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Spooky Activists At A Distance: The Natural Resonance Revolution

By drew hempel (anti-copyright)

Dr. William Braud, director of the Mind Science Foundation, summarizes his peer-reviewed positive results in psycho-kinetic research: “In reorganization models, nothing is posited to be transmitted from point to point. Rather, the ‘noise,’ randomness, or disorder already present in the to-be-influenced system is reorganized in a manner that creates the desired goal outcome and appears forcelike. The process is one that is analogous to resonance, but without the typical mediators of familiar forms of resonance.” (Distant Mental Influence, 2003)

This is a perfect definition of what I’ve termed the “natural resonance revolution” and underlies the reality of “spooky action at a distance” as Einstein termed the non-local consciousness of quantum mechanics.

Spooky Activists At A Distance are usually poor people around the world, often women, who take advantage of the fact that the universe is ALIVE. By harmonizing their thoughts with a higher level of consciousness then physical transformation on a societal level can occur. The highly esteemed Russian mechanical engineering professor I.I. Blekhman, inventor of hundreds of licensed patents, offers a specific analysis as to how vibratory free energy works:

Synchronization theory “shows that…the sensitivity threshold should be considered differently. ...However weak the coupling between such objects, synchronization would occur if the difference between the partial frequencies of the objects is small enough…. Thus, with the partial frequencies sufficiently close, even an infinitesimally weak coupling might cause a qualitative change in the motion’s character, thus a corresponding weak signal can be perceived. If so, then there is no universal physiological threshold of sensitivity.” (“Synchronization in Science and Technology,” NY, 1988, p. 186)

Other Russian physicists G.I. Shipov, A.E. Akimov, and coworkers, building on U.S. and European scientists, have documented a “torsion-wave” vacuum linking the universe at a group speed of the order of “one billion times the speed of light.” (“Science and the Akashic Field” by Ervin Laszlo, 2004)

Nick Cook, edtior of the military trade journal, “Jane’s Defense Weekly” in his book “The Hunt for Zero-Point Energy,” tracks down the source of today’s classified U.F.O. technology to the Austrian Forester Victor Schauberger. Schauberger designed all his inventions based on the complimentary opposite resonance power of the hydro-carbon cycle. For example he observed that trout can easily project themselves upstream against rapid current by simply creating a vortex behind their dorsal fins. The power of this vortex is that in the center of the streams there lies a cold tunnel of water which has a very high natural electrical resistance and the pressure of the current plus the suction of the dorsel fin causes a reduction of resistance and drives the trout forward.

Schauberger was forced to design U.F.O.s for the Nazis but in a long meeting with Hitler Schauberger stated the Reich would only last 10 years since Schauberger was against western science. Brookhaven National Labs then took over Schauberger’s work imposing a gag order on him so that he could not even discuss his own inventions! The recent book “Strange Secrets” (Nick Redfern, Paraview Press) documents with recently declassified information that the U.S. military continued U.F.O. designs based on Schauberger’s free-energy systems. Victor Schauberger was totally against the power-industrial system of the U.S. and he just wanted to return to the forests of Austria. Indeed the vitality of the hydro-carbon ecology cycle is under dire threat from modern technology, as the latest issue of the journal Science contains a radical plea from the top conservation biologists. Science has documented that ferro-magnetic iron is the crucial element enabling resonance ionic reactions in the hydro-carbon cycle to evolve ecology on earth.

Yale-trained geologist and professor Robert Schor’s “Voyage of the Pyramid Builders” (2003) argues that comets and asteroids destroyed ancient civilizations and drove a unified advanced knowledge around the world. Activist and author Mike Davis has also emphasized the crucial importance of the biogeochemical cycle—that comets continually destroy and recreate life on earth. NASA is deeply concerned about comets since comets are only trackable after Jupiter, giving Earth only a 90 day warning period. A recent study in the journal “New Scientist” summarized the long-awaited chaos-computer analysis of the solar system. It turns out that Jupiter and Saturn revolve in a 4:5 harmonic cycle which ever so often aligns itself creating powerful resonance that ejects catastrophic comets at Earth. The results of this study documented that both the Permian Mass Extinction of 250 million years ago and the Dinosaur Extinction 65 million years ago where caused by the “natural resonance revolution” of Jupiter and Saturn.

Annhilation Happens. Interestingly before both these past mass catastrophic extinctions Earth was ruled by a reptilian-mammalian animal with a large brain and vastly destructive powers. The Gorgons of 250 mya and the Troodons of 65 mya. Now it’s the humans turn to be wiped out by the Harmony of the Cosmic Mother.

Today’s popular political cultures are dominated by two trends: The run away best-selling success of the Da Vinci Code and the fear-driven tactics of Jihad Terrorism. These two seemingly unrelated topics are connected by the secret worship of ferro-magnetic meteorites. The Da Vinci Code argues that western civilization is really ruled by a Cosmic Mother worship and this is backed up by the Roman Empire transmitting the Black Stone Meteorite of Cybele worship from Anatolia to Europe. Cybele, the dominant goddess of Asia Minor, was represented by Athena, Diana, and Holy Mary in the West but all of these goddesses were also associated with a very strong worship of ISIS in the West, the Egyptian Cosmic Mother. ISIS worship and magic revolved around the power of meteorites and the center of the Islam worship at Mecca also is based on a “black stone” meteorite.

Physics professor Lee Smolin argues that only spiral-based vortex galaxies can evolve organic life. In fact science has proven that the evolution of humans is so strongly against chance that there is a design of consciousness to the universe (i.e. “Biocosm” rated a top-ten 2003 science book by Discover magazine and several top researchers). Only the concept of resonance properly bridges the role of consciousness as a scientific substrate of reality and chance as the product of statistically predictable interference waves in quantum mechanics. This disturbing debate between design and evolution is why physicist professor Arnold Pacey in his book, “Meaning in Technology” (M.I.T. Press, 1999) argues that music is the best model for a proper application of science to society. If the work of other physicists is correct, like Menfas Kafatos and Fritoj Capra, then natural resonance ecology must be embraced as the most efficient form of physics technology.

But the dominant trend of technology is to redesign the hydro-carbon cycle so that it resembles the silica-plasma cycle of outerspace. Discrete mathematical computer algorithms are unleashing self-replicating synthetic genes and atoms linked into macro-quantum satellite computer systems to transform earth into a higher dimensional holograph. This freemasonic project called science is driven by the natural resonance of racemization—the direction of the spiral of carbon-based life, after millions of years, equalizes into a balance of its opposite spin and transforms into a silica-based crystal in outerspace. Therefore as humans have become “animals” under apocalyptic late-capitalism the future project of alchemical science is further elemental transmutation of humans into iron and silica. Again this “evolution” of the conspiratorial new world order is predictable and governed by the natural resonance revolution of the solar system. What remains unchanged is the faster-than-light particles of information that receive a “cuckoo” rating of only “zero” in physics professor Robert Ehrlich’s “Nine Crazy Ideas In Science” (Princeton U Press, 2001).

Tapping into the power of the natural resonance revolution is a simple as asking yourself the innocent question, “Where does my I-thought come from?” A logical experiment might continue by repeating the I-thought (i.e. I-I-I-I) with the intent of seeking the content of the space between the I-thought. This continued fraction of One as the I-thought is also the golden ratio the governs black holes. As Stephen Hawking recently admits science will never achieve “the mind of god”—the source of the natural resonance revolution—since all axiomatic logic is proven inconsistent due to Godel’s Theorem. But other scientists, like math professor Luigi Borzacchini, are more explicit and admit that western science is predicated on a “deep disharmony.” Math professor Abraham Seidenberg documents that the Pythagorean Theorem, the foundation of axiomatic-based western science, is really an extension of worshiping ISIS (or the I-thought as Being squared). ISIS is both the earth-base of the Pythagorean triangle and the unlimited consciousness of the Cosmic Mother (Seidenberg, “Ritual Origins of Geometry”). Philosophy professors Philip Hugly and Charles Sayward in the spring 1999 issue of the academic journal “Philosophy” argue that the proof by contradiction for the Pythagorean Theorem does not demonstrate that the hypotenuse actually equals the specific symbol of infinity called the square root of two. (“Did the Greeks Discover the Irrational?”) The creator of “algebraic geometry,” a highly advanced math used for unified field theory, has now become a buddhist hermit and declared that the reason the speed of light is not a round number is because of Satan or Set. (see the recent British best-seller “Music of the Primes”)

Probably the most prominent example of spooky activists at a distance are the one-million eunich-trans Hadjas of India, the revolting street-beggar tantric shamans feared by all who align themselves with civilization. As anthropology professors Hugh B. Urban, Bruce Lincoln and I.M. Lewis document it’s these radical poor found world-wide who align themselves with the basic fact that behind all transformations of society lies the unmoveable power of the UNWHISPERABLES.

Drew Hempel, MA

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