9/11 bikers descend on DC in support of freedom and troops

Very moving! Yesterday’s events in DC with hundreds of thousands to possibly a million or more patriotic American bikers descending on Washington, DC, to make a statement about the assault against our freedoms were exciting and encouraging.

(Note that the last slide here has last year’s date but the rest of the images are apparently from yesterday, 9/11/2013.)

Rise up, BIKINGS!


  1. Wasn’t …
    The Million Mollusk March for Islamonausea supposed to be yesterday also? I saw no coverage of it. Hopefully, it was an utter flop.

    Go, bikers!

    1. One count had the “Million March Against Fear” at a couple of dozen people, while it is claimed 1.5 million bikers showed up, but I haven’t been able to find any official statement.

      Suffice it to say, the bikers made their point. Islamonausea was driven back by the BIKINGS.

      And that’s what it’s going to take.

      Hard to believe we live on a planet where we’re still fighting off the Dark Ages. Not that the Christianity-ridden fanaticism of many of the bikers is all that much of an improvement, but it’s better than the alternative here. I’ve always said that when push comes to shove I would side with the Christians.

      Push came to shove years ago, and while they may not like my work exposing the reality behind myths, the fact is that [i]all [/i]nonbelievers must stand together to battle this beast.

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