1. Pat Condell 2.0

    –> HE’S BACK!….But now he’s really pissed off! –>

  2. Pat’s the man.

  3. I go to Pat’s Youtube site all the time to shred Muslims and dhimmi liberals.

  4. We are heading for one world government, which will hopefully mean fewer arms made in a few decades.

    Islam is a problem.

    Christianity is a made up religion, based on faiths known around the time of Islams rise. Islam was not incorporated into Christianity. Rome took over the doctrine of Love and made it enslaving and useful to the Empire which continues today, using propaganda with NATO as the military arm.

    Islam may take many decades to disarm. We need to study it and the effects of secularism etc upon it. Thus we accept adherents into Aryan dominated lands. For some reason, China grabbed Sinkiang, full of Aryan Islamic adherents! I believe they are not enjoying that experiment?

    All this discussion is relevant and entertaining, but we must allow the experiment to continue. And we will continue it. Key to attacking Islam is the treatment of women and children. Some, those who think banking is God’s work, want to attack the ban on usury also. That may be too difficult and wrong in principle, anyway. Tolerating rampant lending is destabilizing.

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