30 million women and children trafficked globally

Makes one feel like crying. What a world. It’s just shocking to the system to consider that I’m breathing the same air as these vile sex slavers and their depraved clients.

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery Affecting 30 Millions Women and Children

Most people think that slavery is a crime of the past. However, this notion couldn’t be any  further from the tragic reality of a well organized criminal activity which victimized more than 30 millions women and children worldwide. As matter of fact, there are more people being enslaved today than at any other time in human history….

Sex slavery is not limited to brothels is Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines or the Dominican Republic. In countries where prostitution is legal, like Germany, traffickers, pimps and dangerous organized crime organizations such as the Russian mafia or ethnic Albanians are controlling most sex workers, even the ones who claim to be “independent”. According to recent estimates, there are currently around 200,000 children between the age of 12 to 15 who are sold for sex by pimps/traffickers every year in the United States….

…the information super-highway has given criminal organizations the tool to turn sex trafficking into a multi-billions a year enterprise. It is more profitable than drug and weapon trafficking…

Often large criminal organizations work together to control the recruitment of the victims, the transit and the enslavement at the destination point. The Russian mafia and Albanian gangs have the upper hand in Europe, and often work in association with recruiters/pimps in the Middle-East – where the biggest hub/distribution point is Beirut, Lebanon – to provide Estonian, Ukrainian or Lithuanian women, which are in “high demand,” for the rich “buyers” of the Gulf.

In Africa, the two biggest sources for human trafficking are currently Nigeria and Ghana. In a scheme that is more or less universal, women are recruited locally- often by other women- under the pretense of job opportunities aboard. But once they have reached their destination, either Italy, Greece, Belgium or Germany, their passports are taken away by pimps, they do not have legal immigration status, and they are forced to prostitute themselves-usually after being severely beaten and raped- to pay off the debt of their transit to Europe. According to a recent report from the British police, 75 percent of the sex trade in the UK is controlled by brutal Albanian gangs. In Germany, 75 percent of sex workers come from former Eastern block countries….

In the West, the Internet has become the number one platform for buying women and children for sex. Victims, from various countries of origin, are trafficked through pseudo-independent, but in reality pimp controlled escort services, chat rooms, and even “dating” web sites freely advertizing on the internet with ads such as “Meet Russian women online.” In the United States, there are countless brothels disguised as “massage parlors”, and in the burgeoning strip club business industry, “exotic dancers” are in fact turning tricks in VIP rooms. In Texas, migrant women from central America- either from Guatemala or El Salvador- are lured into crossing the US border by Coyotes working with local pimps, Mexican gangs and Salvadorian/US gang MS13, and will likely end up being sex slaves in Cantinas or massage parlors….

An excellent movie on this subject is Liam Neeson’s “Taken,” which shows the depth of this depravity and how it all works, right under our noses in “civilized” societies. Neeson’s Superman antics are obviously quite farfetched, but he does them so well! To all the real “superheroes” who are trying to stop this evil practice, thank you!


  1. Time for the citizens take over
    If the people elected common citizens and they replaced them everywhere it would solve the problem of the coporations, lobbyists and bankers contrtolling our country. But the first thing we are going to have to destroy this country and start over. The nuke plants if they were attacked and completely destroy this country. This country is controlling the world.

  2. Elected people molest children
    🙁 Powerful people go to foreign countries and have sex with children. They did it behind the Iron Curtain. They do it in Asia. When they go to war with these countries these poor girls will have sex for a sandwich. So wars are the main problem. If a governmetn does something against the wishes of the people it is time for that form of government to be dismantled and a new system put in place.

    Some people think oh they let us vote and anyone can run for office. But unless you have 50 million you can’t afford to run for office. So this is how they conrol the system. They just make it too expensive to even run. The corporations and individuals will contribute to the Democrats and Republicans. They also decide whether you can enter televised debates.

    The people who would vote for a third party don’t vote in droves. The people in the small towns and rural areas have given up. If a third party candidate was have a large following they would skew their numbers and poll certain segments of the populaton and make it look like the candidate has no chance and this will make many who would have voted for them just stay home.

    In many states they have the diebold machines in place. No doubt they have them in states with the highest electoral college votes. There are about eight states and if someone wins these states the other candidate would almost have to sweep the other states to win. They have kosher approved all presidential candidates ever since the turn of the century.

    When you start electing criminals like Bill Clinton, George Bush and Obama, then all you get are wars, your rights violated and ciitizens murdered like Waco and 9/11. The next attack ushers in martial law. With this they could suspend the elections and that is always an optionl. They control the money and system. Our only options are to move away or just do what they say, because protests never work unless you had so many millions protesting they run out of places to put them. They see protestors as excitement, people to beat up and hundreds of thousands in fines.

  3. I had heard of the horrible sex-slavery before.I have never seen any sign of it here.But then prostitution is illegal here.But in countries where it is legal the majority of girls are sex-slaves.

    My question is:WHY aren’t all the FEMINIST ORGANIZATIONS doing a never-ending campaign against all this?It is horrifying.

    WHY aren’t they also doing something about the VIOLATION of WOMEN’S RIGHTS in ISLAMIC COUNTRIES?

    I really think it is they DON’T CARE.

    Here is an interesting article:

    “Queen Rania of Jordan says the Koran does not Subjugate Women,she has Apparently Never Read It”


  4. kill them
    they are inhuman, catch them kill them.

  5. FREE SARA KRUZAN – child sex trafficking victim –

    Child sex-trafficking victim in a California prison.
    Please call Governor Jerry Brown this WEDNESDAY!

    PLEASE…..Call (916) 445-2841 – HIT 1, WAIT, THEN HIT 6 to get directly to the Governor’s office.

    Sara Kruzan, a human trafficking victim who has been in prison for the last 17 years after she was coerced by 2 of her pimps competitors to kill the man who raped her at age 11 and forced her into prostitution at age 13. The video above is brief and will help you understand her case. Additional information is to the right and below on this webpage.

    At 16 years old Sara was tried as an adult, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The California Supreme Court is reviewing Sara Kruzan’s case this month and all of us need to (nicely) ask Governor Jerry Brown to immediately, and without condition release this child sex trafficking victim that has a job and family waiting for her.


    Please call Governor Brown and ask him to grant Sara time served.

    Here’s what to do:
    1) Call Governor Brown (916) 445-2841.
    2) Express your support for granting of clemency to Sara Kruzan. Feel free to personalize your message and share your own story if you have one — the more personal, the better.


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