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Jesus holding Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

Preachers, priests quietly embrace the Christ myth

I have decided to spill a few beans here – not all, but a few of the “mysteries” that have been created around my work and the Christ-myth field in general.  Here’s a major secret – are you ready?  As you can tell from the title of this article, the secret is…many ministers, preachers, priests, divinity school PhD candidates, seminary students and even a bishop or two have written me over the years to tell me that they are closet fans of my work. This sort of secret disclosure goes back to the beginning of my sojourn on the internet, starting in 1995.

I heard many times in the early years that “they know it is all a myth,” referring to the upper echelons of the Christian hierarchy –  especially, I was told, the Jesuits and other Catholic groups, because they are well educated.  These individuals have known about the large body of literature dating back several centuries in a variety of languages that has demonstrated the mythical nature of important biblical stories, including and especially the most supernatural tale of all, that of the gospels.

This continuing encouragement in hearing from dozens of educated clergymen over the past 15 years has kept me inspired to push forward with this fascinating subject, in the face of relentless hostility and unpleasant assaults by fanatical defenders of the faith.

As an example of the positive feedback from the more erudite segment of society, I recently received a very enthusiastic message from a PhD candidate in the religion department of a major university who is using my works in his studies. I also got the following message from a Christian pastor:

“I’m a Presbyterian minister and have read some of your books – fantastic!! Especially love the one about Jesus and Horus.”

These are only a couple of the many such comments I have received from clergy of one form of another over the years. Many of them have said that they are either incorporating the information I’ve brought forth into their vocation, including in sermons, or they are wanting to have a curriculum for ministers and pastors to bring more of the exoteric meaning of the Christ myth into their ministry.

Such a curriculum, of course, is necessary because the mythicist position, with its focus on the astrotheological origins of much ancient myth and religion, is not represented within academia. This fact is a pity, because these individuals would like to maintain their integrity but they cannot be gainfully occupied without toeing the well-heeled party line.

I bring these issues to attention here because for many years now I have “suffered in silence,” while assailed incessantly with all manner of calumny, libel and fallacious contentions, including that “no credible scholar or clergyman takes her seriously.” In consideration of the treatment I have received for merely raising up comparative religion and mythology, it is understandable why most of these scholars and clergy have not made themselves known to the public, their higher-ups or their congregations. Yet, they are there, privately and quietly absorbing the fascinating material I am working hard to bring to light.

Naturally, I would love any and all clergy who are reading this post to come forth!  Leave a message here. As you can tell from my reticence in even exposing this issue, I am very friendly and discreet…. Indeed, while I’ve been swinging in the wind out here largely alone – with a few courageous professionals pitching in – I have yet to “out” anyone against his or her will.  The same cannot be said about the treatment I have received, as my detractors have continually exposed my private information – endangering me and my family. But we as human beings apparently do not deserve courtesy, dignity and respect – that’s the whole problem with human-hating religious fanaticism in the first place.  From the consisently mean-spirited and poor treatment I have been subjected to from legions of “loving Christians” over the years, it is easy to understand why these “Christ-myther” clergymen and women hide in the shadows.

In addition to the fear of the mob and the loss of income is another reason for the clerical concealment: One of these individuals revealed an ages-old “brotherhood” secret when he told me – in a foreign language that few non-natives speak – that we must not reveal the mysteries to the vulgar, because the masses are “idiots” and cannot comprehend.  This contempt for the credulous public has been expressed many times over the centuries by a variety of clergymen.

On a positive note, with any time, luck and help, it will be possible to create a curriculum for those who wish to teach the mythological and astrotheological origins of much religious ideation. A concerted effort will be necessary, so, again, come forth, ye enlighteners of humanity!

For more on this subject, see my books and articles at StellarHousepublishing.com and TruthBeKnown.com.

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32 thoughts on “Preachers, priests quietly embrace the Christ myth

  1. ratman
    I have read The Fingerprints Of The Christ. After reading it I cannot believe anybody that reads it would still believe that Jesus existed at all.

    I dare any priest or preacher to read it.


  2. Preachers, Priests
    When faith and belief meet truth, and money is in the way, at best, silence will generally dominate except for the few courageous enough to follow truth and the rest be damned!!! :woohoo:

  3. Priests have long forgotten that they were the first astronomers who, in ancient times, understood the predictive nature of the astronomical cycles.

    How the uneducated masses must have marveled at these people who could predict the course of the heavens. Surely they must have a special connection with those gods who move the heavens!

    We must listen to such people and obey their commands so as not to offend the gods.

    And, of course, the astronomer-priests knew they were on to a good thing.

    “The gods command that you make food offerings to us…er the gods on a regular basis. And, as we are so busy communing with the gods on your behalf, the gods would look kindly upon any other regular offerings you may freely choose to make…or else!”

    1. Exactly. This is why this author’s work fascinates and resonates with me. I got my first taste of the power of the skies as a young boy when I worked on and received my Astronomy merit badge. Since that time as a youth, it’s become very clear to me that for the majority of civilization – since electricity is a recent invention – that the night sky has DOMINATED human history. Before the events in the sky were codified using mathematics it was codified using mythology. Apparently, this is only clear and evident if you’ve spent an entire lifetime – like I have – watching events in the sky. Once the night sky began to be washed out by lights at night it was inevitable that people would forget how those myths began. Today, there is absolutely no excuse for people’s ignorance of the origins of religious mythology since the Internet brings that information literally to one’s fingertips. But myths are powerful memes, which Ms. Murdock has proven with her diligent and hard work. I will be forever grateful for what she’s revealed to me about the origins of these sky myths. I put her in the same category as Joseph Campbell in how she’s gone about pulling the veil from our eyes. Really. Right there with Joseph Campbell.

  4. In the beginning was…
    Hi Acharya,

    I hesitate to say this, but I can’t help but being rather curious as to why and when and how you sometime, somewhere started to think about these questions, and how you came to make the decision to go “all in” in your pursuit of exposing religion, such as christianity and islam etc, to show people what it is all about.

    I think you do a very important job, and I’m sorry to hear that you have suffered from it.

    You have my support — keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thanks, Pontus, for the kind regards and query.

      I was born as I am – I was very sensitive beginning at an early age to violence and suffering.

      See my blog post:

      Confessions of an Empath ([url]http://tbknews.blogspot.com/2007/05/confessions-of-empath.html[/url])

      After having my natural instincts “closed down” by social conditioning, I reclaimed them beginning in my 20s, ironically after I became a “born again” Christian. I had several epiphanies along the way as to who I am and what I am doing on planet Earth, and it occurred to me when I came across this information – largely because of Joseph Wheless’s Forgery in Christianity – that I was perfected suited and educated to do this important work.

      After a severe illness that lasted three years, I had nothing to lose by exposing this information, even though I knew it would bring down the wrath of the slitty-eyed mobs. I had already faced death too many times to count, and I was not afraid.

      It is because of the vile, human hatred of these rabid cultists that I must do what I do. I always stuck up for the underdogs in school who were being picked on by bullies, and that’s what I’m doing now.

  5. Freely you’ve been given…freely give
    Is there a “Son” of Elohim who is not Jesus…
    Yahushuah Messiah?

    Was there or was there not…
    still a sacrifice for sins?

    Where is the fine “line”…
    between the truth of Yahushuah
    and the lie of Jesus ?

    What “parts” of the Scriptures
    do you “pick and choose” to believe ?

    Why do you suppose that I would pay…
    to hear your gospel ?

    One can not lovingly serve “TRUTH”
    while using it for personal gain-


    I had the cure for cancer…
    but there wasn’t many who would pay for it

    Freely you’ve been given…Freely give

    lest you find yourself…

    paying for his “Free Gift”

    as you have demanded of others


    I am really interested in your thoughts
    on my writing at the URL:

    Most Christians will die in their sins

    Just use Yahushuah as the name instead of Jesus

  6. You keep going Acharya… I am a free thinker myself and I take verbal abuse for speaking the truth and exposing this charade. You have a tremendous number of supporters. I love you books. Mike

  7. Acharya,

    Thanks for sharing! I share your pain. Many years ago I began womens studies and many things just didn’t sit right for me. Too many unanswered questions and the atempts to answer them were lame at best. And as one perfessor told me..”you’re a pain in the ars’, cuz I was never happy with any of the assumptions they gave, especially when it came to what made the suffragists think they had the right to walk alone at night without being raped, rights to their children, rights to controlling their own bodies and the list goes on. Back then, and in some areas of women’s studies now, the assuption was/is that they got their ideas from the slavery abolishment movement and the constitution. Well, it didn’t add up and just left me frustrated, but I hung on for a little while longer. It wasn’t untill my second semester that I was done, after having a heated debate over mother hood, I dropped out. The idea that mother hood was a burden we should overcome, cuz “we don’t want to be animals” was more than I could take.

    There have always been whispers of prehistoric goddesses and rumors of matrilineal societies, so I figured I would start my own research there, but at that time there wasn’t much info out there. I guess it was a year(give or take) that went by and I found out that the community college had guest professor who was giving a class on goddess archaeology. I guess they were testing the waters, it wasn’t very popular, there was only 4 or 5 of us, and it sparked a LOT of controversie, even from women, and right after the course was over our teacher was off to Buffalo. Anywho, that is where I became familiar with Barbara G. Walker. Her book ‘The Women’s Encyclopedia’ was a goddess send! I have read that book from cover to cover, I can’t tell you how many times, and I think it was after the second time, and on the search to find out who this Jesus dude really was..I found your site TBK. You validated what my common sense was telling me, and I thank you for that, from the bottom of my soul! Cuz, when everyone around you is telling you, you’re crazy, you start to wonder!! lol Your courage to stand up to the priesthood of academia has inspired me to continue my own independent research and led me to matriarchal studies, which is on the same hit list you are on.

    You have been a Goddess send to matriarchal studies, and at every turn your work validates what they have been saying all along. And, then to find out that you’re a friend to Dr. DeMeo…well, you know what my reaction was…lol

    It is people like YOU, DeMeo, Walker, Wagner and a few others, that have inspired me to finish my education, even if I have to do it little by little and to go above and beyond my own area of education.
    I can’t thank you all enough!!

    I know this thread is for people in religious studies and I thought about just emailing you several times, but I thought you had enough hate mail to sort through, so I figured I would just wait for an opportunity, and when I actually had time(I really only have a few minutes in the morning) to properly thank you and tell you how I became familiar with your work. I got up an hour earlier, just to jump on this opportunity, even if it is kind of a weak one. lol

    Thanks again and keep standing strong!!!

    1. You’re a sweetie, Amy. And no, you’re not crazy. [i]Man Made God[/i] ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/manmadegod.html[/url]) will put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

      Barbara cites DeMeo in this book – she starts out an entire chapter raising his work – and he’s quite thrilled. And, of course, I edited the book, adding citations and annotations, as well as illustrations, bibliography and index. I also tightened up some of the language, although the divine Ms. W is a fabulous writer.

      This book is going to knock your socks off, Amy – I’m thinking it might be what you’ve been waiting for for a long time. Oh, and by the way, I have a proof of it sitting right here in front of me! 😀

      Walker, DeMeo and Murdock in one volume! :woohoo:

  8. [b]I absolutely LOVE that picture you have for this blog of Jesus with your book Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection !![/b]

    I would like to see more ministers, preachers, priests, pastors, bishops come out of the astrotheological and mythological closet.

    As “Allan” mentioned previously, “[i]Priests have long forgotten that they were the first astronomers who, in ancient times, understood the predictive nature of the astronomical cycles[/i]. “

    Great point there Allan!

    I’m reminded of that excerpt I’ve enjoyed so many times by Acharya titled, Astrotheology of the Ancients ([url]http://stellarhousepublishing.com/astrotheology.html[/url])

    Oh, also The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ ([url]http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/originsofchristianity.pdf[/url])

    How cool would it be if ministers, preachers, priests, pastors, bishops come out of the astrotheological and mythological closet and started teaching their flocks about the REAL origins and history of religion? They should all have a copy of Christ in Egypt ([url]http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/christinegypt.html[/url]). And all of Acharya’s works for that matter. According to this blog it looks like some of them already do!!!

    Wow, I look forward to the day when The Mythicist Position ([url]http://www.freethoughtnation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=12409#p12409[/url]) is widely accepted and taught in academia. Well, it’s good to have a dream.

    What is a Mythicist? ([url]http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/mythicist.html[/url])

    I consider Acharya S the modern day Hypatia, the sort of Galileo of our day.

    1. One of these individuals further informed me that he is afraid of “death threats” if he breaks his silence on the mythical nature of the gospel tale. I haven’t pressed the issue further with him, yet.

      Sounds like a classic punishment for divulging the mysteries…

    2. I Love that picture too! I wish I had some Photoshop skills. I’d go looking for every old Holy picture and replace every Bible with one of Acharya’s books.
      I’d love to find some pictures of TV evangelists and Photoshop an Acharya book where they are holding their Bible.

      If anyone is good with Photoshop and you want take this idea and run with it, I’ll bet it would brighten her day.

  9. Preachers, priests
    Too bad that they are admitting in secret. Any decent human being would not be scare to admit their mistakes. Those priests, reverends, preachers, monks, shamans will not admit in public as their pay check depends on lies and deceptions. Religions it is huge business and I do believe that they should pay taxes. The only new construction sites I see are churches. It is ironic that people pay to be fooled and specially in today time`s where every dollar counts.

  10. New to your work —

    Having read only a small portion of your work, I applaud what you’re doing and look forward to reading much, much more as time permits.

    From what I’ve just read, threats of attacks on your person, I must also applaud your courage as well. I presently live in a “red” state, where can still be seen ’50’s bumper stickers on rusty ’50’s bumpers, that read: “Kill a Commie for Christ,” so with possibly less courage than yourself, I use a pseudonym for anonymity – I’m really not into midnight baseball games, where they bring the bats and I furnish the balls.

    I hope to occasionally contribute to your site, and hope you will consider visiting mine and posting whatever you like.

    In the event you haven’t run across it already, I would strongly suggest you read the text of a sermon by a Minister, Reverend Brian J. Kiely, of the Unitarian Church of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, who, in my opinion, has the best take on religion I’ve ever encountered. The sermon can be found at:

    But if you think the sermon is going to be another cheerleading session, with a lot of, “RAH, RAH, RAH, Sis, Boom Bah, Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah, GOD!” I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

    pax vobiscum,

  11. That’s right, Janusz. The priests, reverends, preachers do actually have a moral obligation to come out of the astrotheology closet, don’t they?

    If they know Acharya is largely correct, they hold a certain responsibility to let the people know. Religion certainly is big business so, priests, reverends, preachers have got to chose between enlightening the people or their bank account. I trust they will have this discussion with their god and do the right thing.

    [b]”Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “It is difficult to get a person to understand something, when their salary depends upon their NOT understanding it.”
    – Upton Sinclair[/b]

  12. Dear Acharya S,

    I am pained to hear of the sorry treatment that you have receive over the years . . . but I am not surprised; I know these Christians well, particularly the Fundy variety of ignorazzi. They talk about “love” but it is really only for people that they approve of (not for you and me). It is no mystery that the insiders of the “brotherhood” exercise great care in dealing with them . . . they can be dangerous and unpredictable. My choice of using the word ηλίθιοι was meant to suggest the more ancient ἰδιώτης, which I would have meant in an archaic sense, i.e. a layperson, or someone lacking professional skill. I am not so much contemptuous toward the non-skilled as I am careful, and mindful of the danger. While it may often be true that they cannot comprehend the bitter truths, it is more often true that they will retaliate against the illuminator.

    It is a curious fact that atheism seems to be a trait of the extraordinarily intelligent, and those with the capacity to deal with de-limited meaning bases and the ever-pressing reality of mortality without mythic narratives that provide ultimate meaning constructs. I notice that there appears to be a subtle but very real, separation and march toward continued human evolution going on now . . . the average IQ is about 95, but the highly intelligent tend to only breed with others possessing similar qualities. There is the beginning of a new species in the making as we speak.

    1. Goodness – welcome! :woohoo:

      Thank you for backing me up here by coming forth at least this much.

      Re ηλίθιοι, I see that in ancient Greek it means those who are “silly, vain, idle,” whereas in modern Greek the average person understands it to be mean “idiot” – not much of a difference. Of course, as you point out, the ancient meaning of “idiot” or ἰδιώτης means “private person, single citizen; private soldier,” but it also means “bungler.”

      Evidently, the “bungler” definition was the one passed along into English in “idiot.”

      In any event, your other interesting insights here indicate that the various meanings all boil down to our modern “idiot.” 👿

      Anyway, it’s fantastic to have you on board, even though fear of the mob may keep you hiding in the shadows… :s

      Understandable, of course, especially when one considers what I endure on a regular basis.

      A new species would be refreshing, but I hope it’s not rabidly anti-religion! Practically my whole raison d’être revolves around religion, mythology and spirituality!

      P.S. Did you like my image? :whistle:

      1. Hello Acharya,

        It’s my pleasure to be on board! And you know that I am a supporter of your endeavours, so you can depend on me to pop up here and there . . . as I am able, and as it doesn’t tend toward ruining my professional ambitions, I will lend support to you. At least I am not presently a clergyman (though there is a Metropolitan who wishes to change that) but even a university professor has to be careful with the politics, and that is what it is in large part aside from the real genius needed to navigate in the scholarly world . . . a genius which you yourself possess.

        Yes, I suppose that there isn’t really a good way to get around the derogatory patina of “idiot” as its long usage is especially useful and poetic!! Oh well! I tried . . . I was being very honest though when I said that one must be careful with the muggles; they used to burn folk like us . . . and apparently some of them would like to reinstate the practice! You may not know it but for the most part I grew up in Texas; the very buckle of the Bible belt. Yes, I know these people well, and I have suffered deeply from their abuse both to myself and my family. I still flinch every time I see someone walking with a bible in their hand. Last week my partner and I were walking the streets in downtown, I saw someone carrying a bible, and I had to resist the urge to kick him in the cajones. 👿

        I enjoyed the image, of course. I have a specialty in Byzantine iconography. It’s ironic that the writing on it reads: “Jesus Christ, our God,” and the gospel book that he holds is your book!!! Why . . . there around his head is the Sun cross and solar orb, and he wears the clothes of a Byzantine Emperor. :woohoo:

        “Practically my whole raison d’être revolves around religion, mythology and spirituality!” Me too!!!! And I really do hope that a new religion will begin to emerge within the triumphant Homo Superiorus, one that unites science, art, philosophy, and the ethics of technology and praxis. I can see a new universal ritualistic and philosophical tradition that celebrates our humanity, enables and encourages self-realization and self-actualization, and in general is geared toward motivating and steering the continued evolution of the human race in its most noble expression, rather than demand belief in the absurd, blind faith, and mindless obedience. Years ago I had a vision of what this looked like, and I wrote a small article on it called “Cultural Holism.” Yes, it did express a certain transcendental Cosmic Humanism.

        In the future let me know of what help I can be.

  13. The holy trinity
    “Walker, DeMeo and Murdock in one volume!”

    If I was a religious person you all would be the holy trinity in my book. lol

    The teasing only makes me more impatient! When, When????

    “suffragists” LOL
    Suffragettes… it was the women that were demanding rights to their children and bodies…I really need to find a better time to visit your blog. Early morning is really for the birds!

    1. Any day now…

      Next week, hopefully. Had a few snags – always do when getting the book to the printer.

  14. In so call “free society” should be no reason to hide behind a nickname while expressing their opinion. I do not hide my real name as I see no point in this, but I do understand some peoples fear. Religious fanatics will not accept the truth and will attack persons with different point of view. We can not live in fear of prosecution from religious fanatics.

  15. Mr
    Great article Archarya. I believe a lot of clergy man are in the closet about the Jesus myth, for the very reasons you’ve stated. Most out of fear for reprisal from there peers or congregation. Money is also a big factor, they would have to get a real job. Whatever that is.

  16. Not quite sure what to make of your blog… With an IQ of a mere 136, I have struggled to understand some of the mysticism, and whilst this is my first visit, I will no doubt be back.

    To be honest, I read Erich Von Daniken’s books assiduously as a young man, and many of the ideas he espoused, made perfect sense.

    That we may have been visited over many time periods, that any visitors from other worlds, would by their act of visiting demonstrate god-like capabilities to simple folk, who were still in pre-agrarian societies.

    That our genetic code, may have been tampered with? That the Adam and Eve story makes mention of God taking a rib from Adam, (to extract DNA or T-Cells?) to create Eve.

    On the back of this I also read a work entitled “The Spaceships of Ezekiel” by J. F. Blumrich – A NASA engineer, who after reading Von Daniken, attempted to prove the Swiss author was talking bunkum, and ended up reading the book of the Bible – Ezekiel, and in so doing ended up broadly supporting his thesis.

    A further work called “The Manna Machine.” by two other academics, explored the possibility that the “Ark of the Covenant” was in reality a small nuclear device used to grow Chlorella, and it was this that sustained Lot and his tribe during the Jewish Exodus, and 40years spent in the desert.

    I haven’t had the time to revisit these works in the 40years since, as Business, Computer Studies, Economics, Law, Political Economy and other subjects filled my time.

    But as retirement looms within a few years, perhaps I will be able to do that (unless my wife has other ideas for my time).


    1. Well, first of all, WhiskyAlphaOne, this blog has nothing to do with that alien, Von Daniken crap. It’s an embarrassment to the History channel for even having such bogus, debunked crap on the “History” channel. I detest it and wish they’d stop.

      Much of that alien crap is debunked here:

      Ancient Astronaut Theory/ “Ancient Aliens” Show

  17. Having read a lot of your books as well professor Finkelstein, it is clear that all is not well in the Bible. My concern is that Christianity is a vital crutch to so many people, that I am not sure if telling those people the truth, is really beneficial to them?

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I don’t have to pretend to be a Fundy Christian-Hater, anymore. I have Christian friends, whom I love dearly, but am surrounds by mean, force-em to-convert-types. HELP!

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