Oldest piece of the Bible ever found?

Potsherd from Hirbet Qeiyafa  Yossi GarfinkelSo now the writing on the potsherd recently deciphered in Israel has morphed into the “earliest known Hebrew BIBLICAL inscription!” I don’t recall reading anything from the scholar that this inscription represented the earliest scrap of the Bible!  Has something changed, or is this yet another example among many of how playing “Telephone” creates religious artifacts?

“An Israeli researcher has deciphered the earliest known Hebrew biblical inscription which ‘proved’ that the Bible had been written hundreds of year earlier than thought.”

Did I miss something the first time around? Reading into the article further, we find:

“He said that this inscription is similar in its content to biblical scriptures (Isaiah 1:17, Psalms 72:3, Exodus 23:3, and others), but it is clear that it is not copied from any biblical text.”

Then it is not a “biblical inscription” as reported in the first paragraph! Also, if it only approximates these biblical scriptures but adequately reflects their ideas, it is possible that this writing is a precursor to those scriptures. This notion, of course, would mean that the Bible was written after this potsherd inscription, possibly based upon the latter, certainly indicating that these Old Testament books’ purported authors did not write them.

Sources & Further Reading

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  1. Perfect puzzle?
    If a god really wanted us to know plainly his thoughts then why not just say it? Why all this cryptic nonsense? A perfect being would surely use proper grammar and logic.
    “Oh JH, it was the language of the times.”
    Well perhaps he should update his database. Why does he still speak in a medieval tongue. Is he sill testing us with his misuse of language. That doesn’t sound perfect to me.

    1. God does what He wants when He wants and how He chooses to do it. Who are we to question our creator. I guess if you’re not a believer u would.

  2. Yep, the text is most definitely not biblical, it just expresses some similar concepts; not surprising since it comes from the same culture.

    And, since the concepts are expressed in the bible, it does seem logical to say that these biblical passages must have come after the sherd was written, otherwise they would have just quoted scripture. What better way to get your point across than by using the “word of god”!

    It looks like this story has gotten all twisted around by journalists, as normal. The finding says exactly the opposite of what the conservative media is reporting.

  3. Nick, a follower of Christ

    😯 I would like any college,educated,whatever,to go get a baby,or monkey,or any human like animal you say we came from and lay it down without it’s mother and explain just how it feeds itself and somehow by chance two were created and one just happened to be male and the next was a female?Explain how and why black matter is speeding up in space,I get it,the “Big Bang”actually had two bangs which the force from the second pushed the matter making it go faster.How is it that life came from outerspace and only developed here on earth?How is it galaxies are still being made with solar systems?How did the first 5 verses of the bible explain how the earth was formed?The earth is void and darkness was upon the deep,meaning the earth wasn’t turning and covered the earth.Than God breathed upon the earth causing it to turn,than God said,let there be light.The sun is created.Than night,God seperates the light from the night,than there’s land,and the springs are opened up.Explain,how the authors of the bible explain how in order things came to be and the process?The “Tree of Life”in the garden,let’s see.Jesus CHrist was nailed to a tree or a cross which is made from wood.Ch.3 at the end of Genisis there’s a flaming sword that turns all four directions,this is the cross and anyone north,south,east,and west can come to the lord of there own free will as long as they except him as lord and savior,confess their sins,and believe he died for all sin,amen?Jesus,in the new testiment, says he was in the garden, he is the truth the way and the light of the world,no one comes on to the father, except threw the son.How is it from Adam to Christ,there’s every descendant and generation?Thousands of years before Christ walked on earth it was for told,things he would do,things that happened,and the way they happened?When it’s time,you will see that God is perfect and his plan for us is perfect,but he will get rid of all evil,and do it of his choosing.I could give you fact after fact but it’s up to all of you to read all of his word and the truth will reveal itself to you,just don’t nic pick what your truth is and there’s not enough space to tell you what I know because I can spend a life time asking questions about God,and why things are,and you want info on how DNA is made,were and how did you put the earth and space together and how it was made,please!Bye,BYe,Now,no it alls.

  4. I wish all humans used their reasoning since we’ve all (or almost all) been born with a somewhat intelligent brain. But the more I try to reason with religious people (in my case christians) the more I see that it’s just like bashing my head against a brick wall.

    Of course, this is evidently the result of them believing what the Bible says is true; so do NOT use reason, do NOT question the scriptures… Human intellect is cancelled out and we are left merely with blind faith in a scripture written thousands of years ago that says there is a big invisible man up there.

    And so the story goes, and we go round and round and round for ever and ever… and so century after century humans will always be slaves of indoctrination.

  5. Very well put. My husband and I have been discussing the
    God partical and the big bang theroy and just because scientist are finding all these so called clues and such doesn’t mean they arn’t real. Maybe when God spoke it into exsistence there was a big bang.
    i love psalms chapter 25 it says in short the voice of the Lord rides upon the flood. His voices breaketh the ceaders… just His voice…

  6. the bible a torah Koran all faked
    I have many proof of this but will not go to much into it. just say this the biblical writing are copy of other ancient culture history that the jews change into theirs lies.
    noah ark comes from Babylon, Jacob going into Egypt with 12 asiatic tribes is the story of sinhue 12 dynsty Egypt tale. mose killed a Egyptian in exscapes to asia ois sinhue also who was thought to have plot in the killing of ammenhat the 1st king of dynasty 12.joseph dream to pharaoh 7 years lean 7 years plenty comes from the westcar papyrus abot king djoser of the 3rd dynasty of Egypt . there more but my English not good so I leave it at that .

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