Paris street jihad

Every Friday, hordes of Muslims invade the streets of Paris, blocking cars and pedestrians alike, so they can “pray.” (And prey on the native population.)

In this video, a brave man films these hordes, until they assault him, of course.

The Muslims have been taking over more and more streets for Friday prayers. They block off roads, put their rugs out on the sidewalk as well as the street, deprive shop owners of business for two and a half hours, deprive residents of the street from entering or leaving their apartments for that time, they act aggressively toward non-muslims and women pedestrians who still try to use the street.

What I gather from the discussion is that the man with the camera has no right to film them, this it their home, they don’t have a mosque big enough to hold them all, the city of Paris won’t give them a permit,  the guy can go around if he doesn’t like them blocking the streets, etc. One guy claims to be a representative of the invisible mosque they belong to, saying that he is absolutely against aggression and violence and that Islam has gotten a bad name.

If they continue to gather in large groups like this one, it is likely Paris will give them their mosque. Next come the minarets and muezzins. One wonders what they do for a living if they can take off so much time just to stand around facing Mecca.


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  1. Knock it off already!!!
    Wow, that video is truly pathetic on many levels. Instead of living to live, these people have been duped into preparing to die. They spend way too much time in this endeavor. Preparing to die is quite simple. Make sure your will is up to date and make the most of your life while you are here. Don’t harm anyone, help when you can, and try to stop jerks from doing the opposite.

    The authorities are obviously impotent in this case, otherwise they would implement a policy and then enforce it.
    Why should everyone else pay so that the Muslims can squat on this street? Perhaps if they were truly a “religion of peace” I would advocate more slack. But they are not. Their extremists are ultra-violent and even their mild supporters support all that happens in the name of allah. They defend the faith with logical fallacies and verbal abuse and not a shred of logic. To be so ‘PC’ to a religion who’s prophet was a pedophile is appalling to anyone of conscience.

  2. Paris Street Jihad
    😮 :s Lots of jibber jabber. Out of those 100’s I wasn’t able to spot 1 female. A man’s religion for sure. Kinda dumb! Losers

  3. Cut off from the cure for their maddness
    It is a tragedy that they have been inculcated into this stupid religion and have been cut off from the cure to their madness, the power of the “pussy” ( pardon my “French”), but, it is true! The sweet love for and from good women, can/will cure a surprisingly great number of ills. That is my opinion, and I’m sticking to it!

  4. same video – subtitled:


  5. Romans 13 is Un-American

    Here is what I find amazing:

    I had to come to this relatively obscure site to get some real news because the once powerful news organizations are too afraid too report this. THis is why people are canceling their newspaper subscriptions and disregarding major news networks.

    Acharya S has more courage than most of the news editors of America.

    Thank you Acharya for this clip and all that you do in support of the sovereignty of the free thinker.

    PS. Romans 13 is very Un- American. Remind your friends. Say NO to free range slavery. But that is getting off topic. Sorry.

  6. Paris street show
    I can safely apply the caption of Acharya: It is the Islam stupid. Whatever you want to do, I shall not come out of my taboos and yet blame the country, the people, their native other unchosen sects and blah blah. This is the height of bigotry and insolence.

    At the same time, it also shows disrespect for the law of the land + civil disobedience. I keep repeating, they first build their numbers by peaceful means. Having done that, then the jihad get in. Till they have achieved their goal of complete “World United States of Islam”. Those who do not believe in Islam, shall be doomed. Unbelievable religious print and impressions. Most frightening. Time to seriously contain it before the Frankenstein is out of cage.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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