A god of life – the SUN!

Hurrah!  Here is a new Pat Condell video in which he discusses the Christ myth and the sun worship of the ancients!  Unfortunately, he doesn’t name my book The Christ Conspiracy, which I know he read and which he told me was “excellent.”  But he does link to the video my friend Vega/Spaceagebachelor/Allan Jones made about my work called “Sun of God.”  Thank you, Pat!

It should be noted that my “Origins of Christianity” article concerning all this information, from which my book Christ Con was created and which has been updated, has been online since 1995.


  1. Pat said “Christians already worship the sun but they just don’t know it” at around 3:15. He then says “The entire Jesus story has been lifted wholesale from the sun god myth.” He then mentions “the virgin birth, the star in the east, the 12 apostles, miracles, the crucifixion, the resurrection so on & so on…”

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  2. Very interesting.

    But, if ‘God’ is the Sun, what about those believers who claim that the so called “Lake of Fire” is the Sun? I wonder what they imagine as being the “Lake of Fire” in those times, where the very idea came from… I’d like to know the view of Acharya S on this subject if possible.

    1. The fiery lake of Hell
      Samuel, although the name Hel comes from Norse mythology as the name of their cold underworld as well as the goddess Hel who ruled the underworld, the concept of Hel as a fiery lake or even river of fire comes from ancient Egypt via the Greeks. Ptolemy II who ruled Egypt (285-246 B.C.E.) was successful in conquering Judah in the 3rd century B.C.E. and he carried off into captivity to Egypt, thousands of Jews, many of whom came to settle in his capital at Alexandria. Most probably via these Hellenistic Greeks and their myths of fiery underworld rivers, as well as the local Egyptians and their myths of lakes of fire for the damned of Osiris, a “Hellenized and somewhat Egyptianized” Judaism emerged with a concept of a fiery torment for sinners which would later emerge in Christianity’s teachings of hell-fire for the unrighteous. Jews in Egypt were frequent pilgrim visitors to Jerusalem and its Temple and via these pilgrims the local Palestinian Jewry would come into contact with notions of a fiery fate for the unfaithful.
      The concept of an underworld in ancient Egypt combined with the eruptions of Mount Aetna as well as Vesuvius combined to form the fiery lake or river concept that we now understand as the Hell myth.

      I hope this helps. If I have missed anything Acharya please feel free to correct.

  3. An explanation. It is not about the sun, it is about the Good in the sun. Consider Genesis where it said, “and God saw the Light that it was “Good.” That was never explained to you. It is an essence that can be captured with vapor and collected with matter. Over time the matter was believed perfected and so””GOD.”” This is what the past/present religion is based on. visit my web site over the next months and i will show that to you.


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