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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:54 pm 
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This could get interesting or it could be more of the same old wild claims attempting to prove the bible true that we usually have to endure every year now it seems. The claim now is that they've discovered the oldest Hebrew alphabet fitting a biblical timeline ... therefore, the bible must be true:

Oldest alphabet identified as Hebrew

"... While conducting research at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, he came across the word “Hebrews” in a text from 1874 B.C. that includes the earliest known alphabetic letter. According to the Old Testament, Israelites spent 434 years in Egypt, from 1876 B.C. to 1442 B.C."

“There is a connection between ancient Egyptian texts and preserved alphabets,” Petrovich said.

"That’s a highly controversial contention among scholars of the Bible and ancient civilizations. Many argue, despite what’s recounted in the Old Testament, that Israelites did not live in Egypt as long ago as proposed by Petrovich. Biblical dates for the Israelites’ stay in Egypt are unreliable, they say.

Scholars have also generally assumed for more than 150 years that the oldest alphabetic script Petrovich studied could be based on any of a group of ancient Semitic languages. But not enough is known about those tongues to specify one language in particular.

Petrovich’s Hebrew identification for the ancient inscriptions is starved for evidence, said biblical scholar and Semitic language specialist Christopher Rollston of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. There is no way to tell which of many Semitic languages are represented by the early alphabetic system, Rollston contended."

I'm skimming through Acharya's "Did Moses Exist" and on pages 52 & 53 she explains that the Hebrew alphabet developed after the Phoenician alphabet was created around 1050 BCE. She also explains that the scholarly consensus demonstrates that the Old Testament /Tanakh, Classical Hebrew, flourished mainly during the 6th BCE century therefore, it is not possible for Moses to have written the Pentateuch. These claims of discovered Hebrew language prior to 1050 BCE are making an error of extreme wishful thinking by confusing other older Semitic languages such as Canaanite, Phoenician etc.

Oldest Alphabetical Written Text Found near Temple Mount

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