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The Lies of Infidelophobia

There is an article being spread far and wide around the internet called “The Lies of Islamophobia” by someone named John Feffer. The article is full of falsehoods, half-truths and misapprehensions, basically accusing the West of bringing on Islamic terrorism (“blowback”) and insinuating that those who are concerned with Koranically induced violence are not only […]

Blowback or bloodthirstiness?

otranto cathedral skulls beheaded

We often hear cries of “blowback!” when confronting the problem of Islamic fundamentalism and fanaticism – also known as classical Islam, not “extremist” or “radical.” Everything but Islam is blamed for Muslim violence – it’s the bad white/Christian/Jewish/Indian/French men, et al., etc., ad nauseam, who drove the poor, innocent Muslims to defend themselves by committing […]

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