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Here’s a group of Nigerians who contacted me about bringing attention to their issue. As you may know, Nigeria is under siege by violent religious extremists who are slaughtering the people by the thousands. Please support the efforts of the freethinkers to bring peace to their land. If you know any Nigerians, share this page with them.

This is the second time in a week I’ve been contacted by freethinking Nigerians, so we know they’re out there – and they need our help! Every country and culture has good people in it – we need to reach out and bring them into our community, as they are in the minority. I’m told that Nigeria is something like 99% either Muslim or Christian. Let’s change that and help these good folks free themselves from the violent and hateful Abrahamic cultus.

Freethinkers Association of Nigeria

I am Victor Ulasi, a freelance journalist in Nigeria. I am setting up a group of Freethinkers legally, the group name is yet to be decided however, we have this name in mind “Freethinkers Association of Nigeria.”

I need help to build up the organization…

So far, I have approached the Corporate Affairs Commission to register the firm as a Non-Profit Organization

I need your help to get the organization started. Here is a facebook page we just created, the official website is currently been designed.

We source for news in order to keep the website updated, and also we need to know how we can be in partnership with you.


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    I’m a Nigerian, and I’m a free thinker, I’ve been one close to three years now, and i’ve never felt so free, there are lots of free thinkers in Nigeria, although the country’s predominantly both christian and Muslim, but free thinkers are on the increase though,

    1. hello I am Isse by name …Just wondering if you are based here in Nigeria?


    I was informed by; D.M. Murdock/Acharya S that you are setting up a Freethinker Association in Nigeria. And therefore I decided to get in contact with you to see what we both share in common as per religion views

    1. Contact FAN
      Go to this page and click or you contact Victor Ulasi on Facebook.

  3. Here we go
    Freethinkers Association of Nigeria has announced move to launch the new firm logo at the Nigerian Union of Journalist and also lobbying the Government to create the National fellowship of Freethinking students at every university.

    I don’t know who is sponsoring or running this organization, but whoever it is knows Nigeria too well.

  4. Freethinkers in Nigeri
    Please send me your info about this movement.So thrilled to learnt that people has started thinking outside the box.May be one day we might be opportuned to invite great thinkers like Richard Dawkins,Sam Harris,faircloth and others to speak to our scholars back home.

    1. Here are the Info

      It’s always nice to hear from people in regards of what we are doing as we use opinions and comments either good or bad to make our association better.

      Please, always help us spread by sharing, commenting, posting on our page or even sharing the page with your friends.

      Here is the link Check

      Go to the link and Click like to get started with us and we will take it from there.

      You are welcome.

  5. I am glad
    I am very glad to see people who are free to think like me and who are not afraid to come out and give their opinions without the fear of being physically or mentally prosecuted. In Nigeria, the truth is that there are a lot of freethinkers who unwillingly resolve to choose a religion for the fear of being attacked most especially in the Northern part of Nigeria. Here in the North(Jos where i live) you have to choose between being a christain or a muslim, else you will not be protected by the security. Being a medical students, I have met patients who claim either religion but thorough questioning will reveal they are neither, and that they are just afraid of castigation.

  6. Honourable
    Let us reason together.

  7. Brandon Sowell USA Alabama

    I was always tought to be crazy but now I know Im
    but i get things wrong sometime but not about my trees

  8. In Nigeria when one decides to leave organized religion, society and even family consider one evil and one is treated as an outcast. Loneliness and sometime depression may set in. The proposed association for freethinkers in this country is a very welcome development

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