Pamela Richards severely injured

Pamela Icke Leigh Richards

Pamela Icke Leigh Richards
Pamela the Peacemaker in Egypt
I deeply regret to say that on January 23rd, my lovely friend Pamela Leigh Richards, ex-wife of author David Icke, was severely injured after she fell 12 feet off a ladder onto concrete at her home. After being flown via helicopter to a specialist, Pamela endured brain surgery. She has since been released and is recuperating at home. Below is her recently emailed account of the accident, published with her permission and edited for privacy.

Pam is one of the loveliest, kindest, sweetest and most gentle and innocent people I have ever had the delight to know. She is the last person on Earth to deserve any trauma on any scale, much less this nightmare.

Even in revealing this appalling incident, Pamela included beautiful images of hope and empowerment.

My dear Pamela, I wish you a speedy and full recovery – and a long life!

Please post comments of support below!

Hello all, I am now at home after being discharged from hospital ( with a lovely caring lady to help me.) This happened on Saturday 23, Jan.

Yes, I fell from the loft in the garage (12 Feet), slipping off the ladder straight onto the concrete floor fracturing my skull, (subcutaneous hematoma, head trauma with left epidural hematoma, cerebral contusions), fractured my left wrist with rib fractures and bruising all over.

I just blanked out and lost footing and over I went. For some odd reason I somehow walked myself to my bed where I began moaning as blood was pouring out of my nose and thank goodness my landlords came back to the property, otherwise I would surely have died. They tried to get me in the car but would not go. I threw up then had to lay down. Paramedics were called and I was taken to XXXXX Medical Center where they flew me by helicopter North to XXXXX Medical Center for emergency brain surgery was performed draining the blood in my brain. It is so sureal.

I am ony relaying what was told to me because I remember nothing pretty much. I feel as if I died, yet didn’t? Broken ribs are no fun nor is a bruised and swollen brain. All moving to recovery though for I have too much to do beore I really fly from here …  thank you all for being so sharing and caring with me.

Love You all much! pammy

And we love you too, Pammy!  Big hug and lots of healing light and love!

Pamela’s website: Fly with Me Productions

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  1. Return to Health good-spped.
    I wish for your friend to get well quickly. She has a great attitude and has more inner strenght than I. Get well and stay well Pamela.

    Btw..I didn’t notice the UFO’s. I was too dstracted by the pretty lady and what she was doing! 😉

  2. Well, she can write an email. That’s a good sign. I think she’ll get better. That’s a long way to fall, especially for a woman.

    My cats have fallen over 20 feet, from the stair railing up stairs, down to the floor with no ill effects. But their bones are very spongy and flexible, and they’ve got really powerful muscles holding their frame together.

    It’s really sweet of you to be concerned for her Acharya, and to send her good thoughts. It’s good for the body to encounter positive energy while it’s in a state such as that. With our thoughts, we can instantly connect to anyone, anywhere in the world. Your spirit of compassion will also elevate your own soul.

  3. Wellness and Fast Recovery for Pamela
    Here is to your quick recovery to wellness Pamela!


  4. Blessings on a swift recovery!
    I had the good fortune of meeting Pamela and David in Mt. Shasta several years ago. There was an event that David was speaking out in Mt Shasta the next day, and so I asked around, and tracked him down! I pulled up the Best Western where Pamela and David were having dinner.
    I went inside and met them both, and eventually they asked me to stay for dinner, which I happily accepted. We spoke about all good things, and I could tell Pamela was such a special person!

    Pamela, many blessings for a swift recovery. Remember to take good nutritional products, efa’s, magnesium (natural calm is the brand you want), green foods, and others, to nourish all the body systems.

    Surrounding you will love and light sister.

    Sanan 🙂

  5. A speedy recovery and return to the things you love. I fractured my own melon long ago. I don’t remember the discomfort, and you probably won’t either. Take care. Avoid laughing for awhile.

  6. Peace to you sweet Pamela
    Dear Pamela, I have treasured your work and website for all the beauty and kindness you bring to our Home and Family. Now I see you radiant at the core of your own healing and rebalancing. I send you musical thoughts for your rapid recovery.


  7. Dear Pamela,I pray for Your fast recovery
    And please by careful, world needs good people like You!

  8. Prayers for a quick recovery!
    It’s a relief to hear she’s recovering. She will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Best Wishes
    I don’t know Pamela personally, but I still would like to express my shock at her accident, my delight that she is recovering, and best wishes to Pamela, David and the entire family.

    Neil C

    • Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
      I have not had the good fortune to meet either Pamela or David, but I know that David couldn’t endue the slings and arrows without Pamela’s support. We need David’s continued insights.

  10. Whish you to heal soon!
    I don’t know Pamela personnaly, (but I knew she was with David Icke. I had read some of his books) anyway, whishing you to heal really well and soon.

    I saw your video above and I love the music..Is it Joe Satriani? Can you tell me who is playing guitar? Really nice music! Bye Linda

  11. Get Well Soon!
    Pamela, I am sorry to hear about your accident, and do hope you have a full and complete recovery! You do not know me, but I currently reside in Weed, CA., which is right next to Mt. Shasta. I wish I would have been able to meet you when you were here! Perhaps you will return again someday and I will be in the right place at the right time! Galaxies of love, Deb

  12. You are in my thoughts
    Dear Pamela

    My family and I wish you lots of love and caring for your recovery.

    Kindest best wishes


  13. Hi Pam –

    Get well soon lovely lady.

    I just subscribed to your YouTube channel so I’m expecting to see lots of enlightening videos from you once you feel up to it!

    Obviously, the Earth doesn’t want you to leave her just yet. And neither do we!

    Love and Peace

    Allan x

  14. Wish you a speedy recovery!
    Dear David and Pam,

    I wish both of you a speedy, completely healthy recovery, that will leave you healthier than before your fall.


  15. Get Well Soon
    Our thoughts go out to you and David in this difficult time. You have stood strong with the truth in the face of great opposition, and now we stand strong with you to bring you back to the health that you deserve. May you be fit and well soon.

  16. Did you see the UFO
    When you stop the vid. you can easily see its a plane (with wings)….The “UFO” …a very disinegenuos statement to make…get well whoever you are.

    • Hi Robert, it was a joke. The UFO’s were actually the flying birds that went by me. Planes go by too as I live near the airport. javascript:JOSC_emoticon(%22;-)%22)
      Thank you very much for the well wishes! It helps alot.

  17. Pamela Icke
    Get well soon, but remember, ultimately you are your own destiny by maintaining your spirits high. So keep up your spirits as high as you can take.

    Another thing you can do is to meditate on the ‘Silence’ as much as you can. This will energise your internal system and increase your healing power. That will ensure your speedy recovery. Of course we shall pray the Lord to give you enough strength to bear the pain and incapacity. Who knows, the Lord is just testing you through this small accident (I hope it was not a too serious grievous injury), as to how much do you love Him? There you are.

    God bless.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  18. Same thing happened to me.
    It will change your life.
    Depending on how long the pressure was on your brain and for how long.
    My biggest trouble is remembering new words. FRUSTRATING.
    I saw about one year of rapid recovery and then about two years of slower improvement.
    After that time, where you are is just about where you stay.
    Good Luck Hun.
    I cried when I head about this happening to you. It can really be a trying injury.

  19. Very Brave
    Get well and take it easy. I like to think I am a very brave person however would I react to this like you have. I am not so shore.

  20. I’ll fly with you
    Dear Pamela Leigh,

    I’m so very sorry to hear of your accident and wish you a faster than usual recovery. I will pray for you and add to the collective. I want to thank you for all the energy you put into helping David with his very important calling in helping the world wake up. You both have indeed made a big difference in my life and probably millions more. I hope to see you blossom with a miraculous full recovery as you receive the love from all who know of your accident. I look forward to flying with you on your earthbound journey.

    In peace and love. Wayne St. John

  21. Re: UFOs
    One of the “UFOs” in the video was a bird. The other was perhaps an insect, maybe a butterfly, possibly another bird. In case one couldn’t figure it out. 😆

  22. praying for your speedy recovery
    Wow that sucks. I know you must still be in pain. I am glad you survived and someone found you in time (so even though you were injured your higher self sent someone to get help). Keep being the light worker you are and get better soon!

  23. A world of well wishes
    Sorry about your fall and I have high hopes for a speedy recover. Most people who fall from that height don’t recover so perhaps life is giving you a valued second chance.
    I’ve followed David’s info for some time now and have been an aquaintance of Acharya’s for nearly a decade. She’s the real deal and her work is scholarly. I too do similar work in my podcasts at The shows have some good humorous bits which might bring a smile to you face so give a listen when you can.
    I appreciate your emphasis on bring people’s of the earth together in understanding and forgiveness. Very important if we’re to get past the differences we sometimes use to seperate us. We’ve more in common than not…
    All the best of health!
    Mark Mythos

  24. SURVIVE!
    Forty-four years ago the car I was in hit a steel telephone pole at a speed of about 45 MPH.

    In this year of 2010, do what I did, Pamela! Survive!

    Make her survive!

  25. Pamela Icke severely injured
    Dear Pamela you are blessed to have David as your husband and he is blessed to have you. May your recovery be now
    :cheer: :woohoo:

  26. Wishing you well
    I am really just a distant observer who has read much of David’s work. Having experienced many traumas myself when I was a child, I feel compelled to wish you a speedy, complete recovery despite the fact I’ve never spoken to you or engaged in any kind of communication with you.

    However, I truly understand your suffering and in that way there is a connection between the two of us. I’m really happy you are able to communicate by email, for that’s a good sign that you’ve already begun the very difficult recovery process. May the forces of light be with you.

  27. re: Pamela Icke severely injured
    Hello Neil,
    David is no longer my husband darlin’.
    I am so deeply touched by the amount of connections from you and all of these precious people writing to me. Means alot! It will be a couple of months but using my quantum healing tools.

    Interstellar Light Applications is making science fiction into science fact with the first project of its kind in world history. Using one-of-a-kind specifically designed and engineered light tracking and capturing technology, ILA explores the benefits and uses of moonlight’s unique qualities. ILA also facilitates research into the applications of the brightest stars’ and celestial bodies’ spectral properties. Only true visionaries see possibility when others see road blocks and with their state-of-the-art invention, ILA’s creators and researchers are surpassing all technologies of today and are capitalizing on alternative spectrum light research for the future. Their work presents unlimited benefits for the medical, agricultural and industrial fields. With ILA you are illuminating endless possibilities.

    Iam going to be trying out the light of the moon in the Tucson Desert [img]/Users/nikinana/Desktop/about1.jpg[/img]


    [quote name=”annj”]Dear Pamela you are blessed to have David as your husband and he is blessed to have you. May your recovery be now
    :cheer: :woohoo: [/quote]

    • I will always love David no matter what and he will always hold a special connection in my heart. Thank you for your kind thoughts for kindness will never do one wrong 🙂

      Much love to you annj … pamela

  28. javascript:JOSC_emoticon(%22:lol:%22)
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Dave! You are right the UFO was a bird. javascript:JOSC_emoticon(%22;-)%22) I did it on purpose to have some fun. javascript:JOSC_emoticon(%22:kiss:%22)

    It is really funny because as one looks at some of my work I do hope they realize that the things I do are created for the imagination of the viewer and however it might spark them to maybe do things different in their life or even ‘think’ differently.

    When one comes to the gallery of my blog (another sort of museum of art), they will see a collage of someone elses’ music video, I will add someone elses picture above it and my own thoughts, creativity, poems, quotes and views which inspired me to create it. This in turn creates a whole new piece of inspired art which, I feel opens more doorways of the minds of others to feel, remember, awaken, laugh, lift up, inspire to get creative themselves etc …. I mean, who has all the time to do it all themselves? I could spend days creating in poetry, painting, developing films etc and is so much faster to bring the beauty of others along with you together in this ‘collective’ way, if you can, while working on your own pieces that eventually find their way into the field of energy we live in to be enjoyed, appreciated and shared.

    Life is to share and why reinvent the wheel? There is so much talent out there that I feel if I can see a piece of art being viewed right along next to a piece of music all created by others and put it together, it creates a third force to be admired with maybe a great surprise? Hope this makes sense? Much love to everyone for your kind thoughts and caring for my well being. I’m getting there with the help that was necessary plus good friends. Love you all! pamela

  29. Friend
    Hi Babe

    Sorry to hear about your fall, angels heal quickly though !
    we spent some very special time together at Rogers in Glastonbury.
    It would be great to keep in touch.

    Love and Light bulbs

    Dunia X

  30. Hi Pam

    Sorry to hear about your fall, Angels can heal quickly with love !
    do you remember the very special time when at Rogers, in Glastonbury

    It would be great to keep in touch.

    Love and Light bulbs

    Dunia X

    • Thank You Dunia!
      Hi Dunia,
      So nice to hear from you m’luv. Please feel free to email.
      Wishing you and yours always, ever-evolving love …
      The world needs more of …
      Acharya has been wonderful and so kind to post this.
      I just love that lady! Thank you Acharya!
      And thank you Dunia for your kind thoughts and caring. kus kus :kiss:

  31. Good Karma
    You must have done something right…in the past! You were blessed with beauty not only outside but inside too where it really counts! Godspeed!

  32. Cabal Alz
    You must have done something right…in the past! You were blessed with beauty not only outside but inside too where it really counts! Godspeed!

  33. My love and healing thoughts
    Dearest Pamela

    Bright beautiful Divine blessings to you for speedy recovery.
    Stay safe. My thoughts are with you.

  34. cause or effect
    i wonder would the rungs of the ladder pam was using have been greased? by some sneaky conspirasist,
    a mere loose change from the kitty float in cia headquarters,
    i wouldn’t put it past does caniving subliminal architect,let me at em i’ pulvarise them,
    rgs concerned citizen,