What does the Koran say about women?

Following are pertinent quotes from the Koran/Quran regarding women, from the Dawood translation with the side-by-side Arabic. At the bottom of this post appear the sahih or authorized translations from Quran.com, saying essentially the same things, although Dawood is more literal, direct and blunt. Below is also a summary of the koranic view of women, as well as relevant videos by Muslim authorities, expressing a very typical attitude towards women. Please note that millions of children worldwide are forced to learn these koranic scriptures by memory. Note also that women are likewise repeatedly addressed in the hadiths or Islamic sayings and deeds of the Muslim prophet Mohammed/Muhammad. The various hadiths that are supposed to be followed by Muslims are called “sunnah.”

Women in the Koran

“They ask you about menstruation. Say: ‘It is an indisposition. Keep aloof from women during their menstrual periods and do not approach them until they are clean again; when they are clean, have intercourse with them whence God enjoined you….'” Quran 2:222, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 34

“Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please.” Quran 2:223, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 34

“Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.” Quran 4:34, “Women,” Dawood, p. 83

“A male shall inherit twice as much as a female.” Quran 4:11, “Women,” Dawood, p. 77

“Call in two male witnesses from among you, but if two men cannot be found, then one man and two women whom you judge fit to act as witnesses…” Quran 2:282, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 47

“Women shall with justice have rights similar to those exercised against them, although men have a status above women.” Quran 2:228, Dawood, p. 35

“If you fear that you cannot treat [orphan girls] with fairness, then you may marry other women who seem good to you: two, three, or four of them. But if you fear that you cannot maintain equality among them, marry one only or any slave-girl you may own.” Quran 4:3, “Women,” Dawood, p. 76

“If you are in doubt concerning those of your wives who have ceased menstruating, know that their waiting period shall be three months. The same shall apply to those [of your wives] who have not yet menstruated.” Quran 65:4, “Divorce,” Dawood, p. 557 [Dawood notes: “On account of their young age. Child marriages were common.”]

“[Forbidden to you are] married women, except those whom you own as slaves.” Quran 4:24, “Women,” Dawood, p. 81

“You shall not wed pagan women, unless they embrace the Faith. A believing slave-girl is better than an idolatress, although she may please you. Nor shall you wed idolaters, unless they embrace the Faith.” Quran 2:221, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 34.

“Enjoin believing women to turn their eyes away from temptation and to preserve their chastity; not to display their adornments (except such as are normally revealed); to draw their veils over their bosoms and not to display their finery except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their step-sons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women-servants, and their slave-girls; male attendants lacking in natural vigour, and children who have no carnal knowledge of women. And let them not stamp their feet when walking so as to reveal their hidden trinkets.” Quran 24:31, “Light,” Dawood, p. 352

“Wives of the Prophet, you are not like other women. If you fear God, do not be too complaisant in your speech, lest the lecherous-hearted should lust after you. Show discretion in what you say. Stay in your homes and do not display your finery as women used to in the days of ignorance.” Quran 33:32-3, Dawood, p. 421 [The “days of ignorance” refer to pre-Islamic times.]

Summary of Koranic quotes regarding women

Menstruating women are unclean, and men must stay away from them. Women are men’s “fields,” and men can have sex with them whenever they want. Men are superior to women and have authority over them, while women must obey men or risk being beaten. A woman is worth one-half of a man, and men are above women. Muslim men may marry up to four wives, including prepubescent girls, and can own sex slaves. Muslims are not allowed to marry non-Muslims, unless the latter convert to Islam. Women must cover themselves and be seen only by relatives, eunuchs, slaves and children who have not yet had sex with women.

The Koran also contains more equitable commentary on women, although these verses are widely ignored, even or especially in Islamic/sharia law and particularly by “radical” or devout Muslims such as the Taliban, Wahhabis, Salafis and Iranian Shiites. Even in these “equitable” verses the attitude is retained that women are inferior to and possessions of men, to be treated accordingly. Whether or not a master is exhorted to be kind, fair and just to his slaves, the fact of their slavery remains.

For the Arabic and Sahih/authorized translations of these passages, see:

Q 2:222: “And they ask you about menstruation. Say, ‘It is harm, so keep away from wives during menstruation. And do not approach them until they are pure. And when they have purified themselves, then come to them from where Allah has ordained for you. Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.'”


Q 2:223: “Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.”


Q 4:34: “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.”


Q 4:11: “Allah instructs you concerning your children: for the male, what is equal to the share of two females. But if there are [only] daughters, two or more, for them is two thirds of one’s estate. And if there is only one, for her is half. And for one’s parents, to each one of them is a sixth of his estate if he left children. But if he had no children and the parents [alone] inherit from him, then for his mother is one third. And if he had brothers [or sisters], for his mother is a sixth, after any bequest he [may have] made or debt. Your parents or your children – you know not which of them are nearest to you in benefit. [These shares are] an obligation [imposed] by Allah . Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.”


Q 2:282: “O you who have believed, when you contract a debt for a specified term, write it down. And let a scribe write [it] between you in justice. Let no scribe refuse to write as Allah has taught him. So let him write and let the one who has the obligation dictate. And let him fear Allah , his Lord, and not leave anything out of it. But if the one who has the obligation is of limited understanding or weak or unable to dictate himself, then let his guardian dictate in justice. And bring to witness two witnesses from among your men. And if there are not two men [available], then a man and two women from those whom you accept as witnesses – so that if one of the women errs, then the other can remind her. And let not the witnesses refuse when they are called upon. And do not be [too] weary to write it, whether it is small or large, for its [specified] term. That is more just in the sight of Allah and stronger as evidence and more likely to prevent doubt between you, except when it is an immediate transaction which you conduct among yourselves. For [then] there is no blame upon you if you do not write it. And take witnesses when you conclude a contract. Let no scribe be harmed or any witness. For if you do so, indeed, it is [grave] disobedience in you. And fear Allah . And Allah teaches you. And Allah is Knowing of all things.”


Q 2:228: “Divorced women remain in waiting for three periods, and it is not lawful for them to conceal what Allah has created in their wombs if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. And their husbands have more right to take them back in this [period] if they want reconciliation. And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable. But the men have a degree over them [in responsibility and authority]. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.”


Q 4:3: “And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice].”


Q 65:4: “And those who no longer expect menstruation among your women – if you doubt, then their period is three months, and [also for] those who have not menstruated. And for those who are pregnant, their term is until they give birth. And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him of his matter ease.”


Q 4:24: “And [also prohibited to you are all] married women except those your right hands possess. [This is] the decree of Allah upon you. And lawful to you are [all others] beyond these, [provided] that you seek them [in marriage] with [gifts from] your property, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse. So for whatever you enjoy [of marriage] from them, give them their due compensation as an obligation. And there is no blame upon you for what you mutually agree to beyond the obligation. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.”


Q 2:221: “And do not marry polytheistic women until they believe. And a believing slave woman is better than a polytheist, even though she might please you. And do not marry polytheistic men [to your women] until they believe. And a believing slave is better than a polytheist, even though he might please you. Those invite [you] to the Fire, but Allah invites to Paradise and to forgiveness, by His permission. And He makes clear His verses to the people that perhaps they may remember.”


Q 24:31: “And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed.”


What does the Quran say about women?

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  1. In my experience with UK muslims, I find that they were trained to read the Quran in Arabic, but with no comprehension of what they were reading.

    Generally speaking, they only seem to get their knowledge of their own scripture from others–usually from the imam and somewhat domineering parents. For instance, one 30 year old Muslim of my acquantance didn’t dare eat duck eggs because he didn’t know if they were haram or halal, despite the fact that he ate chicken eggs. On being asked, his dad informed him–with a whack–that were were haram, though they in fact are not. I could recount more, but you get the idea.

    Ironically, I lent a copy of Dawood’s Quran to my brother. The subsequent surprise amongst his Muslim friends when they found him reading it was (apparently) similar to meeting a pig talking. None of them had read it, and one of them even borrowed it, much to his mum’s delight. His mum even unbent enough to teach the gorah (meaning “whitey”, i.e. anybody not as well tanned as themselves) traditional pakistani cooking.

    Suffice it to say, if translations of the Quran in their native languages could be encouraged, perhaps Islam might go through its own Reformation. That’s a thought, it might be better sending them Qurans rather than Bibles . . .

    As for “women’s matters”, the Quran offers much material for self-appointed interpreters to press their iniquitous views on others. This has to be intelligently opposed.

    1. wasim ahmad ...The Truth

      The various aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) are all so sublime, that in the matter of choice, a writer on the subject soon finds himself baffled and selection becomes very nearly impossible. In consideration of present day needs, however, I wish to take up that side of the Holy Prophet’s life which concerns the way in which he purged the world of that form of utter slavery which had been for all time the curse of humanity. I mean the slavery of women.

      Before the advent of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) women in all countries were in the position of slaves and chattels, and their slavery could not but have reacted adversely even on men; for sons of slaves cannot assimilate the spirit of freedom.

      There is no doubt woman, either because of her beauty or because of her sterling character, has always been able, in individual cases, to dominate over men, but freedom thus obtained could not be termed true freedom, for the simple reason that it was not hers by way of right. It was only a matter of exception to the general rule, and freedom which is exceptional, can hardly lead to the culture of true aspirations.

      The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) had his advent about 1,350 years ago. Before his time, no religion or nation afforded to woman such freedom as she could use by way of right. Of course in countries where no law prevailed, she was free from all disabilities. Yet even this kind of freedom cannot be called true freedom. It is rather described as license. True freedom is that which is reaped out of a state of civilization and conformity to law. The sort of freedom we get when we break the bounds of the law is not freedom at all because such freedom does not generate any strength of character.


      At the time of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and before, woman was placed in a condition in which she was not the owner of her property; her husband was regarded as the owner of her property. She did not have a share in the property of her father. Nor could she inherit the property of her husband, though in some cases she had the right of managing it during the husband’s lifetime. When married, she was either assigned to her husband for good as his property, and in no circumstances could she be separated from him; or in the alternative, it was given to the husband to divorce her but not given to her to separate herself from the husband, however afflicted she might have been.

      Should the husband desert her, cease to discharge his obligations towards her or run away from her, there was no law to protect her. It was obligatory on her to be resigned to her lot, and work for a living both for herself and her children. The husband was entitled, out of bad temper, to beat his wife; she was not to raise a voice against it. Should the husband die, the wife, in some countries, fell into the hands of her husband’s relatives, who could then marry her to whomsoever they liked, either in charity or in return of some benefits received. In some places, on the other hand, she was merely the property of her husband. Some husbands would sell their wives or lose them in gambling and betting, and when they did so, they were all considered to be within their rights.

      A woman had no right over her children whether in her position of dependence as wife, or in a position of independence of her husband. In domestic affairs she had no privilege. Even in religion she had no status. Of the abiding spiritual blessings, she was to have no share. In consequence, husbands used to squander the property of their wives and abandon them without providing for their subsistence. She could not, even out of her own property, give away, in charity, or help her relatives except with the consent of her husband, and a husband who looked with greed on the property of his wife could hardly give his consent in such a matter.

      Of the property of her parents, to whom children are bound by a most deep and affectionate tie, woman was deprived of all share. And yet daughters have as much claim on their parents as have the sons. Parents who out of a sense of justice, would give away during their lifetime some of their property to their daughters, prepared only for strife in their families. It would not occur to the sons that after the parent’s death they (the sons) would inherit the whole of their property (and therefore should not grudge their sisters receiving occasional gifts from their parents); all they considered was that their sisters, for the time being were having more than they.

      Of the property, similarly, of her husband — with whom a wife has the relation of complete union — woman was again, deprived altogether. Distant relatives of the husband could each claim a share, but not the wife — one, indeed, who was the possessor of his confidence, a life-long partner of his and whose labour and care must have so largely contributed to his income. On the other hand, when she managed all her husband’s property, she did not have any genuine right over any portion of it. While she could spend out of the income of that property she could not dispose any part of it. In acts of charity, therefore, she was prevented from taking part in the manner she liked.

      When the husband oppressed his wife, she could not be separated from him. In communities in which separation was at all possible, it was on conditions under which self-respecting women preferred death to separation. For instance, a condition of separation was that proof should be furnished establishing the misconduct of either party, as well as ill treatment on the part of the husband. What was still worse was that in cases in which it was impossible for a woman to live with her husband instead of complete separation, she was only allowed to live apart, a state of living which itself is a form of torture, for in this way she was compelled to lead an empty, purposeless life.

      In some cases it happened that while the husband could divorce his wife whenever he liked, the wife in no case could demand a divorce. If the husband deserted her, or abandoned the country without providing for her, she was obliged to linger through life without the right to devote herself usefully to her country or community. Married life, instead of being a life of happiness, became for her a life of misery. Her obligation it was, not only to undertake the duties of her husband and of herself but also to wait for her husband. The duty of the husband, namely to find a living for the household, became hers, as also her own duty, the care and upbringing of her children?mental discomfort on the one hand, and material responsibilities on the other.

      All this, in short, was tolerated in the case of this poor, unprotected creature. Women were beaten and considered the property of their husbands. When the husbands died, widows were forcefully married to the relatives of their husbands, or else sold for money. In fact, husbands themselves sold away their wives. Indian princes like the Panawas lost their wife (there was one for many) in gambling, and against the law of the land, a noble princess like Dropadi could not raise the slightest voice.

      In the education or upbringing of their children, the mothers were not consulted and they had no rights over their children. If the father and mother separated, the children were handed over to the father. Woman had nothing to do with the household. Whenever the husband liked, he could drive her out of the house, and she was condemned to wander about homelessly.


      By the advent of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) all these iniquities were wiped away, as it were, with one stroke. He declared that God had particularly entrusted to him the task of safeguarding the rights of women.

      He proclaimed in the name of God that man and woman by virtue of their humanity, were the equal of each other, and when they lived together, just as man had certain rights over woman, so had woman certain rights over man. Women could own property in the same way as men. A husband had no right to use the property of his wife, as long as the wife, of her own free will, did not let him have some of it. To seize her property by force, or in a manner which made it doubtful whether her natural shyness had not stood in the way of her refusal, was wrong. Whatever the husband of his own free will should give away to the wife, would be the property of the wife and the husband would not be able to take it back from her. She was to inherit the property of her parents just as well as her brothers. Only considering that all the family responsibilities fall on man, and woman’s concern is her own self alone, her share was to be one half of the share of man, that is, out of the property of their (deceased) parents.

      Similarly a mother was to have a share in the property of her (deceased) son as well as the father. Only according to differing circumstances and the nature of her responsibilities in particular cases, she was to have a share at times equal to, and at times less than that of the father. On the death also of her husband she was to inherit, whether or not there were any children, because she was not to be condemned to a state of dependence on others.

      Her marriage (it was granted) is, without doubt, a holy alliance, which, after man and woman have cultivated mutual intimacy to the extreme, it is very detestable to break. However, it cannot be that, even after a frightful divergence of nature has been found between the parties, or in spite of a religious, physical, economic, social or mental discrepancy between them, they should be compelled, in the interest of sheer alliance, to ruin their lives and kill the purpose of their existence.

      When differences of this kind appear, and man and woman agree that they cannot live together, they can (it was taught), by mutual consent, revoke the alliance. If, however, only the husband should take this view, but not the wife, and if they fail to adjust themselves to each other, their affairs should be considered by a committee of two members, one representing the husband and the other the wife. If the committee should decide that the parties should yet make an effort to live together, it would be worthwhile on their part to try to settle their differences in the way recommended by the committee. Then if the understanding along this line should prove impossible, the husband could divorce the wife, but in such a case he would have no right to the return of whatever he might have (before divorce) given away to her, including the full value of mahr (marriage settlement).

      If, on the other hand, the wife should seek separation, and not the husband, she should apply to the Qazi (Judge), and if the Qazi is satisfied that there is no unfair motive behind her application, he should order her separation. Only in such a case she will make over to the husband such of his property as had been entrusted to her, as also the value of mahr (marriage settlement). Should the husband fail to fulfil his marital obligations or cease to speak to her, or should ask her to sleep apart, he should not be able to go beyond a certain limit of time. If he persists for four months in this kind of treatment, he should be compelled either to reform himself or to divorce her.

      Should he stop the allowances due to the wife or go away from her and no longer take care of her, their marriage should be regarded as null and void. (Three years have been assigned as the limit of the period of abandonment by Muslim jurists). The wife would now be free to marry again.

      The husband was always to be responsible for the maintenance of his wife and children. He was to exercise only appropriate discipline, but should this discipline ever take the form of punishment, he should have proper witnesses and declare her guilt and base his judgment on evidence. Punishment should not leave any permanent ill effects behind.

      A husband does not own his wife. He cannot sell her, nor reduce her to the office of domestic drudge. His wife shares with him the amenities of the household, and his treatment of her will have to correspond to the position to which he himself belongs. A treatment which is below that which should belong to the status of the husband would be wrong.

      On the death of her husband, his people were to have no right over her. She would be free, and a suitable opportunity occurring, she would have the right to marry again. Nobody can stop her from doing so. Nor can a widow be compelled to live in a particular place. Only for about four months and ten days, she would live in her husband’s house, so that all those conditions which can have a bearing on her rights and on those of her husband’s people, should have time to manifest themselves.

      For a year after the death of her husband a widow, whatever else is due to her, is to have in addition, the use of her husband’s house, so that she should be able, out of what has been left to her, to make arrangements for her residence.

      Should the husband find himself not on good terms with his wife, he himself is to keep out of the house, not ask his wife to go out of it, because the household is supposed to be the possession of the wife. In the upbringing of the children, woman has her part. She is to be consulted.

      In the matter of children, her interest is not to be ignored in any way. Wet nursing, general caretaking, are to depend on her advice. If husband and wife, finding it impossible any more to live together, should want to separate from each other, the care of the small children should be entrusted to the mother. When they grow up, they should for purpose of education, come back to the father. As long as the children live with their mother, maintenance would be provided for by the father. The father would also pay for the time and labour the mother would have to spend on account of the children.

      Woman, in short, was to have an independent status. All the spiritual rewards were to be open to her. She was to command the highest excellences of life after death and even in this life she could take part in the different departments of civil administration. In this regard she was to have the same consideration paid to her claims as that accorded to man.


      This is the teaching which the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) promulgated at a time when the standards of the world were altogether opposed to it. Through these injunctions, he reclaimed women from the slavery which had been their lot for thousands of years, to which they were forced in every land, and the yoke of which every religion had put on their neck. One man, in one time, cut asunder all these chains of serfdom! Bringing freedom to mothers, he at the same time saved their children from slavish sentiments, and provided for the germination and nourishment of great ambition and high resolve!

      However, the world did not value the teachings. What was indeed a boon, it branded as tyranny. Divorce and separation it regarded as strife, inheritance as ruining the family, independence of woman as means of the disruption of domestic life. For thirteen hundred years, it went on ridiculing, in its blindness, the things which this one man who could see, had communicated to mankind for their good. It went on condemning his teachings as against human nature. Then came the time when the exquisiteness of the word of God (transmitted through the Holy Prophet) should reveal itself. The very peoples who looked upon themselves as the bearers of civilization, began to obey the civilizing injunctions of the Holy Prophet. Everyone of these peoples in turn, changed their laws in increasing conformity to the principles preached by the Holy Prophet (on whom be peace).

      The English Law which required misconduct, ill treatment and beating on the part of either party as essential conditions of divorce, was changed in 1923. Misconduct by itself was accepted by the new law as a sufficient excuse for divorce.

      New Zealand decided, in 1912, that a wife who has been insane for seven years, should have her marriage dissolved. In 1925, it further ruled that if either husband or wife should not discharge his or her marital obligations, they could be allowed a divorce or separation. If three years elapse without one caring for the other, divorce was in order. A good imitation of Muslim jurists, of course, but made after 1,300 years of attacks on Islam!

      In the Australian State of Queensland, insanity of five years’ duration was regarded as a sufficient reason for divorce. In Tasmania, a law was passed in 1919 that misconduct, desertion for four years, drunkenness, indifference for three years, imprisonment, beating, insanity, should, one and all, be sufficient conditions of divorce. In Victoria, law was passed in 1923 that should a husband fail to look after his wife for three years, be guilty of misconduct, refuse allowances, or ill-treat his wife, divorce would be possible. Further, it was granted that imprisonment, beating, misconduct on the part of the wife, insanity, unfair treatment and constant strife shall be sufficient excuses for divorce or separation.

      In Western Australia, besides the laws outlined above, the marriage of a pregnant woman has been declared to be void. (Islam, too, holds the same view).

      In the island of Cuba it was decided in 1918 that forcing into misconduct, beating, using foul language, undergoing conviction, drunkenness, gambling habit, failure to discharge obligations, refusing allowances, infectious disease, or mutual agreement, shall be accepted as sufficient conditions for divorce or separation.

      Italy enacted in 1919 that a woman shall have rights over her property. She can spend out of it in charity or sell it as she likes (Up to this time, in Europe, she was not recognized as the owner of her own property).

      In Mexico, too, the above conditions have been accepted as being sufficient for divorce. Besides, mutual agreement has also been accepted as sufficient. This law has been passed in 1917. Portugal in 1915, Norway in 1909, Sweden in 1920, and Switzerland in 1912, have passed laws by which divorce and separation have been made permissible. In Sweden, a father is compelled by law to provide, at least up to eighteen years, for the maintenance of every child of his.

      In the United States of America although the law of the land continues to maintain the right of a father over his child, yet in practice the judges have begun to pay regard to the susceptibilities of mothers, and a father is now even compelled to pay for the children (living with their mother). There are, of course many drawbacks in their law. Even though, the man’s rights have been more strictly guarded, woman is being allowed to exercise right over the property. At the same time, in many States it has been passed that if the husband should become a permanent invalid, his wife will have to provide for him.

      Women are now being granted the right to vote, and avenues are being opened by which they can come to have a voice in matters of national concern. Yet all these things are coming after full thirteen hundred years have passed since the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) promulgated his teachings. There are many things which yet await coming. In many countries a woman has still no share in the inheritance of either her parents or her husband. Similarly, in several other matters Islam continues to provide guidance to the world, though the world has not acknowledged such guidance. The time is not distant, however, when the world will accept the guidance coming from the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in these matters as it has already done in others, and which the Holy Prophet initiated on behalf of the freedom of women will bring forth its fruits to the full

      1. Thanks for the drive-by spam full of utter nonsense.

        There’s next-to-nothing “subtle” about Islam. It’s about as gritty as it gets.

        Despite all the meaningless mumbo-jumbo and mindless apologizing, the fact will remain that Islam is highly misogynistic.

      2. Please dont waste your life in attacking Islam. Try to give other chance to your self to know the truth.

        1. Critiquing a heinous, violent and bigoted ideology responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people is neither an “attack” nor a waste of time.

          I suggest in return that you actually study the ideology you follow and stump for on strangers’ websites. You as a female, “sarah,” should be disgusted with the misogynistic and sexist doctrines of Islam, rather than being a cheerleader for them. You are suffering a form of “Stockholm syndrome.”

          Start here for the truth you yourself should be seeking:

          What is sharia law?

          Sorry, but we will never accept this horrible violent abuse; nor will we who are educated and caring ever stop exposing its doctrines and history.

          1. Why do people keep thinking that Muslim women are oppressed, beeten and kept as slaves for their husbands to use as they please. Go and actually talk to real Muslim women and you will see that we are treated as equals to men as god intended. Stop talking about what you clearly don’t understand and learn the real truth.

          2. “Everyone” thinks so because it’s true. We have spoken to Muslim women, including the fabulous Dr. Wafa Sultan. They are the ones trying to garner attention to this problem. So, you’re saying we should ignore these Muslim women voices and listen to falsehoods by those who clearly do not know what they are talking about?

            If you would like to know about the suffering of Muslim women, please watch this video and stop talking about what you clearly don’t understand.


            Right below my comment is one from Amil Imani, an Iranian-American man raised in a Muslim family who will tell you exactly how the women of Iran suffer because of Islam. It does little good to stump for the ideology that oppresses them. In fact, it’s immoral.

            Here’s a video about Iranian women marching against Islamic fanaticism – they did NOT want to be under Islamic domination, for very good reason.


            Let me repeat Amil’s message here – if you have a problem with his comments, I suggest you take it up with him at http://amilimani.com:

            Amil Imani
            August 16, 2011 at 9:31 pm Edit

            The value of women in Islam
            Thank you for such an eye opening article, Acharya. You have always been at the forefront of fight against discriminatory laws against women. Islam, by fiat, discriminates against women. Qur’an 4:11 “Allah directs you in regard of your Children’s (inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females…. These are settled portions ordained by Allah.”

            There are many more “directives” that for all intents and purposes make women chattel of men. Here are some of the shameful rules and practices of Islamic misogyny.

            Women are inferior to men:
            “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Surely God is most high. Qur’an 4:34

            Women are worth half of man:
            “Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: The Prophet said, “Isn’t the witness of a women equal to half that of a man?” The women said “yes”. He said “This is because of the deficiency of the women’s mind.” Sahih Bukhari 3:48:82

            Women are sex slaves:
            “And now, people, you acquire certain rights over your wives, and they do you. The right you acquire over them is that they should not let someone you hate sleep in your beds, and not to commit a manifest obscenity [or adultery]. If they do [commit it], then God has given you permission to leave them alone in their beds and give them a beating, though not too hard. If they give over, they get their provision and clothing with kindness; I command you good-will for your wives, for they are your captives that do not own anything of their own. You have taken them by the faithfulness of God, and made their sexual organs lawful for you by the words of God.” Ibn Hisham, al-Sira al-nabawiyya (Cairo, 1963), 4:251.

            Women are Toys:
            “Omar [one of the Khalifs] was once talking when his wife interjected, so he said to her: ‘You are a toy, if you are needed we will call you.” Al-Musanaf Vol. 1 Part 2, p. 263

            Women are Weak:
            Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet had a Had (a camel driver) called Anjasha, and he had a nice voice. The Prophet said to him, “(Drive) slowly, O Anjasha! Do not break the glass vessels!” And Qatada said, “(By vessels’) he meant the weak women.” Sahih Bukhari 8:73:230, See also: Sahih Bukhari 8:73:228 & Sahih Bukhari 8:73:229
            Women are a Tilth for Men to Cultivate:

            “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear Allah. And know that ye are to meet Him (in the Hereafter), and give (these) good tidings to those who believe.” Qur’an 2:223

            Women are Like Devils
            Jabir reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) saw a woman, and so he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning a leather and had sexual intercourse with her. He then went to his Companions and told them: The woman advances and retires in the shape of a devil, so when one of you sees a woman, he should come to his wife, for that will repel what he feels in his heart. Sahih Muslim 8:3240

            Woman are Evil Omen:
            Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: I heard the Prophet saying. “Evil omen is in three things: The horse, the woman and the house.” Sahih Bukhari 4:52:110

            Men May Marry up to Four Women”
            “If you fear you can not treat orphans (girls) with fairness, then you may marry other women who seem good to you: two, three or four of them. But if you fear that you can not maintain equality among them, marry only one or any slave girls you may own, that will be more suitable. And give the women their dower as a free gift; but if they, of their own good pleasure, remit any part of it to you, eat it with enjoyment, take it with right good cheer and absorb it (in your wealth).” Qur’an 4:3

            Violence Against Women”
            “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.” Qur’an 4:34

            The Afterlife of Women:
            “Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: Once Allah’s Apostle went out to the Musalla (to offer the prayer) o ‘Id-al-Adha or Al-Fitr prayer. Then he passed by the women and said, “O women! Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women).” They asked, “Why is it so, O Allah’s Apostle ?” He replied, “You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.” The women asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?” He said, “Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?” They replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?” The women replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her religion.” Sahih Bukhari 1:6:301

            Women are relegated in Islam at best, to a second-class status, depriving them of many rights enjoyed by men. Thus, life goes on for the Muslim women with all the trappings of the Islamic misogyny. Such is the plight of women under Islam. There is hardly the need to provide an exhaustive list of Islamic misogyny to qualify it as a shameful, discriminatory and oppressive religious apartheid.

          3. 1) The extremists that massacre the innocent do not represent true muslims.

            2) The Quran was written centuries ago. There is only one edition of the quran, and not one word has changed for centuries. Lets go back not so long ago: the victorian era. Read anything from that time period that hasn’t been edited, it’d sound just as sexist. The extremists who take everything literally and expect to live as people of the old are obviously psychotic (as shown in the above video).

            3) “Verily, the rule belongs to none but Allah.” [Surah Yoosuf: 40] Sharia law isn’t part of Islam, just a bunch of laws that a bunch of people decided on. I do agree that it makes no sense, and I am sure the people who decided on the laws were extremists too.

            You can not judge a religion without first handedly experiencing what it truly is. Sites, news channels, translations, and peoples gossip are all second hand experiences. A true muslim would see that Islam is about being a good human being, and living life the best you can in hopes of going to heaven. That is what most religions are truly about. Loving god, life and peace. The people who misinterpret things, and twist words as an excuse for murder or (kidnapping and selling innocent girls). They are just bad people, who want to do bad things and are constantly trying to find a way to do so.

          4. Thank You for this website. Checking the comments I am shocked. There probably are lucky Muslim wives with liberal, loving and tolerant husbands but they are minority. I really hate to see how woman are playing along with inhuman treatment. Luckily, not all of them, I have many Muslim girlfriends who stopped playing along with this nonsense, they educate themselves, and they want to break out of this bigot culture. Good luck them, and good luck to everyone who supports them.

          5. Troll!.. My mother is an Egyptian woman who is a PhD and post graduate at MIT. All her sisters are either PhD or MD. You know NOTHING of Islam and especially Muslim women. My mum RAN THE SHOW..as all Egyptian women…your ignorance only spreads hate. Read the bible..it all says the same thing regarding women.

          6. Pretty ridiculous to call the blog owner a “troll,” but it reflects the fallacious comprehension on your part. Just because your mother wasn’t subjected to the extreme sexism of Islam does not mean it isn’t there. Please go back and actually read the original post, rather than posting insulting knee-jerk reactions that are ultimately meaningless.

            In the meantime, women globally are suffering horribly from this sexist and misogynistic religious fanaticism. It is your ignorance in upholding this bigoted and hateful ideology that is spreading hatred, so please check yourself when you are pointing your fingers at others. Such rhetoric will not suffice to prevent those of us who are NOT ignorant from speaking the truth about Islam or other male-dominant religious fanaticism so take it elsewhere.

            And if you agree that the Bible is also sexist – the same as the Quran – why do you dishonestly deny that the Quran is sexist? Tossing out the Bible is yet another fallacy used by the desperate to deflect off the issue at hand. It also reflects once again you don’t know whom you are addressing, as I’m a well-known Bible critic.

            Again, take your sloppy thinking elsewhere as it will not prevent the more educated and intelligent among us from speaking out against this sexist, bigoted and violent fanaticism.

          7. And how many true Muslim women have complained to you about their way of life? Islam is not a religion you just brush through on the surface and make conclusions blindly. Know Islam well before you say what you say.

        2. Why not? Muslims waste their lives attacking civilization and spewing abysmally stupid ideas.

        3. I’m a westerner. I was in Syria in 2001 at a hotel in Homs when a Saudi man and his male cousin sat down next to me. Over tea they explained that they were in Syria to retrieve one of their wives. A 12 yr old fourth wife that had run away, back to her family, after being raped by the one guy. The Saudi had paid the family $25,000 for her and was going to ask for either the girl or his money back. Anyway, the next day there they were in their Range Rover with the girl bundled in the back seat. From the little I could make out, it looked like they’d beaten the crap out of her. Anyway, in a nutshell, that’s how I view the relationship between Islam, Middle Eastern culture, and women. I wish it were different and I know there are exceptions.

          1. good and bad men are always and in all society. Unfortunately Non of us (Muslims) are practicing islam. we are modifying it as per our needs. But in 90% cases women are given respect as the islam says. We are allowed to have 4 vifes, But when? with the condition to provide justice to all. in your society your men and women can sleep with each other like animals and wen away in the morning. This causing AIDS and many many illnes.

          2. The argument made has a lot of holes in at as well as some solid points. To start with, Muslims can marry non Muslims just not Pagans. And this is not because of discriminatory reasons it’s because you are influenced by the people you hang around. So if that’s your wife or husband you do not want the influence to be against your religion. I’m not goin to explain the women part because it would be like preaching to the choir and many people will not perceive things into context. Lastly if you believe Muslims follow their religion blindly then you must think even worse of Christians. Now albeit currently many Christians in my opinion are better than a lot of Muslims than I know. But Muslims memorize the Quran and Hadith in their original source in order to gain the original knowledge this is why the Quran recommends that Muslims learn Arabic. Christians on the other hand, do not even have the original text. The first Bible wasn’t even created until almost 100 years after the death of Jesus. And when it was created, it was translated from Latin, a language where many words do not have the same meaning when translated. Now just like many Christians cannot answer to other people why The Old Testament talks about the killing of gays. And why it’s hard for many Christians to explain how Christ is the son of God, as well as God . Although I know Christians probably have some explainations for this I do not question or insult their religion. Because the Quran says not to. We always think that we have to insult somebody and their religion but who are we to say what others should believe in. Everyone knows how to act like a human being, some just need religion as a confirmation .

          3. No hard feelings, but Middle Eastern culture and lslam are 2 majorly diffrent things. Not all Middle Easterns are Muslims and definitely not all Muslims are Middle Eastern. What you experienced in Egypt was just the lifestyle of the ignorant people there. They may admit its lslam but its not. Try coming to Malaysia, we welcome you. And you can see what Muslim women here have achieved. Not too perfect but at least you can get a better experience and understand that its their culture, not our lslam.

        4. Sarah, you sound brainwashed, Seriously, do you even read your own Koran? Do you believe women are below men?

      3. Islam offers nothing to civilization. Before the Prophet Persia was a vibrant country of doctors, mathematicians, astronomers, you name it. Persia was welcoming of all peoples including the Jews who the Persians admired. Since the prophet liberal education in Muslim countries has disappeared. Islam does not allow free thinking and
        questioning of authority.

      4. Blah blah blah. The psychopathic mistreatment of women and it’s detailed description by your vile nasty sky god is euphorically beautiful indeed. I can imagine how such music to your ears it must be to read glorious passages incuding you to be the fuck out of your wives, hide women in your homes (whether they want to be chattled inside or not) and shut their mouths and cover their bodies behind tents of shame. That is so beautiful indeed! The great sky god (blessed be his poetic and kind and totally non-violent name) makes violence and opression sound so joyous and nearly orgasmic no?

      5. Islam is unholy, ungodly, blasphemous and sending you to the deepest regions in hell. Rape, psychotic murder, pedophilia, necrophilia, the list is long and completely damning.

    2. Perhaps the Internet will destroy Islam. The sooner, the better.

    3. I agree with you. I am muslim but I regret when I see a female wrapped in black or covered here head.The problem with the muslims is:
      1-They realy do not read or understand quran. even Arabs.
      2-Quran is misinterpreted
      3*-Most verses are specific tothe Arabs bedouins cannot be extrapolated to nonarabs
      4-Temporally a lot of verses are back to 1500 years and more unsuitable to the 21st century

      1. You My friend cannot be a true Muslim , When you decide you are significant enough to attack Gods word to all manking ,you are on a collision course with Shaitan in hell..but Allah knows best Hes the most merciful may be it so that he will forgive you allthough you seem extremely undeserving of forgiveness

        1. And who made you all knowing as to the will of Alla?Does Allah want everyone to blindly follow the interpretation of the Koran that a handful of imperfect people have produced or does do instead want them to read the book and decide for them selves? It really beggars belief that anyone who questions is concidered an unbeliever. That isn’t religion that is blinkered, mindless dogma.

        2. James, have a BLT and chill out

      2. I cannot agree more. May more and more Muslims can understand this and stop being so extremist about it.

      3. Im not against the kalamuLlah, but l was brought up to folow the lslamic practice of Mazhab Shafi’e. The law for that is women are supose to cover themselves bt allowed to reveal their faces and palms. We are allowed to wear other colors and we enjoy being fashionable that way. We drive, study and work, in fact, encouraged by men to be able to do so. Its sad how this beautiful religion gets misjudged just because of some people who claim to be one us but doesnt practise lslam as it should be.

    4. Yeah, I agree with you. In my experience most Muslims never read the Koran to understand it. Many recite the verses in Arabic but they don’t have a clue of the meaning.
      They grow up in a Muslim family trained by their parents to be in certain way but there’s no habit to read the Koran in their languages and understand the meaning.
      I really believe if they would read it and understand it, they would revolt against most of the practices, especially regarding the Women treatment and the obsession with the dominance of the Islam over the rest of the World, to live in peace with it and especially to learn how to share the World with People that have different religion believes and the Atheists.
      In addition, they must understand that there’s only one creator or God, and that he can be called the way anyone wants, any name is alright. That is said clearly in the VEDAS, the oldest Scriptures known, and of course precedent to the Koran.
      The Universes and of course the World didn’t start 1400 years ago nor the Islam is the owner of it. Modesty is something that the Islam must learn and include in it’s practices. Otherwise they will never be accepted by the rest of the World.

  2. The value of women in Islam
    Thank you for such an eye opening article, Acharya. You have always been at the forefront of fight against discriminatory laws against women. Islam, by fiat, discriminates against women. Qur’an 4:11 “Allah directs you in regard of your Children’s (inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females…. These are settled portions ordained by Allah.”

    There are many more “directives” that for all intents and purposes make women chattel of men. Here are some of the shameful rules and practices of Islamic misogyny.

    Women are inferior to men:
    “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Surely God is most high. Qur’an 4:34

    Women are worth half of man:
    “Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: The Prophet said, “Isn’t the witness of a women equal to half that of a man?” The women said “yes”. He said “This is because of the deficiency of the women’s mind.” Sahih Bukhari 3:48:82

    Women are sex slaves:
    “And now, people, you acquire certain rights over your wives, and they do you. The right you acquire over them is that they should not let someone you hate sleep in your beds, and not to commit a manifest obscenity [or adultery]. If they do [commit it], then God has given you permission to leave them alone in their beds and give them a beating, though not too hard. If they give over, they get their provision and clothing with kindness; I command you good-will for your wives, for they are your captives that do not own anything of their own. You have taken them by the faithfulness of God, and made their sexual organs lawful for you by the words of God.” Ibn Hisham, al-Sira al-nabawiyya (Cairo, 1963), 4:251.

    Women are Toys:
    “Omar [one of the Khalifs] was once talking when his wife interjected, so he said to her: ‘You are a toy, if you are needed we will call you.” Al-Musanaf Vol. 1 Part 2, p. 263

    Women are Weak:
    Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet had a Had (a camel driver) called Anjasha, and he had a nice voice. The Prophet said to him, “(Drive) slowly, O Anjasha! Do not break the glass vessels!” And Qatada said, “(By vessels’) he meant the weak women.” Sahih Bukhari 8:73:230, See also: Sahih Bukhari 8:73:228 & Sahih Bukhari 8:73:229
    Women are a Tilth for Men to Cultivate:

    “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear Allah. And know that ye are to meet Him (in the Hereafter), and give (these) good tidings to those who believe.” Qur’an 2:223

    Women are Like Devils
    Jabir reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) saw a woman, and so he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning a leather and had sexual intercourse with her. He then went to his Companions and told them: The woman advances and retires in the shape of a devil, so when one of you sees a woman, he should come to his wife, for that will repel what he feels in his heart. Sahih Muslim 8:3240

    Woman are Evil Omen:
    Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: I heard the Prophet saying. “Evil omen is in three things: The horse, the woman and the house.” Sahih Bukhari 4:52:110

    Men May Marry up to Four Women”
    “If you fear you can not treat orphans (girls) with fairness, then you may marry other women who seem good to you: two, three or four of them. But if you fear that you can not maintain equality among them, marry only one or any slave girls you may own, that will be more suitable. And give the women their dower as a free gift; but if they, of their own good pleasure, remit any part of it to you, eat it with enjoyment, take it with right good cheer and absorb it (in your wealth).” Qur’an 4:3

    Violence Against Women”
    “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.” Qur’an 4:34

    The Afterlife of Women:
    “Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: Once Allah’s Apostle went out to the Musalla (to offer the prayer) o ‘Id-al-Adha or Al-Fitr prayer. Then he passed by the women and said, “O women! Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women).” They asked, “Why is it so, O Allah’s Apostle ?” He replied, “You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.” The women asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?” He said, “Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?” They replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?” The women replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her religion.” Sahih Bukhari 1:6:301

    Women are relegated in Islam at best, to a second-class status, depriving them of many rights enjoyed by men. Thus, life goes on for the Muslim women with all the trappings of the Islamic misogyny. Such is the plight of women under Islam. There is hardly the need to provide an exhaustive list of Islamic misogyny to qualify it as a shameful, discriminatory and oppressive religious apartheid.

    1. Women’s Rights in Islam

      The issue of women in Islam, is topic of great misunderstanding and distortion due partly to a lack of understanding, but also partly due to misbehavior of some Muslims which has been taken to represent the teachings of Islam. We speak here about what Islam teaches, and that is that standard according to which Muslims are to be judged. As such, my basis and source is the Quran–the words of Allah, and the sayings of the Prophet, his deeds and his confirmation. Islamic laws are derived from these sources. To facilitate our discussion we can discuss the position of women from a spiritual, economic, social, and political standpoint.

      From the spiritual aspect, there are seven points to remember:

      According to the Quran, men and women have the same spirit, there is no superiority in the spiritual sense between men and women. [Noble Quran 4:1, 7:189, 42:11]

      The Quran makes it clear that all human beings (and the phraseology doesn’t apply to men or women alone, but to both) have what you might call a human; He

      “breathed some of My spirit into divine touch. When God created him”(or her in this sense). [Noble Quran 15:29 See also 32:9]

      Some of His spirit here means not in the incarnational sense, but the pure, innate spiritual nature that God has endowed her or him with.

      The Quran indicates again that one of the most honored positions of human, is that God created the human, and as I referred to Surah 17 earlier, it means both sexes, as His trustee and representative on earth. There are many references in the Quran that reaffirm this.

      Nowhere in the Quran do we find any trace of any notion of blaming Eve for the first mistake or for eating from the forbidden tree. Nowhere, even though the Quran speaks about Adam, Eve, and the forbidden tree, but in a totally different spirit. The story is narrated in 7:19-27, and it speaks about both of them doing this, both of them are told that both of them disobeyed, both of them discovered the consequences of their disobedience, both of them seek repentance and both of them are forgiven. Nowhere in the Quran does it say woman is to be blamed for the fall of man. Furthermore, when the Quran speaks about the suffering of women during the period of pregnancy and childbirth, nowhere does it connect it with the concept of original sin, because there is no concept of original sin in Islam. The suffering is presented not as a reason to remind woman of the fall of man, but as a reason to adore and love woman or the mother. In the Quran, especially 31:14, 46:15, it makes it quite clear God has commanded upon mankind to be kind to parents and mentions,

      “His mother bore him in difficulty or suffering upon suffering.” [Noble Quran 31:14, 46:15]

      The Quran makes it clear again to remove any notion of superiority and I refer you again to 49:13. I must caution you that there are some mistaken translations, but if you go to the original Arabic, there is no question of gender being involved.

      In terms of moral, spiritual duties, acts of worship, the requirements of men and women are the same, except in some cases when women have certain concessions because of their feminine nature, or their health or the health of their babies.

      The Quran explicitly, in more than one verse, 3:195, 4:124, specified that whoever does good deeds, and is a believer and then specifies “male or female” God will give them an abundant reward.

      In the area of economic rights, we have to remember that in Europe until the 19th century, women did not have the right to own their own property. When they were married, either it would transfer to the husband or she would not be able to dispense of it without permission of her husband. In Britain, perhaps the first country to give women some property rights, laws were passed in the 1860’s known as “Married Women Property Act.” More than 1300 years earlier, that right was clearly established in Islamic law.

      “Whatever men earn, they have a share of that and whatever women earn, they have a share in that.” [Noble Quran 4:32]

      Secondly, there is no restriction in Islamic law that says a woman cannot work or have a profession, that her only place is in the home. In fact, by definition, in a truly Islamic society, there must be women physicians, women nurses, women teachers, because it’s preferable also to separate teenagers in the volatile years in high school education. And if she chooses to work, or if she’s married with the consent of her husband, she’s entitled to equal pay, not for equal work, but for work of equal worth.

      Thirdly, when it comes to financial security, Islamic law is more tilted in many respects towards women. These are seven examples:

      During the period of engagement, a woman is to be on the receiving side of gifts.

      At the time of marriage, it is the duty of the husband, not the bride’s family. He is supposed to pay for a marital gift. The Quran called it a gift, and it is exclusively the right of the woman. She doesn’t have to spend it on the household, she doesn’t have to give it to her father or anyone else.

      If the woman happened to own any property prior to marriage, she retains that property after marriage. It remains under her control. Also, in most Muslim countries, the woman keeps her own last name, and her own identity.

      If the woman has any earnings during her marital life, by way of investments of her property or as a result of work, she doesn’t have to spend one penny of that income on the household, it is entirely hers.

      The full maintenance and support of a married woman is the entire responsibility of her husband, even though she might be richer than he is. She doesn’t have to spend a penny.

      At the time of divorce, there are certain guarantees during the waiting period and even beyond for a woman’s support.

      If the widow or divorcee has children, she’s entitled to child support.

      In return for these listed securities, it is clear why the Islamic laws pertaining to inheritance give men a higher share. From the social standpoint, as a daughter we find that credit goes to Islam for stopping the barbaric practice of pre-Islamic Arabs of female infanticide. These ignorant people used to bury female daughters alive. The Quran forbade the practice, making it a crime. Surah 81 Additionally, the Quran condemned the chauvinistic attitudes of some people who used to greet the birth of a boy with gladness, but sadness in the case of a girl.

      The duty, not the right, the duty of education, as the Prophet said, is a duty on every Muslim, male and female.

      As far as treatment of daughters is concerned, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Anyone who has two daughters, and did not bury them, did not insult them and brought them up properly, he and I will be like this,” holding his two fingers close together. Another version adds, “And also did not favor his sons over daughters.” One time the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was seated. A companion was sitting with him. The companion’s son came. He kissed his son and put him on his lap. Then his daughter came, and he just sat her by his side. The Prophet told the man, “You did not do Justice,” meaning he should have treated the daughter equally, kissed her and put her in his lap also. Indeed, whenever the Prophet’s daughter Fatimah came to him, in front of everyone, he stood up, kissed her and let her sit in his favorite place where he’d been sitting.

      From the marital standpoint, the Quran clearly indicates in Surahs 30:20 and 42:11 that marriage is not just an inevitable evil, marriage is not somebody getting married to his master or slave, but rather to his partner.

      “Among His Signs is this, that he created for you mates from among yourselves, that they may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” [Noble Quran 30:21]

      There are numerous verses in the Quran to the same effect.

      Secondly, the approval and consent of the girl to marriage is a prerequisite for the validity of marriage in Islam. She has the right to say yes or no.

      Husbands’ and wives’ duties are mutual responsibilities. They might not be identical duties, but the totality of rights and responsibilities are balanced. The Quran says:

      “Women have the same rights (in relation to their husbands) as are expected in all decency from them, while men stand a step above them.” [Noble Quran 2:228]

      This only specifies the degree of responsibility, not privilege, in man’s role as provider, protector, maintainer, and leader of the family. The same Surah speaks about divorce, about consultation between husband and wife, even in the case of divorce. When there are family disputes, first the Quran appeals to reason and the consideration of positive aspects of one’s spouse,

      “Dwell with your wives in kindness for even if you hate them, you might be hating someone in whom God has placed so much good.” [Noble Quran 4:19]

      If that appeal does not succeed, and problems between the husband and wife continue, there are measures that can be applied. Some of these measures are done privately between husband and wife. Some of them might appear harsh, but there are qualifications to restrict excessive or abusive use of these measures. These measures are considered an attempt to save a marriage rather than break a family apart. If the situation does not improve, even with the limitation and prevention of excesses, the next step is a family council. One arbiter from his family and one from her family should sit together with the couple and try to resolve the problems.

      If a divorce becomes necessary, there are many detailed procedures in Islamic law that really knock down the common notion that divorce in Islam is very easy and that it is the sole right of man. It is not the sole right of man alone and neither is it true that all you have to say is: “I divorce you three times,” and that’s it. Islam also has laws regarding custody of children. I was very surprised to see newspapers making the false claim that in all cases custody goes to the father. Custody involves the interest of the child, and laws often favor the mother of young children.

      1. All of these cut-and-paste apologies ring hollow, not only because the Quran and sahih hadiths contradict many of them but also because millions of Muslims themselves do not know them at all and live pretty much exactly as Amil has outlined.

        The problem lies with the Quran/Koran and what it says about women, as in the original post. Until that text is changed or gotten rid of, nothing will change, and apologies as you pasted here will remain useless.

        And while you are wasting time to trying to convince us with such fallacies, women and girls are suffering horribly under Islamic domination. Enlightened women simply will not stand for it, so Islamists will have to give up their dream of subjugating and enslaving all women worldwide. It’s not going to happen.

        1. You should really spend all your time studying, then bashing all religion that holds women as second class rather than just one religion. The whole world is full of idiots who think they speak for God. oh, and your name is a MUSLIM name LMOL!

          1. My name is INDIAN and is part of HINDU tradition, but this sort of erroneous conclusion is just one of many on your part. I’m quite sure that I have spent more time studying these subjects than you have been alive, so please take your foolishness elsewhere, as I have no more time to waste on such poor thinking.

          2. As an atheist, and one who spent 30 years studying comparative religions, I have a right to comment. All religions are awful, but Islam is the trifecta of lousy ideas. The Qu’ran is misogynistic. The very idea that a man has the right to dicatate to any woman what her rights are or aren’t is offensive. I have always declared and asserted my own rights, which is only possible in an anti-Islamic, Western culture. Further, Mohammed was a violent warlord, a thief, and a sexually obsessed pedophile, who conveniently justified his amoral activities by cranking out more surahs, ostensibly from “Allah”, as the need arose. Wake up and stop throwing your life away on a politico-religious doctrine that would rob you of your joy, your actual liberty, your sexuality, your intellectual autonomy and your right to stand up as the equal of any man.

      2. Blah, blah, blah …

    2. Amil is the man!

  3. The muslim religion is a religion of violence and abuse to women. What do muslims think they are? Arent they born from a woman. When they treat women like this they are not even respecting the fact that they came from one woman. Sad things, sorry for the muslim women.ioigi

    1. respect the womb which bore u-quran
      quran-respect the womb who bore u-this is verse of the quran

      be kind to ur wife-verse of the quran

      quran is msg to the whole of mankind

      it says shun idol worship-man worship-grave worship and pray to the creator of the universe

      it says shun shamelessness,evil behaviour

      do the read the quran with open mind

      1. None of that makes any differences whatsoever, when you know the quotes in this article. It’s clear that you didn’t even read the quotes from the Koran in this article, nor did you watch any of the videos from a plethora of Muslim authorities in different countries, all spewing misogyny and sexism.

        Yes, read the Koran with an open mind – especially if you’re a Muslim whose mind has been brainwashed, believing that the Koran is somehow good for women.

        Sorry, but the Koran with its infidel-hatred and women abuse is NOT for all of mankind. It is absolutely NOT for me in any way, shape or form.

        You are unfortunately brainwashed, but you can free yourself by reading studying the following sites:

        Quotes from the Quran http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm

        The Religion of Peace http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

        270 Million Murdered by Islam http://www.politicalislam.com/tears/pages/tears-of-jihad

        Faith Freedom http://www.faithfreedom.org

        Islam Watch http://www.islam-watch.org

        Jihad Watch

        Amil Imani http://www.amilimani.com

        Prophet of Doom http://www.prophetofdoom.net

        Islamic Crusades http://occidentalsoapbox.blogspot.com/2008/11/islamic-crusades.html

        Good luck.

        1. a proud musllim american.
          First off, you’re a complete idiot who chooses to take Quranic verses of deep meaning out of context to fake the truth of the message.
          Second off, you don’t even know how to spell “Quran” right so clearly youre stupid & now you are considered untrustworth on so many aspects of what you’ve writt enhaha. Have fun spending your time hating on the fastest spreading religion inthe orld !honestly you’re doing muslims a favor honey . You’re creating publicity & fame for the beautiful religion of Islam. So thank you. Have a nice day you filthy being 😡

          1. Your long string of idiotic insults only underscores the hatred of non-believers that is so common with Muslim fanatics. Thanks for the drive-by hate speech.

            Now, everything stated in the previous comment was true and factual.

            The “out of context” argument is a fallacy – I suggest you take that LAME EXCUSE to all the Taliban, Salafis and other Islamic fanatics and tell them THEY are “idiots” for taking all those verses out of context.

            Your excuses are pathetic and, again, only underscore that Islamic fanaticism has made you hateful and dishonest.

            You spelled Quran the exact same way. Your spelling and grammar are atrocious, so by your own reasoning you must be completely stupid and “untrustworth.” Since you claim to be an American, you have no excuse for such bad English.

            Islam is the fastest DYING religion, as people are fleeing its enslavement in droves.

            “Filthy being” – that’s EXACTLY the sort of EVIL INFIDELOPHOBIA that Islam teaches.

            You are a disgrace, but thanks for the perfect example of the evil mindset the sane world is up against. “Proud” of such an ugly mind.

            And that’s Islam, folks! It makes people VILE, as this individual has perfectly exemplified.

          2. I’m going to raise awareness
            I was baptized catholic, but I’m an educated person and though I believe in God, I was never very religious, as I’m convinced that religions do nothing but separate people and make small minded people self righteous in the name of God. Islam is horrible, evil, and should disappear; we should cut all their resources, create awareness, education, save the new generations and protect them until all these evil dinosaures die; because they will die and when they do, there will be 14,000 virgins with rods waiting for them to beat the crap out of them for ever and ever, let’s see how they like that!

          3. I completely disagree with what you’re saying. We are ALL EQUAL IN THE EYES OF GOD! So, women should not be treated like that. Haven’t you realize that the way you treat your women is how you treat your OWN FLESH AND BLOOD MOTHER!

          4. proud to be muslim
            great sir ji they spread islam by abusing….

          5. It’s only spreading fast because people are abysmally stupid.

          6. Everything Islam/Muslims touch turns to sh*t. It is the most retrograde, destructive ideology that has ever existed. What’s with the “beauty” lie?

          7. Thank God for Muslims like you, may Allah bless you and to all those ignorant people who are clueless about Islam so choose to interpret it in their own way may Allah give you guidance. And to those Muslims who are being judged and oppressed, stay strong in faith.

          8. Oh, please. What Muslims are “being judged and oppressed?” The bulk of Muslim persecution is done by OTHER Muslims, who are also persecuting, raping and slaughtering non-Muslims all over the place. Your remarks represent victim-playing and infidelophobia.

            What the world needs is LESS religious fanaticism, not more strength in faith – it’s the latter that is destroying the world, so I pray that their faith is lessened.

        2. I was raised a Christian so have read the old testament (which Christians, Jews and Muslims all believe in) over and over, and due to the horrors taking place all over the world in the name of Islam I have been reading/learning about the Koran as well. Plus as a lover of history, I can clearly see that throughout history women and children have been treated terribly. Also, just about every part of the world has been used as slaves at one time or another throughout history.

          As each area of the world matures as humans and sometimes only due to better choices via their religion, there are fewer slaves, more respect and acceptance of women, and a great change overall in how children should be raised/treated.

          All the ‘great books and added teachings’ say women could not do this or that; we were as slaves, etc etc. Only those who believed in many gods pretty much treated women pretty much like men. But as modern times came into being, more and more predjudice changed(es).

          I know there are many different denominations in all 3 great religions, each different due to THEIR interpretation of their books/laws. So there are open, understanding, respectful denominations and conversely, closed, predjudiced, disrespectful denominations. The way you see the world is pretty much based on the denomination you were raised in.

          EVERY religion has commited atrocities, bar none. We can only hope we all continue to come out of the dark ages and learn to get along instead of needing to override others.

          1. Such a cute little attempt at a sensible equivocation. Fail.

        3. Guest, you obviously are a Christian, and ignorant Christian, who does not knoe his Bible:

          “And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.” (Leviticus 21:9)

          “When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.” (Deuteronomy 25:11-12)

          “Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean.” (Leviticus 12:2)

          “But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days.” (Leviticus 12:5)

          “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” (I Corinthians 11:3)

          “For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” (I Corinthians 11:8-9)

          “Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.” (Revelation 2:22-23)

          “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Whoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death. He that sacrificeth unto any god, save to the LORD only, he shall be utterly destroyed.” (Exodus 22:18-20)

          “Behold, here is my daughter a maiden, and his concubine; them I will bring out now, and humble ye them, and do with them what seemeth good unto you: but unto this man do not so vile a thing. But the men would not hearken to him: so the man took his concubine, and brought her forth unto them; and they knew her, and abused her all the night until the morning: and when the day began to spring, they let her go.” (Judges 19:24-25)

          Verse 25 describes the hours long gang rape of the poor concubine. The Bible gives not one hint of passion or concern for the raped girl. Considering that many people believe that every word in the Bible comes from God, it should not surprise anyone why people still use these verses to justify such atrocities.

          “If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her;” (Deuteronomy 22:22)

          “Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour’s wife: so thou shalt put away evil from among you.” (Deuteronomy 22:24)

          Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” (Ephesians 5:22-24)

          “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” (I Corinthians 14:34-35)

          “Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.” (Hosea 13:16)

          “Give me any plague, but the plague of the heart: and any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman.” (Eccles. 25:13)

          “Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die.” (Eccles. 25:22)

          “If she go not as thou wouldest have her, cut her off from thy flesh, and give her a bill of divorce, and let her go.” (Eccles. 25: 26)

          But if you are a Hindu, then here is some material about the anti-feminine Hinduism:

          “Basically, our present attitude towards women streams from our religious scriptures which refer to women as contempt. Our oldest scriptures are ‘Vedas’ which contain highly objectionable and condemnable passages concerning women. ‘Sati pratha’ (custom of burning the widow with the body of her husband), ‘Dasi Pratha’ (keeping the slave girls), ‘Niyog Pratha’ (ancient Aryan custom of childless widow or women having sexual intercourse with a man other than husband to beget child), were among cruel customs responsible for the plight of the women.”

          “In the book “Genocide of Women in Hinduism” by Sita Agarwal, the author ventures to say; “We all are well acquainted with the propaganda of ‘Hindu fundamentalists’ that the customs of sati, dowry, female infanticide and all other social suppression of women in India is the result of `social degeneration’, ‘corruption’, or still worse, `foreign Christian or Muslim influence’. This is all one big lie designed to fool women. The reasons are far more deep-rooted, and are fully the result of Brahmin male conspiracies. The real reason for the sad state of Indian women is the continuation of the Vedic and Vaishnava religions, collectively referred to as Brahminism or `astika’ Hinduism. These religions clearly and unambiguously justify and prescribe the crushing of women to the status of sub-humans. Rather than being due to some kind of `corruption’, the ghastly practices of sati, female infanticide, dowry and related acts are actually enforced by Vedic and Hindu scriptures. Although this may sound like some Christian or Muslim propaganda, it is not. I have backed up my research with quotations fromVedic and Vaishnava scriptures, and have shown that these religions, and nothing else, are the main culprits behind the most anti-woman system the world has ever seen. Far from being `enlightened’ and `progressive’, Brahmanism is in fact the very fountain of the evils of sati, female infanticide, devadasism and dowry.”

          You did ot read it in a dream, it is true, a fact.

          1. There is one big thing in Christianity you are missing. In the New Testament, Luke 16:16, Ephesians 2:15 & Romans 7:6 to be precise, it does quote that the old laws are no longer binding as when Jesus died for our sins, that was the ultimate sacrifice for mankind. Also, the Bible also states that even though we are to live by the laws of man, he is the Great Judge. Let us also not forget books like Esther, Ruth and Song of Solomon as they are books that have a strong female influence and are also from the Old Testament.

          2. Do you knoe that for sure?

      2. Read the quran yourself deciever/decieved guy. And read the quran and hadiths on this page and in the comments above and below you too.

        Your little verse of tolerance that Mohamed did not follow and that Mohamed commanded muslims to do things which negated your verse,,is pathetic against all the horrible verses and hadiths written on this page.

        Muslim lies will not make anyone believe in islam anymore. if the person ever reads these quran verses, hadiths, sirat.

        And whatever people do convert, they are never sure of being kept. Because they can read the truth about islam and choose to leave it at any time in their whole life. And a convert you win now might leave in a year or two. And if not in a year or two, they will surely leave in their lifetime, and encourage their children to leave too. (many people do not care about the death penalty commanded by mohamed and sharia for leaving islam, when they see they have been lied to and would not follow a religion just out of fear of death, unlike some born muslims)

        Converts have known human rights, they will never give them up. Except the few sociopaths who have no care about human rights at all.

        1. Have you read what the Bibles says about Women? Do you know how women are treated in the so-called Western World?

          Leave the Quran alone especially if you are not a Muslim.

          As I Christian, read the Bible critically. The Bible and the Quran are the same if not worse.

          1. Jack, I mean, Mohammed, I think I’ll name my poodle after you.

      3. Why read it at all?

    2. think right before saing anything
      my what ? look you did not understand what the god mean for of your lot of sins you committed but can you say that in that community i mean the west do you now have girls babe till 25yrd tell me i can tell you must of them are braked in nonlegal way if it is legal why you make that big ceremony in wedding let it go in that bad ways ….look to go in straight way take that one the creator ALLAH want COS it is the right way didn’t he know what the good ways and bad for his creatures i will teach you if you want am here (esamisha@yahoo.com)

      1. There is no Allah.

      2. Are you choking on the dustbin of history?

    3. Women’s rights in Islam
      I feel sick reading the Quran. What a nasty religion. Why do they have such a low attitude on women? I am sure this preaching is from that mentally sick so called Prophet Mohammed (the bastard calls himself a messenger of God) , a butcher who found a living by preaching nonsense. As long as Muslims are ignorant, Islam will survive. The day they have some kind of intelligence they will reject this silly religion. There are many Muslims who do not attend mosques as they have no faith in this silly, useless religion. Only fools believe in Islam.

      1. I find it utterly reprehensible that a person can use language like that in respect to a prophet. It should bring shame to you that you use such disrespectful epithets. You accuse Muslims of being unintelligent yet you insult them with no tact, empathy or intellignence yourself. Please recifty yourself before lecturing others on conduct and civility. This is a disgraceful way of addressing an issue. Shame.

        1. I find it utterly reprehensible that anyone with morality would consider a murderous child rapist and slaver to be a “prophet.” Shame on YOU for following this evil man and for attacking others who tell the truth about him.

          YOU are a disgrace. Now study the subject and stop following such a disgusting cult.

        2. Love should be more important than this! Why in the world would we all love the same God and hate each other over things that should not matter, love matters, truth matters. We cannot get ALL the truth here on this earth. Women and men are made to help meat each other and that includes women in society. You take this prophet, that you admire, and I am ok with that, even though I am a Christian…that is your choice sir, and you say he was the prophet. Why? Why him? Why not Joe Smith? I know why not Obama! THe last prophet to die was Jesus your prophet is a counterfeit. Your prophet came AFTER Jesus died. Your prophet did not have many predictions about him, your prophet did not have agape love. Yours was about justice and ritualistic slavery.

          1. Their prophet is the anti-Christ that’s why he came after Jesus died.

        3. Who’s to insult? There is no Allah. There was probably no Mohammed, so exactly who is insulted? Must be a pretty pansy-*ssed deity you believe in to worry about human insults, huh?

        4. the “prophet” married a 7 year old girl ? dont you think it very odd or what ?

          1. Was Rebekah a child of three (3) years when Isaac married her? Was Isaac a pedophile?

            1. Sarah was 90 when Abraham was 100 (Gen 17:17).
            2. Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born (Gen 21:5).
            3. Sarah died at aged 127 (Gen 23:1-2).
            4. Isaac was 40 when he married Rebekah (Gen 25:20).

        5. There was no “prophet” ever, anywhere, especially that sick mythical bastard “Mohammed”.

      2. Jaysunna, have you read your own scriptures? I think not. If you did you would abhor them as you abhor the Quran.

        Vedas has degraded women so much that you would like to burn it, if you were a woman! What has been referred to in the Quran dwindles before the Bible and Vedas and other hindu books.

        1. Murshid Alam, India

          Zharf, I personally think Hindusium seems to be the most insultive to women compared to the Abrahamic religions.

      3. Excellent.

      4. Have you read what the Bibles says about Women? Do you know how women are treated in the so-called Western World?

        Leave the Quran alone especially if you are not a Muslim.

        As I Christian, read the Bible critically. The Bible and the Quran are the same if not worse.

        1. I always leave the Quran alone, except when I’m burning them.

    It must be remembered that at the time Islam was revealed to the world infant girls were buried alive in Arabia and women had no rights at all .Islam gave women the right to inheritance and to divorce , women have a special place in Islam and are respected.

    1. This post itself contradicts your claims. Islam treats women as second-class citizens, period, and no amount of fallacious apologizing will change that fact. This “special place” for women is at the back of the bus, so to speak.

      Yes, we’ve heard the standard parroted apology about the baby girls being buried – this misogynistic “custom” of killing female infants has been practiced in many cultures over the millennia and continues in many places. Many Muslims continue to engage in killing off their females, in “honor killings,” so this apology serves as a mere deflection off the blatant Islamic misogyny.

      Moreover, in many ways the pre-Islamic “Arab” spiritual and religious traditions were far superior to what Islam has brought to the world, especially as concerns the fact that there were GODDESSES in the pre-Islamic religion of the region, rather than just one giant male god in the sky. The memory of these goddesses was wiped out, so that no woman would have a clue about the concept of the Divine Feminine. Islam represents an utter subjugation of women’s spiritual traditions and is one of the WORST things ever to happen to females.

      [quote]Banish Them to Their Beds and Scourge Them! Muhammad’s Low Opinion of Women ([url]http://answering-islam.org/Authors/Wood/women.htm[/url])

      Muslim apologists have done an outstanding job convincing people that Muhammad was a champion of women’s rights. Indeed, arguments for Muhammad’s liberation of women have convinced some that “Muhammad was probably the greatest champion of women’s rights the world has ever seen.” Descriptions of Muhammad’s improvements in the area of gender relations abound in Muslim writings:

      [quote]So far back as the seventh century of the Christian era, Islam abolished the horrible practice of female infanticide prevalent among the pagan Arabs, gave clear directions leading to the restriction of polygamy, restrained the unlimited rights exercised by men over their wives, and gave woman both spiritual and material equality with man.

      Arab human rights were quite backward, even for the time. Women had precious few rights. A woman became the property of a man upon marriage, and no woman could refuse a match made by her father. Spousal abuse was rampant, with no recourse to any quarter for help. Upon the death of her husband, a woman could be inherited by her son and made her son’s wife. Female infanticide in which newborn baby girls were buried alive in the sand was quite common in a society that considered surplus females a burden. Women had no divorce or well-defined inheritance rights and certainly no political vote. A man could divorce without reason and leave a woman penniless, and there was no limit to the number of wives a man could have, nor rules for how each should be treated. . . . Arabian custom had always dictated that women should take no public role in religious or political activity. The superiority of men over women in all respects was also a widely accepted notion. Muhammad changed that notion by asserting that men and women were equals before God in every sphere. . . . To examine the record of Muhammad and his mission is to gain a new respect for the improvements he made in the lives of both men and women.

      The Qur’an provided women with explicit rights to inheritance, to property, the obligation to testify in a court of law, and the right to divorce. It made explicit prohibitions on the use of violence against female children and women as well as on duress in marriage and community affairs. . . . Women were equally responsible for ensuring that all religious duties of the individual and society were fulfilled, in terms of punishment for social, criminal and moral infractions. They were also offered equal opportunities to attain the ultimate boon: paradise and proximity to Allah if they strove with all their means to ‘establish what is good and forbid what is evil’.[/quote]
      While it is true that Muhammad raised the status of Arabian women in some respects, we cannot let this fact cloud certain other issues, namely, (1) that Muhammad permitted husbands to beat their wives, (2) that he repeatedly proclaimed the inferiority of women’s intellectual abilities, (3) that he taught that women’s prospects for the afterlife are extremely bleak, and (4) that, according to Muhammad, it is acceptable for men to rape their female captives. When combined with the above passages describing Muhammad’s beneficial impact on society, these four facts allow us to arrive at a more accurate and well-rounded picture of Muhammad’s view of women.[/quote]

      1. I do not see how that is even remotely pertinent considering the status of women during this time period. Of course it was okay to beat women. An englishman used to proclaim that women should never think because it would take the blood away from their uterus and into their brain making them infertile… if it was said in 19th century England why would you expect more from Muhammad?? Rape has always been a horrid tool used in war. It is still used today in many areas of Africa. It is sick psychological warfare but nontheless it still is promoted. How can you expect Muhhammad to have solved EVERY gender issue during that time period? To assume failure because there are still issues is irrelevant and ignorant.

        1. What is not “even remotely pertinent?” The widespread abuse of women in the Muslim world based on the Koranic verses, which are held by hundreds of millions as [i]eternal[/i]?

          This continuing abuse more certainly is extremely pertinent – especially to all these abused women and girls.

          It is ridiculous to excuse the behaviors and doctrines of someone held up to be the “Last Prophet of God” and the “Perfect Man.” If “Allah” is omnipotent and omniscient, “he” could easily have told Mohammed to [b]end all abuse of women[/b], rather than having the man go on a rampage, slaughter hundreds, take their wives as sex slaves and leave this horrible legacy. It is quite obvious that such a person is not a “prophet of God.” On the contrary. There are millions of people far better to follow than this sex slaver, who didn’t even know right from wrong.

          There is NO excuse. Anyone with half an iota of innate morality and common decency would know that this attitude, these verses and this history are simply wrong. Stop with the excuses, which are pathetic.

          But at least one is not denying this fact of Islamic women abuse for a change. Calling it “not even remotely pertinent” is really shameful, however.

          1. Have you read what the Bibles says about Women? Do you know how women are treated in the so-called Western World?

            Leave the Quran alone especially if you are not a Muslim.

            As I Christian, read the Bible critically. The Bible and the Quran are the same if not worse.

          2. For the umpteenth time, I’ve read the Bible, much of it in its original languages of Hebrew and Greek.

            I won’t be putting through your demented, sexist and evil insults of my person, one after another. Move along, sickie.

        2. It is 2013 and Muslim women continue to be beaten, killed, and raped. But let me guess, that is somehow justifiable?

          1. You think that it is only Muslim women who are beaten, killed and raped in modern times? Do you not listen to the news? There are so many rapists, child molesters and women beaters in the western world (non-Muslims) how dare you be so ignorant to assume that all the evil in the world just comes from Islam. Oh and by the way, I’m Christian. What do you think about all the priests that go around having sex with children? Or is that acceptable because they’re not Muslims?
            I wish that all religions could just respect each other’s beliefs and get along!

        3. Let us know how you feel about that when IS shows up on your front door. Obviously, you simply don’t get it.

      2. Acharya S. would you please enlighten us on what the Bible say about women? But the question is have you read the bible?

        1. Your question reveals that you don’t know me or my work AT ALL. Yet, you have spent considerable time here making one insulting remark about my person after another. Islam has taught you to hate women and infidels, and here you are falling right in line. Thanks for proving that Islam is infidelophobic and misogynistic.

          Despite your repeated attempts at insulting and abusing me into your sick cult, I will not submit.

          For those who are not idiotic and demented, I critique Christianity ALL the time, including here:

          What does the New Testament say about women?

        2. Hey, DA, she’s a biblical scholar, what are you?

    2. Burying babies alive was already banned by Christianity and Judaism in the arabian peninsula, Mohamed was just copying their humane idea.

      And there is no proof that anyone ever buried babies at the time of Mohamed, except for maybe a single arab tribe who were in a famine and did not have food to feed them. And that is not even proven either.


      Muslims take the credit for everything, even when they didn’t do it first.

      And muslims take credit for things, even when it is not even true about it being in islam for many other claims. Like : islam is peace, islam is mercy, islam is human rights (it is against human rights), islam is not killing women or elderly.

      See: the killing of Umm Qirfa


    3. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read today. Islam revealed? Seriously? Did they give away hot dogs and balloons?

    4. You want fries with that taqiyya?

      1. HAHAHA i’m laughing so hard. You are the only commentator with a sense of humour 🙂

    5. Islam is a beautiful religion in the same sense that the alien creature in the Alien movies was a perfect organism.

  5. Just how are we morally superior
    In North America it’s a fact that most marriages end in divorce and it is a joke as to how unfair the settlements are. Honourable people do not expect more than half in such situations. Honourable people do not expect payments for 20 years. All men that I know are more than honourable. They give everything away freely but harbour a certain resentment towards paying the ex-wife’s way for the next two decades. When I divorced I gave the house and furniture away without hiring my own lawyer but advised wife not to come after my paycheck or I would put up a legal fight and then leave the country to resettle somewhere Islamic where my paycheck would be my own.

    I have travelled in many Arab countries and the men there are decent and honourable. With the legal power left in their hands marital disputes are much more likely to be resolved fairly. Religion aside and law aside men usually will not take more than their fair share in any situation even if their religion or legal system allows for it. The reason is that it would offend their sense of manhood. They would feel shame in the presence of other men.

    1. Ah yes, the cultural relativity argument and “tu quoque” distraction fallacy. Newsflash: Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      First of all, the reason there are so many divorces in the West is because WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO DIVORCE, as opposed to in the Muslim world, where women must once again submit to the men for that “right,” whereas men can divorce at will. So, thanks for highlighting that inequality under Islamic law.

      Secondly, who is the “we?” I speak for myself, and I am most certainly morally superior to a Stone Age sexist cult. I also don’t particularly care about either marriage or divorce. Why get married in the first place? If you truly love someone, you can make your own vows without any kind of social sanction. You can then split apart if or when you no longer want to share your lives together.

      “All men that I know are more than honourable.” ALL men you know – really? You’ve never known a single man who has done anything wrong or dishonorable? Wow – that must be a world’s record, or you only know a handful of men, which would hardly make you an expert on the subject.

      “I have travelled in many Arab countries and the men there are decent and honourable.”

      And you are a MAN. I would wager that if a woman like me traveled through many Arab countries dressed as I prefer, I would be severely abused left and right by countless “decent and honourable” men. How soon we forget Laura Logan!

      You also didn’t watch the video by Dr. Wafa Sultan, nor are you aware, apparently, of the horrendous abuse of women and girls all over the Arab world at the hands of men. Your anecdotal dismissal does all these females a real disservice.

      1. Acharya S. You are right. Why you be concerned about marriage if you could have a new man every night in your bed? You sure are a Stone Age creature nonetheless when there were no marriages and divorces. Be happy in your position!

        1. Are sex and hatred all you think about? In your repeated depraved remarks here, you have proved yourself a very sick person and a perfect example of a Muslim fanatic.

          Is this one of your buddies, perhaps? You seem to be cut of the same cloth, from your nonstop abuse of my person here. Does it please you to attack women?

        2. Ad hominem, short for argumentum ad hominem, is an attack on an argument made by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument.

          It is a logical fallacy. Learn to argue professionally.

          Good luck.

        3. Murshid Alam, India


    2. That’s the second funniest thing I’ve read today. Islam is the refuge of a coward.

  6. “And i find it funny that you only appear to focus your attentions in islam.”

    Since you basically begin your diatribe with a statement that demonstrates you know nothing about my work, one must approach the rest of what you have to say with caution. If you did know my work, instead of pretending to do so in order to spew hate speech at me – you would also know that I have spent considerable time criticizing Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and all other ities and isms that have deleterious aspects. As but one example, I’ve had an article with pretty much the same Talmudic quotes ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/judaismquotes.htm[/url]) on my website for well over a decade – nice of you to catch up. Thus, your remark here is utterly false.

    You do not know my work, nor are you particularly scientific or rational in your defense of the indefensible. You have no concern for all the vicious defamation in these videos by your co-religionists – you are apparently only concerned about attacking me personally so that I will not bring this abuse to anyone else’s attention.

    You are also using a typical apologist tactic called “tu quoque,” which is to deflect off the subject by pointing fingers elsewhere – we have seen this logical fallacy many times, and it remains fallacious.

    “I would advise you to stop your hate mongering and your agenda driven argument and focus on the truth. However, i do not see you doing that.”

    The only “hate mongering” and “agenda” here are those on your part in spewing hate speech at me personally, when you do not know me at all, and in attempting to get a woman to stop exposing the WOMAN-HATRED of Islam.

    It is time for religious fanatics of all stripe to stop trying to bludgeon and intimidate the rest of us into your manmade, misogynistic cults – we will not be bullied. Thank you.

    In the meantime, if you would like to know more about what we [i]all[/i] have lost because of the rise of these hateful and violent patriarchal and misogynistic cults, please read Man Made God ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/manmadegod.html[/url]) by Barbara G. Walker. The destruction of beauty, innocence, peace and other aspects of human culture by these violent warrior cults is simply appalling, and the truth about it will not be swept under the carpet with hostile defenses of these very destructive cults.

    I would advise [i]you [/i]to study the origins of the religion ([url]http://www.mukto-mona.com/Articles/kasem/quran_origin.htm[/url]) you currently hold near and dear – especially as concerns how it was spread and how it destroyed your own ancestors’ cultures ([url]http://occidentalsoapbox.blogspot.com/2008/11/islamic-crusades.html[/url]). You can overcome this conditioning. Cheers.

  7. I read the Koran some years ago before all of the current Moslem bashing began. It was a small part of my efforts to educate myself. I do remember that Mohammad was big on seeing to it that women received their inheritance and that it was not to be taken from them. He felt the same way about orphans.

    In the modern west, it is OK for a woman to be abused by her lesbian master, wasting her life in mental illness and without a family; or to be a heroin addict prostitute; or to be an insane homeless beggar on the streets, etc. etc.

    What’s this stuff that Jesus said about mote in eye and plank in eye? Or judge not………..

    1. You can tell who the muslims, or people who didn’t read very much of the quran, and none of the hadiths or history, are. 🙂

      Did you notice 90% of the 5000 honour killings in the world a year are muslims killing women?

      And the rest are from indians who had this culture from being under islamic rule in history.

      Did you notice the 100 to 140 million women in the world who are living with female genital mutilation, and 3 million a year still being done? Nearly all of who are muslims, and the few rest are converts to christianity who had the practice from being muslims before, or who have it because of islamic rule in history.

      In Afghanistan and iran there are many heroin or opium addicts. I don’t know why you talk about that.

      And you think muslims don’t have homeless people?

      You are really a muslim or a guy who is totally uneducated about almost anything about islam, despite your claim that educating yourself is what you did. lol

      Muslim women have a inferior inheritance like you could read on this page. — if you can read!

      Seriously don’t claim you read the quran, when you don’t even read the page you commented on.

      No-one can believe a person who denies bad about islam, and says good about it. – Because it is not true.

      1. Actually, it’s 91%, but who’s counting?

    2. When Islam ceases it’s incessant atrocities, become civilized and joins the parade, I will cease to judge it. Until then, Allah’u fubar to you.

  8. questions
    so acharya,

    I have read many articles pertaining to the so called “ill treatment” of women in Islam. It is safe to say that your opinions are biased, for whatever reason.

    And i find it funny that you only appear to focus your attentions in islam. You in my opinion, do not have a solid understanding of the religion and you choose to use certain versus, without understanding the context of such versus and their application. This is clearly an indicator of your lack of knowledge with regards to islam

    Now, whatever abuses against women that are prevalent in so called “Islamic society” if you did your research you would find are culturally based on not religiously based. If you studied the life of the Prophet, you would clearly see how caring he was towards the women of his society, why do you not mention all the sayings of his that are promoting womens rights, why do you not take his life and interactions with women and talk about those. You clearly have an agenda, perhaps that is why.

    And furthermore, why do you only talk about islam, when the following religions say the following about women:


    -still practices female infanticide, infact in the last 10 years, 20 million female babies were killed

    -when a woman marries and her husband dies, she has 3 choices, to be burned alive with her husband, to marry his brother or in the case that their is no brother to live in a house for widows, who are considered the lowest of the caste system that india has in place. The movie Water, is evidence of such.


    -perhaps you have not read the talmud, where not only does it promote racist beliefs against non jews (gentiles) but also states the following, permitting intercourse with children as young as 3:

    A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.

    Hadarine, 20, B; Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348

    A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl.

    Gad. Shas. 2:2

    A boy-goy after nine years and one day old, and a girl after three years and one day old, are considered filthy.

    Pereferkowicz, Talmud t.v., p. 11

    Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.

    Zohar, Shemoth

    Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.

    Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L

    A boy-goy after nine years and one day old, and a girl after three years and one day old, are considered filthy.

    Pereferkowicz, Talmud t.v., p. 11

    Yevamoth 98a
    [Trans.: A non-Jew is “legally fatherless,” regardless of whether or not the father is known. Gentile children are essentially asses and horses, i.e., animals.]

    R. Joseph said: Come and hear! A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition [intercourse], and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. The penalty of adultery may be incurred through her; [if a niddah] she defiles him who has connection with her, so that he in turn defiles that upon which he lies, as a garment which has lain upon [a person afflicted with gonorrhoea].

    Sanhedrin 55b

    Rab said: Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. Samuel said: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that.24 (24) I.e., Rab makes nine years the minimum; but if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred. Samuel makes three the minimum.

    Sanhedrin 54b

    Raba said. It means this: When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [three years old], it is as if one puts the finger into the eye; but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown-up woman he makes her as ‘a girl who is injured by a piece of wood.’…

    Why do you not comment on the above.


    We all know about original sin and the view that men had towards women, and how they were treated as such as a result of that ideology.

    I would advise you to stop your hate mongering and your agenda driven argument and focus on the truth. However, i do not see you doing that.

    1. You mean the talmud and torah where mohamed got most of his ideas for islamic law from? and then made worse by dropping all the jewish reforms and special conditions that the jews had made hundreds of years before, and mohamed sent the islamic laws back to even worse than the first jewish laws.

      Is there anything in jewish law that is not the same existing in islam too, except more things and worse?

      1. Have you read what the Bibles says about Women? Do you know how women are treated in the so-called Western World?

        Leave the Quran alone especially if you are not a Muslim.

        As I Christian, read the Bible critically. The Bible and the Quran are the same if not worse.

    2. Acharya DOES NOT just focus on Islam. Her books are on Christianity and that other solar deity stuff. Obviously, you are not at all familiar with her work. If you whine, you must do it in a Mr. Bill voice, mmmmm k?

      1. Have you read what the Bibles says about Women? Do you know how women are treated in the so-called Western World?

        Leave the Quran alone especially if you are not a Muslim.

        As I Christian, read the Bible critically. The Bible and the Quran are the same if not worse.

        1. Yeah, I’ve read the Bible. So what? What Muslims do TODAY is the issue. You’re a Christian about like Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegan. Have you read Darwin?

  9. Degrading bible verse about women
    Women are inferior to men: “A man is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man.” (1 Cor. 11:7)

    Women are weaker than men: “Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner” (1 Peter 3:7)

    Women should be silent in church: “As in all the congregations of the saints, women should remain silent in the churches.” (1 Cor. 14:34)

    Women must not have authority over men: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man.” (1 Tim. 2:12-14)

    Women are saved through bearing children: “But women will be saved through childbearing.” (1 Tim. 2:15)

    Women must cut their hair off if they don’t cover it: “If a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off.” (1 Cor. 11:6)

    1. That great mimi but the discussion here is about Islam not Christianity. At what point did it ever become some sort of prerequisite that any time Islam is the topic, Christianity must also be brought up? As Acharya just said above, it’s a “tu quoque” distraction fallacy and “Two wrongs don’t make a right. “

      You’ll get no sympathy for Christianity from me, but there are other blogs that discuss Christianity here and I can’t help but notice that people are not tripping over themselves to post stuff about Islam in them. I just find it weird that people feel they must bring up Christianity in every thread about Islam but never the reverse.

      1. Pauline, the question is why target Islam when similar, more dangerous verses are there in the Bible, the Torah and Vedas? Acharya has an agenda which needs to be condemend. If she is for women’s rights, then she should point out all such atrocities mentioned in all religious books. Her campaign is not driven by her love for women but by her hatred for Islam and Quran. Why is not she spekaing up against the gang rapes of low cast girls happening every day in India? She is paranoid!

        1. Again, I critique the pathological and misogynistic elements of ALL religions, but you wouldn’t know that, because you do not know my work, while lying about it. You claim to have looked high and low on my blog for comments on Christianity and the rest, but you apparently could not even figure out how to use the “search” feature. I have hundreds of posts on Christianity, for example, and have written most of my books about that subject.

          Thanks again for yet another example of what Islamic fanaticism does to a person’s mind and morality – it destroys both.

          Another of your “sane” buddies?

        2. I could show you a thousand photos and videos of beheaded and or crucified men, women and children proving that fear of Islam is not paranoia. BTW, I hate Islam also. Go ahead, lecture me and see how far it takes you.

      2. That goes on everywhere liberals hang upside down by their feet. It seems that liberals/faux atheists cannot pass up the opportunity to exhibit their false expertise by failed attempts at conflation.

    2. Women be silent in the churches
      Context…it is all about context. Paul was addressing an issue in the Synagogues which still exists today where the men would gather in the middle of the building to discuss matters religious, while the women would gather on the balcony overlooking. It was a problem when a woman would half overhear something and call out to her husband (presumably in the midst of the discussion) for a repeat or explanation. Paul was saying not to do this, and if you half hear something and want to know more wait until you get home and ask your husband who was involved in the discussion.

    3. So? That’s old Biblical stuff. Islam is doing worse, 1.5+ decades into the 21st Century.

  10. Disinfo agent
    You are such a lieing pig Acharya. These portrayals of Muslims and Islam are wahabbists. Why don’t you educate your audience in the difference between the two rather than slander all of Islam.

    Your ignorance is staggering for someone who thinks she is an intellect.

    You are nothing more than a curse spreading misleading information for NWO agenda.

    Why not tell everyone the truth about who funds the majority of the “so-called” Islam of this country; Saudi oil money from a extremely corrupt puppet regime of the PTB,

    You are a disgrace!

    1. Thank you for the perfect example of what Islamodefense does to a person’s mind. Here I am exposing incredible abuse of women by a wide variety of Muslim authorities, from Saudi Arabia to Palestine to Pakistan to Iran and so on, and you come in and abuse me personally with your hate speech, entirely proving my point about Islamomisogyny.

      Here’s what we are up against, folks! Tell the truth about vicious bigotry and woman abuse, and you are:

      A “disinfo agent”
      A “lieing [sic] pig”
      A “slanderer”
      A “curse”
      A “disgrace”

      All that in a few paragraphs, simply because I dared to expose an ongoing example of appalling suffering that’s happening in numerous places based on a particular ideology.

      One of the main reasons I do what I do is because mentally disturbed and violent individuals over the past several thousands years have continually persecuted, abused, beaten, tortured and murdered living, breathing and feeling human beings over unfeeling and inanimate ideologies. To me, abusing someone you don’t even know in order to defend an ideology, religion, cult, etc., is really quite evil.

      So, thanks again for the perfect example of exactly what I’m trying to expose here. Much appreciated.

      1. I respect your zeal for the truth, Acharya S, but I want to now address something you said in that last response of yours. You seemed to be very concerned with the suffering of people in the Middle-East, why then haven’t you mentioned the Number 1 violator of U.N. Human Rights regulations in the world? I won’t name them, I’m sure that description is enough for you to discover who I am referring to. Also, you seem to be insistent that ideology alone is the driving force for injustice in the world, but what about reality-based truth like Darwinism? Even…no, especially in the absence of a belief-system you have injustice, murder, genocide, infanticide, only without religion (for this example I will be using be using Islam) you have no immutable-basis for good and just ethical behaviours. James Rachels contends that there is no true logical case to be made for condemning a person or organization who seeks only to benefit themselves, even-or especially-at the cost of others. The likes of Nietzsche who believe that atheist Aristocrats can and should (I paraphrase) “return from a bout of arson, robbery, and rape laughing and smiling-as if they had just returned from a boyish prank,” do well to illustrate the lust for injustice that exists even in Godless men. Darwinism (which is the only real credible foundation on which to form a non-theism based world-view) allows for and encourages murder for survival, not for the sake of self-defence, but as a symptom of existence on a world in which “more organisms are born than can possibly survive.” Take Thrasymacus’s argument that “justice is the advantage of the stronger,” and try to explain to me how exactly you think that ridding the world of theism will make women safe from evil atrocities? (Or any of us, for that matter.) Say hypothetically you did dispel faith from the world, what would protect you from the most powerful people in the world when the population outstripped the resources (or will to develop resources) and they had to choose who to make extinct?

    2. You mean the NMO, the New Muslim Order. Does Acharya pop your little liberal bubble? Should I whine now or later?

    3. Sounds like a personal problem to me. Why don’t you move to an Islamic hell hole. Don’t write.

  11. Chromosomes

    I am a science guy. Why does the male have less DNA than the female? Do the boys have refined superior firmware or do the gals have extra knowledge?

    1. “Why does the male have less DNA than the female? Do the boys have refined superior firmware or do the gals have extra knowledge?”

      Well, as I understand it:

      The male has less DNA than the female because of an XY pair of chromosomes in the male as opposed to the corresponding XX pair in the female, and the Y is much smaller than the X. The function of the Y chromosome is to flip the developing embryo from its natural base state of female to that of male, with all the well known results. What differences there are are far outweighed by the similarities–or so experience of life has shown me! 😆

    2. Is that a sensible question or are you just fishing?

  12. Truth is the beginnning of all that is good, both
    The original Quran is written in classical arabic and any translation is actually an interpretation and carries with it the risk of the author’s own bias and cultural stance. This excellent article below explains how the verse 4.34 is often construed as condoning wife beating but the actual meaning is far milder.Allah almighty knows best.
    Hope you give it a read:D


    May peace be upon you

    1. Allah almighty who? There is no Allah. There was probably no Mohammed. Are you talking about a TV show?

      1. as much as my day is ruined by this article.
        and i suppose you’re a good guy to be opposing all of the stuff.
        how about getting a copy of the quran?
        read your self.
        many,many of the verses are mis translated in the article and comments.
        i know your view will change.
        dont hate me, i was just like you.

        1. Obviously, we have copies of the Quran/Koran, and, no, they are not being mistranslated in the article – that’s just false. These translations are VERY well done, from the ARABIC, which you can find by following the links.

          These verses can be found on many Muslim websites, with translations authorized by Muslim authorities themselves that are pretty much the same as those on this sute. Your apologies not only ring hollow but they indicate that you haven’t even bothered to read the text you are recommending to others.

          I highly doubt that anyone here reading the Koran would change their views, as it is full of hate speech, violence and bigotry.

    2. Allah almighty what? Is that like Father Knows Best, the old TV show? May a sliver of intelligence find you.

  13. Arrogance justifying cruelty.
    The arrogance and justified cruelty of Muslim men, is created by their belief in the Quran.
    If they would just stop for a moment and think – they would realize that in using cruelty and violence they perpetuate both.
    Unfortunately, their belief system is such that all information is filtered through the belief that Mohammed’s words were wise. Some of his words may have been wise – but certainly not all.
    They need to give recognition to their own consciences, to their own innate abilities to think.
    They are in fact suppressing their own minds in order to accommodate these beliefs.

    1. Martin Forster, the arrogance of the white man knows no bounds. Your mindset has been developed by your narcissist attitude as the best race on this earth and your concept of white man’s burden under which you traded in slaves and killed and murdered thousands of men, women and children while taking them on ships to Europe and the US, treating them as animals. Your government are still issuing apologies to other nations for all their atrocities that they committed a hundred years ago. So much for your civilised behaviour. Fie on you and your arrogance!

      1. I wonder who those baaaad white guys bought those poor little slaves from, hmmm? Oh, yeah, MUSLIMS! The arrogance of the white man is certainly eclipsed by Muslim arrogance. Muslims are really a bunch of supremacist bastards.

    2. Stop and think? If they did that they wouldn’t be Muslims.

  14. are you married?
    woow, i do feel sorry for you at this point acharya, so much hate in your life, so many enemies that you have, so many battles for you to fight, all in the time span of the 70 or so years we have on this earth. So many men that would be the brunt of your anger and past experiences.

    Are you married? Do you have children?

    And then what is your solution to all these problems? What society presently in your mind, represents the ideal society with regards to the moral ideas you uphold?

    Is it secularism where women are still treated as objects of mens desires, were prostitution is considered legal as a woman has the right to choose her path, were pornography is celebrated as a “freedom”, were so called average women are going under the knife in an attempt to beautify themselves according to the standards of their societies.

    Look forward to your reply…….

    1. Nice try. Once again, here I’m exposing horrible abuse against women, and you feel the need to abuse me, a woman. Thanks for demonstrating your misogynistic training – such demonstrations are very useful for the rest to see what we are up against.

      You have demonstrated exactly why I do what I do – which is to criticize religious pathology and to expose atrocity and abuse wherever I encounter it.

      As concerns solutions, it’s quite simple: Instead of residing in utter caveman ignorance with intolerant and misogynistic manmade cults that are the basis of atrocities globally – and that cause people like you to write hate speech to others you don’t even know – how about we all grow up, take responsibility for ourselves, and treat each other with respect and dignity, as divine beings of our own right? Ever think of that?

      As I have stated repeatedly, I critique [b]IDEOLOGIES [/b]THAT CAUSE PEOPLE TO MISTREAT OTHERS. These ideologies, including and especially the Abrahamic cults of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, dictate that humans beings are “born in sin” pieces of crap or otherwise wretches and that they must submit to a giant male overlord in the sky.

      I reject this human abuse, as I reject your personal attacks on me for exposing the blatant woman abuse of this particular manmade cult, but, again, thanks for the example of how the defense of an unfeeling and inanimate ideology makes you derogate living breathing human beings whom you don’t even know.

      “Is it secularism where women are still treated as objects of mens desires, were prostitution is considered legal as a woman has the right to choose her path, were pornography is celebrated as a ‘freedom’, were so called average women are going under the knife in an attempt to beautify themselves according to the standards of their societies.”

      What utter nonsense you are learning from your anti-infidel programming. It’s because of violent and sexually uncontrolled MEN that women suffer, including and especially those who have created male-dominant and misogynistic cults like the one exposed here, both from its “holy text” and from the mouths of its spokesmen.

      Again, you show no concern whatsoever about the misogynistic koranic verses or the heinous sexism and perversion coming out of the mouths of these spokesmen – you are only interested in pointing fingers elsewhere, a fallacy called “tu quoque” widely used by Muslim apologists. As is the tactic of insulting others with personal and disrespectful remarks.

      Here are the stages of Muslim apologetics:

      1. Denial
      2. Deflection
      3. Insults
      4. Violence

      Here’s a link on How to Debate a Muslim ([url]http://sheikyermami.com/2009/06/16/how-to-debate-a-muslim/[/url]).


    2. She doesn’t have enough enemies, and never will, to get past me.

      “were pornography is celebrated as a “freedom” ” Oh, you mean like in Muslim countries?

    3. It’s funny to read Muslims project all of their pathology onto other people.

  15. Unlikely to be published due to political incorrec
    For a while I honestly thought this was a site to have open honest dialogue. Possibly to find meeting points and the good and the bad of the various options open to people in the different religions and cultures. The world is seldom black or white. It seems this site is more about go along with the agenda.

    The moderator of this site says she does not believe in isms.
    Ever heard of feminism or socialism.
    Slowly and inexorably the Western world is failing into “modern” socialist feminist states.

    The moderator talks about the right to divorce which I fully agree with. However my definition is to take your half and be on your merry. Obviously that is not the prevailing thought in socialist feminist societies. It’s easy to bail out when you get it all and 20 years of enforced payments on top.

    Islam is by no means a perfect system but in my estimation based on having visited some Arab countries and much reading it is the only counterbalance to the slow, inexorable world wide march of socialism and feminism. It is the last stand against this living hell.
    Can anybody explain to me why those two systems always sleep together? I’d really like to know.

    When men travel in conservative Arab countries they have to cover their shoulders and legs. This is not a man-woman thing. Maybe it’s about enforced modesty or maybe they don’t want all our illicit sex as a result of public drunken skin shows. In the big karmic scheme of things is this really that bad?

    Injustice will never stand.
    If you don’t stand for justice for all, than you do not stand for it at all.
    Both Islam and socialist feminism are unjust in their own ways. Maybe it’s how we use them as tools or weapons. I live near the crime, murder capital of Canada and my biggest risk is not getting cleaned out on the street. It is the risk of getting cleaned out by a woman I would choose to live with. Islam is spreading even into Northern Canada and I suspect it will become a dominant force in years to come. Even though I am Gnostic in my beliefs I would politically support Sharia because it would counterbalance the unjust laws of our society. That is an idea that should cause people who are rabidly feminist and socialist to stop and ponder. Maybe they should stop pushing their unjust advantage and reconsider their options.

    1. “Even though I am Gnostic in my beliefs I would politically support Sharia because it would counterbalance the unjust laws of our society. “

      A “Gnostic” means someone who knows, but anyone who would say such an asinine thing certainly does NOT know.

      I don’t give a fig for “feminism” or “socialism.” THIS post is about institutionalized misogyny and sexism, based on the Islamic sacred text, the Koran.

      You apparently have no concern whatsoever about all the heinous woman-abuse in Islam, as explicated upon by these Muslim spokesmen, but are instead interested in making repugnant remarks enabling the imposition of the most heinous religious system upon us against our will.

      Sharia law includes the following, which you are so happily promoting. Anyone who knowingly promotes such heinous mistreatment of others is frankly grotesque.

      Limb amputations
      Women enslavement
      Sex slavery and rape
      Misogyny and sexism
      Segregation of the sexes
      Child marriage and rape
      Genital mutilation
      Etc., ad nauseam

      Do not bother to post here again, as I am not interested in airing the views of someone who would support such evil for even one minute.

    2. How is the delusional life these days? Like I said, Islam is the refuge of cowards.

    3. So move. Nobody will miss you. Don’t write.

  16. reason
    perhaps the reason why christianity is brought up, or any other religion for that matter, in these types of discussions, is that at the end of the day we are talking about the human condition, all humans are capable of the same highs and lows.

    In the west, nakedness and other freedoms are celebrated, whereas a woman dressed conservatively is considered oppressive. In the east however, the opposite can be said to be true.

    we are dealing with the human condition…….

    such situations need to be looked at from a balanced point of view, introducing any type of extremism into such topics will only result in a solution which is just as extreme, but on the opposite side of the spectrum

  17. My Rights
    Dear Acharya 8

    I am a 23 year old Muslim girl. If you pity me, kindly check these links below:



    Feel free to ask anything.


    1. I don’t “pity” you, except that if you think Islam gives you “rights” as a woman, you are clearly lacking any perspective as to what “rights” really constitute.

      You have also apparently not paid attention to anything in this blog post, which clearly demonstrates that, according to the Koran/Islam, women are inferior and need to be repressed. In fact, much of Islamic/sharia law seems to be based on oppressing women.

      You are also evidently blinded to the world around, as one look at the status of women in many Muslim-dominant countries will show precisely this blatant oppression. It does these suffering women a tremendous disservice for anyone to be justifying, ignoring or enabling their abuse by misrepresenting Islam’s patent misogyny.

      All the apologizing, handwaving dismissals, distractions elsewhere, etc., will not change the fact that Islam is misogynistic to the nth degree and that the rise of patriarchal religion has been terrible for women, period.

      If you knew what REAL RIGHTS you have lost with this rise of intolerant monotheistic male-dominant cults, you would be very angry and disgusted. Try reading this book:

      Man Made God

      Good luck.


    3. You poor brainwashed soul!

    4. Come back at talk with you are 63 and you might know something.

  18. Three Blind Mice
    >>A boy-goy after nine years and one day old, and a girl after three years and one day old, are considered filthy.

  19. Toshif Shaik :-
    Dear Mr.Acharya ,,

    There is a lot of talk about Islam and the way it treats its women. If I began on the unprecedented rights that Islam gave to women, I would need a lot more than just a post to do that justice. However, the focus here and in a lot of other places these days is on the declaration of a German judge who recently acquitted a Muslim man for beating his wife, citing verses of the Quran in his defense. Expectedly, there has been quite a furore about this.
    Does the Quran really condone wife beating? It has become more of a norm to judge things without their context. “Lame” you may say. But I say, context is everything.
    I would like to quote a very revealing email I received from a member from a google group that I subscribe to. A debate was struck in the group and Brother Mubeen more than quelled it with a very accurate, very logical and authentic explanation to the whole issue.
    Here’s an excerpt:
    …”Beat your wife” is a phrase that doesn’t go down too well with me either (and you can check with my wife on that).
    But then, yes, there is (only) a (single) reference to beating one’s wife in the Qur’an, and males have conveniently abused it by twisting it out of context to justify their actions that have no place in Islam.
    Let us read the ayat where it appears. The translation is by Yusuf Ali, and I quote…
    “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband’s) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (Next), refuse to share their beds, (And last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them Means (of annoyance): For Allah is Most High, great (above you all).” Surah Nisa, Chapter 4, Verse 34.
    Let us read it carefully. The only reference to beating your wife comes in this verse, and the reasons are clearly defined – disloyalty and ill-conduct. Not for half-cooked food, or for speaking her mind, or for falling prey to his incomprehensible suspicions. And certainly not for demanding a humane treatment in marriage for the rest of her life… Only for disloyalty and ill-conduct, period.
    And the routes to use are also made absolutely clear – first, admonish them; then refuse to share a bed, and then if that does not help, then beat them lightly. Please dwell on a key word – lightly.
    Many scholars have written a lot about this. And the clear instructions from them are –
    1. A man has no liberty to hit his wife for any small reason.
    2. Beating your wife is permissible only in the most extreme circumstances (disloyalty and ill-conduct), and only after all other possible means are exhausted. This could include staying away from them, explaining to them, getting one elder from each side of the family to intermediate, admonishing them etc.etc.
    3. And even on beating, I refer back to the key word – lightly. Scholars have interpreted this to mean that a man cannot hit his wife on her face – no stinging slaps. He cannot hit her with any instrument that would cause her extreme pain, nor can he hit her so hard that it leaves marks behind. So there! It implies that all that a man can do – after all other means are exhausted – is a light beating that would cause embarrassment to make her change her ways. He is definitely not allowed to take out his frustrations on the human punching punching bag conveniently available to him, and then justify his actions by pointing to religion. By doing this, we men are just opening up the doors of Hell for ourselves.
    In this context, let me also mention that while there is only one reference here about ‘beating your wife’, this ayat starts by saying “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women…”
    And there are numerous other verses in various ayats about the rights of women in Islam, their ownership of property being their own, and the way they ought to be treated, the respect that men must give them et al. To quote just one ayat, again from the same chapter…
    “O ye who believe! Ye are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should ye treat them with harshness, that ye may Take away part of the dower ye have given them,-except where they have been guilty of open lewdness; on the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good.” Surah Nisa, Chapter 4, Verse 34.
    How many men read this line, and live it…“on the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity”. Please note the “On the Contrary”.
    The last line is also particularly of importance, “If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good.”, which tells a man that he is not at freedom to divorce his wife giving the excuse that he does not like her.
    I would recommend reading Chapter 4 (Surah Nisa – meaning Woman in Arabic) in detail with translation to all who want to understand the rights and duties of women in Islam…”

    1. Equality of women
      All of the Muslim comments are mostly true but they forget one very important point . The western (non Arabic/Muslim) generations progressed to our present day freedoms for all women. The Muslims have, unfortunately, remained stuck in the barbaric middle ages. Therefore the assumption that the Koran is literally used today to subjugate and abuse women is an ignorant, and male self-serving agenda. From other comments and knowledge of Islam the effect of not allowing women to be educated is very important to keep this archaic culture alive. Just as the printing of the Bible took the interpretations out of the preview of Monks only, the education of women and their reading of the Koran would change the barbaric tradition!!

  20. religion vs women
    i have read the parts you have posted in the beginning and they are all true except that you have read them in English obviously.. the thing is that you do not read arabic and if you did you’d be more disgusted…

    the field part is almost completely true excpect the idea of approaching them was sexual :S the most disturbing part for me…

    and you have to replace every “wed” word with the “f” word because that was the word in arabic which only arabs can understand and still beautify in front of those who are victims of translation 😀 which is driving me crazy to see all those poor educated foriegn women from US and Europe convert to this ridiculous religion….

    But unfortunately all religions have serious anger towards women which i have also read in the bible in both languages, like the fact that she is not to be speaking in church because her voice is annoying… and the fact that i had to hear the priest say that the man is head of the woman… why is god so hateful against women in religion? I think simply because the source of all religions is the same… men!!!

  21. Islam = misogynistic
    No idea how you can explain away how Islam treats women as second class animals

  22. Makes me sick
    Why would a good god want women to be beaten knocks me sick!! God made men n women equal we dont live in olden times we live in 2012 were men and women are equal! Muslim women should not tolerate this and therefore your faith is through fear not love for your god, you dont have free will!

    1. Answer.

      You’ve answered all the true guidance of the Quran.

      “Why would god want Women beaten? You feel sick about this statement? You should. Because the truth is that the Quran doesn’t say to “BEAT” women. It’s translations by some, and the misunderstanding of others, including those of the understanding of the Arabic language. But if you examine these words being translated for the Arabic to other languages, you will see for yourself the Arabic word in it’s root meaning, and consistency of it use in the Quran, will make clear to All Women abused by this misunderstanding that the word revealed in the Quran is not to be translated as “Hit, Beat, Scourge, Softly Touched, with Tooth Brushes, etc. All these translation are intentionally deceiving the masses, causing the abuse in Women, and Horrible, mis-guided Men.

      “God made women equal to men”. This is true, and it’s in the Quran. Unfortunately, once again, certain people are using the to justify their ignorance instead of using it for what it’s truly revealing, which is that We are all equal in the sight of Allah, and this is in the Quran.

      “Muslim women should not tolerate this”, again you’ve told the truth. Not only muslim women but any woman. And this thought you have is also clearly in the Quran.

      “Therefore your faith is through fear not love for your god”, and this is also the truth. Faith in the teaching from the Quran, is not fear. It’s to ponder and to learn, to come to the understanding, and fear is not a requirement at all. But if these are fearing, then your point made of “not love for your god”, is absolutely correct.

      Since the Quran clearly teaches the LOVE for Creation, one who is in the spirit of LOVE of self, is truly not Fearful, and should therefore take control of these points made against them, being in that true sense of awareness, and truly pondering.

      In conclusion, I appreciate you pondering over these important matters. I thought the same way for a long time until one day, I took a Quran just to intentionally find fault. But after carefully studying and still do, I’ve come to know for sure that what you’ve described here is Truth, and that the Quran supports your understanding and analysis on these matters.

      It’s not the Quran that’s wrong. It’s not Islam that wrong. Those are not it’s teachings. It’s individuals that indulge in the wrong on purpose to control the masses, then try to justify their ignorance with in this case, The Quran.

      It’s like people who smoke that can read a pack of cigarettes stating, “Smoking is Bad for your Health”, but still smoke just because they like the feeling.

      If people were to take heed to the Surgeon General’s warning on those cigarettes pack, they wouldn’t smoke at all. But some people who do smoke, even though they know the truth about this matter on smoking, still indulge just for the sake of doing it, as they see fit, for the moment, etc. Not because the pack of cigarettes told them to smoke, but because it’s what the masses are doing, classified as the “norm”, or it’s okay since it’s “Legalized”.

      Blessings To You and yours.

      1. Oh goodie, lies about Islam and the Quran. Just what we need.

      2. Muslims when cornered with facts and reference from Qura’an start giving round and round answers. When they are caught they start giving long answers like sermons. This ‘Taqqiya’ (Deception) they use to mislead unassuming & gullible people.

  23. Keep up the good work, someone has to expose religion for what it is, an ugly system of control.

    1. We’re talking about “Islam”, not “religion”. When you attempt to make that conflation, you are falling right into the Islamist’s trap.

  24. What a pack off idiots!!!
    This makes me sick!! Only when women become empowered by education and not brain washed by silly men can this ridiculous book of stupid laws be shown for the ridiculousness that it is!!

    1. Nice of you to show up, Ben. Stick around for awhile.





  26. Happy as Larry, I’m an atheist and I treat people as I expect to be treated and don’t need a god or castle in the sky to be a good person. Just a thought, if there was a god would he not have crushed all the pretenders by now instead of letting this world suffer at the hands of delusional god makers!!!!!!

  27. Misinterpretation
    As usual The non believers turn and twist the meanings of not only theQuran but many times even their own religious books.

    1. What utter nonsense and calumny. It is not we “non believers” who are misinterpreting twisting anything. It’s the Muslim fanatics who are following these scriptures literally and using them to abuse and enslave women, which we can all see with our own two eyes.

      All you have done is to prove the reasons why we are complaining about these scriptures, as you attempt to abuse and vilify us “filthy kuffar” by claiming it is WE who are the problem here.

      Thanks for the example of how Islamic fanaticism makes one unreasonable and sets one at odds with the rest of humanity. You just proved our point.

    2. Actually, the religious do a fine job of twisting any good teachings that might be in old books.

  28. Oh wow Archana
    You’re abusing all the men on here.
    And almost all your staements are false… I have Indian and Arab ethnicity and I am Muslim and nevre have i felt that my muslim famil or relatives discriminate me I am given as much freedom as any other 15 year old girl.
    We are not oppressed… There are reasons why the Quran says so and you must’nt judge a religion by your little knowledge
    Oh yea my best friends father who was hindu always abused his wife
    By hating on a religion makes you a terrorist
    people like you are the reason why this world cant live in peace
    people like you are the reason why india and pakistan are so f**ked up
    people like you are the reason why islam is degraded
    People like you are the reason why the life on earth should end
    people like you are the reason why hinduism is losing respect in my ees
    people like you are the reason why i lost hope in humanity

    Oh if your culture is so biased why are you moving to countries like UAE?!

    1. Thank you for your fallacious defense, character assassination and vile hatred by claiming that what I am conveying is mendacious and by directing the rest of your vicious bilge towards my person. You do not know me in the least, but you make the most disgraceful characterizations of me and my work.

      It is because of such dishonesty and personally abusive mentality that we are in such a poor state globally, with religious fanatics bombing and killing, dividing humanity into believers and subhumans, setting themselves apart from and above the rest of mankind. In your hate speech against my person, your behavior is shameful. One could easily make such a list of hateful comments directed back at you as the source of all the world’s problems.

      “Hating” or criticizing an ideology that calls for the death of me and my loved ones, along with the enslavement of my gender, makes me a “terrorist?” This statement is completely irrational and, frankly, disgusting. It is the mark of a wise, courageous and empathetic person to defend innocent individuals against abusive ideologies, including and especially religious fanaticism, which has led to the torture, rape and deaths of hundreds of millions, if not billions, worldwide for the past several thousand years.

      People like me are the reason Islam is degraded? An utterly absurd notion, as I have never practiced Islam and am responsible for none of it, including the some 270 million people slaughtered in its name. I have nothing whatsoever to do with India or Pakistan – your remarks are frankly completely irrational and ridiculous.

      Your naive and hostile defense ultimately alters nothing I have stated here but, unfortunately, verifies what I am saying. You acknowledge nothing about the abuse found in the Koran that is externalized all over the world, as exemplified in the numerous videos here straight from Muslim authorities themselves. You show no concern for the hundreds of millions of women who have suffered globally but especially in Muslim countries. Instead, you feel the need to play victim and abuse me personally with ludicrous character assassination.

      In the meantime, women continue to be abused by Koranic and biblical verses, including not only general sexism and misogyny but also the most heinous physical and psychological debasement imaginable.

      Most assuredly, I personally am not moving to countries like the UAE, where girls like you enjoy relative freedom. On the contrary, I will likely never set foot in such a female-oppressive land, as I do not wish to be abused and enslaved. But why not speak of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and Afghanistan, where life for most women is a living hell? Your comments here based on your own relatively easy experience, while ignoring the plight of Muslim females elsewhere, are beyond disingenuous.

      You are a young woman who has barely been alive for any significant length of time, and you clearly have little experience with or knowledge with the world at large. Your experience and knowledge are limited and shallow, and you are completely ignoring the horrible suffering of Muslim women worldwide, based on the quotes from the Koran I have provided here – the very proof of what I am saying, but which you are blithely dismissing while spewing hate speech at my person.

      All one needs to do, however, is to read these posts and comments, and take a long, hard look at the world and history with one’s eyes wide open and without such hatred in one’s heart as you are carrying. Again, your very comments here hating on my person simply because I dare to expose the blatant, ongoing and virulent abuse of women under Islam exemplify the OP.

      Let us hope to move beyond such divisiveness and hatred, which are the hallmarks of religious fanaticism. Abusing an individual you do not even know over a religious ideology is one of the biggest problems on this planet, leading to the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent people.

      I wish you luck.


      1. You are an idiot. You nothing abouth the quran or the meanings because if you did you would know that Men and women are treated equally and women are 4 times more respected than men as they carried you in their womb for 9 month. Next time you accuse with fake facts try to learn more as all you are saying are fake.

        1. So, in your haste to demonstrate your “respect” for women, you attack a woman with insults and lies about Islam’s doctrines?

          Thanks for proving our point.

          Wondering what part of the QURAN quotes I provided you have not understood?

    2. You can tell a bigot, but you can’t tell them much
      “People like you”| Is a term frequently used by Bigots.

      Odd that a 15 year old girl could get this formula so correct.
      1. Denial – We are not oppressed.
      2. Deflection -you must’nt judge
      3. Insults – by your little knowledge
      4. Violence – the reason why the life on earth should end

      Bigotry may be based on real or perceived characteristics, including age, disability, dissension from popular opinions, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender identity, language, nationality, political alignment, race, region, religious or spiritual belief, sex, or sexual orientation. Bigotry is sometimes developed into an ideology or world view.

    3. People like Acharya? Strange, I thought it was Muslims like you who are incessantly slaughtering others who are causing the problem. So, pointing out the slaughter is worse than the slaughter? Now, THAT, is typical Muslim and liberal thinking.

  29. Anonymous
    As it was mentioned before Islam bettered the condition of women. Yes, but these were different, archaic times. In modern times, the laws of Sharia represent several steps backwards.
    Now women are, at very best, dealing with social pressure within Muslim communities because they need to conform to the role Islam has set for them. They view themselves as sexual objects who are to withdraw from the public eye. That’s not to mention the oppression and violence which are partially permitted by the Sharia.

  30. Correct yourself first
    To owner of this subject: the muslim guy made good comments & good points, but you didn’t answer him yet. you just talked about his behavior, still waiting for an answer to the muslim guy.. but i’m sure you don’t have an answer.

    1. What “muslim guy” would that be? You have not specified. I have spent many hours answering all the “muslim guys” here and elsewhere, so your contentions are simply false.

      In the meantime, perhaps you should read the original post here – can you explain why the Koran contains so much hate speech against women? Why are you not disturbed by the hatred, bigotry and calls to violence against women? Why instead do you make false claims about me for exposing this hatred and bigotry?

      Correct yourself please, and answer the above questions.

      But I’m sure you don’t have an answer.

      In the meantime, while you waste my time with such falsehoods, women are suffering under Islamic domination. But you have no concern about that fact, obviously.

  31. lets put all those quran verses in reality ,
    1) menstrual periods .one->well whats wrong with this ?,this verse is for woman in period and to knowledge man that woman is in difficult suitation during its period so dont do intercource (its clear)

    2)Women are your fields one->it is kind of cute verse,because if u ask a farmer that how he see his field or how he treat its field then his answer will be ,in sweets words showing sweetness bw men and his wife :cheer:

    3)Men have authority over women because God has made man superior because he feed her ,one->well in this verse ALLAH is savingg that man is MADE superior (EMPHASIZE ON–> MADE) means in any organizaton there are levels to make things systematical like in sports u have caption,sub caption or u create some one who is responsible to control things ,like in marriage woman always seek help in sens of protection to not to get harass by others or in difficult situations (accept this i can proof u B) ) and in 2nd part ,think if your wife stole money or say bad to your mother or father or talk to those people whom u hate ,well u will argue with her ask her why and if she not licene to u then u will nnot going to talk to each other, well woman is with small heart, she is sensitive and she will ask u sorry or ok next time i will not do, to keep relation going on , but if she do again u HIT her-> well what u think of hitting a girl well if u have girl child and she is doing bad thng then how u will bunish her with small hitting with ur hand this is what said HIT HER, and remember those muslims who beat there woman just to show there superiority are uneducated (AS ALL OF U LOOK EDUCATED so how u will going to punish ur girl child if she stole money or do bad thing what and how u will going to do )?

    all the other verse are related with that marry to two ,4 girls if u can now telling u some logic that woman are more then man in this world
    and what is wrong to have more then one wife

    woman get confuse quickly IN most cases or get scared in most cases
    so having two woman thay can remember my mutual understanding and giving confident to each other

    (if u have mercedes and give to such a person who dont know how to drive car propery then ur mercedes will meet accident) similary quran is a system a good system to live (it relates ur actions and reaction and physiology that how man and woman muslim and nonmuslim react to different reaction and also give solutions to these) but if u us it badly it will har u
    and who ever post these verses should get full details from islamic scholars to realy see is islam is wrte or wrong like if u want to know about sum thing or subject then u goo to teachers to know what is written in it

  32. I’m sorry, but your whole message is disgusting. You are making light of the intense bigotry, hatred and violence directed at women because of foul “scriptures” written by desert troglodytes.

    Your first question about what is wrong with isolating menstruating women, as if they are vile filth, simply reflects a poor character and very ignorant mind. This hatred of menstruating women dates back thousands of years and serves as a way to denigrate women overall and keep them powerless.

    As concerns your suggestion that treating women as “fields” in which men can enter – i.e., RAPE – anytime they wish is “cute” is simply [i]depraved[/i].

    Men are not superior to women, and if a text says that, then it is worse than worthless and should be thrown in the trash.

    You are barely literate, immoral and not very bright, yet you feel the need to lecture others as if you are a superior being. As should be obvious, we are already going to Islamic sources for our knowledge about Islam, and we can see that it is completely FALSE. You are simply brainwashed.

    What a waste of time. In the meantime, women are suffering horribly because of these shameful “scriptures” and immoral individuals who defend them.

  33. right on as per usual! thanx B)

  34. Nature
    It’s clear what Moh and Jeez and other PEOPLE had to say about women in the past and present day people are so anxious to believe, but what does GOD itself has to say about it. God’s word is in NATURE and looking at nature reveals us the TRUTH (people just have opinions).
    So here is my opinion.
    What nature tells us, we look at the scientific evidence. So here is a picture of what nature makes people WOMEN (the X chromosome) and what makes people MEN (the Y chromosome).
    (the picture also shows you WHY we call it X and Y chromosomes)


    A woman has 2 X-chromosomes, while a man has an X and a Y chromosome. The Y-chromosome makes people male.

    And for the person that thinks that Islam was a good thing for women 1500 years ago – maybe, with all the religious ideas in those days, but we don’t live in 500 AD and we have a better solution now, called EQUALITY.
    BTW, if you care to go back thousands of years further, you will find that once WOMEN were worshipped and the main god was a GODDESS.
    The males of our species must have had a gigantic inferiority complex to come up with the ridiculous misogynist religions.

    1. To add to your information about the X female chromosome & the male y chromosome, I would like to give you more detail info about it. All though rare, a male can come from 2 X female chromosomes without the Y. This can occur if during the development of the fetus there are more male hormones and or receptors than normal. So thereby, the fetus becomes male. The opposite is true for the same reason but in reverse if the fetus has an XY chromosome that would normally become male it would become female if during fetal development there were more female hormones & or receptors. Thereby becoming a female instead of a male.

      Also, the male Y chromosome has to have a female X chromosome in order for a fetus to occur. Another words the Y cannot be without the X…. However the female X can be by itself. It does not need a second chromosome in order to manifest a fetus/human.

      Also, the female is the only one who can carry over the mitochondria(The power house of the human body cell) to the offspring. Without it there would be no humans…

      Hence these facts are what support the “Mitochondrial Eve Theory”
      that the male evolved from the female as a mutation of the X chromosome…

      In essence both male & female are hermaphrodites…. 🙂

    2. In the Bhagavad Gita (Part of the Ancient Vedas) it is said that Krishna (The supreme Personality of God) owns both sexes.
      The VEDAS are the oldest scriptures written, way before the idea of the Islam appeared!

  35. think about this
    the quotes you have here are all from Quran, that’s true. But I find it unfair and sad that only the oppressive quotes are presented. You are probably all well educated people and you should understand that truth is a grey tone and thus Quran is not either good or bad book. Quran says a lot of good about women too, but the writer of this post didn’t present those ayat, maybe because it contradicts with the image of Islam he/she wants to convey to the readers. It’s as narrow minded and propagandistic internet journalism as the followining website: http://www.islamswomen.com/articles/women_in_quran_and_sunnah.php As you can see, this article has chosen positive quotes about women. In summary, both articles, this and the one I linked, are as righteous, because the quotes they have are all true. The point is, what kind of image the writer wants readers to get.

    Myself, I have no opinion of the treatment of women in Islamic dogma, because most of the horrible deeds done to women are committed because of tradition and modern political islamization, not because of the dogmas.

    1. There is nothing “narrowminded” about providing the Islamic doctrine that is causing horrible misogyny worldwide, including unbelievable abuse of women in numerous countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt and so on.

      It’s disturbing that you are more concerned with our exposure of why female abuse is rampant in the Muslim world than you are about the abuse itself. If you have a problem with the Muslim men who are using these Koranic verses in order to abuse women, then you should try to stop [i]them[/i], rather than complaining about us.

      In the meantime, none of the “feel-good” verses you are proposing have done anything to prevent the widespread abuse of women in Muslim-dominant areas. Your own narrowmindedness in defending this misogynistic ideology and trying to deflect off it is only aiding and abetting the abuse of women and girls globally.

      1. Acharya,

        Whatever foul language you used about Guest, fits you better!

        Menstruation is a natural process but uhealthy. Having sex during this perios may be harmful to the wife and the man; hence, forbidden.

        Can a man go and till the land of another man? Your response is nonsense. Farmers take care of their land; they till it; take care of it and plant seeds in it only when the land is healthy to grow healthy plants. They cannot pland one crop after another in quick succession. The filed is given rest. This is family planning. The woman is asked to breast feed the baby for two years which means she is not to have a baby in two years. That is healthy.

        Can you reverse this role? Obviously not. You are a woman, a field, and your farmer will till you if you have one! So have to stay put!

        1. You’ve already proved yourself repeatedly here to be sick in the head, poisoned at the well of Islam. Why don’t you just say what’s on your mind, like your fellow Muslim in the image below? Oh, that’s right – you HAVE expressed yourself in much the same way in the numerous other VILE and INSULTING comments I have not put through. Thanks for proving my point repeatedly about what Islamic fanaticism does to a person’s mind.

          1. Archarya! God is good. The Bible and the Quran are the same if not worse. You read a lot of comics and watch too much TV. I challenge you to read the Bible Line by line, page to page and chapter to chapter. Then read the Quran the same way. You will see the facts. I read both and realize the Bible is worse than the Quran. I used to believe the same like you. Read too much comics and watch too much TV. I stopped all and now a vegan. marry and do not make boy friend. You will gain higher heights in SPIRITUALITY and see clearly. You are seeing but cannot see(Bible Quote) Wake up! eat what God has created and follow the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

          2. Thanks for more insults. There is no such god omnipotently in charge of everything, as the violence by religious fanatics globally – including and especially Muslims – demonstrates quite abundantly. If al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIL and Boko Haram are reflections of the existence of a Muslim god in charge of everything, one could hardly consider “him” to be “good.” On the contrary, “he” must be quite evil.

            From your idiotic remarks and shallow knowledge here, it seems it is you who read comics and watch trashy TV, as you are apparently admitting. Your ignorance of my work shines through again, as I have read the Bible, line by line, much of it in the original Hebrew and Greek – and you? I’m known as a critic of the Bible, Judaism and Christianity, so your dumb deflection fallacy won’t work on me.

            You have never believed like I do, so quit with that nonsense. You do not have the IQ and knowledge to ever have perceived reality in the same way as I do.

            If the Bible is worse than the Quran – it actually isn’t, as bad as it is – then why should I follow the Bible’s 10 commandments? Despite your claimed “conversion” supposedly “waking you up,” your brains appear to remain quite mushy, possibly from a lack of protein as well.

            You had a boyfriend, “Jack?” And you’re a Muslim? Is that what this is all about, guilt?

    2. So, that means that everybody will agree with the good verses, but in happen that the bad ones and they’re too many to be ignored or justify that everybody that disagree with them and suffered their consequences screams about it for a good reason.
      Those may bad ones are completely unacceptable and you can compare it with the person that takes care of a child growing up, in a lovely way but kills him once he reaches puberty!
      If Islam wants to be respected at this time and circumstances their followers must understand that the excesses have to be removed if they want to be acknowledge by the rest of the World.
      The rest of the Scriptures had problems before with verses that were from another era but their followers and rulers understood the unfairness and they adjusted them to the reality now.
      Unfortunately, the nature of the Islam 1400 years ago tell us that the first followers, besides the aristocracy were nomad tribes with no culture at all, illiterate (so they couldn’t read the Koran nor challenge its meaning).
      But today, it’s about time to change on behalf that the own religion If the leaders want to be taken seriously.
      So far, the Islam is a bad joke>

  36. Listen all the holly books are interpreted by humen wether monks ,immams, clerks so these people worked hard to understand and infers so a lot of what we have in our interpretaions are wrong the holly books are realted we have to understand these holly books as a macro structure not amicro structure verses are related together we can’t separate them I mean we can’t interpret verses linearly wm ought to know that it is a single unit . We have a lot of sectors in all the religion because of misunderstanding to our holly books people we are in 2013 n u still conflicting and attacking religions sit on the fence and try to understand not to compare . In every part of the world we can find people who are worshipping something wierd they have their reasons and we must respect their religion

    1. You are wise. May god make you great.

  37. the quranic sayings have been taken out of context like for example men will inherit 2 times as much of women that is true BUT what the women inherits she does not have to give to anyone (no, not even her children) but it is considered a good deed when she does and what the man inherits he is obligated to support all his family with it should they ask for it (so basically dumbed down that means a man has to support his family a women doesnt)

    Also i know in some countries honour killings and mistreatment against women happens but that is culture not religion ‘there is no compulsion in religion)

    I would also like to say that from all my life i have never seen mistreatment against women (in the name of islam) my father, brothers, male relatives,family friends have never laid a hand on their wives.
    “the women was not created from the mans feet to be walked on nor his head to be superior over but from his ribs as his equal”

    1. Blah, blah, blah. The excuses are pathetic. The only people taking these verses out of context are MUSLIM FANATICS.

      Instead of wasting our time here, please go tell these MUSLIM FANATICS that they are taking the verses out of context when they are using them to bomb, terrorize, mutilate, behead, slaughter, rape and all the rest that they are doing.

      I’m sure they will love to hear from you.

      Start here:


      The fact is that hundreds of millions of Muslims are LIVING according to these verses, that sharia law DOES say women are worth one-half as much as men, and so on.

      Your apologies ring hollow and are insulting to the intelligence.

      1. Acharya.

        FANATICS are neither Muslims nor Christians. Both the Bible and the Quran say the same thing about women. Women has no rights just less than 100 years ago in what they call democracies and Christian countries. So why are you commenting about 1500 years ago. Start talking about something current in our world. forget about the Muslims and their world. Let us deal with the beam in our eyes. Why not talk about recession and peace. Woman Rights instead of Human rights. Women must paid as long as they are married and have a child. They do not have to work unless they want to do so. Why are women used as sex symbols? What has car advert got to do with half naked woman? Talk about Racism. Why should white people have privilege over blacks. Narrowing the gap between rich and poor. Why do politicians use their positions to become rich? Why go to war with a country without any attach on you? Why not use the huge money spent on war to make better provisions for our citizens? So Acharya, use this platform for those issues that will benefit us. Leave the Arabs alone. Leave the Quran alone. Leave Muslims alone. We have laws here that will not allow those living in our country to beat their wives or be cruel to them.

        1. We are well aware of the problems with the Bible, Christianity and Judaism, so we do not have a “beam in our eyes.” You are engaged in a deflection fallacy. Here we are addressing Islam. If you can’t stay on topic, perhaps you should not comment.

          “So why are you commenting about 1500 years ago.”

          This misogynistic abuse continues to this day quite abundantly, and women worldwide are suffering from Islamic abuse.

          Since you are apparently a Muslim pretending otherwise with your pseudonym, perhaps you should take your own advice and remove the enormous beam for your own eyes and not comment about non-Arabs and non-Muslims?

          Woman Rights instead of Human rights. Women must paid as long as they are married and have a child. They do not have to work unless they want to do so. Why are women used as sex symbols? What has car advert got to do with half naked woman? Talk about Racism.

          As this very post demonstrates, women have very few “rights” in Islam, so your comments are ridiculous. You also apparently have a very shallow and ignorant view of how women live in the West. Why are there Muslim women in the West, if they have no rights? Women volunteer to model, clothed or naked – no one is forcing women to appear in commercials. How completely absurd. Women are work if they want to have their own source of income, rather than relying on a man to provide for them. It’s called “independence.” Women in the Muslim world do no work? Bullcrap. If they’re not professionals – there are female doctors, lawyers and so on in Muslim-dominant countries – sexist men to keep them enslaved in the house, doing manual labor and pumping out children.

          Islam is not a race, but if discussing Islam critically is “racism” then discussing the Bible and non-Muslims must also be racism. Hence, you are a racist.

          Why should white people have privilege over blacks. Narrowing the gap between rich and poor. Why do politicians use their positions to become rich? Why go to war with a country without any attach on you?

          No one says white people have privilege over blacks, except in Saudi Arabia and many other Muslims countries. We Americans have a black president – did you not notice that fact? We have black lawyers, doctors, businesspeople, entertainers and athletes, many of them very rich and powerful. Your utter ignorance is quite appalling.

          Unlike many countries, we have the freedom to criticize politicians, and we do quite vociferously, so, again, your deflections reveal your ignorance.

          Who goes to war “with a country without any attach [sic] on you?” I certainly don’t, and I don’t agree with most of the wars that Obama and other powermongers have engaged in. Which country doesn’t have any attachment to the U.S.? I’d like to know, since American taxpayers give aid to practically every country on Earth. I’d prefer not to be on the oil standard, but since we are addicted to oil, we are assuredly “attached” to countries in the Middle East.

          “Why not use the huge money spent on war to make better provisions for our citizens?”

          I’d love not to give billion$ to unworthy countries such as Pakistan and to use them instead on our citizens, but I don’t have that power. Do you?

          We will not be leaving the infidelophobic and misogynistic Islam alone, as Islam certainly does not leave us alone. Islam is a very pressing issue, as anyone who isn’t insensate should be able to tell. When Islam leaves the rest of the world alone, we will leave it alone, but it can’t because it is a conquering cult whose devotees constantly rabblerouse to “dominate the world” and enslaves us all.

          Instead of wasting my time with fallacies and nonsense here, why don’t you stop your fellow religionists from beheading, slaughtering and raping all over the world? THAT is an issue that would benefit us.

          “We have laws here that will not allow those living in our country to beat their wives or be cruel to them.”

          And where would that be? If your country is Muslim following sharia law, you are allowed to beat your wives and be as cruel to them as you wish, according to Quranic verses exposed here. You are only fooling yourself with such claims, “Jack.”

          Again, instead of wasting my time with false rubbish, perhaps you should track down the Muslim authorities in the videos here gleefully discussing wife-beating and set them straight. But you won’t, as you will simply continue to deny and deflect dishonestly.

          Imam explains why it’s “ok” to beat a women.

          Wife Beating in Islam – The Rules

  38. what i don’t understand is if islam shows mistreatment of women then why are WOMEN converting to islam? why not just stay in their religion before if whilst searching for islam it said all this mistreatment of women.
    because if i wasn’t a muslim and i saw this for example i wouldnt want to convert to islam, so please don’t take the quran out of context because i know this isnt true (or the whole truth) but someone else will not.

    The prophet said after allah and his messages you should love and respect your mother who next? he was asked he said your mother ,who next? your mother who next? your father

    Also heaven lies at the feet of your mother. So it doesn’t make sense to mistreat them (and women)

    1. The women who convert willingly to Islam are damaged goods, like the crazy Lauren Booth http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2323168/Lauren-Booth-stole-husband–destroyed-home-Distraught-wife-accuses-activist-betraying-new-faith.html.

      Islam is welcome to them.

      In the meantime, sane women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayaan_Hirsi_Ali are FLEEING Islam.

      Again, your apologies ring hollow, as Islam is the most misogynistic ideology ever devised by the human mind, and we who are not blind can see it with our own eyes.

      Please feel free to tell these Muslim spokesmen that you disagree with their abusive and oppressive ideas about women:


      A few platitudes supposedly by Mohammed will not serve to undo the past 1,400 years of women-terrorizing by Islam.

  39. You are all horribly delusional and unable to thin
    It is really utterly simple: Man created god, gods, other beings because his development led him to do this; it was perfectly acceptable and natural to believe, to accept and to revere these fairy tale ideas back then and even as far as the latter parts of the 20th century BUT …. BUT we are now progressing at an exponential rate and have the ability to cross-examine, to READ, to research and NOT to simply accept whatever our parents, teachers, forefathers and religious zealots claim we must do or else face terrible punishment and reprisals …. seriously, dispense with ALL religious nonsense, examine the FACTS and uuterly reject any kind of silly wish-thinking and learn to get along as humans bonded together by species and not race, creed, colour and silly religious bullsh*t. You are all deluded for STILL believing all this claptrap.

    Just STOP!

  40. if you want to write against it then you ought to have balls to listen to the counter debate @ WHO EVER WROTE THIS BULL-sh*t… how about we compare religions….. go learn about all faiths in detail n i mean IN DETAIL… you don’t know about sh*t and you want to talk about a religion??? sorry please educate yourrself before commenting… peace!! :s

    1. To whom are you are speaking with your angry, hostile and insulting remarks?

      If you are attacking us for exposing the misogyny of Islam, you are serving to prove our point that Islam creates angry, hateful and nasty people.

      In the meantime, what we’ve written here about Islam and women is true. There is no “counter debate.” The hatred and oppression of women as promulgated by Islam is evident to anyone with eyes to see.

      You are only fooling yourself, while trying through hate speech to bludgeon us into your perspective, which is angry and hostile.

      Thanks again for the example, but no thanks.

      Oh, and by the way, we compare religions here all the time, so that little finger-pointing elsewhere debate tactic won’t work.

      Here are the tactics of Muslim apologists:

      1. Denial
      2. Deflection
      3. Insults
      4. Threats
      5. Violence

      You are up to no. 3.

      Time to grow a conscience and stop being so dishonest about Islam, without denial, deflection, insults, threats and violence – all of these latter merely serve to prove our points here.

  41. All right people, one step at a time.

    Circular reasoning: “The Koran is the word of Allah because that is stated in the Koran” This tells us nothing. “Allah is kind, merciful and benevolent according to the Koran” Still tells us nothing.

    Looking at the facts presented in this illuminating article reveals that women in Islam have been mistreated horribly. On the other hand, all religion is really nothing but drivel.

    I personally believe that there has been just a bit too much anger and biased views in this ongoing argument for the civilization that any supposed God (which I believe to be non-existant) might have “prepared” us for. Looking back at all the horrors that mankind has unleashed through the millennium, for me, it really is to much to think that we are meant to be “stewards of the Earth”, as some ridiculous deity so kindly points out.


  42. No specific title
    The Quran is of Divine origin; there is not doubt about that. Read this mini-thesis to see how The Quran was able to predict many scientific discoveries centuries before they were found by humans.


    Despite that, there are still many problems with it. For instance, a lot of Muslims memorize the Quran without fully comprehending its meaning. There are also others who take its lines and scriptures too literally (like the “sheikhs” in the videos of this article). This is an issue that should be extirpated from the Muslim society, in my opinion.

    Also, there is a problem affiliated with the translation of The Quran from one language to another. It has come to my attention that one of the quotes found here was mistranslated.
    “Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please.” Quran 2:223, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 34
    In the original Arabic scripture, this verse uses this expression as a simile, saying “Your wives are as a tilth unto you…” The verse then ends with a warning from God (which the author of this article intentionally didn’t include), and this warning is in the form: “… and fear Allah. And know that ye are to meet Him (in the Hereafter)…”

    In conclusion, next time you want to talk about Islam and the Holy Quran, please don’t use spurious information and be sure to check your sources. And another thing. Keep in mind that there are always close-minded, ignorant and unintelligent religious figures who – whether intentionally or not – perceive the Holy scriptures verbatim (word for word), and then they go around creating malicious rules that they claim to be “the words of God.”

    Islam needs a revolution, and that revolution is coming soon.

  43. The Quran is of Divine origin; there is not doubt about that.

    Utterly and completely FALSE, and there is no doubt about THAT.

    The Quran is a manmade text full of mistakes and misconceptions. Where not making factual errors, it is spewing hate speech at non-Muslims and women.

    Islam needs a reformation to the point where it is no longer tormenting humanity, which would effectively destroy it.

    Refuting Qur’anic ‘Science’: The Expansion of the Earth (http://debunkingquranicscience.blogspot.com/2010/04/refuting-quranic-science-expansion-of.html)

    The Koran did not even get Jesus’s identity correct, as he is confused with the Old Testament Joshua. So, it is not even a well done manmade text.

    In conclusion, next time you want to talk about Islam and the Holy Quran, please don’t use spurious information and be sure to check your sources.

    I would have to say the same to you. Please do not go around spreading falsehoods about this violent and misogynistic text and cult – as a woman, I don’t appreciate you endangering my gender with spurious information and erroneous sources.

    And the “translation” argument itself is spurious, so please refrain from using it. The connotation of these verses is blatantly obvious, and the status of women in the Muslim-dominant areas confirms the misogyny in the Koran. Muslim women as a whole are treated like garbage for the very reasons outlined in this article.

    The disingenuousness and “playing dumb” are really growing tiresome.

  44. What you have said here is utterly FALSE. Dawood used the Arabic to make his translation – he didn’t translate from Martian.

    The Dawood translation has THE ARABIC RIGHT NEXT TO IT ([url]http://books.google.ca/books/about/The_Koran.html?id=J2kdS2Aa328C&redir_esc=y[/url]):

    [quote]The Koran, as N. J. Dawood states, is ‘not only one of the most influential books of prophetic literature but also a literary masterpiece in its own right. Universally accepted by Muslims to be the infallible Word of God as revealed to Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel nearly fourteen hundred years ago, the Koran still provides the rules of conduct fundamental to the Arab way of life. N. J. Dawood’s masterly translation, first published in the mid-1950s and now completely revised in the light of a life-long study of the language and style of the Koran, presents the English reader with a clear, fluent and authoritative rendering, while fully reflecting the characteristic flavour and rhythm of the original. The present edition follows the original sequence of the Koranic suras and is accompanied by a comprehensive index and a parallel Arabic text.[/quote]
    Anyone who knows Arabic can check it out. And, no, we non-believers do not believe that the Koran was dictated by God to Mohammed – that’s a MUSLIM DOCTRINE, not a fact.

    We are more than fair, but it’s clear that you are not, as you have made several statements that are completely false, and you do not know what you are talking about.

    In the meantime, we can see the outcome of these misogynistic verses, whether or not they are translated from the Arabic. All those Arabic speaking Muslims in the Middle East, with their hatred and oppression of woman, have read the Koran in its original Arabic. Islam is the WORST religion earth for women, hands down, bar none.

    Your remarks are simply disingenuous. But thanks for the example of what Islamic doctrine does to a person’s mind ([url]http://europenews.dk/en/node/34368/[/url]).

  45. First of all, all of those verses from Quran are translated by someone who has no knowledge of Arabic language at all and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “DAWOOD”S QURAN” ! Quran was rewealed to Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him ! ! ! Secondly, the verses are interpreted absolutely wrongly!!!! Thirdly, there is no religion in the world, which provides women’s right as much as Islam does !

    BE FARE ! You won’t gain anything by misinterpreting other ppl’s religion, Quran’s translation is available in all languages of the world and people will know the truth with u or without you ! ! !

  46. religion
    :s All religions were created and all books on earth were written by man. Man is not as smart as they think they are. (women and men). Man makes mistakes. Man wrote all religions to control other men and women in some way or to make money. So basically nearly all religions have caused the deaths and abuse of many millions of people since the beginning of people. Anyone defending the Muslim or Christianity religions are all misguided and ignorant and should shut up and stop judging and trying to influence others entirely if you care about the future of our people. Basically you all only should be doing these things, care for others, treat others fair, never kill or hurt others, have sex with consenting adults, never I mean never have a war or conflict that results in others being hurt or killed. This should all stop now.

  47. what to do now
    Selam Aleykum

    I do not normally comment on these groups but today I find
    the need. So you claim to exspose sections of the Holy Koran that state woman are second class citizens and they should be
    beaten and abused.

    just a simple question, did you read the verses before and ofter the selected verses you choose to discuss? How does this even matter to you? what difference is this going to make within your own life.

    Have you also forgotten it is a translation. In order to get the difinitive meaning of the Holy Koran I do believe you may need to learn arabic.
    God has made the religion perfect. Its people who fail to see the goodness and the peace in it.

    I will make Dua for you becasue you blieve that your statements will change muslim women. It will not. You are exsposing your personal opinions. People are abused each and every within all walks of life and within all religions. By you attacking Islam this way, it is the wrong way to change things.

    In fact you should free yourself and embrace islam, you seem to be
    a educated person, why waste all that goodness when you could use it to benefit yourself and others. Come be apart of Islam. Do not worry about the licks, inshallah it will not happen.

    As for the people attacking you this is also wrong. If we are true muslims we will not give up on you or your soul. The basis of islam is about peace and love for our mercyful god and for each other.

    Sekam Aleykum

    1. Thanks. We’ve already answered the “out of context” argument many times over. It is not WE who are taking these verses out of context but millions of MUSLIMS who are doing so.

      Women have suffered horribly because of this “out of context” behavior, and all one needs to do is to look around the world. Muslim-dominant countries treat women HORRIBLY.

      So, all the excuses and shrieking about “out of context” are simply FALSE.

      The verses are as we have them here, and they have been followed in order to abuse, oppress, rape and kill women, period.

      Please stop dancing around this subject dishonestly and simply face the fact. People are suffering because of Islamic doctrine. That’s all there is too it.

      And, nice mindgame there with “free yourself and embrace Islam.” Only the completely insensate, dishonest or demented do not recognize that ISLAM IS SLAVERY.

      What does Islam mean? SUBMISSION. What is “Abdullah?” SLAVE OF ALLAH.

      I would suggest that [i]you [/i]free [i]yourself [/i]and LEAVE Islam as quickly as you can. It has not contributed one iota to your honesty, ethnicity and character.

      Here is a good place where you can free yourself and leave Islam:

      http://faithfreedom.org ([url]http://faithfreedom.org[/url])

      Good luck – as one can see, the brainwashing is beyond thick.

  48. Beauty of Islam and the Beauty of Hell
    😮 These videos are by VERY SICK MEN!

  49. None of your business
    My goodness people. Get over it. There are good and bad things about all religions. Stop focusing on the bad. Of course there’s going to be out of context interpretations. Whatever religion. Yes there are idiot Muslims who use the Quran to justify their own sick desires, same as their are Christians who justified treating the blacks the way they did and slavery too. I don’t know much about Judaism but I’m sure they have the same. Just like atheists still rape and murder and do all sorts of obscene things when the law says not to. But there are also values in the holy scriptures that make people good people. So stop being so narrow minded. You’re taking pieces out of the Quran but why only these ones? Whatever happened to

    “Your mother is three times more valued than your father!”


    “the best of men and his character is through the way he treats his wife”


    “When your mother is right, she’s right, when your mother is wrong, she’s also right”


    “God will forgive you after any crime for he is all merciful but if your mother be angry with you then God will forever ignore your prayers so oh you who believe, go make amends with your mother.”

    There are so much more. And not all Muslims are hate filled. As a Muslim I condemn any form of hatred. I’m against any violence. I’m also a feminist.

    But unlike all of you people, I actually try to HELP these women who have been deprived of education and basic human rights. I support amnesty international who try to SOLVE this instead of arguing about it. I pray for those Muslims and non-Muslims who are being discriminated. Truth be told, the REAL Islam is a brilliant religion, same goes for the real Christianity and the real Judaism and the real atheists. I have friends from all religions and they are amazing people. It’s not RELIGION that’s the problem , it’s PEOPLE.
    People like YOU.

    Rant over.

    1. Thank you. But what I discuss on my blog is frankly none of [i]your [/i]business.

      Nothing could [b]help [/b]people more than exposing ideologies that are hateful and bigoted. You can throw up all the obfuscation, insults and rants you like, but the facts will prove that [b]WOMEN ARE SUFFERING ALL OVER THE WORLD BECAUSE OF ISLAM.[/b]

      So, you can mind your own business, while we continue to help these women and all others who are enslaved under false, manmade, hateful and bigoted doctrines.

      By attempting to censor our efforts with platitudes, falsehoods and derogation, you are actually assisting in HURTING millions of people.

      I will continue to expose these hateful and cruel ideologies that are hurting people globally. Their suffering [i]is [/i]my business.

    2. OK, the next time an Islamist sets off a bomb next to you and your family, I’d like for you to look on the positive side and think about it in context.

  50. Sorry, but the insanity that you display so well is affecting the entire world, so it is completely our business. Perhaps Muslim fanatics need to mind their own business and stop attempting to force a global caliphate upon the rest of us – then we might stop complaining.

    You can free yourself from this ideology that causes you to hate strangers and insult them.

    But that’s Islam! Thanks for the example.

    Go here for help:

    http://faithfreedom.org ([url]http://faithfreedom.org[/url])

    Good luck.





    1. Actually, you are lost down a rabbit hole of retrograde mythology from which you cannot escape. Therefore, you pretend all is well while your brain is dying.





    1. Thank you for the example of what Islamic brainwashing does to a person’s mind.

      Greatly appreciated.

      Now, what we have said here about Islam remains true and factual, despite the fanatical ranting and raving. But, again, thanks for confirming what we’ve said here.

    2. What a moron. Your stupid message of evil is grayed out because of the thumbs down from readers of this blog. 😡



  54. I completely disagree with what you’re saying. We are ALL EQUAL IN THE EYES OF GOD! So, women should not be treated like that. Haven’t you realize that the way you treat your women is how you treat your OWN FLESH AND BLOOD MOTHER!

  55. Yes, it is very sad to know that you’re using the name ALLAH when you don’t actually understand his LAWS. I’m pretty sure that someone rephrased the text in Quran before it was disseminated to Muslim people. ALLAH always want a HAPPY LIFE to every individual on this earth so we must respect WOMEN the way respect ALLAH!

    1. “Allah” doesn’t exist so “he” has no laws. All of Islam is written by people, men. It is all a sham, a myth and not a very good myth either, not even interesting.

  56. “It must be remembered that at the time Islam was revealed to the world infant girls were buried alive in Arabia and women had no rights at all .Islam gave women the right to inheritance and to divorce , women have a special place in Islam and are respected.”
    Its the wrong kind of lie, which Islam is so proud of. And lying is an activity ordered by Allah. Please don’t be fooled by these ridiculous claims. Nothing much has changed in the Patriarchal Arab world.

    1. Women don’t need uninteresting mythology to give them anything.

  57. Arabic women
    Reading all posts make me believe that what ever have been posted in this debate to disproof the author’s claim “is not being taking seriously by the author”. So what I’m discussing here is not directed to the author, it is for readers..
    I’m Arabic woman so I know the language meaning behind the Quran versus..,
    I will not discuss all the points because some already have been covered very well ..
    Only two points I want to discuss one from the language perspective and the other from the health perspective
    1. the versus ” women is your filed ” it is “figure of speech” in the following way:
    1. the fertilised ovum when it implant its self in the wall of the uterus is largely similar to seeds when implant in the field
    2. The male her is representing the farmer because the male sperms are the one go and look for the ovum and not the opposite,
    3. farmer is controlling to what he implant not the land, so here it refer that only male is controlling the sex of the baby because he got x and y genes
    4. The female uterus here is representing the field that nourish the fertilised ovum till it become full baby..

    ” using farmer and the field expression is very sweet and intelligent choice from creators who knows better than any one the role of male and female in human development “implanting, baby sex, nourishing”

    And before finishing this point I want to add that the phrase which comes after this ” do what ever you want in your field”

    It’s directed to the male as he is the controller in the process of making baby “farmer” and gives instruction to male and female regarding to the intercourse which can not be limited to time, or place or position ” both of you are free to do what ever you want “

    The second point I want to discuss is the reason behind why not allowing intercourse during female period .. This point is not as you mentioned refer to women is filthy ( Muslim men are sleeping with their wives hugging them, kissing them during their period time ?)
    It’s to protect women :
    1. The blood of period has been described literally in Quran as grimy unclean not the women and if you revise health information you will be surprised that the period’s blood is full of bacteria from vagina canal, dead tissue, etc
    2. you will be surprised to find out that the uterus in normal days is sealed with mucus blog and is opening only for limit time during ovulation ..
    3. During period time the cervical is opened allowing the blood to follow.
    4. The female immune system drop during period
    5. Intercourse will push the unclean blood that full of germs back to the opened unsealed unprotected uterus increasing the incidence of infection which can cause serious health and infertile problems

    Can you understand now why it’s not recommended to make intercourse during period ( TO PROTECT WOMEN) of course you cannot get all these health information 1500 years ago .. It’s only the creator who knows the physiological aspect of women

    1. Thank you, but your apologies ring hollow. It is not we “kuffar” who are misinterpreting the Quran but millions of devout Muslims worldwide who are following it literally. Are you saying that these devout Muslims are misinterpreting the Quran? Please tell them that.

      You can start here:

      http://islamreality.wordpress.com ([url]http://islamreality.wordpress.com[/url])

      Here is what those Muslims at the link above assert is Islamic law, according to the Quran and hadiths.

      Honor killings
      Supremacy/global domination
      Limb amputations
      Genital mutilation
      Death to apostates
      Forced conversion
      Sex slavery and rape
      Women enslavement
      Wife beating
      Child marriage/rape
      Brutality against homosexuals
      Bigotry and hatred
      Robbery and pillage
      Extortion of nonbelievers
      Animal cruelty
      Prohibition of music/singing
      Destruction of pre-Islamic antiquities
      Etc., ad nauseam

      I have zero interest in the nauseating nonsense about women’s menstruation. It’s frankly none of anyone else’s business, and this ideology truly is misogynistic and backward. That’s all there is to it. Apologies not accepted.

      You should do yourself a favor and study the pre-Islamic era in many parts of the world. There were GODDESSES and DIVINE FEMININE figures that have been utterly destroyed by the patriarchal, male-dominant Abrahamic cultus, including and especially Islam. Women simply have no idea what they have lost with the dominance of these manmade cults.

      1. Acharya, I think you have lost all contact with reality. You are reproducing the same list and the same argument over and over again rather than reponding to our arguments.

        I am waiting for your replies to my ten or so posts! I know I will receive only one answer. If you have the courage and relevant arguments, you will answer me, but I doubt that.

        1. I don’t need to reply to even ONE of your dozen demented posts here. Since you’ve read my responses over and over again, I’m wondering what part of them you are unable to comprehend? And how anyone with a CONSCIENCE could defend such hideous evil and attack the person exposing it?

          Stop posting your sick “defenses” here, as all they do is prove that Islam’s fanatics are sociopathic and misogynistic, as you spew one insult after another at a woman you don’t even know, in defense of a cult that teaches abject hatred of women. I’m not putting through anymore of your nonstop hate speech and insults of my person and others here. You are a very sick person. Islamic fanaticism has made you deranged. You should seek help to get out of it and to join HUMANITY.

          Take it elsewhere, mendacious misogynist.

    2. There is no creator. And, personally, I don’t need simplistic, goat herder parables explained to me.

  58. Continuos to what posted earlier by me
    Continuos to what I posted earlier, I want to add two more things there is significant difference between interpreting of the holy Quran and translating ..

    Interpreting is not as easy as most of people think about .. One Quranic verses can consists of several challenging dimensions: language dimension, science dimension, history dimension, social and psychological dimension .. And in the earlier post I gave you one example, and That’s why it was difficult to early Arabs to make one verses when they were mastery in language skills. Because they figure out how the verses was complex !

    One another critical point needs to be brought up here is that though you work hard to brought evidence but, sorry to tell you that one of your reliables evidence (video) is for a women who is experiencing psychological problems after she lost her whole family in car accident .. All Arab living in gulf countries know about her case .. And though she is not eligible for public speech but no one has taken any hard actions to band her or abused her ??

    Finally in both posts I tried to cover up the issue though of my limited skill in English language

    1. Thank you.

      Again, your apologies ring hollow. Islam is a male-dominant cult based largely around the subjugation of women. Nothing you say will change that fact.

      As I stated previously, if you studied the world’s religious and mythological ideas dating back many thousands of years, you would know about goddess-worshipping cultures in which women were revered, not subjected to the heinous abuse of Islam, Christianity and Orthodox Judaism.

      Time to stop apologizing for the misogynistic cult that oppresses you. Try reading this book:

      Man Made God http://stellarhousepublishing.com/manmadegod.html

      Good luck.

    2. The English language is not all that’s limited in your post.

  59. wtf
    😡 :confused: 😮 🙁

  60. It’s so difficult to find common ground in a blog. It’s clear that A.S. is trying to bring to light the result of what is happening to women in countries that impose religious ideologies and allow men to treat women as inferior. Everyone is free to believe in (or not) whatever higher being they chose, but no one is allowed to impose those beliefs or behavior on others. I don’t care if the Torah, King James Bible or the Koran tells you it’s the word of god and you can abuse another human being, it is not OK. We all have free will to believe in whatever we chose, but you are not free to inflict pain and suffering (for whatever reason) on another human being (woman or man).

    What makes any human being think they are superior or they are the chosen ones and everyone else needs to bow or bend to their will or that their god is the one true god? Isn’t it just a bit telling that every single religion proclaims that their prophet and book is the word of god? If that is in fact true, then it is pretty obvious that we still live in a very pagan world with multiple gods. Or if none of it is true, then we are in fact living in Darwin’s world and we are all created equal with equal rights and that every single human being is precious and unique, and should be protected and valued by all.

    1. There is no common ground with Islam for sane people.

  61. i am feling bad for ur understanding of Quran … i am not aalim nor hafizul quran but feeling that u should read quran number of time …….ur writing telling us about the worth of ur mother who brings u in this world .. feeling bad…..

  62. Why are you lifting quotes from an English translation of the Quran that has been widely criticised as inaccurate and misleading?

    It is disturbing that you are positing this translation as the only, and the most authoritative one. Without cross-referencing other translations, or looking into the current debates by Muslim scholars on the translation of, or messages in, the Quran, you stand at risk of baseless accusations based on inaccurate source material.

    Please be more rigorous in your research before posting such articles. Intellectual responsibility is very important – readers deserve to know that what they are reading has been properly researched, not a myopic perspective formed from picking bits and pieces of an inaccurate source material.

    1. Because Dawood’s translation is NOT inaccurate, and those who are claiming it to be so are apologists trying to cover up these verses. Dawood’s translation has the ARABIC right next to it, so anyone can check – the enclosed links in the blog itself would have led you to the ARABIC, had you bothered to check. I even state at the beginning that the translation includes the original ARABIC – did you not even read the article before commenting? Moreover, one can find essentially the same sentiment in other translations, which I’ve read, but Dawood’s is the most frank, which is why I used it.

      Are you Muslim? And you don’t know that these quotes are accurate? Now that’s disturbing! You also didn’t even watch all the videos that confirm these quotes and sentiment. It seems like you need to be more rigorous before commenting, since you didn’t watch the videos, you didn’t know that Dawood includes the Arabic, and you didn’t know that the quotes are accurate.

      Let’s give a few examples from other translations – if you want to see the rest of the verses, it is not difficult to search the internet, for those who are interested in rigorous research.

      Here’s Q 2:22 from Quran.com:

      And they ask you about menstruation. Say, “It is harm, so keep away from wives during menstruation. And do not approach them until they are pure. And when they have purified themselves, then come to them from where Allah has ordained for you….”

      Here’s Dawood:

      They ask you about menstruation. Say: “It is an indisposition. Keep aloof from women during their menstrual periods and do not approach them until they are clean again; when they are clean, have intercourse with them whence God enjoined you….”

      It is exactly the same sentiment, whether expressed as “come to them” or “have intercourse with them” – the first quote above has watered down the meaning with euphemisms in order not to make it so blatantly sexual. Like I say, Dawood’s translation is actually more frankly reflective of the intent of the original Arabic, which someone who knows Arabic can check easily. The sentiment here is also reflected by numerous Muslim spokesmen as in the videos above, such as this one:

      Raping women is okay in Islam

      Q 2:223 from Quran.com:

      Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves…..

      Again, Quran.com’s translation uses flowery language in order to cover up the stark reality, which Dawood renders clearly:

      Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please.

      And again, this sentiment has been expressed many times by Muslim authorities themselves, also as in the above videos.

      More watering down from Quran.com of the well-known verse 4:34:

      Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them….

      Here’s Dawood’s forthright and accurate rendering of the Arabic:

      Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them….

      There is little difference between the two translations, and the message is quite clear.

      And another one, Q 4:11, from Quran.com:

      Allah instructs you concerning your children: for the male, what is equal to the share of two females…

      Here’s Dawood:

      A male shall inherit twice as much as a female.

      Q 4:24 from Quran.com:

      And [also prohibited to you are all] married women except those your right hands possess.


      [Forbidden to you are] married women, except those whom you own as slaves.

      “…those your right hands possess” = slaves. Dawood simply doesn’t sugar coat the sentiment.

      Ma malakat aymanukum (“what your right hands possess”, ما ملكت أيمانکم) is a reference in the Qur’an to slaves.

      I can do the same with the rest of these verses, revealing Dawood’s translation not only as accurate but also as superior. Again, apologists want to deflect non-Arabic readers away from the true sentiment being expressed by sending them to watered down translations.

      1. The complete Ayah:

        (Forbidden to you also) are married women, except those whom you own. Such is the decree of Allah. All women other than these are lawful to you, provided you seek them with your wealth in modest conduct, not in fornication. Give them their dowry for the enjoyment you have had of them as a duty; but it shall be no offence for you to make any other agreement among yourselves after you have fulfilled your duty. Allah is Knowing, Wise.”

        Men had always had sex with their slaves. It was a practice in the west under Christian rule, in asia, africa and the middle east. All women others than these means women that one could marry by offering dowry and welath as it is done now.

        Slavery in all forms was forbidden by the Prophet later in his life; however, slavery continued in the europe till the 19th century and Christian men had sex with their slave girl. American and British soldiers in the world wars were supplied sex girls. Christian kings had concubines just as muslim kings had. And men in Euorope now have more than one girl friends. A girl may have dozens of boy friends by the time she crosses her teen years. Isn’t that exploitation of women? Why don’t you speak up against it?

        1. That’s nice, but it’s irrelevant as THIS thread is about Islamic misogyny and sexism. The deflection fallacies won’t work here. But thanks for the typical “Musbot” responses. Why don’t YOU speak up against Islamic hatred and violence?

  63. I really want to thank you for the huge volume of information you give us, you are quite amazing.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind regards and encouragement. I am grateful for and inspired by your appreciation.

  64. Okay first of all I would like to say I am a proud Muslim woman who has rights. You people use the Quran to support your own purposes ( in this case to think that Muslim girls are treated badly). THIS IS NOT THE CASE. I get treated just fine, in fact, better than probably most American girls. Yah of course there is the Taliban who go around doing crazy things to women- but they are not true believers of God and are definitely the minority of how girls get treated.

    1. That’s nice. But whatever “rights” you think you have are in spite of Islam, not because of it. The use of “you people” indicates you generalize nonbelievers – “filthy kuffar” – and are prejudiced against them. It is not “we people” who are using the Koran to support any purposes. We are quoting it to show how bigoted it is against women.

      Your apologies ring hollow and do not address the bigotry in the Koran. The Taliban would consider themselves the best Muslims, because they follow the Koran to the letter, whereas you apparently ignore it, deny its verses and deflect onto something else, including blaming us for Islam’s blatant and pernicious misogyny and sexism.

      As concerns your “pride” in Islam, you might want to rethink it, as there is very little to be “proud” about Islam, including the following. On the contrary, most of Islam is something to be ashamed and embarrassed about, which is why millions want to flee it but can’t, because of the shameful apostasy punishments.

      What is Islamic law/sharia?

      Honor killings
      Supremacy/global domination
      Limb amputations
      Genital mutilation
      Death to apostates
      Forced conversion
      Sex slavery and rape
      Women enslavement
      Wife beating
      Child marriage/rape
      Brutality against homosexuals
      Bigotry and hatred
      Robbery and pillage
      Extortion of nonbelievers
      Animal cruelty
      Prohibition of music/singing
      Destruction of pre-Islamic antiquities

      All of these hideously evil things are justified by Muslim authorities using the Koran and sahih hadiths. Before you try to bat these facts away, you need to go find these Muslim authorities – some of whom are the leaders of tens of millions, not in “the minority” – and tell them that they are “misunderstanders of Islam.” They will tell you they are not misunderstanders, you are.

      The mistreatment of women in Islam affects hundreds of millions, not a “minority.” All one needs to do is to look at the Islamic Republic of Iran to know that’s a falsehood. The “Stealthy Freedoms” campaign itself belies such dishonesty. Millions of Iranian women do not want to be Muslim but are compelled to be, through the violent imposition of Koranic injunctions.

      Again, there is nothing to be “proud” of here. The time for these archaic and barbaric false belief systems is over.

    2. Actually, the Taliban are true believers in Allah. They are perfect exemplars of your mythical prophet Mohemmed.

  65. Cheers Acharya!
    You are very informative.

    Anyone or anything promoting violence and inequality against people.
    is archaic and even primitive.

    Peace everyone!!!

  66. Acharya, You should get rid of your paranoia in order to appear sane. You shoud also look around and target everything that is against women, islamic, christian, hindu or jewish. At the moment you ring hollow!

    1. Thanks for yet another example of STUPID Islamic insult jihad. However, your idiotic remarks will fail to force me into submission to your misogynistic cult.

      “The honour of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs [infidels].” Sufi saint Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624), letter No. 163

      For those who are not insensate and ignorant, I critique the pathological and misogynistic aspects of ALL ideologies.

  67. AS, so you removed all my posts from your blog, around ten of them. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a coward. You are a female devil who cannot stand the truth. But truth cannot be hid; one day it sahll dawn on you.

    1. Thanks for proving once again what a misogynistic hater Islam has turned you into. No, we will not be submitting to the abject evil that you follow. You can’t even comprehend moderation on a blog, especially one frequented by demented religious fanatics insulting, abusing and threatening others?

      Pathetic. Speaking of cowards, few people are more cowardly than Muslim’s fanatics, as they go around spewing hate speech, threats and evil about strangers on the internet, including women. Why are you addressing me, a kuffar woman? Please go submit yourself to your cult headquarters for punishment.

      This must be a buddy of yours, as he uses pretty much the same brilliant “arguments”:

      1. The illiteracy of so many Muslims is just astounding.

        1. LOL
          where did you get that from.


          1. I’ve read thousands of comments by Muslims. They’re basically, pervasively illiterate. Take it or leave it. I don’t care what you think. You do think or try such, don’t you?

    2. “Zharf” You are in huge DENIAL! You need to stop PRETENDING and OPEN YOUR EYES. “AS” is simply stating the truth about woman being objectified and you cannot bear to accept it! You are the DEVIL for objectifying and dehumanizing woman. “Zharf” please go get yourself educated to support any arguments you have. Until then, shut your mouth and start treating men and woman equally. YOU are the devil for thinking otherwise…!!!! You are following a book that separates genders and cannot stand to make your own opinions!! BE a man and start using your brain….stop relying on old scriptures as backup. You make us laugh…your rants and insults show how WEAK you are! YOU ARE A WEAK AND DEVIL MAN “ZHARF”!!! Hear me?? Break out of that weakness and learn to be a good person inside! Do charity, practice equality, and live life honestly! Stop pretending and learn to think on your own!

    3. Weren’t you a character in Star Trek episodes?

    4. You think she’s the devil? She’s not even close. You should meet me.

  68. You are a liar of the first order. You claim that you “critique the pathological and misogynistic aspects of ALL ideologies.” When did you do that? You have never said a word about Hinduism and Christianity. And how could you? You seem to be of mixed breed, a cross between a Hindu and a Christian. A hypocritical, unintelligent mix.

    1. Once again you demonstrate your inability to read, study or comprehend. I don’t have time to spoonfeed misogynistic fanatics their fantasies about women abuse, whether in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or other religion. If you used your brain, rather than just spewing vile hate speech at strangers on the internet, you would have found my CONSTANT commentaries on Christianity and other belief systems, concerning their misogyny and other pathological elements.

      I have ALREADY directed you to only ONE article about Christian misogyny – here it is again, but, of course, you will ignore it so that you can spew more hate speech, insults and lies at my person, as Islam has taught you to enjoy such abuse.

      What does the New Testament say about women?

      Here’s an article on Buddhist sexism.

      Here’s one on Jewish sexual abuse – there are others linked to it.

      Here’s a section about Hinduism in one of my books published five years ago:

      Burning Women is Not Sacred

      There is more in that book about misogyny in Buddhism and Christianity. Again you don’t know me or my work but are a typical Muslim fanatic defamer of persons, as clearly demonstrated here for all the world to see.

      1. Are you. So talk about all. Read the Bible critically. It is worse than the Quran when it comes to women issue.

        1. Obviously, you don’t know anything about me or my work. I’ve been critiquing Christianity, Judaism and other religions, especially as concerns their abuse of women, sexism and misogyny. Islam happens to be the worst at this point in history.

          Before you comment, you may wish to read the original post and other comments so you will sound more intelligent.

    2. Obviously, you are not familiar with Acharya’s work. I, on the other hand, am.

  69. Best thing todays muslims can do to show that they also equally care about women is by allowing muslim women to unwrap themself , let them breath and dance in sunshine and give them good health.

    1. Sangeeta, if you want to dance naked on roads, on beaches, in the markets, in your office, before your parents and siblings, before your own children, most welcome! You should also let your daughters do the same since you would like them to be like you. If you consider it liberation, your choice. If you consider it freedom, your choice.

      1. If he or anyone else did that in your country of deranged religious fanatics, he/they would be beaten, raped and murdered. That’s what Islamic fanaticism does to people – it turns them into violent sociopaths and nasty haters.

  70. AS, it appears that you are entrenched in your pathological views about Islam and that you would not accept any valid reason or argument. I went through all the posts in this blog on Sunday and I reached one conclusion: that you are immune to any kind of reasoning. I found some very excellent posts on this blog, but you dismissed them as nonsense, calling the writers sick and hateful and misogynists whereas they had not uttered a single derogatory word against you or another religion. You still abused them. You do not even follow your own words:

    “Before you spout off libelous invective about someone you don’t even know, you should actually study the work at hand.

    “It is incredibly dishonest to present yourself as an expert on something you know very little about and then make disparaging hate speech against an individual you likewise do not know at all.”

    You are not a scholar. You have not read the works in original. You are dishonest because you present yourself an expert on everything and dismiss all others as ignorant and liars. Arn’t you making hate speeches against all religions? Haven’t you become a ‘fanatic’ in your own right — unconsciously perhaps? May ‘your god’ bless you!

    1. So, professor Mujib Rahman of the University of Peshawar, you are using multiple IPs to get around my ban for hate speech? Does your university know about your behavior in cyberstalking a woman?

      In the meantime, I could say the same thing about you – you are no scholar, as you follow the world’s most infidelophobic and misogynistic cult. I’m quoting the TEXTS of Islam, using the words of Muslims themselves – all of the violent and heinous behaviors they espouse are being committed every day, day in and out. If you don’t know that, you are no expert yourself and are highly dishonest.

      You are only fooling yourself with your idiotic and insulting remarks here. Thanks again for proving my points about Islam does to a person’s mind.

      Arn’t you making hate speeches against all religions?

      I’ve stated repeatedly that I critique ALL religious pathology, wherever it may be. Are you incapable of comprehending that fact?

      Again, all you have is vicious hate speech and insults – proving my point about Islamic insult jihad. Islamic fanaticism has turned you into a nasty hater – that’s quite obvious from your obsession with my blog and your obvious glee in attacking and insulting HUMAN BEINGS in order to defend this mentality.

    2. None of your insults here, Professor Rahman, will change the original post about Islam’s blatant sexism and misogyny. On the contrary, your continued personal attacks on a woman whom you do not even know only serve to confirm that Islamic fanaticism turns people into hateful and vicious woman abusers.

      So, thanks for proving our point once again and repeatedly. Nothing could be clearer from your behavior here than the misogynistic and infidelophobic tendencies of Islam’s most fervent devotees and fanatics.

      Much appreciated.

      1. “AS” thank you for all your texts and facts…it is extremely refreshing to see the truth about how woman are perceived in Islam. Look at how violent men get when the truth is revealed haha. I’m sure you know this but “Zharf” is a perfect example of someone who is in complete denial and is blinded. His remarks show how angry of a person he is inside. He thinks he knows everything and acts like he is the one who wrote the Quran himself! He is rotten inside and out. It is quite amusing to read his responses…he cannot comprehend the fact that woman are equal to men and that, unfortunately, the Quran is objectifying woman. He cannot stand up for himself and pretends he knows all…anyway, thank you for all your knowledge and it is time to put these fanatics in their place… and “Zharf” if you are reading this, it is men like you that destroy peace and break down peaceful bonds. Try to grow up and respect BOTH men and woman. -Ana

        1. Ana, with due respect, you are entirely wrong about me. Just by reading what AS writes, you have come to the conclusion that I am what AS thinks I am. I am an ardent advocate of women empowerment and am totally against men who do not recognise the worth of women. And in my views and practice, people consider me irreligious if not athiest — but I respect all religions! I am against the mullahs and the clergy and I do not accept their interpretation of Islam or any other religion. My point of contention with AS is that hatred begets hatred. In order to succeed in her mission, which is lofty and laudable, she should focus on winning people to her point of view — not by calling them misogynists or attacking their religions, but through persuasion. Rest religions at peace and keep on doing your work for the betterment of society by empowering women and giving them their due rights wherever they are.

          1. She came to that conclusion by reading YOUR comments, such as this despicable attack on me:

            You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a coward. You are a female devil who cannot stand the truth.

            You FALSELY claim not to be a religious fanatic, and then you make disgustingly vile remarks like that one.

            So, point your fingers at yourself for your own behavior. Or perhaps everything is Allah’s will? That would include my responses and her criticisms of you – it’s the Will of Allah, so just accept it.

            You keep saying “rest religions at peace,” whatever that means. If you are saying that we should stop criticizing vile religious ideas, you’ve lost your mind. Religious fanaticism is at the root of most of the world’s misogyny and sexism, so we’ll keep criticizing these misogynistic cults.

            If you “respect all religions,” then respect mine, which includes CRITICIZING RELIGIOUS PATHOLOGY, especially the ugly and vile misogyny of the Abrahamic cults, the bottom of the barrel of which is Islam. So, no, I will not abide by your blasphemy laws in trying to shut me up for criticizing such a depraved ideology.

            Please respect my religion!

            You respect Goddess-worshipping religions too? Okay! They oppose the male-dominant cults you are asking us to “rest at peace.”

            And the mullahs certainly ARE misogynists, so while you will stick your head in the sand and deny reality and facts, we will continue to oppose the misogynistic mullahs and all others of the same ilk.

            My point of contention with AS is that hatred begets hatred.

            Yes, your hatred of my person certainly begat some strong emotion in return. The infidelophobic and misogynistic hatred within Islam definitely incurs hatred from non-Muslims.

            In the meantime, strong and factual criticism is not “hatred.” Again, please take your transparent attempt at enforcing blasphemy laws elsewhere, as we will not submit.

          2. Muslim men are afraid of women. They never seem to know whether to rape them or kill them. I certainly never see any love for women from Muslims. They are just like little boy toddlers. Toddlers are at that stage of dependence on/love and loathing of/separation from “mommy”. Muslim men never leave that primitive Freudian stage of development. Thus, they blame all of their problems on women and murder women over fantasy transgressions of “Islam” which translates to the Muslim male’s fragile egos. Islam is literally nothing more than the collective fragile egos of savage Muslim males. Bring it on, crybabies.

      2. Wow, you are so resourceful, impressed! But you are wrong on many accounts. I do not have multiple IPs or IDs. I use only one, a private one, for all personal correspondence and the official one for official purposes. The name Zharf I have been using since the mid 70s as my pseudonym and pen name — decades before the advent of internet.

        I am not a fanatic or islamist — rather people think I am irreligious. Read my reply to Ana below. My contention with you is not that you are an advocate of women empowerment since I also believe in women empowerment. My contention is with your method. Rest religions at peace and carry on with your work by trying to win people over to your point of view. Can you win over people to your side by attacking their belief systems? Of course not.

        Your point about cyberstalking a woman that I do not know is quite interesting. I would have given the same reply if you were a man. It is not a question of a woman or a man. Women are equal to men in every respect — perhaps not in physical strength. So by saying that I was attacking a woman, you, inadvertently perhaps, show that women are not equal to men. You are this mission or cause: people will agree with you and people will disagree with you. Try to win over those who disagree with you — but they maybe disagreeing with your method not your cause per se — as I did. I do not adisagree with your cause but your method. You can count me in as far as your cause is concerned, but I still disagree with your method which may be harmful to your cause. As I said: Rest religions at peace and carry on with your work.

        1. You used multiple IPs, so that’s a disingenuous response. If you are not a fanatic, then why do you keep coming back to someone’s blog spewing hate speech at that person for objecting to the world’s most infidelophobic and misogynistic ideology?

          Your remarks here have been egregious – talk about a POOR METHOD! Is this your “superior” methodology?

          You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a coward. You are a female devil who cannot stand the truth.

          Give me a break. I guess spewing vile hate speech and anger at strange females on the internet is a better method than frank discussion of an ugly and violent ideology? Perhaps you will accuse me of blasphemy and witchcraft next.

          You agree that the cause is worthy yet you abuse the person with the courage to engage the cause. I have little interest in your flaccid excuses for all the hateful things you previously said in defense of this truly awful cult.

          My contention with you is not that you are an advocate of women empowerment

          And your contention would be completely false and idiotic.

          My work is to dissect religious pathology, including and especially that which is misogynistic – if you have a problem with that sort of scientific analysis, then you need not follow my work. It’s really that simple.

          Try to win over those who disagree with you

          So says the one who attacked a stranger with all kinds of bile in defense of a heinous ideology. Perhaps you need to take your own advice.

          1. This is my last post, following your advice.

            Your problem:

            1. If a man or a woman agrees with you, it is fine with you; you feel happy.
            2. If a man disagrees with you, he is a misogynist; you hate him.
            3. If a woman disagrees with you, she is aquiescent and obsequiosus; you hate her.

            If a man diasagrees with you and questions your scholarships or authority or method, you cry as a frail woman being attacked by a misogynist man. If you cry over such things, you cannot be strong; and if you are not strong, you cannot be an advocate for women empowerment. God bless and bye.

            I think I should have dismissed your comments as coming from a wronged woman!

          2. So, you’re back again, having skirted my ban of your IP once more, professor? You sound like a demented cyberstalker, frankly. You have made numerous vile personal attacks and have been proved wrong repeatedly. But here you are again with more heinous personal attacks.

            Your depraved comments will not suffice to distract off the issue of the obscene misogyny in the Quran – such despicable behavior only serves to demonstrate that Koranic fanatics are indeed misogynists.

            Thanks for proving my point repeatedly about the ugly, male-dominant cult you adhere to which makes you so sociopathic that you obsess on a female stranger on the internet and use multiple IPs to harass her with hate speech, merely for objecting to a misogynistic religious ideology. The only hatred of persons that has occurred here has been by Muslim fanatics like you, obviously based on your Islamic women-hatred.

            Summary of Koranic quotes regarding women

            Menstruating women are unclean, and men must stay away from them. Women are men’s “fields,” and men can have sex with them whenever they want. Men are superior to women and have authority over them, while women must obey men or risk being beaten. A woman is worth one-half of a man, and men are above women. Muslim men may marry up to four wives, including prepubescent girls, and can own sex slaves. Muslims are not allowed to marry non-Muslims, unless the latter convert to Islam. Women must cover themselves and be seen only by relatives, eunuchs, slaves and children who have not yet had sex with women.

    3. Pathological view of Islam? Islam is pathological. If I see a pile of dog crap, I don’t call it a daisy. Same logic with Islam.

    4. Somehow, I doubt she has one God , Maybe she takes Herself as a God and the sanctamonious PuPPet master marianetting behind her(Female overcompensation EGO)…I find her writing is odious at best and adolescent wading through her own fears and denial…SMH the internet is truly a double edged weapon.

  71. mobile telephone plans

    May I simply just say what a comfort to uncover an individual who truly knows what they’re talking about over the
    internet. You actually know how to bring a problem to light and make it important.
    More people ought to check this out and understand this side of the
    story. I was surprised that you are not more popular since you surely possess the gift.

  72. I have a few questions. 1 who spoke to god? 2 does anyone understand the biology of both males and females? 3 what is anyone’s understanding of evolution and learning within this ?religion?

  73. Islam, schmislam.

  74. I don’t really know why so many people attack Islam. Humans act as they want to, they do what they think is better for them.if you read Kur’an,you will never find violence in any of its verses,nothing but justice. You are concentrated on Islam people, attack them for their so called crimes and you stop looking at the christian and Catholic countries when immorality has covered people’s mind and heart. People attack Muslims about their marriages with more than one woman whereas in other countries men betray their wives and according to you this is much better than having a legal wife. I am so sorry that so many people don’t think logically. If you read Qur’an, you will see that nothing is as many of you say. Elhamdulilah I am Muslim and I will die so

    1. The reason you don’t know why so many people CRITICIZE Islam and why you will remain a Muslim is because you have not been paying attention to much in the world at all, including the ideology you follow. You have not even read what is on this very blog and are stating falsehoods about what is in the Quran. This very blog post itself QUOTES the Quran and shows you do not know what you are talking about. Please feel free to READ it. If you actually STUDY what you are following instead of blindly believing falsehoods – just take a look at the world and what Muslim fanatics are doing to it – you will certainly not remain a Muslim for life. No one with a conscience will follow a cult of violence and misogyny supposedly created by a man who is depicted in the sahih hadiths as having sex with a nine-year-old girl. It is you who are not thinking logically. Islam is HIGHLY illogical and barbaric.

      Come on – investigate what you follow blindly and grow a conscience. I know many ex-Muslims who have done just that, and they are now part of the human family as a whole, rather than belonging to a divisive cult of barbarism. You can do it too.

      I am an infidel, I will die so.

  75. I just want to add one thing – why is it when i Google “What does the bible say about women?” The first hit that comes up is a non-bias or even christian website (I think) that lists all the references to women in the Bible without comment (and believe me there were some similarly controversial verses there too) yet when I google “What does the Quran say about women?” the first website that comes up is this – which lets face it is proudly very anti-Islam. Hmmmm… perhaps all the opinions expressed in these comments are rooted in prior prejudices/bad experiences/information from a small or bias sample groups. Yep, sounds pretty much right to me.

    Now I don’t feel the need to express or even go into my own religious opinions, but what I do want to remind everyone about is that I can probably find an atheist and a christian and a muslim and whatever else anyone believes man (or woman) who believes that women are and should be the inferior/subservient sex. People open your eyes to some logic; within every single denomination on Earth – there are good eggs and bad eggs – now the denomination may be the same, but the followers vary. Does this not therefore mean that it i s the People who are to blame. Not the religion. So quit inciting hate on each other as only the most base do, because as you accuse a denomination, so you accuse both the good and bad people within that denomination. Surely, we Ought to be seeking out those who violate and abuse women Regardless of religious belief.

    1. Thank you, but my original article is also a “non-biased” recounting of the verses of the Quran/Koran regarding women. It is therefore no different from the one on the Bible you are referring to. As concerns the comments, it is understandable that women in particular would be outraged by these bigoted, sexist and misogynistic verses, especially when others are ignoring, denying or defending them. I find little objectionable to most of the comments here.

      Moreover, yes, we who have a conscience are “proudly anti-Islam,” with very good reason, if you actually read the analyses provided, such as nonstop violence and hatred towards infidels and women. Anyone who isn’t against such horrible concepts is frankly immoral and unethical.

      While you pretend to take the moral high road and castigate others about “logic,” you are seemingly defending one of the world’s most illogical ideologies. You also fail to be logical in your attempts at blaming the people, while protecting the unfeeling ideology, as if coddling a child. Islam does not need your protection.

      By attacking people rather than critiquing the heinous ideology that motivates them, it is you who are “inciting hate on each other” – it’s pretty illogical that you can’t see that fact. Yes, we can “accuse a denomination” – if the ideology does not affect behavior, then what good is it? It is useless, so throw it away.

      And that is exactly what it will take for humanity to rise above its differences and stop hating on each other: Throwing away all these divisive and bigoted ideologies, including and especially the infidelophobic and misogynistic Islam, used abundantly to abuse women all around the world.

    2. Ask Google.

  76. Let me first say I am not Muslim nor Christian, but have read both books cover to cover. I will never defend the way many choose to interpret (and leave out for their own benefit) from both books. So my point of view on this issue is from a total non-religious standpoint.

    I personally think you are way off target with your article, instead of writing about the issue you go into personal attacks and blame a religion as a whole.

    You are doing the one thing that will create an even bigger divide, targeting a person’s belief. Anyone that has taken the time to read both Koran and the Bible will find himself or herself not only utterly confused do to one page saying one thing and then on the next page contradicting everything. Then you will find yourself disgusted by the views on equality and more in both books.

    We are fortunate that the western part of the world have become more educated in this regard, we still have some ways to go with several groups (I personally call them misguided individuals) who are extreme even in the west when it comes to equality. Within both Christianity and Islamic groups.

    So, what do we do then? Attack a religion as a whole damning any person who has that belief?

    A perfect way to make the problem worse, a perfect way to push those who agree further away due to many consider this a personal attack. If you wanted to alienate those who agree with you, you could not have done a better job.

    The Scandinavian countries are the top nations in the world when it comes to equality, what do they have in common? Also the least religious nations in the world.

    The problem is not Islam, the problem is cultural, and the problem is educational. With education comes the understanding that the Bible and the Koran was written in a time when this was the de-facto standard of life, but do not fit the times we are living in. Illiteracy is in many countries around the Middle East including Pakistan 50% or more, hence what they learn about Islam is from a person who can control the local community the way they want since they are a “holy” person. Just like the Priest and Preachers did here in the west.

    If you do a search on nations who have had female heads of state, you will actually find the majority in Islamic nations. Ceylon as early as 1960 (Sri Lanka is the modern name, they have had several in fact), Pakistan 1988, Turkey 1993 and more.

    Many western nations cannot say the same. Why is that?

    The power of the Church in the west declined as education became more and more available for both sexes, as well as the working class if you will. Education is the factor for development of critical thinking. In 2009 they found out that the most and religious states in the US correlated with illiteracy, the states with the highest rate was also those who was the most religious.

    source: http://www.examiner.com/article/most-and-least-religious-us-states-compared-to-illiteracy-rate-1

    You claim without a doubt in your mind that the problem lies with the Koran, if that is the case, the Bible is not much better. Both books clearly states that men are superior to women. Want to help? Than focus on the solution which clearly is education (as proven in the western world) instead of attacking a persons belief.

    After reading this article and replies in the comment fields, I sit here with a feeling that you are spreading hate when you should do the opposite.

    1. Sorry, but I obviously disagree with your assessment. Firstly, this statement is FALSE: “instead of writing about the issue you go into personal attacks and blame a religion as a whole.” My article assuredly IS about the issue of what the Koran says about women. There are NO personal attacks in the article, and I don’t “blame a religion as a whole” in the article. Did you even read it? Did you bother to watch the videos of Muslim authorities themselves using these quotes?

      Providing QUOTES from so-called scriptures followed by 1.5 billion people on Earth right now is a very important effort. Your effort, on the other hand, appears to be one of censorship and appeal to all manner of fallacies to get people to be quiet and allow this misogynistic and sexist abuse to continue.

      The hatred that is being spread is against WOMEN, but that fact escapes your notice while you attempt to engage in personal attacks designed, again, to shut me and others up.

      Yes, we are quite aware of the misogyny in the Bible, which I personally have written about many times for several years. Deflecting off the Koran onto the Bible will not remove the misogyny of Islam. If you are so aware of how religiosity in the U.S. is equated with illiteracy, why are you trying to defend Islamic fanaticism?

      Attack a religion as a whole damning any person who has that belief?

      And yet you think it’s okay to assert that those who are most religious are also the most illiterate, and you deflect onto the Bible, “as a whole damning any person who has that belief.” It is you who are confused, obviously. Your thinking is quite fuzzy, in fact, as you seem incapable of comprehending that ALL ideologies are open for criticism, including and especially religious ideologies that motivate people to behave in a certain way, in this case quite badly. You, on the other hand, are attempting to blame living, breathing and feeling human beings, while coddling an unfeeling ideology. Do you defend Nazism too, casting the blame on the people who had the misfortune of being caught in its net?

      To say that the problem is not Islam is simply absurd and ridiculous. You lose all credibility at that point. The problem assuredly DOES lie with Islam, which teaches abject hatred, bigotry and violence in its “sacred texts.” Your apologetics are not only risible, they are irrational.

      The comments in here are FRANK and DIRECT, which is quite necessary, obviously, but which apparently failed to make a dent in your illogic unfortunately. My remarks ARE doing the opposite – they are stopping hate, especially that of women.

      Please stop wasting time trying to prevent people from educating others on religious doctrines that are harming the world. The reason we have moved beyond religious fanaticism in places such as the United States is BECAUSE of efforts like mine, at great risk, to educate others as to the terrible doctrines they are supporting with their beliefs. Sticking one’s head in the sand and doing nothing about it, while chastising those who are doing something about it is unethical, unenlightened and immoral.

    2. Religion, ESPECIALLY Islam, deserves all the ridicule that can be heaped upon it. It’s a joke, a farce, a superstition, nothing more.

      Bring it on, crybabies.

  77. Quote Koran > muslim/collaborator gets offended because it’s offensive and disgusting. Every time. Gotta love logic. If your own culture and religion is offensive to you, that’s not really the infidels’ fault, sorry. Maybe ask Mohammed (pee be upon him) for guidance or is he too busy getting raped in hell.

    1. Read and talk sense. What are your credentials?

      1. What are your’s? I’m sure they’re infinite and impeccable, huh?

  78. I’m curious about something. Do Muslims ever stop whining and lying? Just wondering. Go for it, crybabies.

  79. Every time I think about Muslims and how to deal with them, I simply watch a zombie movie.

  80. I every time spent my half ann hour to read this blog’s posts everyday along with a mug of coffee.

  81. For interpretations of the Qur’an, a good recent book is ‘Reading the Qur’an’, by Ziauddin Sardar. Another is the massive ‘The Message of the Qur’an’, translated with commentary by Muhammad Asad. Sardar writes, “Often Dawood mistranslates a single word in a verse to give it totally the opposite meaning,” and Sardar supports this with evidence (Reading The Qur’an, Oxford, 2011, 43-44).

    Much has to do with interpretation.

  82. IN response to all ISLAM BASHERS ON THIS SITE …YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE(ARIAN AND HOUSE SLAVE)….. LMAO …This site is extremely Materialistic Feeding Idealist desire as well as ANIMALISTIC INSTINCT while proving to be simultaneously entertaining.
    ( THE DEVILS DECEPTION) It is dissapointing to observe soo many Mental Midgets Babling about in one virtual place ….all over their lack of knowledge and nonexistent motivation to perform correct discovery and research. You cant comment on the Quran and proper ISLAM at all, unless you can read it accurately with all of the correct gramatical mechanisms in ARABIC…!!!!! the transliteration does not suffice,(That is just a tool to reach out) not accurate ,not in the least , therefore this whole Circus you believe to be an intellectual forum is a figuratively obstructed Toilet…heck this Web Page is a Toilet! So many of”The FILTHY CHILDREN” FLOATING FREELY here and most Islam bashers are still Drinking from the same toilet they have always quenched their thirst from since “THE DARK AGES” (FEAR,IGNORANCE ,HUMAN HATRED) for example, the BLACK PLAGUE…… If your people possesed half the intellectual ability that they still boast of so incessantly, they would have deduced that the Bubonic Plague was spread almost exclusively by the NORWEGIAN rats they befriended on a daily and nightly basis…so save your sarcasm and pompous rectorical sinicisms for The next KLAN RALLY YOU and your backward incestrial bretherenare scheduled to attend ,Islam pulled theworld out of darkenessand moral decay with Laws that are practical still even today.(for example, observe the west currently over Run with Homosexuality) If you were smart you would do the “correct” research and then get your references consolidated and accurately corelated to the correct contexual idiom. NOT IDIOTS, I said IDIOM…..Read and discern the truth while not paraphrasing your unstable ,emotional ejaculations all over the internet and choose to (LEARN)…. The very pieces of paper your Doctorates degrees are plastered on are worthless without clear spiritual and metaphysical study , teachings and insite.. in conclusion ISLAM is a saving mexhanism from GOD (ALLAH) or ALLAH (God) how ever you can handle the TRUTH…IGNORANT PEOPLE of extinct races in the past rejected GOD and went along with the same trends we see EXPLODING accross MASS MEDIA today….They NO LONGER EXIST…I.E. SODOM & GAMORA or POMPEI or ANCIENT EGYPT OR ANCIENT ROME OR THE MYAN EMPIRE I could continue all day…..(Bismillah hir ramanirrahim) Those are rebelious (peoples, Races) Civilizations of your ancient Past…
    and which of the FAVORS OF YOUR LORD WiLL YOU DENY….?


    1. Sir you just hit the jact pot!These people cant even spell QUran right, this just shows how unauthentic this article is. All i can say to them haters is dont waste your time hating, it will get you nowhere.Its like spitting on the moon, your spit will land on your face and wont do the moon any harm. I am a Muslim women who can to ROCK every field in life! I am respected, I am free. I dont have to show my skin to get attention.

      May Allah reward you. Peace brother!

      1. Sorry, but we assuredly CAN spell KORAN correctly – that’s an accepted transliteration, which you should know. Hence, your comments start out with an error and derogation, and they end with falsehoods.

  83. Dont waste your time

    “O you who believe! There is no permission for you to inherit women by force. Nor may you treat them harshly, so that you can make off with part of what you have given them, unless they commit an act of flagrant indecency. Live together with them correctly and courteously.” (Surat an-Nisa’: 19, Quran)

    Author sweety, learn to spell Quran correctly first of all, this just showed how unauthentic your work is. You are allowed to hate Terrorists, those who kill innocents deserve hell. They do not belong to the religion of peace, i.e Islam.I am a Muslim Woman and I can tell you that we are equal to men. Islam opposes all types of Extremism. Dont let people who play with religion fool you. Read the Original Quran to know whats the truth instead of copy pasting someone else’s self made work or coming up with your own verses. Dont waste your time hating, it will get you nowhere.Its like spitting on the moon, your spit will land on your face and wont do moon any harm.

    May Allah bless you and guide you to the truth. Peace!

    1. Again, we assuredly can spell KORAN correctly – that’s an acceptable transliteration from the Arabic, based on the pronunciation of the word:

      The Quran (English pronunciation: /kɔrˈɑːn/[n 1] kor-AHN; Arabic: القرآن‎ al-qur’ān, IPA: [qurˈʔaːn],[n 2] literally meaning “the recitation”; also romanised Qurʾan or Koran

      Trying to bludgeon us into the Islamic fanatical transliteration of “Quran” will not work. Since your strawman premise is fallacious, the rest of what you say here can be taken as more of the same deceptive attempts.

      In the meantime, the quotes from the KORAN I’ve cited here are indeed in that text and are drawn upon by Islam’s most devout fanatics, so your excuses are not only pathetic but also serve to further suffering by women under Islamic oppression.

      As concerns reading the Koran/Quran, one wonders if YOU have actually done so – and in the original Arabic? Follow the links here for the Arabic as well:


  84. I would like to add “What does the Quran say about homosexuality?” As both a freethinker and a LGBT activist, I just couldn’t take that “wannabe leftists and liberals” like Glenn Greenwald are becoming Affleckians for they are pandering not only to the most misogynistic Abrahamic cult, but also to the most Homophobic one. They are faux liberals who want nothing more than political correctness. I gotta say that Glenn Greenwald is a shame for the LGBT commmunity.

    UCLA alumni and Neuroscientist Sam Harris nailed it when it comes to Islamopandering and political correctness.

    It is time we realized that the endgame for civilization is not political correctness. It is not respect for the abject religious certainties of the mob. It is reason. – Sam Harris

    Qur’an (7:80-84) – “…For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)

    Qur’an (7:81) – “Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you?

    Qur’an (26:165-166) – “Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing”

    Qur’an (4:16) – “If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone”

    Qur’an (76:19) “And immortal boys will circulate among them, when you see them you will count them as scattered pearls.”

    Bukhari (72:774) – “The Prophet cursed effeminate men (those men who are in the similitude (assume the manners of women) and those women who assume the manners of men, and he said, ‘Turn them out of your houses .’ The Prophet turned out such-and-such man, and ‘Umar turned out such-and-such woman.”

    Lifting the Veil of “Islamophobia”

  85. The goal of Islam is the subjugation of the entire world to Islam through the establishment of a global Islamic rule and the eradication of all non-Islamic populations, cultures, religions, thoughts, knowledge, symbols, traditions and ways of life.
    This goal is non-negotiable in fundamental doctrines of Islam and in the eyes of true Muslims.

    Islamists will not stop their assault (open or clandestine) on the non-Muslim world as long as they have not achieved Islamic rule.

    IN ISLAMIC TEACHING, THE END ALWAYS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS: Islamists have no respect for the rules, laws or values of the non-Islamic world, to them only the rules of the Islamic world are legitimate. In their mind, when they destroy the non-Islamic world then the rules will change to Islamic rules, laws and values.

    ISLAMISTS CONSIDER TREATIES WITH NON-MUSLIMS AS NON-BINDING. When in non-Muslim countries they will pretend a social behavior as a cover up to their true intentions of domination over the non-Muslim world.

    TIP: When it comes to Islamists, ALWAYS LOOK AT WHAT THEY DO, NEVER WHAT THEY SAY: Lying, treachery and deceit are the Islamists’ tactic of choice in their jihad of conquest of the non-Muslim world. This tactic (AL-TAQIYYA, or religious deception, pretending to be friends of the Non-Muslims in order to strengthen themselves against them) is a commonly practiced by Islamists. DECEPTION IS THE KEY TACTIC EMPLOYED BY ISLAMISTS.

    “He it is Who hath sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may make it CONQUEROR of all religion however much idolaters may be averse”. Quran 61:9

  86. “Beatings” are inhumane. Sick or just mean. How can men do this? God doesn’t promote this. He is love and we are to show love to one another.Anyone with a conscience knows better. Barbaric.

  87. Jesus said ” I am the way the truth and the life no one can get to the father expect through me”

    God sent his son to be born in the flesh so he could take on every single persons sin , he was sent to the earth as a lamb to the slaughter he was the ultimate sacrifice for our sin. How much did god love us that he let his son be beat and nailed to a cross and wipped mocked just to save us from perishing in hell because of our sinful ways? We could never keep the 10 commandment as we are slaves to sin but jesus said he will set us free ! through gods perfect son jesus christ we are washed clean by his precious blood and made clean in God’s sight. whoever shall accept jesus christ the son of god as there lord and savior and repent from there sins will be saved!

    The bible warns of many false prophets and please let me warn you people or any muslim you are being deceived by satan the father of lies, the same satan that deceived eve in the garden of eden. The holy bible is the real bible gods living word!

    I hope and pray that this message will speak into your hearts god bless

  88. menstruating women is unclean..men must stay away from them.. its not weird.. ‘do you have sex with you wife during menstruating?’.. its easy understanding don’t make it complicated.. I think i don’t have to explain further.. because some people refuse to understand the fact and know things base on their own understanding by nafs.. 🙂

    the fact and the truth.. women been treated like a sex slave before Islam century.. and the reason why woman been protected and cover their body from inviting problems.. do you feel horny when u see a woman with hijab? or woman with a bikini and show off their boobs? its reality..

  89. What a bunch of lies. Islam nor the Quran does not command ANY of these treatments. Some loser is making up and completely twisting the words in the Quran. For example, Islam does not command men to beat their wives (don’t know why this is on every anti Islamic site). It commands muslim men to LEAVE their wives (as it beat it, drop it) if an argument comes. Like leave the house. All these imams you posted are extremists and are in no way good Muslims or even a Muslim for that matter. Watch this video and actually learn something: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq4y_qo6ciY

    1. LOL, here’s a video for you, Amy

      Three Things About Islam

      Quotes from Muslims:

      “We are not here to adopt Western values, we are here to colonize the U.S. (and Canada) and spread Islamic sharia law… Canada has one of the easiest legal systems to penetrate and advance sharia from within … but if that doesn’t work, we won’t hesitate to use violent jihad.” “It should be us, with our understanding of Islam, our principles, colonizing positively the United States of America.”
      – Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Islamic Studies at Oxford University

      “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
      – Omar M. Ahmad, founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

      “I want to see the U.S. become an Islamic nation.”
      – Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR Spokesperson

      “Ultimately, we (Muslims) can never be full citizens of this country … because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country”
      – Ihsan Bagby, CAIR

      “No we don’t want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy” “We love you, America – and we want your children for Islam”
      – Islam on Capitol Hill. com

      “The 9/11 hijackers should be honored as martyrs.”
      – Warith Deen Umar, Former Muslim Chaplain, New York Prisons

      “Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the secular system in the United States, for it “is against the orders and ordainments of Allah”
      – Imam Zaid Shakir, Former Muslim Chaplain at Yale University

      “Greater integration between Islam and the West depends on incorporation of Sharia law into the legal systems of Europe and the U.S.”
      – Ground Zero Mosque Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf

      “Should I act violently in defense of my religion, ABSOLUTELY” “Nothing can stop the spread of Islam”
      – Reza Aslan, the so-called “moderate” Muslim

      “I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be. We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bearers of Islam.”
      – Samir Khan

      “I am telling you that my religion doesn’t tolerate other religion. It doesn’t tolerate. The only one law which needs to spread, it can be here or anywhere else, has to be Islam”
      – Abu Bakr, Muslim Cleric

      ; )

  90. I know that this is a very old post, i just want to point out how great your arguments are, absolutely eloquently written. Unfortunately, due to the brainwashed mindsets of some, they cannot grasp the vital criticism that you express in regards to this topic. One will never be truly free to think critically, unless one is willing to mentally detach themselves from the religion they are arguing over.

    Now that 21 years of my life has been wasted, i’m proud in confessing that i am no longer a follower of this disgusting faith. It is mainly because it does not agree to the process of evolution by natural selection, that i decided that the faith is untrue. However, this then enabled me to think clearly when related to all matters, not just evolution; there are arguably a great set of immoral verses in the Quran, many of which relate to women. The points that you had considered on the article are true, however there was a few other misogynistic verses that i was hoping you were aware of:

    – the Quran explicitly prohibits the act of assigning the female gender to his angels (37.150), no such outrage/prohibition has been mentioned to assigning the male gender to the angels.

    – the Quran also mentions (37.153) “did he then chose daughters rather than sons?” in a somewhat rhetorical question, poking fun at the seemingly ridiculous idea of god chosing females over males. This verse really confirms the sexism in the religion for me; even god, a supposedly “better-than-human” entity, pursues in human-like traits such as favouring one over the other, simply because of sex.

    – the Quran also mentions that in the afterlife, there will be “men on elevated places” (7.46). The arabic word used here (Rijaal) literally means men in gender, this goes to show that in order to “qualify” for those elevated places, one would have to be a male.

    Although there are arguably numerous such verses, these are just a few.

    I had always struggled with accepting this attitude in the Quran towards women, everytime i would come across sexist verses like these, i used to get very uncomfortable and at times, hot and sweaty while reading them. I knew they were unacceptable, however my irrational fear of a hell (that probably does not exist) is what made me refrain from criticising (or even questioning!)

    I see a lot of commentators using Ad Hominem as a way of attacking your arguments. That isn’t suprising, after all, what is one supposed to do, when it is the religion that is in the wrong that they are trying to argue for.

    Hope you keep up the great work!

    Sarah 2

    1. sarah when u do not know what the verse means plz do not interpret the way u think>>>>>

      37.149 Now ask them (O Muhammad): Hath thy Lord daughters whereas they have sons? Fāstaftihim ‘Alirabbika Al-Banātu Wa Lahumu Al-Banūna
      37.150 Or created We the angels females while they were present? ‘Am Khalaqnā Al-Malā’ikata ‘Ināthāan Wa Hum Shāhidūna
      37.151 Lo! it is of their falsehood that they say: ‘Alā ‘Innahum Min ‘Ifkihim Layaqūlūna
      37.152 Allah hath begotten. Allah! verily they tell a lie. Walada Allāhu Wa ‘Innahum Lakādhibūna
      37.153 (And again of their falsehood): He hath preferred daughters to sons. ‘Āşţafá Al-Banāti `Alá Al-Banīna
      37.154 What aileth you? How judge ye……… here the god is asking question he is not saying he has daughters he is asking because they saying Jesus is the son of god so god is asking them question if u claim he has sons they why not daughters why only sons this is the question God is asking them read the verses it already mentioned very clearly he does not beget which means he has no sons no daughters

  91. Mohammered was a pedophile. Loved to diddle little kids. Islam is devils work. They should all be eradicated from this Earth..

  92. quran 4:3
    And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice]… this is what the verse says but u putting your own word in it plz stop lying and stoping fooling people ………….

    2:228 QURAN
    Divorced women remain in waiting for three periods, and it is not lawful for them to conceal what Allah has created in their wombs if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. And their husbands have more right to take them back in this [period] if they want reconciliation. And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable. But the men have a degree over them [in responsibility and authority]. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise…………… this verse also doesn’t match the one u mentioned why u putting your own words in it….. u hate islam it is fine it is your choice but plz do not add your own words in in….. my advise to the viewers is the verses which is mentioned in this article plz just just see it is in quran or not

  93. do not add your words in all the verses u mentioned u adding your own word in it i challenge u to show all the verses exactly as Quran says do not fool people like u should be exposed live on tv

  94. i challenge u to post the same verses as the Quran says do not add your words in it….
    if u r truthful then post as it is mentioned in Quran….. i advice all the people who reads this stupid article plz check all the verses which is mentioned in this article with Quran then u all will come to know the person is the liar

    1. I have read all posts including Muslim apologists. Instead of ranting victimhood, conspiracy , hatred and publishing long stories on general womanhood and how bad it was before Islam propaganda, Muslims would do well to counter specific verses of Quran which are sexist and misogynist to say the least.

      Propaganda 1)
      Islam was the first religion to give Women the rights.

      Mohammad and his team of propagandist would have done well to provide standard history of people of contemporary Arabs and women at his time..All he did was terrorize Mecca, wage war and forced them to conversion and confiscate and destroy Kabba of 360 GODS except one ALLA which was moon GOD.

      It is a myth that Mohammad gave rights to Arabic Women, infact they were

      The following are facts regarding the status of women in various Arabian tribes before Islam:

      Robert Hoyland’s Arabia and the Arabs from the Bronze Age to the Coming of Islam. Hoyland is an excellent scholar, currently a research fellow and professor of Islamic history at Oxford. Of note is his section discussing women in pre-Islamic Arabia (128-134) where he surveys pre-Islamic records and early Islamic records of pre-Islamic times.

      That Islam abolished the practice of female infanticide may very well be true (although evidence seems to indicate that infanticide was practiced on both sexes). But the claim that Arab women had no rights before Muhammad is wholly untenable. The records show that there was great diversity among Arab tribes, and that the rights of women before Islam often exceeded those accorded to them by Islam.

      • There is evidence of matrilineal tribes, where lineage was determined through women. Children were reckoned as belonging to their mothers, and not a male progenitor. (129)
      • Women had the right to easily divorce their husbands such that their husbands had to leave the homes, and not the women. A woman could achieve this simply by turning her tent around. (130)
      • Women were able to:
      o Marry multiple men;
      o Contract men in temporary marriage for the sake of producing offspring; (131)
      o Commission inscriptions;
      o Make offerings to their deities;
      o Act as administrative officers;
      o Construct public buildings;
      o Erect tombs;
      o Maintain considerable financial independence;
      o Be the subjects of statues and funerary reliefs;
      o Become overlords (132)
      o And become the guardians of religious confederations. (133)

      Propaganda 2)
      Islam was the first religion to give anywhatso ever rights to Women .

      Let us look at Manu Smriti given in Hindu thousands of year before ISLAM talks in whatso ever form of rights

      .56. The society that provides respect and dignity to women flourishes with nobility and prosperity. And a society that does not put women on such a high pedestal has to face miseries and failures regardless of howsomuch noble deeds they perform otherwise.
      3.55. A father, brother, husband or brother-in-law should keep their daughter, sister, wife or sister-in-law happy and pleased through gentle words, respectful behavior, gifts etc. Those who desire prosperity should ensure that women in their family are always happy and do not face miseries.
      3.57. A family where women remain unhappy due to misdeeds of their men is bound to be destroyed. And a family where women are always happy is bound to prosper forever.
      3.58. A family- where women feel insulted or discriminated against and curse their menfolk- is destroyed in same manner as poison kills all those who eat it.
      3.59. One desiring glory should ensure that he keeps women in the family by giving them respect and pleasing them with good ornaments, dresses, food. Women should always be revered under all circumstances.

      Polygamy is a sin
      9.101. Husband and Wife should remain together till death. They should not approach any other partner, nor commit adultery. This, in summary, is the Dharma or religion of all human beings.
      Autonomy of Women
      9.11. Women should be provided autonomy and leadership in managing the finances, maintaining hygiene, spiritual and religious activities, nutrition and overall management of home.
      Marriage of Women
      9.89. It is better to keep the daughter unmarried than force her to marry an undeserving person.
      9.90-91. A woman can choose her own husband after attaining maturity. If her parents are unable to choose a deserving groom, she can herself choose her husband.
      Property Rights of Women
      9.130. A daughter is equivalent to a son. In her presence, how can any one snatch away her right over the property.
      9.131. A daughter alone has the right over personal property of her mother.
      Thus, as per Manu, while daughter has equal share as her brothers over property of her father, she has exclusive rights over property of her mother. The reason for this special treatment of women is to ensure that women are never at mercy of anyone. After all happy dignified women form the foundation of a happy society!
      9.212-213. If a person has no kins or wife, then his wealth be distributed equally among his brothers and sisters. If the elder brother refuses to give due share to other brothers and sisters, he is punishable by law.
      3.52. Those relatives who rob away or thrive on wealth, property, vehicles or dresses of a woman or her family are wiliest of people.
      8.323. Those who abduct women should be given death sentence.
      9.232. Those who kill women, children or scholarly virtuous people should be given strictest punishment.
      8.352. Those who rape or molest women or incite them into adultery should be given harshest punishment that creates fear among others to even think of such a crime.
      The concept of Ladies First seems to originate from Manu Smriti.
      2.138. A man in a vehicle should give way to the following – aged person, diseased person, one carrying burden, groom, king, student and a woman.
      3.114. One should feed the following even before feeding the guests – newly married women, girls, and pregnant women.
      To further ensure safety of women, Manu recommended harsh punishments for those who rob away wealth of a woman, even if they are her relatives.
      8.28-29. If a woman is alone because she has no children, or no men to provide for her security in her family, or is widow, or whose husband has gone abroad, or who is unwell, then it is duty of the government to ensure her safety and security. If her wealth is robbed by her relatives or friends, then the government should provide strict punishment to the culprits and have her wealth returned back.

      Propaganda 3
      Quran is a gem of women rights

      Muhammad permitted spousal abuse, stated repeatedly that women have inferior minds, claimed that most of the people in hell are women, and allowed his men to have sex with their captives

      Menstruating women are unclean(2:222)
      Mohammad took women as slaves
      Bukhari (59:447), when Muhammad issued a command for all the men of Quraiza be killed and the women and children taken as slaves. (Having your husband murdered and being forced into sexual slavery apparently doesn’t qualify as “harm” under the Islamic model).

      Muhammad did have women killed in the most brutal fashion
      One was Asma bint Marwan, a mother or five, who wrote a poem criticizing the Medinans for accepting Muhammad after he had ordered the murder of an elderly man. In this case, the prophet’s assassins literally pulled a sleeping infant from her breast and stabbed her to death.
      After taking Mecca in 630, Muhammad also ordered the murder of a slave girl who had merely made up songs mocking him
      The Hadith are rife with accounts of women planted in the ground on Muhammad’s command and pelted to death with stones for sexual immorality – yet the prophet of Islam actually encouraged his own men to rape women captured in battle (Abu Dawood 2150, Muslim 3433) and did not punish them for killing non-Muslim women (as Khalid ibn Walid did on several occasions – see Ibn Ishaq 838 and 856).

      Beating wife allowed in Islam(4:34)
      Muslim men can marry 4 wives , including prepubescent girls(pedophilia),and can own sex slaves(Q 4:34,65:4,4:24)
      Women is half worth of Men(4:11,2:282,2:228)
      Women as toys and devil(Al-Musanaf Vol. 1 Part 2, p. 263,Sahih Muslim 8:3240)
      Women are weak and sex slaves
      Women are tilth to cultivate(Qur’an 2:223)
      Muslims are not allowed to marry non Muslim unless the later convert to Islam(Q 2:221)
      Women must cover themselves and can only be seen by relatives,enunchs, slaves and children who have not yet had sex with women(24:31)
      1Stoning Women for adultery, 4 males witness for rape, stoning for married women if not proved
      Sanction of Triple Talaq(65:4 5),Islam forces the divorced woman into adultery as a requirement to be reconciled to her former husband.(Sura 2:230)

  95. palestine free soon

    Islam gonna rules like it or not period

    1. HAHA Not gonna happen.

  96. you will not get anything by spreading wrong about Quran-e-pak, in fact you are just misguiding yourself and others as well and by doing this one day you will make your life hell and that day you will only cry and feel helpless.
    stop your self from all this, ask you self that what are getting by doing all this ???
    come to the straight path don’t hate anyone or anything because you won’t get anything by hating or spreading hatred .

  97. Those who do not know,
    those who do make effort to know, and
    the worst, those who do not want to know the truth

    They will never know the truth.

  98. hey there In Quran says la ekraha fe deen it means there is no force in this religion. Quran doesn’t say u must beat your wife. have u ever listen to one of danold trump speech about Women. Peace for you guy from here



  100. I hate Islam . Hate hate hate. When One of my friend told Islam teaches nothing but violence I strongly argued it is not religion but people are twisting it . but on the light of recent events I have to say that is right . Muslims are like epidemic. However educated they are they will follow that twisted book.They cant think or use their conscious because when a kid is born their they will start injecting the venom.May be that book was great on 7th century. but hello this is 21st century and still you are following the old book line by line.This book thinks all men are satyromaniac. If they die so many virgins in heaven, in earth 4 wives . So a woman is just a commodity . This stupid people never understands that they also came from a womb.High respect for mother but not for wife.I hate this religion

  101. Looking at all this from the perspective of the collectve evolution of consciousness, it may be worth considering how the Islamic God-image, i.e. one that is exclusively male, plays into this conflict zone. Assuming that all religious beliefs are creations of the human psyche, any belief that privileges the masculine and has no place for the feminine in the the realm of the divine, will automatically devalue the feminine per se in all fields of life. In the scale of human values, ‘God’ – as an inner archetype – ranks highest, so if God is seen as a ‘He’, the feminine is viewed as second rate. The great soul-centred psychiatrist Carl Jung had a great deal to say about all this. He predicted that the current Age (Aquarius) would be dominated by the ‘feminine principle’ of relatedness, empathy, oneness, equality (of male and female) and respect for Nature. This is, of course, antagonistic to any ideology that privileges the masculine. That fading God image is now shifting away from a patriarchy toward something that embraces male and female as equally valuable. There is nothing that Islamic fundamentalism can do to stop this, since it’s a natural and global evolutionary change happening in the psyche. Islam is, in other words, doomed to fade over time, along with all other patriarchal structures and beliefs. The terrorism (i.e. worship of fear) we are facing today is this battle being played out as denial, refusal to change, violent defensiveness of obsolete beliefs, mass psychosis (as an extreme inner split) and a refusal to understand that we create ‘masks of God’ in our image, while whatever Absolute lies beyond all beliefs is also beyond gender bias. Truth will prevail, but not, I fear, before a great deal more conflict and suffering. Blessings to all.

  102. I just need to point out one major error in the summaries presented on this website. The Koran does not prohibit all Muslims from marrying all non-Muslims. Muslim men are allowed to marry Christ followers and Jews.

  103. – Eat the Flesh of your Daughters & the sisters in distress or during seige. –JEREMIAH 19:9 (BIBLE)
    That thy foot may be dipped in the blood of thine enemies, and the tongue of thy dogs in the same. :Psalm 68:23 (BIBLE)
    -I permit No Woman to teach a Man. She must be quiet & must live in submission. –TIMOTHY 2:12 (BIBLE)
    “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every WOMAN that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive those WOMAN for yourselves (as slave)”. ~ Numbers 31:1-18 (BIBLE)
    -Women are the weaker sex (1 Peter 3:7)

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