• April 21, 2024
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Pagan Parallels: Achilles Heel of Christianity

My forum mod’s put together a post on the pagan parallels to the “life of Christ” constantly bandied about around the internet. In my book The Christ Conspiracy, published in 1999, I included several lists of parallels from the “lives” of various pagan gods and heroes. These parallels lists have been reproduced all over the place, and they tend to create apoplexy in the faithful and others ignorant of the research behind them. I updated these parallels lists in my revised article “Origins of Christianity,” which you can find linked in the attached forum post.

I’ve stated that, based on Christian apologists’ frantic behavior in “debunking” these various lists and parallels, this part of Jesus mythicism appears to be the “Achilles Heel” of Christianity, as it demonstrates that, rather than serving as “divine revelation,” the faith is a rehash of the religious and mythological notions current and popular at the time of its creation.

Despite the hysterical “refutations” generally indicating ignorance of the subject, the parallels are real and not to be dismissed. And they do indeed expose Christianity as a remake of pre-Christian religion and mythology, as much of the rest of my forum, websites, articles, books, ebooks, videos and radio programs also demonstrate.

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Pagan Parallels: The Achilles Heel of Christianity

8 thoughts on “Pagan Parallels: Achilles Heel of Christianity

  1. Hi Acharya
    This is an interesting post especially the comment about hysterical refutations, speaking of refutations I wanted to bring one to your attention, I had watched a video a fellow Historicist Christian acquaintance of mine had sent me, about the historical proof of Jesus’s existence. I’m not sure who the person is who had created this video, but what I do know is it came off of a Christian website gnil.Christianpost.com, this video had shown a clip of you, as well as some other prominent scholars sought to say, such as Jordan Maxwell and David Icke, who deny the historical validity of Jesus. This video attempts to debunk the Mythicist claim that Jesus of the bible is non-historical I wanted to know if you are aware of it, and if so what do you think? In case you seen it here’s the link

    I will be extremely interested in hearing your reply.

  2. Hi Jason,

    I’ve seen that video before and it comes from Christian extremist Chris White who is well-known for his falsehoods for shoring-up his faith and euphoria at all costs, even if it means being dishonest. Same as the rest of the links below:

    Chris White, DEBUNKED

    See Chris get exposed

    Keith “Truth” is a useful idiot

    ‘Zeitgeist Refuted’ by Elliot Nesch, Debunked

    History Rewritten?

    “Zeitgeist Refuted” Debunked

    Rebuttal to Dr. Chris Forbes concerning ‘Zeitgeist, Part 1’

    Pagan Parallels: Achilles Heel of Christianity

    “Here’s a video clip of modern Egyptologist Dr. Bojana Mojsov admitting parallels between Osiris &/or Horus with Jesus…”

    The good news is that people who’ve actually read Acharya’s work know better than to believe the absurd nonsense they put out there. The fundamentalists are giving her free advertising. When Christians read her work for themselves, even they are pretty P-O’d at those guys. Decent Christians are thoroughly embarrassed by them. They’ve actually helped us win over quite a few Christians and they don’t even know it. Well, they’ve probably gotten some messages but, they don’t discuss them or probably delete them so others won’t find out. Just give those guys plenty of rope and they’ll hang themselves.

  3. Hey Acharya

    In response to your last message, you made a list, Chris White debunked, Kieth Truth is a useful idiot (I think it’s funny) are there actual videos like on YouTube showing these idiots(so to say)being debunked? For instance I went on YouTube and typed Chris White debunked and it showed about several videos with him debunking Jordan Maxwell, and David Icke, but I only seen one video of him being debunked it was a video posted by some random girl, which I thought was rather weak. The second thing I wanted to address, is Chris White’s (The Christian fanatic) video claiming to prove the historicity of Jesus: He has mentioned a few historians who’ve mentioned Jesus who have existed either during the time or close the time of his existence such as, Thallus, Julius Africanus, Aristides the Athenian, Lucian of Samosata, and Hegesippus. I re-read the The Historical Jesus chapter in your Sons of God publication(which I think is absolutely compelling)but I didn’t find anything mentioned about them. My question is have you examined the works of any of the historians Christ White uses to prove the historical validity of Jesus, and if so what do you think? And if you haven’t do you plan on investigating the claims?

    1. Hi Jason,

      That wasn’t Acharya that was me. For whatever reason the links didn’t work so copy/paste these into the browser:

      Chris White, DEBUNKED

      See Chris get exposed

      Keith “Truth” is a useful idiot

      ‘Zeitgeist Refuted,’ Debunked

  4. Hey Freethinkaluva

    I left a comment on the post about Lucifer but I addressed it to Acharya, being I didn’t receive a response from her, not that I were expecting to no pun intended, I were hoping you can shed some thoughts on my question. My question is what do you think of Demonic possessions?

    I’m aware that a lot of mythicist’s don’t believe in anything and I guess that would include spirits or anything occult. I actually don’t know what mythicist’s believe in because I haven’t asked all or even most of them, if you can shed some light on the above inquiry I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for the query. As I do with other mystical phenomena, I’ve read and watched stories about demon possessions with interest. I don’t dismiss any supernatural stories out of hand; nor do I simply believe them. I tend to be skeptical but just observe neutrally. Some stories seem to be quite convincing of paranormal activity. There also seems to be some truth in the observation that the bulk of such possessions occur to people who believe in them, such as Catholics.

      Mental illness is obviously the first thing one looks at these days, but there are instances that seem to go well beyond simple mental illness.

      One thing I will say concretely about this subject: Dwelling on it can make someone very paranoid and frightened of reality! Fortunately, if this phenomenon is genuine, it is very much on the fringes of society, such that we don’t have to walk around thinking about it all the time. Otherwise, life would be hellacious!

      Just an FYI, not all mythicists are of one mind. There’s no requirement for belief or disbelief. One can believe or disbelieve in God and still enjoy mythology. One thing we do have in common is that we don’t just dismiss myths as meaningless or false but are interested in their hidden or suppressed meaning.

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