9/11 dust linked to cancer in first responders

Such a sad story – and for YEARS some have been making this link between the harsh conditions at Ground Zero and illnesses and deaths of 9/11 first responders such as fire fighters, police officers, doctors, paramedics, construction workers and others. It’s a logical assessment, obviously, so it’s really disgraceful that the link is being denied by “authorities.”

I am very grateful for all the wonderful men and women who sacrificed so much to help their fellow human beings during this awful time. Thank you!

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  1. Precious Lives lost and it maybe was a dirty Game
    Dearest Acharya, when one thinks that people died (Firemen!) on that Ground, and that problably (evidences are more and more undeniable) the attack has actually been carried on by GWB’s (?) friends,, the thing becomes more and more saddening 🙁 I’m very disappointed about this 9/11: this is the only thing I know. Loveliest regards.

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