‘The fall of Europe is looming’

muslims praying streets europeTwo recent news items concern the progressive Islamization of Europe: one from Dr. Bruce Bawer on the sustained, emotional and physical attacks on critics of Islamic traditions, including the harsh treatment of women; and another from Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, retiring Archbishop of Prague, who warns, “The fall of Europe is looming.” When one reads the important insights from Bawer, one can see that, given the current trend, the Cardinal is correct.

Critiquing a writer who “sneers” at alarms being set off about Europe’s Islamization, Bawer says:

His thesis: Europe is chugging along just fine; Islam poses no real challenge to the continent’s freedom and prosperity; after all, the “experts” say so. Never mind the draining of European welfare systems by Muslim families, the explosion in rapes and gay-bashings and Jew-baitings, the proliferation of honor killings and forced marriages and no-go zones; never mind the murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh by fanatics who objected to those men’s positions on Islam; never mind the threats directed at critics of Islam, such as Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Robert Redeker, which have obliged them to live in hiding or with round-the-clock bodyguards.

The timing of Vaïsse’s article was unfortunate—for him, anyway: it appeared around the time of the Christmas Day terrorist attack on Detroit-bound Northwest Flight 253 and the New Year’s Day assassination attempt on Kurt Westergaard, creator of the famous Mohammed-in-a-bomb-turban cartoon published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. (Only a bathroom that had been converted to a panic room in Westergaard’s house saved the artist from an axe-wielding Islamist maniac.) Let’s not even mention the over 1,000 cars torched in French cities on New Year’s Eve, which is becoming an annual tradition among that nation’s Muslim youth.

Adding to this frightening reality comes a future nightmare, as outlined by Vlk:

“Europe has denied its Christian roots from which it has risen and which could give it the strength to fend off the danger that it will be conquered by Muslims — which is actually happening gradually,” the cardinal said, according to Agence France Presse.

“If Europe doesn’t change its relation to its own roots, it will be Islamized,” added the prelate.

In consideration of what is already being manifested by Islamists in Europe, as highlighted by Bawer, the very notion should send shivers down the back of all sensate and sane individuals.

Sources & Further Reading

While Europe Sneered
Cardinal Vlk warns of ‘Islamization’ of Europe, calls for return to Christianity
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  1. Fall of Europe Looming
    Perhaps it will shake people up to give up ‘money’ as their religion and find self love and a more conscious spiritual life void of ancient religions.
    Living in deep truth is beyond religions. Islam will be diluted merging with a different culture and Europe will be different. May be a long process as people cling to their cultures. What comes is created as a karma. Being thousand of miles away from most Islam culture will likely be a barrier for it’s strong influence as in Europe. With changing times in technology and culture, no religious practice will not evolve to be less
    ‘right wing’.

    1. …may be a long process as people cling……….
      there will no long proccess;economics decides all ultimately;Islam is the toll used by the movers and shakers to form world government;when they are thru with the ISlamic militants;they will neutralize them;Here comes Charlemayne !he’ll save us!Sudden weather will come in the form of Libyian tea.VERY COLD WEATHER.Buy some wood.

  2. Funny,we are encouraged to notice the growth and negative influence of Muslim’s in European countries,yet we’re called “Jew baiters” for noticing that some government’s (US,Britain) are overwhelmingly influenced,coerced and bribed by Jews who care not a bit about their host country in comparison to Israel.

    In fact,there are Jews in our US senate and congress who have absolutely no compunction of sending American kids to die and be maimed for the security and financial benefit of Israel-forget about the hundreds of billions (trillions?) in aid.
    THIS should be the issue of supposedly free thought discussion groups,but it is still strictly verboten on TV.
    I’ll be surprised if this comment is allowed to remain

    1. And yet, two years later, your post remains.

      It is no secret that America is a haven for and propagator of the Jewish agenda. Why do you think it’s called “Camp David”? Why is the Star of David on our currency? Why do you think the media is run by a handful of the power elite, who are, in large part, Jews?

      Is America the Beautiful really America the Jewtiful?

      I think so.

  3. What Do You Mean Looming?
    Europe fell a long time ago, you’ve only just now noticed.

  4. Rubbish. I am sick of the ignorance, hysteria and bigotry inherant in these ridiculous claims that Islam is taking over anywhere, or even trying to. Zionists are the ones who have infiltrated everywhere, who have debased our societies and raped our economies, and they are the ones spreading these ridiculous lies that Islam is bent on domination of the West,m as they attempt to start a war of civilisations, which they will use to take fiull control of in the end.

    Zionists, mostly Jews, control 95% of the Western media, and MUslims do not even control the remaining 5%

  5. Nostradamus
    Nostradamus said that France (and Europe) would
    be destroyed from within and then from without.
    Good riddance! Reject God and God rejects you.
    The Americans, once they have beaten off the Russians
    and the Chinese (in America) will save the Brits (even
    though they aren’t worth spit) and then rally with
    nukes back through Europe and sweep into Jerusalem.
    Islam will finally be exposed as the satanic religion it
    is and completely destroyed by God. Israel will be
    over-run and most Israelis killed. But God will save a
    remnant of them. Mostly Christians but others as well.
    Trouble is, the end result of all that will be the apperance
    of the anti-christ. Oh well, time is short. The Devil knows
    its almost over.

  6. Rid migrants
    RID all Indians and Asians, Jews, Turks, Africians and non-Europeans because they stole your nations and jobs, lands, Governments, money, marriages and break your roots. Now you see why Jews control U.S Government and money and soon they will fall into lost and white europeans will fade away. DID you Know The Jews from Ashkenazi descentants Magog and Gog. The BIBLE told about Magog and Gog will controlled everyones because of SINS. They most owns Hollywood film businesses. They make films full of rubbish and lies, they control to make you brain washed and other Bank businesses are rip off because usery money and use you. You cannot see many things are very Danger that means you live in PRISON in this world. You see Muslems at Prague now So AWAKE 🙁


    1. you are the devil infact the true face of devil of europe you cant blame others for your mistakes 🙁

  8. Excellent observation, Dave!
    I’m surprised it remained long enough for me to see it!

    Europe’s roots are pagan. Europe was Christianized by the same methods that the “Cardinal”, who is probably a pedophile, warns against!

    Not everyone is historically ignorant, in spite of the churches’ intentions!

    1. Below the belt
      You have to call the cardinal a pedophile because he speaks a truth different from yours. How old are you to reducew your agrument to name calling. Shame ..

  9. Preacher BS
    Somebody once said the world would never be free until every preacher was hanging from lamp posts by the entrails of every politician.
    It’s not because Europe has denied its Christian roots thats the problem.It’s because the gov’t didn’t enforce immigration laws and actually encouraged mass immigration.And not one churchman made a stand against it.
    Same in America.The churches are full,all good little gov’t patsies,rendering unto Ceaser and Constantine and we’re being overun with illegals,many of whom are being encouraged in the Catholic Church South of the border.
    But it’s all because we deny God!
    Lying hypocrit church structure.
    Pastors and prelates be damned.And the pew sitters deserve everything they get,bunch of ignoramouses!!
    They tell people to repent;I ask them to do something worth a damn other than wave their Bible around to get attention.

  10. immigration fiasco
    Sounds like these countries have the same immigration policy as the United States. Just let anyone in as you can get votes from foreign losers easier than your own people. Either way, the Earth needs to shed about 6 billion people minimum just to survive. This is all part of that.

    oh, by the way: The Federal Government is a violation of the Constitution of the United States of America. Nowhere in the Constitution or its ammendments is there a provision for a top down pyramid scheme government in place of the constitution. Every Federal law that violates the constitution in the smallest is illegal. Every Federal law that violates a State’s right in the least is illegal. Since Lincoln’s assassination this is the tool to subvert the constitutional power of the people. Anything with the word Federal attached to it is a treasonous act of anti-constitutionalists.

  11. The Communist leftist, anti-white Parties are ruin
    The same leftists killing Europe are doing so in the United States. They are those who believe that tht founding peoples of a nation are no more important to that nation, than someone who arrives from a totally different culture and demands that their culture be given equal standing or even superiority. It sounds too simplistic, but I’m beginning to believe what one American radio host called the left to be true–criminally insane people with psychological problems.

  12. Yes those Christians and Jews…
    Yes those Christians and Jews are really causing a problem with all their murderous attacks. I walk around just waiting for the next one.
    You idiots.

  13. What did you expect from such craven, cowardly pussie$? If it wasn’t for America they’d all be speaking German or Russian right now.

  14. corruption, anyone?
    Almost every religious and political movement has been corrupted to the very core. This was the reason Christians gave up on religion. Many Islamitic people are also inclined to leave the mosque and replace the “official world view” for a less strict and more personal opinion.
    There are minority groups responsible for corrupting the believe systems of the masses. Indeed, Jewish people, in combination with masonic lodges and ultra rich (banker) families of different backgrounds, are responsible for this. For instance, Jews started communism and socialism which destroyed Christianity in many European countries (Christians are the arch enemies of Jewish supramist zionist). The communist secret services, responsible for the death of millions, were for a large part Jewish.
    The Cardinal is not even aware that the Vatican alias Roman Catholic church was corrupted from the very beginning of its existence. A few centuries ago the Vatican was bought by a Jewish/masonic banker family, so the Christian church is under full control now. Never heard about the P2 lodge (and there probably is a higher in rank P1 lodge) ?? The tax free Vatican and its bank is misused for all kind of criminal activities. The only pope who tried to do something about this, was murdered. So the Cardinal can not offer a solution to free societies from corruption and slavery: he is part of it. Someday, we all have to do something about the root cause, and make some personal choices.

  15. so what
    Bible has 66 books

  16. Really, could anyone take this tripe – posted from israel junior – seriously?

    yes, poor Europe must be blinded by who really rules the roost huh?

    Any HONEST examination of who is behind attacks on freedom-of-speech and antiChristian sentiment (cloaked however thinly behind media of all sorts) in the West will result in an undeniable conclusion, contrary to these insinuations. Sounds like Gentile-baiting to me. Or at least a slight of hand, Madoff style. I invite all to search out the one the record facts for themselves. Some may not like that. I wonder who exactly.

  17. [b][b]It’s interesting to note that [/b]:[/b]

    1)This is not the first time Islam has invaded the west.
    2)Chiristianity was the unifying force that helped repel them the first time.
    3)The west is currently invading the middle east.
    4)Islamic Jihadist has united middle eastern fighters in repeling the west.

    [b]All I can say is thank God for religion ![/b]

    [b]O.K. By that I mean either:[/b]
    1)religion is why all this fighting is happening,(sarcasm).
    2)religions is the force that bind people and gives them the strength to repel or I guess even invad depending on which instance we’re taling about.
    3) and lastly and most importantly religion gives us a scapegoat to hide all of the socioeconomic, racial , nationalistic, reasons people realy go to war about. Sort of like saying all the fighting in Ireland is about Catholics and Protestants instead of indegenous Irish and colonizing British.

    You people are chasing a Red Herring !

  18. You’d be a laugh if you weren’t so deluded.

  19. Islam is the ideal form of religion, effectively supressing original thought, art, music, literature, and emphasizes intolerance, sexism,
    violence, and self-destruction. All wars are rooted in nationalism and religions, and supported by patriots and zealots, funded by greed and hatred. After the whole world is Moslem, then the infighting between sectarian divisions of Islamic peoples will destroy itself from within, thus providing a perfect resolution for a world free of the infidel, free of conflict, and free of life. True freedom at last.

  20. If the people of Europe don’t value themselves as
    We live in a strange era. The European people have been told that they should not value their own heritage and culture and themselves as a people, and they believe it! 😯

    Europe can only be saved by a re-awakening of racial self esteem. Without that, they are doomed.


  21. Extremists Supported by Big Power
    Whenever extremist activity is in high gear, you can be sure that it is being supported, either actively or passively, but big money and/or the government. Of course, big money and the government are virtually the same these days, and for the past 100 years or more in highly developed countries. The obvious purpose would be to increase hatred of Muslims at a time when excuses are needed to invade or interfere in predominantly Muslim countries. Even if overt excuses are not used, it helps the ‘powers-that-be’ (big capital AND government) to have their populations be favorable or at least indifferent to attacks on these countries. This may also be the reason behind the ‘population control’ agenda. They may not believe it is really possible to control population, but it helps if people are indifferent to mass slaughter.

  22. “europes christian roots”…. are you effing kidding me!!, europes roots are in what is termed “paganism”
    – it is jewish-christianity that is failing europe, what will save europe is a renewed racial awareness, the new religion will be the old religion, it will be race based, just as judaism is and christianity is, with their jewish gods. Europeans will be saved when they begin to worship their euro god, and smash the false idols of yahweh, jesus and allah.

  23. Germany had the right blueprint
    Germany under Hitler had the right blueprint of its cultural survival.

  24. muslim vs christian is tha name, depopulate is the
    all is going according to plan

    the illuminati

  25. Obama is not a muslim, he is controlled by by the Federal Reserve of the US and the Bliderberg . These are Jewish controlled Organizations.

  26. Revolution
    We have freedom of religion, but Islamic countries don’t allow other religions so this is how Islam creeps into our culture.

    It’s our own governments that force us against our heritage & they become the traitors from within.

    Finally, someone just wrote a great book about a small town in America that stands up to federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. No longer will the people tolerate corrupt politicians to give up our heritage & culture. Must read for 2010 elections coming soon in America. A must read for 2010 if you want to see what’s coming next.

  27. Books
    Also a must read is “Civil War II” and “the Turner Diaries”

  28. same bullshit again and again !
    Acharya S !
    (never mind the murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh by fanatics who objected to those men’s positions on Islam)….

    Let me remind you sir that (Pim Fortuyn )the would be faggot prime minister ,was not killed by islamists but rather by a dutch activist fighting for the well beeing of animals called Volkert van der Graaf .for anybody to falsly present that crime as the work of islamists in the netherland is a delebrate act of biggotry,hate and islamophobia. SHAME ON YOU !

    1. I suppose the ongoing destruction of Europe by Muslim fanatics could be deemed “the same old bullshit.”

      First of all, I am quoting Dr. Bawer speaking about Pim Fortuyn. Secondly, apparently his murderer [i]was [/i]angered by his immigration policies, which focused on preventing more Muslims from entering Holland.

      Thirdly, shame on YOU for your hate speech against a minority, using the term “faggot.”

    2. n.p.c.
      Anyone who reads the Qu’ran or Bible is a bigot. Shame on us humans ,for ever being so stupid.How did these racist, sexist, vile books ever get attached to god. Humanity is so lost ,we are our own worst enemies.

  29. :huh: WTF!!!

  30. god is
    The emptiness, the nothingness, the Void into which the Universe is expanding, that is god.

  31. Europe is over !!
    🙁 26% of population if Germany are over 65, what;s more over 47% of the population is over 45, do some math and you will see that these figures are across Europe, add to that, is the deep ignorance and the lack of social skills experienced by the majority of its young citizens, guess what, racism, radicalism and love of money and life, all are sign of demise and fall, history of Rome is a good reminder.

  32. Extreme situations provoke extreme reactions especially when poverty knocks at your door, unemployment low prospects etc the stage is set for the rise of a new European tyrannical despot ala ” Hitler ” .

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