World in collision with mass extinction?

Not very cheery, I’m afraid.  And here we are marching along as if nothing is happening… Indeed, we are distracting ourselves with all manner of relative frivolity.

“…overfishing of our oceans and depleting fish stocks to dangerous low levels; …toxins, emissions and pollution…making the hole in the ozone layer bigger and causing more harmful sunrays to penetrate…thus warming the oceans, melting the ice, and threatening animal’s environments; …rainforest being bulldozed…to create grazing land for cattle and commercial development, thus destroying natural environmental structure and animals habitats…animal species going extinct, and more.”

And here’s a little addendum video for the later-comers, all about the global water crisis…

Nothing to see here, just a conspiracy by the NWO.

The Disappearing Male

Environmental chemicals are making males become infertile, develop smaller genitalia and decrease in numbers.


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  1. How about the depleted uranium thats being spread all over the globe fighting the alleged terrorists? How about getting off the tit of gas and oil. There is lots of great inventions being suppressed. Don’t put the blame on the people THAT have a right to these real green ways of living. Blame the real crooks that have the monopoly on all these crappy old age technologies and won’t budge off that way because it makes them rich at all our expense. They are poisoning with fluorides and their quack medicines. I don’t hear a peep about that from you do gooders…

    1. mmmhmmm
      To do good without a peep is similar to peeping without a’doing good! :side:
      Everything will work itself out. It always does~ 🙂
      Things ain’t gonna stay the same forever, that’s for sure.

      Where the blame lies… maybe that’s important, but I don’t think the solution lies in the blaming. Doesn’t mean blaming is [i]wrong[/i], but to only blame is to constantly be swinging a sword between, where it’s also possible for one to direct that same energy toward wrapping arms [i]around[/i].

      Who knows what the “Right” answer is (as if there were only ONE!). We can only do our best (whatever that may be).

    2. [quote]I don’t hear a peep about that from you do gooders…[/quote]
      Who are “you do gooders?” You know every single person who posts here and every bit of what they say and do? Shall we put you in the same category, since you are essentially expressing the same concerns?

      Of course, the weapons industry is deplorable, as is the horrendous mass of depleted uranium and all over poisonous results of warfare and slaughter. I complain quite loudly about being on the oil standard as well.

      You could have brought up these important issues without the derogatory generalization – it really doesn’t help anything. You were doing fine until that apoplexy.

    3. Hit the nail on the head
      Hit the nail on the head with your remarks.

    4. I agree
      all those destructive practices are done not by the common person but by industrial interests and governments,so lets get rid of it all.banking,industrial power mongers and all that are holding all the technology that would make it all unnesecary ,but they would have to forgo their control and power and theivery over us.that which they will not do for they are destined for bigga betta tings.I tink dey ferget that to get to the higher planes you cant be a greedy conceited power mad control freak ,well you can get to the higher satanic planes but those eventually dead end.

  2. I am trying to think of stuff we can do.

    If you google Save the Environment there are websites with suggestions about modifying lifestyle so that less harm is done to the environment.

    Environmental organisations could be supported such as Friends of the Earth. They may have campaigns lobbying governments on particular issues.

    Spreading the word as much as possible.

    Find out about environmental issues to learn what can be done so that governments and policy decision makers can be influenced in the right ways.

    Other people may have other suggestions.

  3. I want a nice pedastle up my backside
    A couple of Million years from now, I,ll get my 15min of fame! they will find my dessicated carcass ossified to my lounge chair, {vinyl does not break down} A magic scepter of “Pringles” still in my hand, proving I was from a royal family. Worshiping in front of the PLastic sacred disc,..the “God of exertion,..Richard Simmons sweating to the oldies,.. I,ll be the first display on the left, next to the water fountain,,Kind’s Cool!

  4. Dodgy Numbers
    The statistics that I have checked out that have been used in this film are grossly inflated. Nature lovers (or is it humanity haters?) do not help their case by lying.
    This is another brick in the wall of climate change/ecological disaster Malthusian propaganda that is being built around us. We are being softened up for an oligarch-imposed global solution which will no doubt involve a global central bank taxing and controlling our every breath.
    Can’t help noticing how Jewish people always seem to dominate in the creation of these oligarch-controlled paradigms.

    1. Jews and other myths
      I had to start somewhere AND NOW I RANT!!! 🙂

      Just because you “checked them out’ does not mean that they are “overinflated” as all of us might be exagerating, lying or simply wrong.

      What Jews? as pretty much everything you think is a “Jew” is most definately not a Jew racially and I am sorry but when I consider a “People” I am generally trying to consider a “race” of people and The ashkenazi and the sephardi are NOT, I fu**ing REPEAT NOT! Racially “jewish”.

      Thus Hitler and the NAZIS killed very few “JEWS”…

      The ideology of Judaism? It is Chauvinist Elitism pure and simple yet pretty much everything the true “Jew” has are simply remnants of cultures where the “JEWISH EMBRYO” had took shape.

      pause – change subject – intro 1920’s mono speaker music

      Take from me my collective wisdom and leave me only with my intellect…. for a moment please…..

      A fair and balanaced one world government doesnt sound like a bad idea.

      One universal language yet we could still retain or “old” language sounds wonderful as well.

      One world currency (hate the fact that we seem to NEED a means of trade) doesnt sound like a bad idea either minus all the corruption yet isnt corruption and conspiracy in pretty much everything?

      Religion? Blah… we already have a world religion and it is simply the belief that this is all really happening 😀
      Yes, pilgrim, some of us doubt even that… daily… 🙂

      To sum it all up….. I believe Reverse psychology is being used on us and that there is much benefit to a ONE WORLD (many things) yet the masters of maintaining the Status quo have instilled a powerful fear into the minds of those who would have these thoughts.

      Think about it …. please

      Now….. what can YOU truly DO for the GOOD?

      Strive toward sustainability.
      Strive toward as much a form of independence as possible
      Teach Others, Set good examples, Defy Ignorance wherever you may find it and especially so within your own self.

      Remember – they kill messengers here friend so “I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves – be ye therefore as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves”…..

      Blavatsky is misunderstood by my brothers and sisters….. sadly….
      As most of us are……

      Peak Oil = War = Carter doctrine = 911 = iraq = afghan = encircling of iran = war = 1mil dead and counting so the first world can continue to drive to the store for a pack of cigarettes…. or some milk…..

      and it has only just begun…..

      It can be a massive manipulation yet still be reality
      It can be false yet still manipulated to seem like reality for all intent and purposes thus if something appears to be occuring yet defying logic, the best route might be to pretend it is reality 😀

      sorry… I know that is tough for many on many levels.

      1. marinus berghuis

        [b] Well said! The biggest trouble facing mankind is the unbelief in self!
        Where ever you look or listen, everybody seems to think that someone else will fix what ails us. If you feel sick you run to the doctor! My cat sits in a corner does not eat for a couple of days and is better.
        If the store runs out of food, no one has the ability or knowledge
        to go out and produce it.
        If someone does not employ you,you hold up your hand to the employed for your sustenance. People congregate in towns because
        they think that chasing around in a motor car for hours to get to your job that barely feeds your habits is a lot better than living in the country somewhere and grow your own food and have time to sit still and enjoy being alive!
        If you take the time and really think what your achievements are,
        go to a museum and see all the gadgets people dreamt up and still
        they were ruled by psychopath’s and what’s more they are all dead and buried!
        So the moral of it all! 6000 years of bodies have been slaves of a few
        for the same false ideas that we suffer from! Religions tell us all will be well when we are dead! So we suffer in silence waiting for the day!
        Get off your cushy behind and start living instead of procrastinating!

        Ren Berghuis

    2. lower birthrates in the world
      The human population growth is unsurportable at current levels.
      expected to reach 9billion in 50 years with even less fish in the
      Who are you envoirmental sceptics kidding.
      but what with tribal competion it will be hard to get lowering birthrates
      on the table at the UN.
      There is an imorality in bringing children into the world that you cannot

  5. You go first…
    Who goes first, I mean, which one of these depopulationists will demonstrate what they mean by putting a gun to their head and pulling the trigger?

    You go first.

  6. it`s simply too late.

    “wake up or die”? sorry, but it`s going to be “die”.

    the average joe or jane is simply to dumb to survive.

  7. Bad Form!
    If you’re going to post a commentary, you really should spell-check and otherwise edit your piece. 😉

    1. And what are you talking about exactly? It’s bad form to make sweeping generalities without even one example.

      Here’s what [i]I[/i] said:

      [quote]Not very cheery, I’m afraid. And here we are marching along as if nothing is happening… Indeed, we are distracting ourselves with all manner of relative frivolity.[/quote]
      [i]That’s[/i] my commentary – where are the spelling and editing errors?

      As to the rest, I have taken the time to put in a few ellipses to make it more intelligible. But, please, continue to focus on distracting trivia while the world is falling apart.

  8. “then their should be”
    if knowledge of English is a sign post, we don’t need to read this trash.
    We have serious problems with Extinction Level Events.
    Like a chunk of nickle iron or a Gama Burst Pulse from a steler cannon aimed at Earth
    Which happen to be frighteningly real.

    1. Oh yes, attacking the language of the person who wrote the summary on Youtube will make all these problems go away! 😮

    2. Yes. There are many global events that are occuring due to overpopulation and high demand on natural resources. Please people we need to help our environment, communities and ourselves. If humans were less ego centric and more loving to their habitats and others then maybe we would have a chance.

      If you think about it we are nothing but a speck of dirt in the mass universe. We can instantly die! Do you how many asteroids fly past earth within a few kilometers away? Do you know how many times the sun explodes and sends coronal mass ejections into space and earth? Come on people get your sh*ts together and help the environment instead of complaining and bitching and moaning about this, or that, and bla bla bla – Our precursors have treated the world better!!!

      We need to unite as a human race and help our Earth, our planet. Whom we owe respect to. Please spread the word.

      Resist or be terminated.

      O and get ready for 2012!!! YES! I SAID IT!!!!

  9. Mass Goodbye
    I am afraid little can be done to reverse the extinction process. Our only hope may be to believe in “Evolution.” Mass extinctions have occurred in the past. If I recall correctly 98% of life that has evolved is now extinct. One 100,000 mph asteroid, the size of a football field, would inflict irreparable destruction on the blue planet.

    Somewhere out in space is a planet that the Sumerians named Nuburu. Astronomers believe that this planet has a 3600 year orbit around our sun. The latest buzz is that this giant planet is closing in on our solar system to make its reappearance for the third time in written history. Nuburu could easily pull apart a planet like earth should this monster pass too closely, but nobody knows what too closely is. The point is Evolution has made its play over the last 15 billion years and mankind came forth supreme.

    “Intelligent power corrupts and absolute intelligent power corrupts absolutely…” We’re done for, there’s no going back….sorry you’re too late by several million years!

    So as Steven J. Gould once said, “…..If you really believe in evolution don’t worry about extinctions all these creatures will return….” Perhaps next time birds will dominate the landscape and waterscape.

    One last thought, the power, like the Hadron Collider, that mankind is now unleashing could not only destroy this lovely planet, but the Milky Way or worse. Scientists think they want to find the God particle and when they do they will be like children playing with Pandora’s Box. Just a quick science lesson the God Particle is infinitely fast and when IT slows down to 186,000 miles per second this particle becomes qualitative and quantitative. In other words, the particle can be observed! Me thinks mankind had better back off from this ONE or the true Apocalypse is inevitable. There’ll be more than just little critters disappearing. Perhaps we’re headed for another BIG BANG! God said, “Let there be light.” Man said, “Let there be DARKNESS.” Good day.

  10. We are answering the call… but are others?

    We get the students of the world to use less paper… and that preserving the trees would be one major way.


  11. BRAVO
    Bravo, Peter. You were always fighting the good fight back in Grad school amd you inspired me to do the same. The documentary trailor is tremendous and I look forward to seeing the entire film. If there is anything I can do to help let me know. Perhaps at the U.N.
    I presented there at the Global climate chnage conference two years ago and have some contacts.

    Good luck in your endevours

    Your friend always

    John D.

  12. I my sound like heartless m..f.., but If all the carnivorous creature become extinct then I would not miss them. Yes, it is fascinating to
    see lion chasing gazelle, but what about the gazelle. I am sure that gazelle want to have happy life. I saw soaring eagle and was jealous, because I would like to have the ability to fly, but that eagle do not fly for pleasure. It is hunting. Many people admire dolphins, but I do not think that the fish they eat admire them. Bears are portray as “cuddly” animals, but if you come too close then you are a diner. Every one love cats and dogs, but you be surprise of how quick they can turn on you if they get hungry. Save the whales – I do not think that the plankton they eat want to save the whales. One life have to extinct for sake of another?. B.S.. Planet Earth it is vicious planet and no wander that outside intelligent life form do not want to contact us.
    While animals do not have many choices, humans no need to be carnivorous to have long, happy life.

  13. we must act now for we are entering the point of no return.. i myself have purchased thirty acres and am legally creating this land into a wildlife refuge eco community stewardship school.. a sanctuary fo serenity for all the species that call this land their home.. humans’ responsibility is to be stewards of this planet.. not suckers of all life

  14. Whose to blame?
    All of this devastation has been occurring – not due to overpopulation – due to a for-profit business model called the Corporation. (

    As long as there is profit in exploitation INC the BEAST will continue to exploit. While the BEAST may have highly paid “perception management” teams to make INC the BEAST look ‘socially responsible’, by design INC the BEAST will continue its psychopathic path of destruction (seeking quarterly profits) until there is nothing left.

    As corporations now appear to have more power than governments, this will not be easy. In fact it will require that CEO’s and Trustees for INC the BEAST wake up and accept that they too are only ‘human resources’ for a parasitic non-living ‘entity’ that cannot recognize the value of life (including theirs) – and never will. They are also going to experience a massive wake up call and differentiate between over population and for-profit EXPLOITATION.

  15. better future for our planet
    Though there are hardly a few around the world to take care about it, I am confident a better future is waiting for our planet. Science and issuer of science both are very near to complete their tenure.

  16. A world safe for professors of environmental scien
    Everyone in this short film looked really healthy and probably had good jobs, safe in some acedemic institution, possiblly with job security. They write a paper every once in a while, perhaps teach a few classes, tell the rest of us that we need to do without, in order to save the Octupuss, and life is good. What a bunch of new age do-do. Let me tell you that the rest of us, not safe behind the walls of some university, are scraping by, terrified of being in the next layoff. You have nice clothes, eat well (evidently too well, in the case of Mr. Leakey), probably have nice places to live, and cars to drive. When I see professors of environmental science stop wearing clothes from Macy’s, going to Wall Mart, driving cars and start living in Yerts, then perhaps I might start taking what they have to say somewhat seriously.

  17. Wacko

    Your full of sh*t !

  18. Re
    This looks like more of the same new age munbo jumbo. Blame me for your percieved “end of the world” that we have survived three times that I can remember in my lifetime.

  19. Barrie Leslie Konicov

    It’s Nabiru or Planet X or are you simply being lead around by false information. We are going into a pole shift which may happen within the next year.

  20. Beware the new religion. These are the same human hating, global warmist crowd that wants total global enslavement. Man is bad! He’s causing all this even though we have no evidence. We just say so… 🙁

  21. mass extinction?
    Before mans influence on nature, animals became extinct- it is the natural order of life on a living and changing Earth. The difference is when man does have an “unnatural” affect to cause extinctions by his greed, waste and foolishness. This is not to be mistaken by the “natural” affects man has.
    Overpopulation is the biggest problem, yet if we look close enough, the natural order of life also includes diseases, natural catastrophes and wars to clear out populations to keep it in check. This leaves waste and greed depending on how abundant it is.
    Truly the best senerio which could happen to the Earth is the extinction of man himself. How bad would that be, since man wouldn’t be around to notice anyway?
    Then again, the only creature on Earth which murders for no reason, is wasteful, is greedy, is corrupt, has an ego and destroys is Man. So is the situation as bad as this claims? Perhaps yes if there is more money to be made in claiming so?

  22. oh my….
    this is just more propaganda to push for a global government, the elites are trying all their manipulation weapons on us to just prepare us to accept what will soon be offered to us as the ultimate solution.

    What that solution is you ask? to own nothing, give all wealth and land to the all powerful global state(owned by the same people who have been promoting war and starvation for millenia), and become obedient slaves of a new world tyranny which will be some sort of global communism mixed with new age bullsh*t.

    Well done acharya for supporting them, you confused woman, you have been sucking their lies since the beginning.

    1. What paranoid planet do you live on? You are completely oblivious to the massive pollution in the world – do you live in a bubble in some pristine part of the world? Do tell, so we can all move there.

      Your absurd and insulting ad hom is a further reflection of your ignorance, as you quite obviously do not know me at all. The world is falling apart, and you’re in here making asinine remarks about someone don’t even know. And THAT kind of denial, accompanied by mindless insults of people who actually care, folks, is why we have THIS problem –









      Source: Mooi Milieu ([url][/url])

  23. “best senerio”
    “Truly the best senerio which could happen to the Earth is the extinction of man himself. “
    You 1st.
    Then we’ll consider evolution. Otherwise evolution through trial by survival.

    1. Wait a minute! It was my idea! You go first and I’ll hang around and make sure everyone complies. 😆 😆 😆 :whistle:

      Actually we all go sooner or later- what’s the difference. As it is said “All things shall come to pass”.

      I say we all try and fix any problems without hurting each other, condemning and end up hating everyone.

  24. Mr
    Ozone hole, I forgot about that one, Is this 1986?

  25. i know that already
    i know the disastrous state our world is in, i know who are to blame, and i know what they want. Do you want to see the same ones who brought all the horrible contamination, injustice, poverty and war sitting at the throne of a global government? Do you think im paranoid? world leaders(corrupt to the spine btw) are calling for a world government in unison, this is not a conspiracy theory darling, its gone mainstream a while ago and you are just another “useful idiot” (not my term dint take it personally) for their agenda.

  26. People are strange
    It is not easy to grasp the fact that the world is going in the wrong direction and that this road leads to the end of mankind. Who would want to believe that? Well, obviously not people here that call themself Charles Darwin, RJames, Konicov, meat, …

    For these people the thruth is just too hard to grasp. But what is to expect from people who say that “we need to annihiliate 99% of the subhuman negroids, Chinese, and filthy Indians.”

    The post by Janusz E Starkel was actually quite funny though — “Save the whales – I do not think that the plankton they eat want to save the whales”. That’s hilarious!

    But I think the #1 prize has to go to Justin, who informs us about:

    “The latest buzz is that this giant planet is closing in on our solar system to make its reappearance for the third time in written history. Nuburu could easily pull apart a planet like earth should this monster pass too closely, but nobody knows what too closely is.” and continues by exceeding himself with:

    “One last thought, the power, like the Hadron Collider, that mankind is now unleashing could not only destroy this lovely planet, but the Milky Way or worse. Just a quick science lesson the God Particle is infinitely fast and when IT slows down to 186,000 miles per second this particle becomes qualitative and quantitative. In other words, the particle can be observed! Me thinks mankind had better back off from this ONE or the true Apocalypse is inevitable. “

    Watch out for the black holes, boys and girls …

  27. Permaculture as a solution?
    Permaculture as defined by Midwest Permaculture;

    Progessive, indeed.

    See also Hantz Farms;

    I think quite a few people will get cought in the crunch when It becomes
    to expensive to oil all the machines. Even “agricultural” states like indiana
    Import a great deal of food to satisfy the demands of the people of that state. With few exceptions, food in america is corporate farm food, made with the cheapest ingredients and the least amount of labor. It is produced to be profitable for the corporate interests (and the share holders rejoiced!).
    The logistical nightmare of food production located miles from its distribution centers ought to give pause.
    What is to be done when food is no longer profitable to ship by truck?
    How will the great cities be fed? And how will the small communitys react?
    I think the idea of establishing food forrests inside of every community to be a good idea.

  28. one thing i can say is yourr site does not show anything that criticizes the jews

    1. First of all, I don’t criticize any group of people such as “the Jews.” I criticize [i]ideologies [/i]- apparently this crucially vital distinction is difficult for people to understand.

      Secondly, if you were to say that I don’t criticize the ideology that causes Jews to behave badly, you would be quite wrong. Evidently you did not even do a site search before coming to your erroneous conclusion.

      Thirdly, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with Jews, but I understand that there is a slew of ne’er-do-wells who obsess over Jews and who make anti-Jew remarks no matter what the subject is.

  29. Time to give up0 or fight?
    Why all the fuss? The banking oligarchs have been rulling for centuries, and maybe now are reaching their desired end. People are afraid, and fear means defeat. So stock up on food to survive a few more months once the world sickens and pukes; at that point it will be our turn to roll over one final time and find our end.

  30. These people are nuts.
    Don’t people realize that more animals are extinct than are alive.
    Why do people believe that the world is not supposed to change?
    Next they will say it is Global Warming. LOL 👿
    I just love to hear these idiots, ” It’s all Man’s fault.” IDIOTS !!
    More emissions are emitted from one ( 1 ) volcano in a year than from all human activity combined.
    Wake up people, ( YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO ! )
    Just how much CO2 is released from the ( underwater ) volcanoes every year that is absolutely impossible to measure.
    Carbon tax is a lie. Global Warming is a lie.
    The war on terror is a lie. WMD is a lie.
    You Are Being Lied To Sheeple.

    1. Yeah right, there’s nothing manmade about all the garbage and pollution in the pictures I included above – or the water shortages or chemical pollution that’s destroying the male gender.

      Our activity is having no adverse effect on the environment – it’s all a big scam. Are you sure it’s not the Jews?

  31. hello again Acharya S
    A great if frustrating to watch video .but we exist in a society where corporations and banks (money ) have hijacked our governments of the people .. a corporation with the legal right,s of a citizen ,yet with no soul or conscience , whose only directive is profit , not people , nature , nothing but profit … they call the shots and that’s why nothing can stop them ,,, well okay 2 things maybe , a complete planet wide consciousness awaking , where everybody just tells them , NO , that’s it , your done here … I personally like that idea .. Or the other side is stand up revolution to the corporation,s and as our governments have been hijacked by said multinationals , that would entail them as well .. Now by just saying that I have endangered myself , as just publically or privately saying stand up to your governments is now illegal and in fact you are now in so called terrorist country ,,, and don’t tell me this ant true , just check out CNN over last few weeks ,, people arrested and branded terrorists because they talked about it , did nothing ,TALKED… okay got that of my chest .
    acharya s I want to tell you what this man does while watching and waiting for the above two option,s to happen..
    I live in a very special part of the planet , yea its all special , but where i live its rare , there are only 2 other temperate rainforests on the planet … Its so warm from all the rain , there are no winter,s even though the rest of the continent can be in a deep freeze .. and with all that rain and warmth , the tree,s can grow , not just big , huge and ancient , so very old , tree,s that were beginning to grow a 1000 years before the european invasion ..can you imagine the profit in a tree that is 25 feet wide at the base and that was just average size , not one of the really big ones , you should see the size of some of the stumps iv seen !!!! , I say was ,because they have cut it all down , clear cut all of it … there are maybe a couple thousand left ,here and there in little pockets that the logger,s missed .and In a few parks … and every day as the logging trucks roll though town , every once in a while Ill see where they found one … , and all for freaking money . It burdens my soul to see it all happen right in front of me , So what i have done is tree plant , yup , iv personally planted just under 250,000 tree,s as a professional tree planter over 9 years , plus I ran crews over 5 years and we planted millions , yet , I hope you see the irony , I was working for the very company,s that had to be forced legally to replant what they took ..
    for my part now ,these days I have chosen to be a steward , yup all self appointed and all … A few years back I found one of those little islands of ancient rainforest ,maybe a hundred or so grand mothers
    hidden away on a little switchback on a river , a river that used to be full of salmon , not anymore ,clear cutting and streambeds don’t seem to work together that well ,anyway , I’m not going to just stand by this time if they find them….
    yikes first i’m a terrorist then a eco-terrorist . anyway my intention was to just let you know i feel your pain and respect you for putting yourself in the firing line of intolerance and sigh,, (ignorance )
    ho kan ahau

  32. WAKE UP and smell the coughee!
    Dear Acharya,
    Made some changes to my reply. I request that this latest reply could replace my previous hurriedly typed one.
    Let’s get some basic facts right before wild generalisations are made on who is culpable and who should be annihilated.
    There are hundreds if not thousands of human indigenous populations (HIPs) living in the world unchanged and in peace with their immediate environment for millennia.
    These HIPs have not treated their environments like masters do their slaves, but as caring trustees so far.
    These HIPs have for the most part followed a nature based culture and have worshipped the natural forces in various forms.
    The last millennium has seen the ascendance of the Middle Eastern cults of Jesus and Mohammed -bloodthirstily ravage the world, killing and converting the native faith people. Combine this with the hydrocarbon based industrial revolution and corporate capitalism, and the result is a mindset where there is diktat from “GOD” or GREED to enjoy and exploit all living and non living matter on land, air, and in water for the “benefit” of “children of GOD” or for supernormal profit. Consequences to societies and ecology be damned.
    The consumerist societies which are now forming all over the world as result of copying the descendants of the crusading occupying forces of the British, French, Spanish, and the USA etc do not have the same trusteeship for their ecosystems as was the case earlier. Ancient common knowledge about water conservation, medicinal herbs, living in harmony with nature has withered away to a large extent.
    Corporate profit and diabolical science (technology in the hands of the fundamentalists and delusionsts of the Jesus and Mohammad cults) have created a disjoint between what is sustainably good for the earth and its peoples as a whole, and what serves the corporations and the delusionist monotheistic governments of the 1st world.
    In reply to the absurd statement that 99% of the Negroid, Chinese and ” filthy Indians” must be annihilated, I must point out how annihilation has helped in the past.
    1. Annihilation of the pagan populations of Europe and the libraries of Alexandria (one small example) has resulted in an almost complete stagnation of learning – the dark ages for almost two thousand years.
    2. The examples of the Spanish, Portuguese British trader/invaders of the last few hundred years who have played havoc amongst the native populations social structure and village/forest based barter economies. En masse genocide and death due to disease and starvation as also annihilation of the libraries of ancient wisdom (example of the Maya, Inca) has devastated these civilizations. Whole forests have been converted to monoculture plantations and exotic species have been introduce in the native ecosystems thus wiping out thousands of indigenous species which could not have had any adaptivity for defence against sudden invasive species. The filthy urban slums one sees in third world countries is the direct result of self sufficient and sustainable village and forest based populations per force having to eventually migrate and put up in urban ghettos and slums because of the plunder and profit policies of the invading crusaders all these past few hundred years.
    3. The annihilation of the native Red Indian populations of the Americas and Negroid of Africa has resulted in bounty for the descendants of the invaders in the form of land, natural resources. This bounty has made the European occupiers rich beyond their wildest dreams. But the circle of vice is now complete and the bad karma has caught up with the unsustainable lifestyles completely out of synch with nature.
    4. The annihilation of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to claim “Japan for Christ” before the commie Russians could take over in the 2nd world war has resulted in Japan following the USA in an unsustainable lifestyle of wastefulness, and developing a contempt for its own past culture of eco-friendly living, in tune with nature and the seasons. Ditto with the South Koreans and Philippines and Vietnam to name only a few.
    The short cut has been to annihilate, to take over for Christ and for profit, and to teach the natives to hate their own past if not to forget it altogether, and supplant instead the Christ delusion and the greed of the occupiers in the hearts of the HIPs.

    Now to get down to the real facts: the per capita carbon footprint (carbon dioxide emission) of the USA is at least 10 times that of the “filthy Indian” and at least 3 to 4 times that of the Chinese.
    The filth generated by the 1st world economies is to a large extent dumped into landfills and the seas and not composted or recycled. Nature recycles everything it produces. In that context one can say that the Americans are the filthiest people on this planet. The rest of the developed countries are second on the list, and the copycat populations of the developing worlds will catch up soon.

    Now one is discovering that mobile phone microwave emitting towers cause birds and bees to lose bearing and perish. No one can imagine how mobile communications will be able to help us in the absence of cross pollination of plants and trees in the absence of bees. THERE WILL BE NO FOOD IN THE ABSENCE OF BEES. Remember the domino effect.
    This is not to scare anybody, but a clarion call to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COUGHEE (pun intended). To quote from that great scary fairy tale the Bible” WHERE THERE IS NO VISION, THE PEOPLE PERISH”. The mass extinctions of whole species and populations which took place over millions of years will now happen right before our eyes in our own lifetimes in ultra fast forward mode of a nightmare movie called unsustainable greedy technological progress.

    Maybe ‘modern civilization’ will have to renamed ‘madrun see-evil I soon’, where corporations, instead of mankind, hold the key to genetic manipulation and consequent profits, but there are no markets because there are no people anymore.

    My closing statement is an appeal to annihilate only the mindset and the lifestyles that got us into this mess in the first place. We must understand that we are all on this one beautiful ship called MOTHER EARTH as humans who have to cooperate and go back to sustainable lifestyles, if we are to pass on quality living to the future generations. COOPERATION AND TRUSTEESHIP as opposed to corporations and greed are the keywords.

    1. But you are fogetting something. These indigenous people are not multiplying 10-fold, 100-fold or a 1000-fold.

      Believe me, if they did (like the rest of the world) their environment would be just as wrecked and ruined as ours.

  33. We destroy because our god is Jehovah
    What exactly is god? How does our viewpoint of god(s) affect how we interact with the world. What is a meme, what are memeplexes? How are god memes transferred from one mind to another? How do the neural pathways in the brain respond to repetition of a monotheistic war god during religious indoctrination?

    I think these are important questions that should be addressed if we want to save the planet because the way we treat what is outside of ourselves has everything to do with what we be trained to think as reality.

    Is it possible to describe god as an [i]outpicturing[/i] of our self, our inner most wishes and intentions? Maybe god is us. Jehovah is a war god, a projection of one tribe psychosis, a tribe at war with all other tribes. If a mind is indoctrinated into the Judeo Christian Muslim memeplexes then that person is at war, with everyone else, with everything outside of itself, including the planet.

    So I think what Acharya S is doing is extremely important. We have to examine our belief systems and decide if we are going to continue being Christians, Jews, Muslims or are we going to create and adopt a whole new paradigm, one that promotes life over destroying it. We need a program that affirms life. No more Jehovah.

    It is becoming very clear we need new rituals, holidays, beliefs, myths. We really really need to grow up and set aside our war god mentality if we want to save ourselves and our earth home.

    [i]”The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”[/i] — Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion)

  34. Ecosophy — deep ecology
    Many years ago I read a book written by Arne Naess (, and I believe it changed forever the way I view the world and this planet. I’m not sure that I should be grateful to him for that, because it made me a convinced pessimist, convinced that mankind is steadily heading towards natures and mankinds very own destruction.

    Then a couple of years ago I read the book Collaps, by Jared Diamond. In Collaps, he asks himself what the man (or woman) thought when he (or she) cut down the last tree at Easter Island. Why didn’t anyone see what was coming, why did’nt anyone say “Stop!”.

    The civilization on Easter Island, like som many other covilizations that went down and perished, did so because its people cut down too many trees. Without trees, the soil erodes, and with that starvation awaits the people who start wars over the scarce resources, killing each other, and — eating each other for food.

    Interestingly, in Japan, the Shogun saw what was about to happen and was wise enough, and powerful enough, to ban the cutting of trees. Today, Japan has got more trees per capita than any other nation in the world. Japan doesn’t use their own trees for wood — no, they import it — from Australia!

    Yes, the book Collaps has also had a profound impact on me… it made me understand the important basics, but I am still a convinced pessimistic. If you haven’t read it, read it!

    Recently, I have read yet another book. This one, The Spirit Level, by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Picket, actually explains the role of equality and unequality, and the effect on people in the world. The hard evidence based scientific findings based on scientific research over the past 30 years, proves beyond any doubt the importance of equality – and explains a lot of what we see is happening in the world today.

    The Spirit Level has convinced me that there is a way out of this destructive behaviour, that the future perhaps isn’t that pitch dark after all. It gave me a bit of optimism back again. Read it — it’s a must! Or at least, check out:

    Now, before I have bored you all stiff, I just want to end this post by saying that “Sanningsläraren” Acharya also is affecting me in a positive way and, I hope, all of you.

    Keep up the good work, Acharya!

  35. Give ya three guess who I blame
    At the risk of sounding sexist….I blame the patriarch.
    And the sad truth of the matter is all this can be changed, although some damage may be irriversable… at least in our life time…or a few generations… possibly hundreds.

    I know, I sound sexist to the patriarchal minds set, but let me remind you, that the partriarchal mind set is destroying males at a rapid rate, and I for one do NOT want to see that happen! I happen to love my son and husband very much, thank you!

    The truth of the matter is patriarchy is unnatural, and inorder to validate itself it must destroy the truth and the truth is that women and nature go hand in hand, and is the source of all. The patriarch has done everything in its power to dominate and destroy the life giving forces to create an artificial male utopia based soley on male creativity, and because in this world he will never be able to bring forth real flesh, and only non-living materials, he will destroy it. In his delusion of male supremacy he has created another world apart from the real one, where only men create life, and without women. So, no worries about this one, we have a bigger and better place.

    The sooner we all realize that woman are the answer, the sooner we can get back creating societies based on female principles of mother/infant and healthy male/female bonds where ALL life is respected.

    1. Sad to say, Amy, but you are more correct than most would suppose. When you read Barbara G. Walker’s forthcoming book Man Made God ([url][/url]), which I edited and am publishing, you will see how spot-on is this suggestion that the overly patriarchal, male-dominant cultus of the past 3,000 or more years is a significant cause of our decline.

      The basic female-male, yin-yang balance was lost long ago. We are out of harmony, obviously.

      Oddly enough, our polluting ways are causing fewer boys to be male, and those who are frequently ending up feminized, with smaller genitalia and so on, as the video above so frighteningly highlights.

  36. Survival of humanity
    My comment is not in response to the previous one, but rather to the our larger challenge of survival in a world run by big corporations which have just been given the right to spend as much as they like on political campaigns.

    I would suggest that we are in the Emergency Room right now, and we must help the most recent patient who is bleeding the most, i.e. the wounded of September 11th. If this matter is not resolved, there will be no opportunity to deal with the problem of male fertility, or lack of water because those responsible for this dastardly deed will remain in positions of power to unleash more havoc on the world.
    At YouTiube see 9/11 COINCIDENCES and become involved. An event such as 9/11 only happens once in ten lifetimes. We cannot allow it to remain unsolved.
    See also

  37. Acharya,

    All these man-made chemicals and drugs are just bad and I think they are doing more harm than good. I would LOVE to see more studies on the medicinal values of plants and herbs!

    I am working on getting my BA in early American women’s history and gender studies. And of course, you can’t get away from learning a thing or two about the Native American women(thnx to Sally Roesch Wagner) and their madicinal practices, even for birthcontrol. If more Dr.’s and scientist took herbalism a little more seriously, we might be able to really cure some things, instead of just “treat” them. If They would really study the tree barks many indigenous and matriarchal women use as birthcontrol, and make it common knowledge for all girls, maybe we could slow down the population expolsion, and clear out some of that man-made estrogen that pollutes our waters(amung other things). But , the priest hood of medicine won’t let that happen, cuz it comes from nature, not them, and they can’t have medicine falling in the hands of laypeople. How ever will they be able to exploit and make top profits, if that happens??

    I also watched a documentary on national geographic or one of those learning chanels..Anywho, it was about the disapearing male, and the possiblity of an all female human race. They were saying that females are evolving to procreate on their own. Not real sure how that is going to work out for us, if it is possible, but it is hard to fathom a world without little boys running around getting into EVERYTHING. And it is quite possible that many great discoveries were the result of mothers chasing their sons around trying to keep them out of trouble. lol

    Dr. Bryan Sykes from the university of Oxford and a professor of human genetics wrote a book about the disapearing male as well.

    It’s a great read and on Mary Daly’s list of recommended books.

  38. Let’s make some more plastic crap that no one needs, lets shove enough food in our face to feed a family of five. We market anything we think will sell and we waste resources at a unbelievable rate. We fill the world with illegitamate children that are not cared for and at the end we’ll stand around like a bunch of dumbfounded dipsh*ts asking why?
    We let corporations lay waste to the land and let the filthy rich do as they please. Everything about this world is wrong and we deserve to be terminated. We speak of God and worship money, we fill the world with unwanted children because a book tells us it’s the right thing to do. We don’t place laws on stupidity, greed, waste, glutony, abuse and treasonous behavior. We let one percent of the world population sh*t on the remaining 99 percent. Controled by the media, poverty, corporate rules and the government, we will be marched into oblivion in the name of profit.

  39. Global Peacebuilding Strategy
    Hi there,

    I am currently writing a paper on how the mass extinction we are facing now fits into a broader issue of global suffering. The realization that we are all interconnected can help us come together on the issue of species preservation (including the humankind). Understanding that every single action we do today changes the world forever is one step in recognizing the long chain of events that is triggered every time we think, say, or do anything.

    For those of you truly concerned about the state of the world, the answer must begin with yourself. Find peace within yourself, believe peace and betterment is possible, and begin to act from a stance of compassion. We are all-too preoccupied with our daily minutiae that we hardly ever take a look outside our egocentric bubbles to observe the disturbing reality that is. However, we cannot let this ugliness discourage us; it is only through apathy that such destruction has been allowed to occur.

    Please, I would love to be in contact with anyone who is willing to put their mind to work to tackle these tough issues. The time for criticism, violence, and negativity is over. It is time to act, to share, to collaborate, and to love.

    Over the course of the summer I’ll be creating a wiki page, so anyone can contribute to global peacebuilding strategies. The topic of mass extinction is certainly a factor in this. I encourage you to contact me, to stay positive, and to continue learning and sharing these ideas with others.

    All the best and peace be with you.

  40. Enviroment
    How strange that all the very things that are being put into the media about “…overfishing of our oceans deforestation, over population, sperm count low, air pollution, global warming, can be found in the Iron mountain report that was constructed in 1966.
    We are told it was a Hoax, but when you read the report it shows, all of it was planned. see
    We can see the chemtrails cover the planet, almost every day, is this how they have created global dimming,(warming?)
    What are Govenments for, if not to protect and guide its people, Over fishing could have been stopped by any of the world Governements in there own country as could deforestation, pollution etc, concealed from sight, a mastermind group pull the strings.Its up to the people, to become aware of the greater picture.

    1. Governments are for building roads and providing law enforcement– not “protecting people” That is OUR job. Stop being a little child and get up and protect yourself and your family.
      Protect them from other people. Provide for them. That’s YOUR job– not government’s.

  41. RE: “World in Collision with Mass Extinction”
    Acharya, here’s something, in keeping with your article, that I have held since the 1970’s that I would like to share:

    [b]GENESIS . . . last chapter[/b]

    In the end,
    There was Earth, and it was with form and beauty.
    And Man dwelt upon the lands of the Earth, among the meadows and the trees, and he said,
    “Let us build our dwellings in this place of beauty.”
    And he built cities and covered the Earth with concrete and steel.
    And the meadows were gone.
    And Man said, “It is good.”

    On the second day, Man looked upon the waters of the Earth.
    And Man said, “Let us put our wastes into the waters,
    That the dirt will be washed away.”
    And Man did.
    And the waters became polluted and foul in their smell.
    And Man said, “It is good.”

    On the third day, Man looked upon the forests of the Earth
    And saw that they were beautiful.
    And Man said, “Let us cut the timber for our homes and grind the wood for our use.”
    And Man did.
    And the lands became barren and the trees were gone.
    And Man said, “It is good.”

    On the fourth day, Man saw that animals were in abundance
    And ran in the fields and played in the sun.
    And Man said, “Let us cage these animals for our amusement and kill them for our sport.”
    And Man did.
    And there were no more animals on the face of the Earth.
    And Man said, “It is good.”

    On the fifth day, Man breathed the sweet air of the Earth.
    And Man said, “Let us dispose of our wastes into the air
    So the winds might blow them away.”
    And Man did.
    And the air became filled with the smoke and the fumes could not be blown away.
    And the air became heavy with dust, and choked and burned.
    And Man said, “It is good.”

    On the sixth day, Man saw himself, in skins of many colors;
    And speaking many tongues and languages, and Man feared.
    And that which he feared, he hated.
    And Man said, “Let us build great machines of war and destroy these, lest they destroy us.”
    And Man built great machines, and the Earth was fired with the rage of great wars.
    And Man said, “It is good.”

    On the seventh day, Man rested from his labors
    And the Earth was still,
    For Man no longer dwelt upon the Earth.
    And it was good.

    — Kenneth Ross —

    pax vobiscum

  42. The Chemtrails are going to do a nice job of wiping out human & animals..I bet you canot see anything..Start looking and you will find the answers you are looking for..Don’t listen to anyone but yourself..
    WELL ,Get Started

  43. Learn The Truth
    Greetings of peace and wisdom! My decision is to post ways to help preserve what we have left of planet Earth. Do you know? It is [u]not[/u] ours, but Yahweh’s! “The earth is Yahweh’s and the fulness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein.”
    Psalm 24:1 Original Hebrew In fact, He wants us to preserve it!
    We can read about it in His book the Bible.
    It’s the B.I.B.L.E. = Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth
    [u]Shalom[/u] to all who love Yahweh, His Son Yahshua, and love this world enough to help save it! 🙂

    1. 4Yashuah
      Shalom to you too, and to all, regardless of whom they love.

      I can only repeat what I’ve previously said – "One hand working, is worth a thousand clasped in prayer."

      Use your Bible to level your coffee table leg and begin recycling, conserving water and electricity, walking more and driving less, and consciously and continually searching for new ways to renew the planet – plant trees, lobby Congress, do whatever it takes to bequeath a better Earth to our descendants.

      Once you’ve done all of that, by all means, thank any god of your choice for giving you the wisdom to choose work over prayer.

      pax vobiscum,


    2. Oh, shut up.

  44. The party is over by September 21, 2042
    The human species will become extinct in 2042.

    The cause – wars unleashing genetically modified germ weapons
    will kill everyone off.

    Humans will leave without a whimper, and the other
    species will hardly notice.

    1. Why 2042? Is that the plan? How about derailing it?

  45. Nephilim coming!!!!
    Nibiru is real all the ancients say it is,The Rothschild nephilim bankers are waiting for the return ofApollyon ,they will say they created us and blaspheme the most high God ,Jesus is Lord ,

  46. too late for most plants and animals
    I doubt the modern man can adapt to the new set of circumstances that faces him today. He believes that he can trust things to last that he’s based his life on. Ideas that have outlived there time.

    He, our current average western human, doesn’t have an ability to deal with the new set of circumstances that are occurring.

    He doesn’t care that life is getting extinct every place on earth exposed to man and his toxic dumping.

    He cares only for his goals, his ambition and what he can get with his pay check. That is where he has placed his energy.

    If that all goes away, the goal, the need to be ambitious and a pay check, then maybe he will awaken from his Rockefeller/Rothschlid induced laxity.

    He will probably just get very angry. Rage is the new unhelpful result.

  47. What did I do, pray tell?
    Acharya, I agree with 99% of what you say, but why is it somehow MY fault that there is pollution in this world? That landfills are filling up (a fallacy) with toxic waste, and that the oceans, rivers and ponds that are being polluted is implicitly MY fault, that if only [i]I[/i] didn’t watch too much TV (none), or focused on sports (yes, a distraction) that things would not be in the state they are in?
    There are suppressed technologies that have been in existence for decades now, that don’t pollute, and don’t cause the oceans to be boiling away like they are now(yuk), and which satisfy the needs of all the world. Yes, they are in existence; I believe that you should dig into this Acharya, because your research on other stuff is unrelenting and objective. [br]BTW we are headed to an ice age– not “global warming”. But please look into “suppressed energies”. You’ll find garbage, of course, but all but hidden in that mass of awful junk, as usual, is the thread of truth. There are ways to run all the automobiles and trucks in the world without using ANY fossil fuels– I have been researching this myself– and which are totally “sustainable” (I’m starting to HATE that buzzword. I hear people using it just to sound intelligent; instead, they come off like intellectuals. ew…). [br]
    BTW we are headed to an ice age– not “global warming”.

    A movie that came out in 2009 hit the nail on the head. It’s called Moon, and it is about the mining of Helium3 which is trapped in the rocks there. I say that this is exactly what’s being done there right now. He3 is used in nuclear fission engines which propel rockets like the TR–3, which is a space vehicle that just takes off like a plane and accelerates to speeds which take it out of our gravity well. It is the next, NEXT generation shuttle. (What a rickety old piece of junk THAT is). More on that later…
    And you CAN run a car on water. I have gotten my engines running on the hydrogen which is produced in large quantities using a pulse circuit and high amperage/low voltage. There was a valiant effort by TDC to discredit this idea, and it fell flat, because guys like me ARE doing it, regardless of what the the 2 gay “Mythbusters” say. “I heard it on the INTERNET, man!”

  48. neolibequlsplndr

    Plunder is groundless
    None of us must givein to ‘Collapse’. It is true that if any of us believes in the partial irradication of the human population they themselves must go as evidence.
    And remember, violence is inflationary-it doesnt help to ‘break things down’. Our problems will increase if violence ensues(sp). Look at Mogadishu, Somalia where after the dumping of toxic waste and overfishing for decades approx 7,000 murders occured in 2007. Maybe Corporation benefited from this, no. And of course there were others factors that contributed to the collapse(circa 1991)
    For example, one concrete way to fight our BIG problem is to fight the banks. DEregulation is bad for all humanity, it is plunder itself. And as written above, Plunder IS groundless. Take care, people.

  49. I think Pres. Reagan said it best when he asked the people of the world, what would happen if an alien race attacked the earth. How many nations would come together, despite there differences, to save the world? My question is, why does it have to come to something so drastic as alien domination to save the world?

  50. Here’s my two cents. I dont care if climate change is real or not, because fossil fuel will run out soon enough to make that a non issue. So what do I do about that? Well, I have added 18 solar panels to my house, reduced grid energy usage, grow some food in my back garden, buy responsibly, educate myself about global food production and food plant species loss, and recycle recycle recycle. Why ? Fossil fuels are disappearing and I am trying to not be so dependent on them. That is all. I dont know if climate change is real or not and I am not interested. Look at the graphs of food production vs fossil fuel use vs arable land vs species loss. The math is terrifying.

    If all the roof space in Australia were covered with solar panels enough electricity would be produced to cover all demand across the entire country.

  51. Tory Burch Outlet

    i like it very much,

  52. Who cares?
    Whenever I read about these end-time events and environmentalism antics I can’t help but chuckle. Human beings have such a minor impact on this planet’s future, it’s not worth worrying about! If we were gone tomorrow, the earth would go on, regenerate itself and life in one form or another would thrive again. What sheer arrogance it is for people to worry about these issues.

    Saving a plastic bag or bottle for the sake of recycling it to save the planet is just downright silly! Grow up for crying out loud! Now, I’m not saying trash the place or ruin it beyond repair. Not at all. All I’m saying is there must be a reasonable balance between responsible use of the planet’s resources and the wants and needs of human beings. We’ve allowed the nutcases too much lattitude to control most aspects of human existance by overreaching government and neurotic activism. In my travels, I’ve found that most rabid environmentalists are those with too much time on their hands or too much money to keep them busy.

    Most of us are busy caring and providing for our families, friends and communities. We need crude oil to power vehicles until we can come up with something practical. Is this feasible? I don’t know, but I will say that we will require crude for the forseeable future as it not only provides us with fuel, but with plastics, chemicals, medicines, and millions of finished products we use in our everyday lives. Those in government who try to curtail oil exploration and development are doing a severe disservice to our people and nation. Face it. We are an industrial economy and we cannot turn the clock back to an earlier era without losing the countless benefits that science, business and industry has been able to provide us especially after World War II.

    Perhaps the most important element to keep in mind is our own individual mortality. We all live for a relatively short period and we don’t know for certain what is beyond for us and those we love. With the exploding birth rates of highly ignorant people all over the planet, and with the decline of intelligent families, I am fairly certain the growing masses of dummies will not give a whit about “saving the environment” while they are busy looking for food to feed themselves.

    Only those with full stomachs have time to worry about irrational environmental concerns. To the rest of us in our later years, we really could care less. We want to live out the remainder of our lives out in relative peace and comfort. Those who follow us will have to find their own path. In other words, adopt a reasonable attitude in balancing man’s needs and nature, enjoy life to it’s fullest and forget all this time-consuming and non-producting babbling!

    1. Dieter Maurice Pizarro

      Caring about our planet
      I disagree with you on this comment you said, if I may quote you. ” We need crude oil to power vehicles until we can come up with something practical. Is this feasible? I don’t know, but I will say that we will require crude for the forseeable future as it not only provides us with fuel, but with plastics, chemicals, medicines, and millions of finished products we use in our everyday lives. Those in government who try to curtail oil exploration and development are doing a severe disservice to our people and nation. Face it. We are an industrial economy and we cannot turn the clock back to an earlier era without losing the countless benefits that science, business and industry has been able to provide us especially after World War II.” Please watch this video called the Story of Stuff or buy the book by Annie Leonard. Oil will be our demise as a species if we don’t get off quick. Oil pollutes, causes wars, and is becoming expensive due to shortages. They are proven energy alternatives that aren’t being utilizes to maximum due to the oil companies monopoly on energy. Plastic is a toxin that is contaminating our soil and getting into the water table, we have alternatives. We have to stop living in the past with old ideas and bring forth new ideas for this new age we live in today. Let’s stop being selfish and work on a sustainable future, not just for us but for our children.

  53. Dieter Maurice Pizarro

    The other day at work I was talking to 1 of my co-workers, who was talking to another worker. He was carrying a christian book. I told him I was reading a book on my kindle called “Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization by Lester R. Brown.” One of them told me, “I have a plan A, which is going to heaven.” We started having conversation/debate over religion and how the world is going through so much crisis due to environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, topsoil erosion, water shortages, etc. Economic issues such as debt, oil consumption, corruption, sustainability issues. I told them there are solutions to these problems but, they were more concerned about being with Jesus. I pointed this out to them that they are more concerned about death then living life and making a difference. What is wrong with loving the Earth and it’s inhabitants?

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