9/11 ‘Rally of Remembrance’ videos

Ground Zero mosque protest crowd SIOA FDI Spencer GellerI have collected here videos of speakers who appeared at the 9/11 rally by the Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America headed by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller and held near Ground Zero in Manhattan on 9/11/2010. This rally also represents those who oppose the Ground Zero mosque.

Pamela Geller’s opening remarks in remembrance of the 9/11 dead were followed by comments by Robert Spencer, who introduced religious leaders to invoke prayers.

Families of 9/11 victims spoke next. Nelli Branginskya, who lost her son Alex, asked, “Mr. Bloomberg, do you sleep well? You don’t have a bad dream?” Nelli goes to pray at Ground Zero, the only grave site for her son, and she doesn’t want to hear “Allahu akhbar!” when she’s there.  A paradamedic who lost two friends on 9/11 spoke next, addressing the GZM imam, Rauf, whose actions have caused so much pain. Rosa Leonetti reminds us that the 9/11 victims’ loved ones have been waiting nine years for a memorial, patiently and tolerantly, while the mosque gets a green light ahead of them: “We’ve shown tolerance, for a mayor that now puts his business interests in the Middle East ahead of the long suffering of family members.” She also points out that Rauf’s “warning” that “anger will explode” if the mosque is moved  sounds not like “tolerance” but more like a threat: “Mr. Rauf…Americans do not like to be threatened!”

This speech is by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, transcribed here. Extolling the virtues of New York City, Wilders pointed out: “Among those lost were people from 55 nations, people of every religion and every persuasion. No place on earth had a more multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-lingual workforce than New York’s proud towers.”

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton via satellite discusses the figures behind the proposed Ground Zero mosque.

Conservative radio talkshow host Mike Gallagher also spoke powerfully, calling the proposed GZ mosque an “appalling lack of sensitivity and respect” and saying, as Obama suggested, it is indeed high time for people to learn all about Islam, which inspires endless bloodshed. He says an Islamic mosque at this site is “wildly inappropriate.”

Following is the speech by ex-Marine Ilario Pantano, a Republican running for Congress in North Carolina. Among other things, he points out that where the mosque is being proposed IS Ground Zero. (Indeed, watching the footage of the WTC buildings fall, one can contend that the billowing detritus extending out for thousands of feet in every direction leaves a very wide “scene of destruction” for what could be deemed “Ground Zero.”)

The following speaker is Joseph Nasralla, an Egyptian Copt who escaped persecution by Muslim fanatics to live in freedom in the U.S. He is very emotional about not letting this country come under influence of Islamic fundamentalism and sharia law.

Here is a video of Sam Khoshbaten’s speech at the rally. Sam is an Iranian Muslim activist who is highly critical of the regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

NYC radio host Steve Malzberg’s speech follows, which he opens by saying he fears for his 11-year-old son’s future. He also reminds us about GZM Imam Rauf’s “veiled threat” that if the mosque isn’t built, the rabid terrorists will attack us, and addresses the epithet “Islamophobia.” Malzberg recites the stats of “hate crimes” that show how America is NOT Islamophobic.

Andrew Breitbart’s speech via satellite addresses the mainstream media’s slurs against the 66% of Americans who oppose the Ground Zero mosque.

See also PACE University professor Richard Connerney’s speech transcription.

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Here’s a little bonus: Fast-on-her-feet Pamela Geller appears on equal-opportunity lambaster Gerald Rivera’s show.


  1. The Ground Zero Mosque controversy, like 9/11 itself, is a ‘false flag’ attack perpetrated by the CIA and the US government for the purpose of demonizing Moslems and perpetuating the bogus ‘War on Terrorism’. which in reality is a US-led war of aggression to establish US dominance of the oil-rich Middle East.

    The 9/10/2010 Mark Ames article in the New York Observer explains in elaborate detail that Imam Rauf and the Cordoba Institute are fully funded by the CIA and that CIA alumni dominate the board of the Cordoba Institute. See link to the article:


    The CIA and its allies, who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, have funded and sponsored Imam Rauf’s project to build a mosque at Ground Zero. The CIA and Imam Rauf are provocateurs whose goal is to make Americans hate Moslems.

    Since 9/11, the majority of Moslems in the USA have been trying very hard to avoid controversy, because Moslems were (falsely) blamed for the 9/11 attacks, and Moslems are now the targets of undeserved hostility from Americans. Any Moslem who promotes a mosque for Ground Zero is asking for trouble.

    But Imam Rauf and the Cordoba Institute do not represent normal Moslems. Imam Rauf and the Cordoba Institute are working as provocateurs for the CIA.

    — Gregory Fegel

    1. No one needs to demonize Islam and Muslims, as they do that all by themselves using their “holy text” to commit violent and stealth jihad against non-Muslims, as they have been doing for 1,400 years, long before the U.S. and CIA ever existed.

      Certainly, it is suspicious that this imam is being given free access to whatever his heart desires, all on U.S. taxpayers’ dimes. But the conspiracy, if one there be, seems to be to shove Islam down our throats, Islamizing the entire planet in order to create a global slave state.

      To say that there were no Muslims involved in 9/11 flies in the face of the evidence. As I state below, according to the many family members and others who were listening on cell phones and other radio transmissions, as well as airline personnel who seated the passengers, there certainly WERE Muslims on those planes, praying and shouting “Allahu akhbar!” as they committed the crimes.

      Who exactly they were and who was pulling their strings is a matter of debate, but in order to sustain the evident fiction that there were no Muslims involved one needs to label all those people – including some who allegedly lost their loved ones on the planes – liars and dupes. I am not at all prepared to do such a thing.

      Again, the evidence points to the planes having been hijacked by Muslim fanatics. And again, the only matter of debate is who they were and who was pulling their strings.

  2. Syrian Nationalist Party

    Three Issues here….
    There are several issues of importance here that are kind of lumped up together. First; 911 who done it, Second; Building a Mosque on or near 911 area, Third; Islam nasty as is.

    Let’s start backward, we all know (intelligent people) Islam as a religion is pure filth, it is really. This is not a religion, but a diabolic plot that was designed to control masses and is part of an overall Alien conspiracy perpetrated on humans. No good comes out of it. Humanity will lose absolutely nothing by removing it from our planet. But that is why One World Globalists are interested in it lately so much, because it is dictatorial in nature and fits the Ruling Elite Model they are trying to build. Take Arabia for example, 9000 Bedouins owns all the resources, wealth and property in addition to 20 million slaves. And this is repeated in each and every City State called Sheikhdom. It is this way not by accident but that is by design and according to a master plan 2500 years old. Islam, according to sharia, is the most oppressive Police/ clergy Government rule the Devil (aliens) can install on this planet. Forget all the bullsh*t about imams B.S. you on TV. There is not one holly bit of inspiration, peacefulness, kindness, moderation or intellectualism in it. It is pure surrender and submission to a demonic, anti humanist cabals, that is all. Under Islamic Sharia, there are some very profane and literally horrific practices that no deceiving Imam baste red will ever tell you about. Under Sharia, writings about, drawings, pictures, sculptures, images of anything, including audio and video means, all are strictly prohibited, even forbidden. That is why old Moslem places are decorated by repeated geometric shapes and motifs.

    It is considered idolatrous. Ugggh, I can spend a whole year pointing out this evil Islam, but go learn about it from non Moslem experts. Imam are deceiver, they are trained not to explain Islam, but to hide the evil and absurd, they spend years learning rebuttals and replies to copout questions.

    The Mosque on the 911 site most be moved. Hellville, Satanland is a good place for it. What is so important to Islam to build on this location? It is obviously a deliberate act of provocation by the Elite who giva not a dam about Islam. If you to follow the money trail and you are on top of the information chain, you will come to the following understanding:

    Here is something Ahmadinejad and Organization of Islamic States refuses to respond to, despite our repeated demand for answer, read this, and do not be skeptical, this is fact, not MSM psychitzophrenic news report. This is why Islam is not a religion but part of the plot for world domination.

    It is amazing, despite their complete innocence of 911 and any and all terrorism charges made by Christian and Jews, Moslems never stood up and presented evidences they have to the world, they simply played along, as expected of them by Amen, acted in ways to help the deception and the master plan.

    Why not tell the truth, why no Moslem person or country tell the American public, the world, even own citizens the truth. That 911 was not committed by Moslems, that there were no 19 Moslem hijackers and no hijacked planes. That the towers brought down by Controlled Demolition using (Thermate) and Three 150 kiloton nukes. That all videos were digital fakes and that Pentagon was hit by a nuclear missile stolen by Israelis from Russian sunken sub Irkutsk. That Americans plotted the whole thing with Israeli Mossad help (Michael Harari) Saudi Arabia Ambassador (Bandar) and Pakistani ISI Chief. Why not tell the truth that the supposed hijackers were in fact, on someone payroll and were impostured and assassinated, murdered in fact before the act.

    They will not, rather than telling the truth, they again being used to deceive mankind, which is the whole purpose of Islam existence in the first place. Take CAIR for example, its leaders are on the payroll of the perpetrators of 911 and CAIR are paid and supported in this N.Y. Mosque ploy just to be out to re-affirm and solidify the “Moslem did it” in the consciousness and mind of Americans and the world, now that more than 76 percent of Americans believe it was an inside job. Now, that the truth movements worked so hard for nearly a decade to brake- down the lies and produce the evidences, from Dr. Steven Johns of BYU to former Russian Nuclear weapon Chief Dimitry Khalezov. CAIR are fully backed and funded by no less than 6 Rockefeller Foundations (search Aaron Russo) and associates orgs to take ads on T.V. for the sole purpose of cementing the “Moslem did 911” in the mind of Americans and the ignorant world.

    Jim Evans exposed this racket and said on the Conservative American Website: “The elite/Globalists share the same Neocon mentality: “Invite the world, invade the world (so we can more easily control the world)”. And, it is the elite/Globalists, who are behind Imam Rauf and are at least partially financing the proposed Ground Zero mosque”. You see, it was previously reported that the ‘Ground Zero Mosque,’ officially known as the Cordoba House, is the vision of “Imam” Faisal Abdul Rauf, a member of the Council on Foreign Relation’s. That is right, the Rockefellers main New World Order arm. (youtube Aaron Russo interview Rockefeller).

    It has also been revealed that Imam Rauf is a globalist stooge/minion, who receives financial support from various Globalist foundations. It was also reported that the dual organizations Rauf is using to promote and fund his activities are the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). ASMA had listed several large globalist foundations as its supporters including the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Rockefeller Brothers, Rockefeller Philanthropy, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. That is right, the very same entities that promoted on 911 the hatred to Moslems in the global MSM. Now, they are paying Rauf and his CAIR front to re-instil the Moslem hatred in America and disuniting the Nation with infighting between Christians and Moslems while the perpetrator laughing out loud. Wake up, and learn fast.

    1. You do okay except when you start ranting about 9/11 conspiracy theories. While there may be some truth in Muslim fanatics not working alone in committing this crime, it appears that the evidence is very much against your assertion here:

      “That 911 was not committed by Moslems, that there were no 19 Moslem hijackers and no hijacked planes.”

      To say that there were “no hijacked planes” is completely ludicrous – we have video tape of planes flying into the WTC, we have plane parts, etc. The planes were real – and they WERE hijacked, as the passengers on board certainly were not expecting to take a flight into the Twin Towers.

      According to the many family members and others who were listening on cell phones and other radio transmissions, as well as airline personnel who seated the passengers, there certainly WERE Muslims on those planes, praying and shouting “Allahu akhbar!” as they committed the crimes.

      Who exactly they were and who was pulling their strings is a matter of debate, but in order to sustain the evident [i]fiction [/i]that there were no Muslims involved one needs to label all those people – including some who allegedly lost their loved ones on the planes – liars and dupes. I am not at all prepared to do such a thing.

      Again, the evidence points to the planes having been hijacked by Muslim fanatics. And again, the only matter of debate is who they were and who was pulling their strings.

  3. Syrian Nationalist Party

    Let Moslems stand up and rebuttal
    Let Moslems stand up and rebuttal the evidence and fiction stories, we don’t care about it. The Mosque what is appalling. The worry, what are they up to next, how they being used, willfully submitting to be used, and causing harm to the rest of us (again). It is obvious what Islam is, the past is known, what it is going to become of it not known, and that is the scary part. But this Mosque, the Imam and the intel behind its backers gives valuable hints.

  4. Acharya, you rely too much for your news and information on the propaganda that the US government requires the mainstream media to feed the public. There are many suspicious aspects to the ’19 Arab highjackers’ story. There is much to learn. I suggest that you examine these two short photo essays:



    Gregory Fegel

    1. Thank you, but your contention concerning my sources would be utter nonsense. These videos have nothing whatsoever to do with the mainstream media – in fact, this rally was assiduously ignored by the MSM.

      Having been studying the 9/11 conspiracy theories practically since the buildings hit the ground, I highly doubt you have presented anything I haven’t already seen.

      And my posting videos here does not mean that I subscribe to the official story in the first place, although the evidence does point to SOME Middle Eastern/Arab Muslim men hijacking these planes and flying them into the WTC. I have not seen any evidence whatsoever to demonstrate that all the “earwitnesses” who listened to airphone/cell phone calls or eyewitnesses (airline personnel on the ground and in radar towers) are all liars and paid CIA stooges who are just making up the story about the Muslim men. Therefore, we must start with what the evidence shows, which is that some number of Muslim men hijacked the planes and flew them into the buildings.

      The debate can continue from there as to WHO these men were and who was really pulling their strings. But until it can be shown that all those witnesses were paid informants, actors and liars, I am in no position to call them that, and the initial scene remains the same: A certain amount of Muslim men hijacked the planes and flew them into the WTC and Pentagon.

      Moreover, it matters not one whit what YOU or I believe about 9/11. Let’s say it was all a fake. The fact will remain that many Muslims globally are quite happy to view the crime as a “Muslim victory” and they most definitely see the mosque as flag of conquest – just read the remarks by Muslims themselves, which I have previously linked to in my other Ground Zero posts.


      And THAT fact is what the people in the videos – and I – are objecting to.

  5. Cell Phone Calls?
    According to FBI testimony, there were only a couple of cell phone calls that got through, and they only lasted a few seconds. So much for box cutters and the identity of the hijackers. 17 of the 19 suspects were from Saudi Arabia. At least the ones that they can prove were not using stolen identities. We really don’t have much evidence of who they were, and even if they were on the planes.

    1. Okay, so forget about the CELL phones, although it is also claimed that SOME of them made it through. But there were also AIRPHONE calls. Again, I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever that all the people who testified about speaking to their loved ones or all the airline personnel were liars and paid CIA stooges. The evidence therefore points to a certain number – I have no idea if it was 19 – of Middle Eastern/Arab/Muslim men hijacking the planes and flying them into the WTC and Pentagon.

      Although I find many aspects of the official story to be puzzling, I am not about to accept some ridiculous notion that there were no planes flying into the WTC, which is what some are trying to push, even though we clearly have videotape of the towers being hit and then for some reason falling.

      All of this is in the end a waste of time, however, since, again, it matters not one whit what you or I believe happened on 9/11: What matters here in this post is that many Muslims themselves happily believe 9/11 was a Muslim victory and that the GZM is a flag of conquest.


  6. 911 controversy
    The entire pro-Muslim machinery is active in falsifying the whole 911 act as something inflicted by US itself or inspired and enacted by Mosad. It is possible theoretically but the reality may dictate totally different logics.

    OK let us think for a moment that Islamists are a pious peace loving poor babes and the rest of the whole world is out to kill these sheeps and goats. Are they really???

    Then how about the rest of the world witnessing the open daylight crimes inflicted by the Muslim mujahideens? Who is committing all these crimes in the name of Islam? They manufacture a trivial reason, plot the whole affair, recce it for a long period, they will spend their entire money, man power and resources to carry out these crimes in the name of their misplaced religious ideology, thrust in the gullet of the people, then ultimately lead the masterly mayhem and reign of fear terror, murders and all their Holy Book dictates as pious and Allah’s work. Who inspires these young lads who has not even learnt to properly speak but they are made to sloganise and show the world that how they are being oppresed whereas the truth is opposite. Islam is the only faith that shamelessly teaches to tell lies. I have no other faith known so far. “Taqqiya” gives you immunity from all lies and ambush that Quran openly preaches.

    I wish Muslims would make a better use of the wealth that has been acquired by them, But they only think in terms of Islam and its tennets to spread terror and subjugation. The Holy Book does not allow them to come out of its shackles. It is a pity. The Muslim apologists would go all out to defend, to spread rumours of blame games, to organise slogans and demonstrations, to indulge in street violence, merciless killings, rapes,
    arson and plunder.

    In the Gainsville “Jones Syndrome” as I call it for the sake of brevity, we did witness the horrible brutal massacres globally. It was mind boggling and mindless. One thing they are best at is violence, killings, plotting murders, hate, intolerance, manufacture of terrorist super markets, all but the things civilisation in the modern times stand for. They seem all wrapped up and only need a trigger for violence.

    They will come running to enjoy what you have developped but will not open their doors to you to reciprocate. Islam is ideology or politics or what is not yet clear to me despite my trial to understand it. I am just put off once I find the hate sunnahs or verses.

    Let us examine one more worst tragedy of massive floods in Pakistan. In stead of helping these suffering people in the already ravaged and poverty torn corrupt country, their President went on a honeymoon tour with his just major son; indulging in murders and violent riots. This is the Islamic benevolence.

    Yet they expect charity from the rest of the world otherwise their excuse is that this opportunity would be used by the terrorist organisations. I think they mean somebody other than Muslims by that! They are so bigots, will not even allow the foreigner agencies to help them either. These Islamists are threatening and bombing the relief workers in those flood affected areas. Nor will they help them. They still see Islam being denigrated and despised in it. I just can’t understand it?

    I personally feel that Islam has to rediscover itself. Otherwise it will meet its natural extinction as per the law of nature. All those animals, kingdoms, religions in the past that could not stand the tide of time has gone in oblivion. Remember the law of nature, “A thing that climbs fast, also falls fast in the same steep curve”. Hence it may be a timely food for thought to ruminate on the point of “fastest growing” thing.
    God bless
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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