely nothing available can stop this type of cancer at this time. She worked so hard to defeat this cancer as everything she ate or drank was anti-cancerous because she did not want to die and leave her son and her work.

We are devastated. I have just lost my best friend. It was a privilege and an honor to know her and to work with her and be so close to her and her son for the last several years. She was truly extraordinarily special to us and so many others as well. The grief I feel for such a loss is unimaginable and heartbreaking.

We/she feel like she never got her opportunity to really make her best case for her work in astrotheology and the mythicist position. She planned to do lectures around the country and the world. She was recently invited to be on the FFRF radio show with Dan Barker to discuss her Moses book and she was really looking forward to that. She has about 600 pages for her 2nd edition to her first book for which Dr. Price has offered his assistance to help finish that book and we are grateful.

Please continue to donate at her own websites at her donate page so that her websites, books, blogs, videos etc can be maintained but I can only do that with enough donations to keep it going. So, keep in mind that every little bit helps $5, $10 or $15 from many can make a real difference. So please help out however you can.

In her own way she achieves immortality through her work living on by being passed on to future generations to help protect humanity from bankrupt religions and cults.

In memory of Acharya S and her legacy her please share her mythicist position video

Share your own thoughts and stories about your own experiences with her and/or how her work helped you. Others are still able to write blogs here as well. If you’ve already written a memoriam feel free to post a link to it below in the comments – just keep in mind that she never ever used the name “Dorothy” so please don’t call her by that name as those who really knew her never did.

– N.W. Barker

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  1. I am so sorry I only learned now from a posting of Acharya’s page, of her passing. My first contact with her writing was when I was writing something myself on a topic she had touched on.

    Personally I wish I had known her better. The world has suffered a great loss in her passing on. She is not dead, she lives in the spirit, and will continue to inspire others who also have touchstone of published works concerning the true beginnings of humanity as we have known it on Earth. God bless and keep her until we meet again in the immortality she has deserved.

  2. A truly magnificent Woman. Her scholarship was impeccable. Your work will live forever, DM. I salute you. I’ll look you up on the Other Side, dear heart ….we miss you so much!

  3. A truly magnificent Woman. Her scholarship was impeccable. Your work will live forever, DM. I salute you. I’ll look you up on the Other Side, dear heart ………we miss you so much!

  4. Acharya was a great lady who carried on research to open people;s eyes. It is a pity that she is gone but she lives in our hearts. She lives in mine, Her work needs to be continued. May her soul rest in peace

  5. You will be forever missed κρατιστος αχαρυα. I’m so thankful that I have found your fantastic book “Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ” and exchanged emails and social media posts from 2014 till November 2014. I really wish more people get in touch to your books and articles for not only it is very liberating but it can also help save humanity from its own demise because many people still treat their religious beliefs as sacrosanct and absolute above anything else. I will be forever grateful till the day that I die.

  6. Thanks for posting. I love that mythicist position video. She will truly be missed. My heart goes out to her and her family for such a tragic loss.

    “We/she feel like she never got her opportunity to really make her best case for her work in astrotheology and the mythicist position.”

    May I ask what you mean by that or maybe you could expand on that?

    1. Kyle, the criticism her work received from theists was to be expected due to their obvious biases and bigotry, however, a major disappointment were all the fallacious criticism and malicious smears from other freethinkers, atheists and even other mythicists who turned out to be jealous of her work and the attention she got and did everything they could to try to ruin her credibility. It is so disheartening that she was never allowed to speak at any freethinking expo to be given the opportunity to make her case, debate and discuss the issues with other mythicists like at Skepticon, Skepchicks and all the rest as they refused to ever allow her to speak. It’s a blemish on the entire mythicist movement how they treated her – essentially suppression by omission.

      In my view it was pure cowardice on the part of some more well known in the freethinking/mythicist community for their treatment of Zeitgeist part 1 (ZG1) and criticized it based on false premises as ZG1 was always just a simplified introduction into the world of mythology and astrotheology and was viewed by Acharya S merely as a starting point and hoped to see ZG1 completely re-done in a more academic way. ZG1 was viewed by over 300 million in over 30 languages – nothing else has brought mythicism to the world like ZG1 so, ya don’t just toss that away. They ruined a golden opportunity there.

      I’m reminded of this snippet of Acharya’s review of “Jesus: God, Man or Myth?” by Herb Cutner:

      “…the mythicist school was fought tooth and nail, and almost buried, save for the few daring individuals who kept it alive over the past decades. Cutner is one of these rare and courageous individuals who risked the malevolence and vitriol of the clergy and its zealots. In his synopsis of the historical-versus-mythical, Cutner notes that the clergy’s “adversaries” were dispatched in the most unprofessional and puerile manner:

      Quote: “Long ago the celebrated Dr. Bentley, in trying to dispose of Anthony Collins, had found one very fine method: convict your Freethinking opponent of fraud, ignorance, and bad scholarship, and his thesis falls to the ground. I should say rather, try to convict your opponent by this method, for some of the mud thrown is sure to stick…. By thus concentrating on mistakes of grammar or Greek, the reader is unwarily led away from the main issue which is exactly what the critic wants. Over and over again Christian controversialists have pursued this method, as if it always mattered greatly that a present tense of Greek should be the imperfect, or that a date should be conjectured as, let us say, 1702 when it ought to be 1712 in the opinion of somebody else. (27-28)”

      “Indeed, there is hardly a mythicist who has not experienced such treatment, even at the hands of other mythicists and/or freethinkers, another fact highlighted by Cutner, who shows that the early modern mythicists were viciously attacked not only by Christians but also by other “rationalists” and “freethinkers” who, in their attempts to remain ‘respectable’ with the Christian elite, mindlessly fell in line and displayed a real lack of critical thinking. Professional jealousy also factors into this type of vitriol, as various scholars want their particular interpretation to become that which is accepted by the establishment…”

      She felt like she rarely got to discuss her work and the gravity of it because she was always bogged down with over-the-top criticism and hypocritical double-standards. Bart Ehrman actually got caught lying about her:

      Bart Ehrman caught in lies and libel?

      Here’s fellow mythicist Richard Carrier exposed for his 10 year long misinformation campaign against her without ever actually reading her work:

      “In a 2014 video, Nuskeptix “Christ Myth Theory” Video Chat (53-54m), Carrier admits he has no interest in pursuing or investigating astrotheology, as he finds it “dull.” That’s basically an admission that he has never studied the subject.”

      What scholar worth his wait refuses to study an important aspect of a subject he claims to be interested in while also telling people in his lectures not to listen to other mythicists, only him? People really need to call him out on that.

      Scholars who’ve actually studied Acharya’s work tend to be supportive:

      “I find it undeniable that many of the epic heroes and ancient patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament were personified stars, planets, and constellations.” “I find myself in full agreement with Acharya S/D.M. Murdock”
      – Dr. Robert Price, Biblical Scholar with two Ph.D’s

      Earl Doherty defers to Acharya for the subject of astrotheology:

      “A heavenly location for the actions of the savior gods, including the death of Christ, would also have been influenced by most religions’ ultimate derivation from astrotheology, as in the worship of the sun and moon. For this dimension of more remote Christian roots, see the books of Acharya S”
      – Earl Doherty, Jesus: Neither God Nor Man, (2009) page 153

      “Your scholarship is relentless! …the research conducted by D.M. Murdock concerning the myth of Jesus Christ is certainly both valuable and worthy of consideration.”
      – Dr. Ken Feder, Professor of Archaeology

      “…In recent months or over the last year or so I have interviewed Frank Zindler and Richard
      Carrier and David Fitzgerald and Robert Price all on the issue of mythicism … when I spoke to these people I asked for their expertise collectively and what I got, especially from Fitzgerald and Robert Price, was that we should be speaking to tonights guest D.M. Murdock,author of ‘Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver’.”
      – Aron Ra

      “I’ve known people with triple Ph.D’s who haven’t come close to the scholarship in Who Was Jesus?”
      – Pastor David Bruce, M.Div

      “…I have found her scholarship, research, knowledge of the original languages, and creative linkages to be breathtaking and highly stimulating.”
      – Rev. Dr. Jon Burnham, Pastor

      “I can recommend your work whole-heartedly!”
      – Dr. Robert Eisenman

      1. “This book is a slightly revised version of my doctoral dissertation entitled “Solar Worship in the Biblical World” which was submitted to the Graduate School of Yale University in the Spring of 1989. As may be judged from the title of that work, I had at one time planned to cover more territory than sun worship in ancient Israel, but found the material pertaining to ancient Israel so vast that I never got beyond it.”

        – Rev. Dr. J. Glen Taylor, “Yahweh and the Sun: Biblical and Archaeological Evidence for Sun Worship in Ancient Israel” (1993)

        “At Stonehenge in England and Carnac in France, in Egypt and Yucatan, across the whole face of the earth are found mysterious ruins of ancient monuments, monuments with astronomical significance. These relics of other times are as accessible as the American Midwest and as remote as the jungles of Guatemala. Some of them were built according to celestial alignments; others were actually precision astronomical observatories … Careful observation of the celestial rhythms was compellingly important to early peoples, and their expertise, in some respects, was not equaled in Europe until three thousand years later.”

        – Dr. Edwin Krupp, astronomer and director at Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, ‘In Search of Ancient Astronomies,’ page xiii. Also quoted in “Suns of God,” page 26

        Star Worship of the Ancient Israelites

        Jesus Christ, Sun of Righteousness

  7. I was privileged to know this woman for nearly 20 years – if only online. A friend of hers turned me on to her writings way back in the 90s. I purchased a first edition of The Christ Conspiracy.

    I put this woman in league with Joseph Campbell. Altho he was much more of a generalist regarding mythology and his view was worldwide, she focused on a specific. Her deconstruction of that specific myth to get to the heart of the matter is unique in history. She will be sorely missed, but her work has left an INDELIBLE mark on our knowledge of the past. For that alone she is immortal. Few in the world can achieve that status. -=SHE DID=-. I will forever be grateful for having contact with her and her work for so long a time.

  8. I am very sorry to hear of her death. I didn’t know about it until I got the email from you this morning. The last email I received from her was dated October 18th, and said she was getting better. Her loss is a huge one, she stomped on the terra. We’ll never see the likes of her again. I am happy to have made her acquaintance, if only for a short time.

  9. Just learning of this tragedy. She did well in her fight against superstition and will keep on living that way, in the minds of us all.
    Patrice Ayme’

  10. I too am saddened to read of Acharya S/D.M. Murdock passing on to another energy form! So Sad. ~I~ thought you were getting better!
    Thank you dearie for opening my eyes to other views of history, “The Bible” & many of the famous names from that various time periods.
    I will miss read’g of yr latest “works” & the msg boards, that are often VERY enlightening & entertain’g. May you Rest in peace. You will be missed. Norfolk, VA, USA

  11. Thank you, Acharya!

    Your extensive research will continue to awaken and liberate hearts and minds conditioned to dogma. The truth is revealed, and you have made it easier. I’ve read all your books, and have given several to friends and family.

    How apropos that your passing was on Dec 25th! Godspeed!

  12. I know her as genious species on earth her research work is assest for genetation to find not only the truth but get educated by reading her work, honour her she was a great lady and through her literature she is alieve with us

  13. So sorry to hear that Acharya S has passed away. I knew she was ill but hoped she would go into remission. Even though I never read any of her works I spent a lot of time into doing my own research into the Christian scam. This research of mine led me out of the bondage of not only Christianity but all religions in general. The entire world would be in a much better place if all religions and their Gods could be exiled from the planet on which we live.

  14. It was my privilege to ride shotgun with her so many times on our many battle forays into the world of the abysmally ignorant and violent. She will always be in my heart, always. I’ll remember her every sunrise and sunset. She was the goddess. Words fail now … goodbye, my dear friend.

  15. I’ve followed her work since she first got her truthbeknown site up. I saw her several weeks ago in my mind’s eye. I was surprised as she seemed to be conveying thanks or something to that effect. A day or two later I got the news. What a track record in scholarly efforts. Never heard a manifestation of ego either. I wonder if the overwhelming challenge is reflected in her natal chart. I’d said yes. So what does that make?

  16. DM Murdock’s “The Greatest Story Ever Sold” was my first encounter with the mythicist stance. Since then I have read most of her books and completely accept her viewpoint. I too only learned of her death with your email today. She will be greatly missed.

  17. I do not know if my closing query was appropriate. But I post again because a glass, two feet in front of me, split horizontally all the way round. I was thinking about the above at the time. This had better not be someone beaming something at me.

  18. So grateful to you Acharya!!! Not only were you a brilliant scholar and teacher, but I loved your sense of humor as well. Your work has been an very important of my journey out of the darkness….

  19. Her work and her mythicist position video deserves an award. I wish Acharya S could’ve done a TED video on it. Those familiar with the movie Avatar will understand when I say that Acharya S was our “home tree” as far as comparative religion and mythology goes as she really was the very best mythicist and was far ahead of her time. Other mythicists fail by comparison.

  20. I too was deeply saddend to hear of her passing. Having read a few of her books and also re read some, the world has lost a great mind. I will keep on reading her books etc. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

  21. Thank you Acharia for shining some light on this pilgrims journey, you have given so much of your self in seeking the truth and not cowering in fear or intimidation. As a great thinker once commented

    “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    I find it interesting that Acharia chose to pass on December 25th a date that she so often referenced to the rebirth of the sun… May her light shine in this rebirth of knowledge and understanding.

  22. I am very shocked to hear of the passing of Acharya S. I have used her material in my personal quest for understanding the true origins of religion. I thought and felt she was on the mark with her research. I thought she was thorough and comprehensive, leading me to further and further knowledge that i didn’t readily know or understand. I am indebted to her and her work and i will truly miss her emails to me apprising me of the latest research she was doing and the insight she was obtaining as a result of her in depth research. My sincere sympathies go out to her family and close friends. there is a hole in my heart upon hearing of her passing. As i am incapacitated at this time recovering from extensive lower back fusion surgery, i will offer my condolences in a monetary manner upon getting back on my feet and returning to work. yet, i believe when we die, our physical body may pass away but our consciousness is immortal, informing all that exists in the hologram of a metaverse and the Akashic field. May her work inspire others in search of a true understanding of the origins of our religions. Rest in Lovely Peace D.M. Murdock !!!

  23. Now she KNOWS all the answers. And it’s only we who continue to suffer. Changed my thinking forever.

    1. Agreed.

  24. I have read all of her books, more than once, and she set me free from the fear of irrational myth and gave me an education in ancient history and specifically the concept of astrotheology. While we are all brief candles in the dark, D.M. Murdock’s candle was a bright candle of enlightenment for humankind! As noted by others, she will be truly missed!

  25. Dec 25th has less of a meaning now. Will miss her and her work. 🙁

  26. Acharya S./D..M. Murdock…sigue viva en sus obras y su pensamiento, y mientras sea recordada x todos sus amigos y familiares, vivirá x siempre en este plano dimensional del planeta, ya q su espíritu o conciencia debe de estar viajando a su lugar de origen por ser una persona ILUMINADA o despierta, y solo le deseo q alcance su objetivo y llegue a la fuente Divina de Toda Creación…

  27. Her work was as scholarly as anything I studied at the three seminaries I attended, if not more so. I particularly appreciated her objectivity and willingness to follow the evidence wherever it leads. Her voice will be missed, and I only regret never having the opportunity to meet her personally. I will celebrate December 25 as the day she was freed from her physical pain and crossed over into the realm of pure spirit, no longer limited by her body.

  28. D M was awesome.As a Christian she was a direct cause in making my faith stronger.She was not happy when I told her this! l’m still reading her Moses book.We will all miss her…

  29. How sad she should pass on the birth date celebrated by all Followers of the Christ.
    I am sad for your loss. Thinking of her family at this time and hope they will receive the support
    they need. Love.

    1. I thought it was utterly appropriate. My bet is that she’d get a good laugh out of it now.

  30. Ms Murdock was a brilliant scholar and an admirable American woman. Her defence of the Mythicist position deserves serious consideration. Of her book “Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ”, the great American NT scholar, Dr. Robert M. Price wrote: “A really fine introduction to the problem of the historical Jesus… The best of this genre – written with clarity, precision and conviction.” – Students of the Buddhist sources of the New Testament will enjoy our late friend´s review of Prof. Michael Lockwood´s “Buddhism´s Relation to Christianity”. I sincerely hope that her writings on comparative religion and astrotheology will continue to find the many grateful readers they deserve.
    Dr. Chr. Lindtner

  31. It took a lot of strength before I could force myself to read the mail titled “Acharya S/D.M. Murdock Memoriam” in my mailbox January 22nd 2016 — I didn’t want that very saddened mail to be true… I didn’t want to read it…

    I will miss her inspiring and intelligent answers and comments on her sites.
    I will miss her annual fantastic AstroTheology Calendars — I have all six of them. They are intellectual stimulus. Who could imagine that the 2015 version was to be the very last one?
    I will miss her brave and always very true and logic messages to the world like the film “Please respect my religion!”.
    For me, Acharya S left a big empty space that no one else can fill. My thoughts goes to her dear ones.
    Dear Acharya S, I will really miss you. May you Rest in Pease.

    Sigge Johansson, Sweden.

  32. Her passing is a huge loss to all those seeking truth. She died near the winter solstice as did the mythical Christ. I wonder if that has any significance? She claimed to be an atheist but I am sure that she is now in a place near to God because she gave only love to her family, friends and readers. We miss you Acharia.

  33. She was great and messaged me back when ever I had a question. She truly was a gift to all her new her. Peace

  34. Dominick Panzarello

    Dominick Panzarello

    I looked forward to hearing from her and am so very sad to hear of her passing. She will live forever. I refer to her works as I have several books by her. RIP

  35. My deepest condolences to all she left behind who were close to her. Personally, she helped inspire my own journey away from religion as a belief system and redirect it towards the study of what it actually is – the mythology concocted by the human brain in response to its own short comings. It was through the Zeitgeist film I first encountered her work, which inspired me to get several of her books and dig deeper into comparative religion.

    Her passing is a great loss to the scientific community, even if she never truly was accepted into its midst. But as we all know, those on the fringe of scientific endeavour are often shunted and ridiculed in their lifetime, only to be vindicated years later.

    Once again, my heart goes out to all of those who knew her. I know she worked to unite humanity through compassion, education and reason, and I can’t think of a more noble quest. To truly honor her is to try to continue her work on what ever level you can and to be as bold and inquisitive as she was.

  36. I am deeply saddened by the news of this big loss to all of us. I am a great admirer of her work and especially her courage to uphold it facing the enormous opposition from the majority of people still clinging to their voluntary ignorance, fueled by irrational fear. My sincere heartfelt condolences.

  37. I thank her for clearing my doubts regarding certain myths in both the Christian and Hindu religions.

  38. Very saddened to hear of the passing of DM Murdock. A huge inspiration to me.

  39. Acharya has gone today;I will follow her tomorrow; those who come after us may follow us day after tomorrow.After billions of years perhaps we may come back into this world in the reverse order as we have departed. Yet the present vacuum remains.

  40. What an inspired gift to humanity you are Acharya S.

  41. Steamshovel Press will release an Acharya tribute issue shortly. It will collect what she wrote for the magazine and comments from from some of her friends. It also will include several photos. It will provide an opportunity to see Acharya in the context of her conspiracy-minded compatriots. Write to Steamshovel editor Olav Phillips at for details.

    1. “Conspiracy minded compatriots”? WTH does that mean? It wasn’t about conspiracies. It was about seeing through the fog to the truth.

  42. Thank you for including me as one of DM Murdock/Acharya S friends. Thank you for all it must take to carry on her work.
    I have a lot to learn, and a lot to unlearn.
    Courage to you in the days ahead!

    Bob Johnston

  43. So sorry to hear of her passing. Her work was brilliant and mind opening. I hope that there are others who will continue her work and continue to reveal the truth about our past.

  44. Sad news…She made it obvious that Christianity is essentially a nonsensical, offensive borrowed fable…this truth has been and will be liberating to many like myself who struggled under the yoke of Christianity for 25 years…

  45. Brilliant scholar and writer. I will read all her books. Such a loss but many will continue her brilliant quest for truth.

  46. The historical importance of her message – and her historical opportunity to convey it – makes her death a global loss. She so shaped my own outlook, the loss feels personal as well. May we make of her words an eternal flame through our speech.

  47. I have just turned 80 years of age! I thank my mother dear soul as I was her 3rd and final Breech birth in 1936! yep thanks to you also dad! I’m a depressant and am on medication! I spent 26 years with Victoria Police here in Melbourne Australia until in 1984 I was retired medically unfit! after suffering breakdowns! I’ve had problems with religions,and treatment of our Aboriginals. I’ve a task! further study of these subjects, THEN! I “found” Acharya S @ d.m.Murdock I’m pleased and honoured to say I bought several of our dear friends books We chatted via emails, I feel so attached and well informed as to humanities beliefs now thank you dear Acharya! I now KNOW why no courts of law where I heard so many lies told were never destroyed by god!! Thank you for telling me about dear Acharya dying, N.W. BARKER, okay I shan’t ask what your first names are N.W. as I had Acharya, although I don’t like secrets! xxx Bruce Fisher (supporter!)xxxxx

  48. Acharya You were an inspiration to so many who were willing to think deeply into some issues you were talking about which was summarily a way to drag man out of religion which is merely the handiwork’s of men.

    Sorry you passed on.You still have an opportunity to come back through your son to have and live a perfect life within the remaining 225 from now after which judgement will take place.

  49. I was so saddened to learn that Acharya died. Our World has lost a Pillar for Truth. She was instrumental in opening my eyes to Religious Lies and Deception. Follow her example and study to find Truth, no matter what, or who, you may have to leave behind because of your quest. She was a Warrior for Truth. She will be greatly missed.

  50. I first read about Acharya’s work back in the late 90s, when I was struggling with my feelings towards mainstream religion. I am sorry to learn that she lost her battle with cancer, but I sincerely hope that her work lives on.

  51. And what an auspicious day you departed – lovely, learned, beautiful being of real intellect, divulging inspirational wisdom by the bucketful in an exciting and easily understood language. You changed my life with ‘The Christ Conspiracy’ – My one regret – I didnt make it into ‘Emails I have Loved’!

  52. The demise of D. M. Murdock (Acharya S)is a great blow to mythicist scholarship, but she has left a legacy that will be resorted to. I first chanced across her book ‘Suns of God’ in a little shop in Ludlow (England)and purchased it. It was an absorbing, factual and very scholarly work that I have reason to refer to several times in articles published in The Freethinker. I have also read attacks on her by so-called scholars whose works nowhere match the in-depth scholarship of Acharya. I have since acquired all her works in hard print, though not e-books. I mourn her passing but her work will live on. As the ancient Egyptians believed, if the name is remembered the person lives.

  53. The Cancer Industry claims another victim!

  54. So many times I read works by Acharya S or listened to her or watched a video and loved her intelligence and integrity.

    How much of D. M. Murdock’s illness was caused by the excoriating criticisms of her work?

    Challenging the ego erections of pompous academics/religious hierarchy enforcers can deplete the energy of the woman who dares to do so.

    Perhaps like others, I looked forward to her next works.

    Just knowing she was alive and telling the truth was a cause for joy.

  55. Jonathan Michael Acha

    Just as we freethinking men and women in the Philippines are in constant moral and intellectual battle with barbaric faiths most especially apologetic Christian politicians want to impose absolute Christian theocracy, DM Murdock’s books like Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ and Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver are good intellectual ammunitions. I just received my second copy of Christ in Egypt after the first one got lost, I feel I’m speaking to Acharya again. In fact, I’m still browsing through her old Facebook posts.

    1. Don’t worry, Muslims will slaughter you long before any “Christian theocracy” is established.

      1. Jonathan Michael Acha

        Two wrongs don’t make a right though. It’s time for humanity to recognize that religion is not sacrosanct above anything else but are byproducts of evolutionary anthropomorphization of natural phenomena.

        The old appeals to racial, sexual, and religious chauvinism and to rabid nationalist fervor are beginning not to work. A new consciousness is developing which sees the Earth as a single organism and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed. We are one planet. -Carl Sagan (emphasis added)

  56. After many years of religion not making any sense to me, and growing up in a christian home, attending a christian university I was feeling like an outsider until I cam across the materials that would change my life forever. This author left behind a huge amount of work that I very much appreciate her dedication to brining the truth forward. Thank you ! Re: Acharya S/D.M. Murdock Memoriam

  57. Well, now that I’ve seen her headstone, it’s back to “denial and isolation”. I think I was up to “bargaining”, hoping that she had gone into protective hiding due to being threatened by moslems and that I’d hear from her again someday. Or, maybe that was just “denial and isolation”. And, oh, “depression” is hanging in on all five steps, not just its own. I think of Joe DiMaggio leaving roses once a week for twenty years on Marilyn’s grave. I would do that if I was close by. I hope I’m up that way some day so I can place some flowers. “Dori”, such a beautiful name for such a beautiful lady. Damn.

  58. She was very nice to talk to when I had questions. I love all her work and will miss her.

  59. It saddened me to hear about her passing. She was a true scholar. RIP Acharya!

  60. Jonathan Michael Acha

    After seeing the first two episodes of The Story of God, I wish Acharya is still alive for that could have been a perfect platform to show to the masses the value of mythicism and the study of astrotheological origins of world religions including Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

  61. Hi, do you guys still produce that astrotheological calendars?

    1. Jonathan Michael Acha

      DM Murdock is indeed one of the Great Minds of our Time. I know a few years ago she was talking about making a follow up to Christ in Egypt with Christ in Greece. She is one of the few smart people that gets me hooked to reading.

  62. Chapter 2, verse 20 from Bhagavad Gita:-

    na jayate mriyate va kadacin nayam bhutva bhavita va na bhuyah

    ajo nityah sasvato yam purano na hanyate hanyamane

    Acharya’s works will always guide the future generations to seek the truth.

  63. Thanks! Acharya S, your information really blew my mind and made me explore every subject worth a look, i will never forget back in 2008 when i got immerse with Zeitgeist and all that stuff and finally hearing it from the mouth of the horse when i found out bout Acharya Thx Again! The Spirit is Free!

  64. Seeing the violent atrocity that just happened in Orlando FL, it just made me miss Acharya S even more. Before even Hillary Clinton used the slogan “Fighting For Us”, Acharya S had been doing it since she started her website in 1995 till her last days in December 2015. It was Acharya S who is fighting for liberty and been quite vocal against religious fanaticism and spiritual terrorism. That’s why I was reading through her old Facebook posts and its such a shame that they deleted her fan page.

  65. I would call yearly, during the Winter Soltice. Acharya was always warm and kind and never rushed our conversations and allowed me to talk all about myself. She was a wonderful ear that listened without any airs or Haute judgement, even through she was one of the greatest minds of our Century.

    My best memory was Acharya’s excitement traveling to South America to celebrate the end of the Maya calendar. Acharya was thrilled as a childlike surprise that she was admired and respected to be invited for a huge monumental event in the world. And, I believe she saw this as one of the greatest honors in her life.

    She was a incredible guest on my radio show and loved her candidness with style, class and intelligence. The phone lines lit up from worldwide callers to ask questions from her fans in deep thought of things that she had provoked from her enlightened words. Even though, Acharya was the smartest person in the room, she would never make anyone feel foolish for their own thoughts or opinions. She was an expect of mental tennis and took turns serving the orb.

    Acharya was a wonderful mother, friend and teacher. She chose wisely and created a safe environment for her son and N.B. My heart is breaking, while writing this post. She was a strong protector of the truth. She did not just write it or speak it, she lived it by example.

    May Acharya’s star shine brighter than the sun. I think of her daily as the calendar days turn into the future. Acharya, I truly miss you and will always remember your sincere kindness and thoughtfulness towards me as a nurturer in my life.

    R.I.P. Christmas Sun Acharya!!

  66. Your work has fired a catalyst among peoples far and wide, and invigorated inquiring minds alike, in the fearless sharing of priceless examinations and findings consciousness has risen markedly,. Many who are compelled to search for answers in this life, with an open mind may safely drink deeply here,.
    Acharya’s findings inspire the drive for truth onward..

  67. I am so saddened to read of this …
    I recall Acharya S wonderful, at home interview on zeitgeist back in 2005
    All her books..videos and interviews..

    What a wonderful lady exploring, just seeking truth…
    Taken way way too soon…

  68. I am very sad to hear this. Her work was amazing. Please contact me. I can host her website for free.

  69. I grew up in a Christian home and also my father is a Pentecostal pastor. When I first started reading your material I thought you were the anti-Christ, so I rejected your material and your website also pleaded the blood of Jesus against you. Well, one day I begin to do my own research and what I found out blew my mind, you were “RIGHT”. A lot of the stuff we have to been told is a MYTH. I feel much better now knowing that I do not have to live all of my life that GOD gave me in fear. Dr. Acharya S, thank you for your hard work and dedication to get to truth out to the people. And for waking me up before it was too late. Hotep (Peace)

  70. Murdock is a great lady. But cancer did not allow her to accomplish her dreams. I am too mush inspire reading that she never got her opportunity to really make her best case for her work in astrotheology and the mythicist position. A truly magnificent Woman. Her scholarship was impeccable. Your work will live forever, DM. I salute you. I’ll look you up on the Other Side, dear heart ….we miss you so much!

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