Acharya S on the Stench of Truth, 9/7

UPDATE: Here’s the link for the MP3 of the program – have a listen!

I had an excellent time! This truth was not “stenchy” at all! As the program’s host, Ted Torbich, said on Facebook, while posting this MP3 link:

My show with Acharya S from 9/7/12. This is a fantastic show that was a very positive and humanity centered talk on the power and potential of myth. Thank you Acharya for coming on my show!

Ted’s contribution to the program was outstanding, and we did discuss how people’s lives – humanity in general – can only be bettered by knowing this fascinating information about our shared cultural heritage dating back many thousands of years.

I’ll be appearing on this Friday, September 7, 2012 beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern/4:00 PM Pacific/19:00 GMT.

The Stench of Truth Parses the Verity Between Religion and Mythology with Scholar D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S)

This Friday, September 7th at 7pm EDT, Ted Torbich of The Stench of Truth introduces the remarkable knowledge buried within religious and mythological traditions through the staunch research of Scholar D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S).

D.M. MURDOCK (aka ACHARYA S.) is an American author and proponent of the Christ myth theory. She has authored six books and operates a website named Truth be Known. She argues that Christianity is founded on earlier myths and the characters depicted in Christianity are based upon Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and other myths.

Tune in this Friday at 7pm eastern a broadcast session in comparative religion and mythology, right here on the Inception Radio Network.

You can also call the show at (888) 919-2355 to talk to me, or call just to listen at the phone numbers given on the site. You can also join the discussion live during the program. If you have any questions, including about an archived MP3, write to Ted Torbich at

You can go through this site when the show has actually started:

Mark your calendar and come join us!


  1. Star Wars
    Obi Wan – Arthur
    Luke – Parsifal
    Leia – Guinevere
    Han – Lancelot

  2. Acharya is sooo smart
    Listened to last hour of show after workin 14hrs when I came home. And I found Intelligent discussion, a sure relief from a mindless day! In all my short and long lived days the best of any interview / talk show I’ve listened to in a looong time. Well done! Would give my left n*t to be able to personaly chat with acharya. She so smart! Loved the info on show , keep up the good work!Wish I had time an money to travel to Yucatan just for a chance to pick her brain for info, again so smart.- peace

  3. show download?
    sure i listened live it was a great interview

    but when will the download show up?

    last one avail now is 6/8/2012

  4. Thank you,
    Thanks for making mp3 available! Truth for free, beautiful . Closer to god* ( perfect understanding) we forge! Justice for the feeble minded and the high of intellect alike! Acharya S./D.M. Murdock; god*has surely touched you . – peace

  5. Great Interview
    👿 Thanks for recording this interview, other wise I would not be abled to enjoy this very good discussion.

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