Absurd vs Obvious explanations

The more unbelievable a thing is to be believed the more believed it will be. How awful.

From “I can’t find my socks” being total bullshit to “an Invisible pink unicorn just ran his pointy horn through my buttocks” – hmm, I can see that one happening – is so utterly ridiculous that I sometimes lose my mind trying to figure out how to teach the incredibly stupid of the world what is real and what is not.

I know – “Who appointed you curator of the museum of stupidity?” Well, actually, it was my wife. One day I said. “Hun, why are people so awfully dumb?” And she said, “I don’t know dear. Why don’t you do something about it?”

So, there it is: I’ve been appointed and I’m going to do something about it. I just hope that I’m not preaching to the choir.

The Socks vs Invisible Pink Unicorn example is clearly an exaggeration, but how about this analogy?

A few politically motivated power hungry politicians got together and decided to use old Pagan myths and motifs to create a new religion that they could use to terrify and enslave the will and souls of their subjects – being total bullshit to a virgin was impregnated by a ghost, the child that was born taught some obvious stuff at age 12 and then disappeared for 18 years. When he returned he taught a few more things that totally contradicted each other and for this he was crucified (although there is no record of this happening in Roman history) rose from the dead and ascended into heaven just like many other solar deities before…..


You have got to be freaking kidding me. It’s times like these that I’m so ashamed to be a member of the human race. I really hope aliens don’t visit us any time soon. It would be quite embarrassing to try to explain this nonsense.

As a species we are quite silly indeed.



  1. One generation away from sanity…
    It’s only because parents indoctrinate their kids with this stuff (as they themselves were indoctrinated) that the delusion continues to persist. No rational adult would accept these myths. How many adults switch religions or ‘find religion’? Very few percentage-wise.

    Stop the indoctrination – stop the vicious cycle – stop the delusion…

  2. Allan’s right
    So is this post. So many children grow up believing the same fairy-tales THEIR parent taught them. On and ON it goes. When and IF, you can finally break the mold, and come out of your hypnosis, you will begin to have “ears to hear, and eyes to see.” The next problem you’ll have, is understanding HOW you ever fell for such BS stories in the first place. I mean “talking snakes, walking on water, parting a sea with a stick?” WHO…in his right mind could believe such BS? It is totally illogical! Even EDUCATED people believe this stuff! Of course, most do it to “get-over” on others, who don’t truly buy it themselves. They do it out of narcissism. They want to be “accepted” by the masses. They want to have friends, and find hypocrisy necessary. So they PRETEND to believe. But they do that for so long, when they think they are dying, they will really begin to believe it then, because of the hypnotic-state they’ve been placed in. Just think about it. If someone came to you, and told you, “Hey, I just talked to a snake!” Tell me you’d believe him? Of course you wouldn’t! “My staff is better than your staff.” “My God is better than your God.” Oh, please! Get over it. The reason Biblical-prophecy SEEMS to be taking place, is because TPTB are MANIPULATING it to be that way! THINK people THINK! Use your brain! That is what it is for. Don’t let other people, or other books, TELL you what is real, or true. FIND-OUT for yourself! Remember, the preacher is JUST A MAN too! Don’t buy it, just because it comes from the pulpit.
    The mistake most people make picking a religion is, they usually “pick” the same one Mommie and Daddy “picked.” DON”T make the same mistake THEY made! Study ALL religions if you need a crutch. Once you do that, you’ll see, there’s not much difference between one and the other. Religion is a crutch. A “security-blanket,” if you will. Humans NEED “someone” to take care of them. Someone to “protect” them. So they choose “religion,” a husband, or the government to “protect” them. All you really NEED, is yourself. Or as the great Bruce Lee once put it, “Why not pull out a 45 and settle it!”…….Peace

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