Top 10 ‘anti-Christian attacks’ of 2009

Some of these “anti-Christian” attacks during 2009 in the United States compiled by the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission are ridiculous, while others are disturbing. For example, no. 7 is the free but polite expression of gays and lesbians during the Presidential Inauguration – is being a homosexual “anti-Christian?” Number 2 also cites Obama’s appointment of “pro-homosexuals,” as well as “pro-abortionists,” the latter of which is obviously a known Christian concern as well….

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U.S.’s top 10 ‘anti-Christian attacks’ of 2009

Updated: December 23, 2018 — 10:03 pm

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  1. Why did they make a top ten of this stuff?
    This is typical Zealot spin. It’s the Woe is me card. The list leaves out a few details. Some of the crimes are quite valid and horrific, but several are embellished and based on nonsense.

    The entire list is a request for you to feel sorry for Christians and uses the Logical Fallacy – Special Pleading.

    10 . Hoye was arrested May 13, 2008, for allegedly violating an Oakland ordinance making it illegal to approach within eight feet of women entering abortion clinics without their consent. These charges were expanded to include two counts of “unlawful” approaches and two counts of using “force, threat of force, or physical obstruction” against two clinic escorts.

    9.The murders we’re horrible and the makers of this list should be ashamed of themselves for profiteering at the price of the victim. In essence creating a martyr for their agenda.

    8. Contrary to what readers may think of me, I think that the Curb Your Enthusiasm was a completely wrong way of making a point. This reminds me of the Orthodox Jews spitting on Christians in Jerusalem. Understanding life and letting go of superstition is the goal of rationalists. Disrespecting someones God like that is something a dog would do.

    7. Homophobia is never acceptable and falling back on the tired old excuse of “it’s in the Bible” is ridiculous. If you don’t know that the bible was written by despots, in order to establish social control, by now then perhaps you’re not worth saving from your own self-imposed slavery.

    6. Agreed, this was over the top. While I believe in separation of church and state, to use police to stop a grieving teen who had lost her mother from praying with her friends is simply heartless and cruel.

    5. The Jim Pullion murder was horrible as are all murders

    4. Sounds like an first amendment overreaction. Legislating behavior in either direction is absolutely wrong. Influencing behavior through knowledge and education will pay tremendous dividends in our future.

    3. Extremists that may strap a bomb on and blow up an abortion clinic should be labeled terrorists. Regardless of there dogma. Get over it, thats what christianity is, Dogma.

    2. Obama, you are the man. Bush left a flaming wreck and tossed Obama the keys. Replacing old ultra conservative borderline neo-nazis in all positions in government is…A VERY GOOD THING.

    1. This is based on the claim that there is something wrong with homosexuality. Hmmm, what logical fallacy can we apply here? Strawman? It’s time to grow up and stop believing that invisible friends are writing inn-errant books with over 150,000 variant readings and then trying to cherry pick those lessons that we like. The lessons of hate are indelibly inscribed into your religion. For the good of humanity, and so that I can focus my efforts on Islam, knock it off.

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