Acharya S on Zeitgeist Movement Philadelphia radio

Acharya S on Zeitgeist Movement Philadelphia radioUPDATE: Here is the MP3 recording of this show. And here is the Itunes download of this show.

Following the big premiere of Peter Joseph’s “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” on Saturday, I will be appearing on the radio show of the Philadelphia chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement on Sunday, January 16, 2011, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM EST/4:00 to 6:00 PM PST/0:00 to 2:00 GMT.

The show will hosted by Kevin, who goes by the amusing moniker of “Karma Tinfoil” and who created the interesting collage I’ve posted as an image. To listen, go to the following link:

Talkshoe Radio with Acharya S

For the first hour, we will be discussing my work, which was an inspiration for the first/religion part of the first “Zeitgeist” film. The second hour will be reserved for callers, who can reach the show at (724) 444-7444. Be sure to dial the call ID 89564!

If anyone would like more information about the religion part of the first film, including all the controversy and debate surrounding it, as well as all the evidence, please see this forum thread:

Zeitgeist, Part 1: The Supporting Evidence

And be sure to read the great stuff I’ve compiled here:

The ZEITGEIST Sourcebook (slow loading PDF)

Please also note that I was not involved in the actual production of ZG1 but was only a last-minute consultant for the first part. I have nothing to do with Parts 2 and 3 or the other ZG films.

In this regard, please also see the following forum thread concerning the latest unfortunate episode of “Zeitgeist” in the news:

ZG and the Tucson Shootings


  1. Yes make no mistake they will and have pulled every card from the deck for this final “battle?” but gladly it is one of whit’s not fit’s or t!t’s! So we do have the upper hand but not the tallest soap box, but truth draws more life than death so let’s stick it to those who want blood and suffering! The well, sucker that did their deed is a bit strange not just looking but erratic in life.

    As always “let their be light and know it is good! :woohoo: May be the idiots will smell what their leaders have led them into and pick a shroom or 2 😉 😛 B) 💡 💡 💡 💡

  2. Its easier to use the young man for a scapegoat…
    Listening to the talk news shows on Sunday morning scared the living daylights out me. Especially channel 4 where the station had four representatives. They quickly labeled the young man as “deranged, unhinged, … sick”. And I ask Why? I surmise that people in power would rather ostracize the young man then to ask the hard questions. The young man, like Timothy McVeigh are SYMPTOMS that are society is producing but the powers to do not want to acknowledge this they rather label the young man as “unhinged” and bury the real cause as to why our country is producing young people such as these.
    All they need to do is take those “rose-color glasses” off and watch the Sunday news shows when they ask the world “Why is America going down, meaning losing face?” The world tells us we are doing wrong but nobody listens! We have a black eye around the world and the sooner we accept responsibility the quicker we get started to heal.
    I would wager anything if the Boston Tea Party people (the real ones) would use today for their dumping tea into the harbor, they would be labeled by those same people on channel 4 that they were “unhinged”. Thank God for those BTP renegades because they helped give birth to our country.
    I do feel bad that innocent people got victimized and I wish them all the power in the Universe for a quick recovery.
    I’m a Constitutional advocate and since 1963 I have seen our rights being stripped away by the “powers to be” all in the name of protecting our freedoms. No, better to ask why our country is producing symptoms like Timothy, and now this one.
    But no instead of keeping them alive to learn from their actions the powers to be would rather quite the people and continue labeling them as UNHINGED.

  3. Why can’t I hear you on channel PBS?
    Every time I pass by channel 50-3 (Daystar) and listen to those Christians Hullla bulling, but I’m entitled to hear Ms Murdock. Isn’t there something in the law books that if they ask for public contributions there is equal time on the station for the opposing view? People who tune to daystar must believe that it is State endorsed and if this is so its against the Constitution! I want to tune in and listen to Ms. Murdock….thank you!

  4. Hurray Archarya and the Free Man and Woman! Man
    Who would serve those who try to insult humans, severe them from their roots, villify their love of sunshine, divide them, severe their natural roots, shame them, occupy them, refuse to permit them any natural borders, destroy all their natural homegrown businesses and many industries factories, have charade political “choice” at their expense and then sell back to them? It has been done in several continents now … and some of us feel the pain of when that’s happening on our soil.

    Archarya’s scholarship is a fresh breeze that comes through the pollution of this long dark era.

    Mass engineering human consciousness towards destruction is an attack on all humans — on the earth herself. Wouldn’t it be nice if more humans recognized it for what it is and avoided? The poster is also right who pointed out that asking the questions of the individual instead of labelling him would begin a process home — towards a civilized land where truth that exploiters have misused in fragments no longer can be leveraged to wider harm.

    We are beyond price and should build the respect that doesn’t permit selling humans out !

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