Female activist: Muslim men need sex slaves to keep from committing adultery

From The Kuwait Times comes yet another admission that male-dominant, woman-oppressing Islam is largely about taking care of men’s genitals. One must wonder what all that faith is doing for Muslim men, if they cannot even control their sexual urges.

“Mutairi said that during a recent visit to Mecca, Saudi muftis said it was not forbidden to own a sex slave.”

“It’s of course true [that] the prophet of Islam legitimized sex-slavery.”

Will Western feminist organizations ever denounce this ideology? Or will they allow it to engulf the entire planet, so we women all become sex slaves?

Female activist calls for legalizing sex slavery

KUWAIT: A female political activist and former parliamentary candidate has recommended the introduction of legislation to legalize the provision of enslaved female concubines for Muslim men in Kuwait in a bid, she says, to protect those men from committing adultery or corruption.

The activist, Salwa Al-Mutairi, suggested apparently seriously in a video broadcast online that she had been informed by some clerics that affluent Muslim men who fear being seduced or tempted into immoral behavior by the beauty of their female servants, or even of those servants ‘casting spells’ on them, would be better to purchase women from an ‘enslaved maid’ agency for sexual purposes.

She suggested that special offices could be set up to provide concubines in the same way as domestic staff recruitment agencies currently provide housemaids.

We want our youth to be protected from adultery,” said Al-Mutairi, suggesting that these maids could be brought as prisoners of war in war-stricken nations like Chechnya to be sold on later to devout merchants.

This is not religiously forbidden,” she added, indicating that Caliph Haroun Al-Rashid (766-809 AD) was married to one woman but possessed 200 concubines.

Oh yes, having sex slaves is much more moral than committing adultery. Sometimes I can’t believe I live on the same planet with such Neanderthals.

Further reading: Men should be allowed sex slaves and female prisoners could do the job – and all this from a WOMAN politician from Kuwait. To reiterate from that article:

“Mutairi said that during a recent visit to Mecca, Saudi muftis said it was not forbidden to own a sex slave.”

The quote about Mohammed legitimizing sex slavery can be found in Raymond Ibrahim’s translation of Mutairi’s talk.

Stoning for ‘adulterous’ women in the U.S.?

Muslim women are apparently half the problem as well, such as this 77-year-old Iranian-Californian woman whose husband left her 30 years ago and who is still so jealous that she wants other women murdered:

Unfaithful wives should be put to death

…How many families have to lose their hap-piness and their dignity because of these loose women? And how long would it take for lawmakers to keep these loose women responsible for their own actions?

These women are doing it without any shame and embarrassment as long as the media and the society, in general, are accepting them with open arms, as if they had been victims.

I am not saying that these men had a right to do so, yet my con-cern is that women’s liberalization had passed their boundaries by creating these kind of activities with the name of (equality of sexes), and by destroying many families’ happiness, have not been able to gain any valuable thing.

To be equal with the opposite sex does not mean to sell yourself cheaply, announce it to the world and be proud of it.

Power could come from moral, dignity and real love (which means not to ruin other people’s happiness) and then get away with it.

Sleeping around with any man who came along, especially with a married man, must not be something to be proud of and awarded for.

These women not only must not be awarded, but they must pay for destroying the happiness and the future of their victims, especially this woman who lived with the family and had become a member of that family.

These slut women do not know how to say no. To my judgment, these women who freely sleep with married men must be severely punished and put to death.

If the lawmakers do something about it, you will find less stories like Arnold’s.


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  1. Good point.
    But local brothels are so more eco-friendly. now days the people of kuwait have to travel to western countries to get laid. Lets not forget the enviromentz.

    1. Pervert scum.

  2. Christopher Wyatt

    It’s not just Muslims who own Sex Slaves
    Sex Slavery is nothing new, and it is not confined to the Middle East. The uncomfortable fact is that sex slavery is an ancient, worldwide phenomenon, which hides in plain site in almost every society today.

    Sex Slavery is built on multi-generational patterns of horrific abuse, which begin at infancy for those who are determined to be ‘slaves’ by their owners. The exact procedure for creating a totally mind-controlled, subservient sex slave was written about in the Egyptian Book of the Dead- thousands of years before the birth of Islam.

    If you really want to know the true extent of Sex Slavery in the World today- including ways in which modern technology has been used to ‘enhance’ the abilities of these slaves– one should read “Thanks for the Memories” by Bryce Taylor.

    1. Thanks. I read Bryce Taylor’s book in the 90s and saw her speak with Ted Gunderson.

      The purpose of this post, however, is to show that sex slavery is considered legitimate within Islam. Such is not the case in the rest of the world, where it is considered a horrible crime.

      I would be very interested to know exactly where in the Egyptian Book of the Dead there is a blueprint for the creation of zombified sex slaves. I have studied Egyptian literature quite extensively but I have never come across anything remotely resembling that suggestion. Nor have I read anyone else before saying such a thing, so I’d like to have a closer look.

      1. I suspect he is referring to “shabti”, and has confused their function. According to the BoD, one’s partner can join one in Sekhet Aaru, if they can get past the various obstacles . . . otherwise, I assume, one has to hit the otherworldly singles scene. 😀

  3. Ugly, ignorant bigots.
    Sickening. You are so sick and twisted you seek to slander a great religion because of some bad men within it. It is not Islam that makes men bad, any more than Christianity makes homosexual child molesters of priests. Homosexual child molesters take advantage of the situation just as pedophile Rabbis do with their Talmudist teachings.

    Islam is not a woman oppressing religion, but like them all backwards cultures and bad men can abuse the teachings and take advantage. So long as you are so stupid as to look for the answer in the religion, you are not even beginning to understand and are only contributing to hatred and misunderstanding. You and the majority of people on this site, disgust me. I detect a vicarious pleasure amongst your baying hyenas in these projections of perversions myself.

    My Muslim wife and friends laugh at the delusion your kind has about Islam and its treatment of women. My Pakistani wife was subject to considerable oppression in the backward Pakistani society, yet it was Islam which allowed her to escape and which taught her that she was oppressed. I was one of you, a Western secular man but now look upon your treatment of the divine feminine and women in general, with patent disgust. Your women are on the whole un-feminine, selfish, disrespectful failures at life.

    1. Thanks, Steve, for proving that Islam makes people into ranters who rage, laugh at and insult others. Unfortunately for you, I am immune to your attempts at bludgeoning me into your depraved infidel-hating and woman-oppressing cult. Needless to say, as you were in your previous remarks here, you are in error in these as well. But thanks for the hate speech.

      Once again, I will repeat to you the quotes from the Koran ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm[/url]) about women – which have been used throughout the past 1,400 years TO OPPRESS WOMEN, a fact that should be blatantly obvious to anyone who has eyes to see how women are treated in the Muslim world.

      [b]”Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please.” Quran 2:223

      “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.” Quran 4:34

      “A male shall inherit twice as much as a female.” Quran 4:11

      “Call in two male witnesses from among you, but if two men cannot be found, then one man and two women whom you judge fit to act as witnesses…” Quran 2:282

      [b]”[Forbidden to you are] married women, except those whom you own as slaves.”[/b] Quran 4:24[/b]

      What part of those verses do you not understand? Translation: [b]Women are inferior to men, who may beat them and have sex with them whenever they wish. Women are worth one-half of men, if that, and men can own them as slaves, specifically as [i]sex[/i] slaves.[/b] These sexist and misogynistic doctrines have been identified quite intelligently by women who were oppressed by them, including Dr. Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Instead of being concerned about the abuses they endured, or the vileness of what the Kuwait woman in this post has said, you are more interested in spewing hatred and spitting on these victims in defense of this misogynistic and violent cult.

      [quote]My Pakistani wife was subject to considerable oppression in the backward Pakistani society, yet it was Islam which allowed her to escape and which taught her that she was oppressed.[/quote]

      Newsflash: Your “Pakistani” wife is an INDIAN, from a HINDU and BUDDHIST background. Islam has destroyed the soul of those Indians who are now under its heinous spell. Your Pakistani wife was abused by MUSLIMS, not somehow “freed’ by Islam. Islam is an invader cult whose followers slaughtered and raped millions of your wife’s people. Many people under Islamic domination suffer from a sort of “Stockholm Syndrome,” embracing their captors’ cult.

      Here is some history about how “Pakistan” became Islamized:

      Islamic Crusades Episode 6: India’s Millennial Burden ([url]http://occidentalsoapbox.blogspot.com/2009/04/islamic-crusades-episode-6-indias.html[/url])

      Your defense of this violent criminal cult is what is sickening. And, yes, we actually could make a case that Christianity IS responsible for both attracting and creating deranged individuals as well, including its sexual repression that expresses itself in priestly perversions. You seem to be quite incapable of understanding that an IDEOLOGY actually makes people behave in a certain way, both good and bad, and that in order to change humanity, we need to identify that ideology’s pathology and to alter, remove or excise it. Instead of critiquing an ideology – a nonliving thing that can’t feel pain – you spew hatred and abuse at HUMAN BEINGS. You have lost your humanity in your defense of this pathological desert-barbarian cult. You can’t even feel empathy for its victims, including millions of Iranians who desperately want to be free of this invader cult.

      Your remarks about Islam not oppressing women are simply LIES. Because of your constant lies and hate speech against those of us with a conscience who can see what Islam is all about, you have now been banned.

      Now, if you are ready to join the human race and stop hating everyone who isn’t mindlessly falling line with Islamist propaganda, below are some sites for you and your wifely VICTIM OF ISLAM.

      In the meantime, you really should turn your Islamically induced rage towards the WOMAN who is saying these things, as well as the vile “prophet” who is represented in the Sahih hadiths – you do know what “sahih” means, don’t you? – as having had sex with a nine-year-old girl, as well as taken sex slaves himself, verifying this woman’s call for sex slavery.

      “The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” Sahih Bukhari 7.62.88, 7.62.64

      Instead of being appalled by that fact, among all the rest, including that Islamic doctrine allows sex slaves, you are in here spitting venom and hatred at us.

      Islam Reality Videos ([url]http://islamreality.wordpress.com[/url])
      Quotes from the Quran ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm[/url])
      The Religion of Peace ([url]http://www.thereligionofpeace.com[/url])
      270 Million Murdered by Islam ([url]http://www.politicalislam.com/tears/pages/tears-of-jihad[/url])
      Faith Freedom ([url]http://www.faithfreedom.org[/url])
      Islam Watch ([url]http://www.islam-watch.org[/url])
      Jihad Watch ([url]http://www.jihadwatch.org[/url])
      Prophet of Doom ([url]http://www.prophetofdoom.net[/url])
      Islamic Crusades ([url]http://occidentalsoapbox.blogspot.com/2008/11/islamic-crusades.html[/url])
      Women’s Rights in Islaml ([url]http://freethoughtnation.com/womens-rights-in-islam.html[/url])

      1. Dear Acarya S,
        Just a thought: the problem with the Koran as interpreted by muslims, is that it has never been subjected to modern textual analysis–as has been done with the majority of other “holy books” (aren’t all books holy? I wouldn’t burn a book I didn’t like, I’d just donate it to the local library). Until this is done, and the results circulated widely, we can’t know just what errors, interpolations and editings are, in all probability, present, and just which of these are being used to support inhuman policies. Such an idea will doubtless provoke the wrath of the believer,but we, the barbaric West, weathered the same: can the Umma be so much weaker than us?
        Yours, Z

      2. Acharya S is telling big lies
        What pure lies you tell. Please go read the actual Quaran , not some stupid site that tells you lies. It does never say to bash your wife in the Koran , nor does it permit slaves. Every culture , country , race , religion has there black sheeps but doesn’t make the Quaran itself the one to blame. As well the Prophet (PBUH) never permited sex slaves nor any slaves. So please get your facts right before you state things.

        1. Yes, yes, we’ve all encountered Muslim apologists who claim everyone else is lying, even when all the proof is laid out in front of them. Right here, you are blabbering about reading the Koran, when just above your fallacious commentary I have provided QUOTES FROM THE KORAN ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm[/url]).

          What part of them did you not understand? Or are you saying that the Koran is full of lies?

          Were you unable to read even this one Koranic scripture? Let me make it bigger for you:

          [b]”[Forbidden to you are] married women, except those whom you own as slaves.” Quran 4:24[/b]

          Your calumny and libel against my person will not change any of the FACTS – not “lies” – I have written here.

          This lame excuse protecting the ideology that is causing people to behave badly all over the world will not suffice. “It’s the Islam, stupid.”

          Moreover, you did not even read the original post here, with the PROOF from the hadiths as well as from the Koran, that Mohammed himself kept sex slaves and encouraged others to do as well. Islam is FULL of sex slavery. This article is from the KUWAIT TIMES, and it explicitly states that Muslim men are allowed to have sex slaves – so who is “lying” here? I am simply passing along the words of these MUSLIMS, as well as the Koran and hadiths – are they all lying? Please go tell them that.

          So, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself to please get the facts right before you state things, because you simply do not know what you are talking about. Many if not most Muslims seem to know very little about the male-dominant cult they mindlessly follow, including its doctrine and history. This ignorance does not bode well for the future of humanity.

          Please do not come to my website and defend this infidel-hating and women-enslaving desert cult. As I state elsewhere, I will NOT submit, and your lies/ignorance about Islam and your libel against my person only prove further how hateful and disrespectful Islamic fanaticism makes people. Will you become violent next, if I do not submit or cease to tell the TRUTH about Islam?

    2. tannaberton abacrombie

      So what
      You want to be Muslim, go ahead…but all religion is garbage especially one that threatens the life of anyone who laughs about it or wants to kill over pictures of their pedophile prophet.
      Find another planet.

    3. Steve:

      You are either incredibly ignorant or an evil Islamist apologist.

      Either way, you’re a liar professing to know something that is utterly not true.

      Islam is the most psychotic women- oppressive lame excuse for a religion ever to come out of a diseased brain.

  4. Yep, and let me guess… if you somehow just get “rid” of Islam… all sexually slavery will end forever after..
    corporate and banking slavery are okay because it is legitimate too.

    sexual slavery is legitimatized in other areas outside of Islam, btw. Africa is notorious for this. Even in areas where it is officially a crime, certain countries do have some tolerance for this happening as long as it is not out in the open.

    Speaking of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – why not also focus on another type of slavery that is going on there that is not very well known in the western world – black slavery.

    1. “Yep, and let me guess… if you somehow just get “rid” of Islam… all sexually slavery will end forever after..”

      No one has said such a thing, so your remarks are purely puerile. That comment of yours is a straw man fallacy. I’m quite well aware that slavery, including sex slavery, goes on in many places ([url]http://freethoughtnation.com/contributing-writers/63-acharya-s/414-sold-modern-child-slavery.html[/url]). That’s not the point, which was obviously lost on you in your haste to start pointing fingers elsewhere. The point is that sex slavery is legitimized by Islamic doctrine. It is NOT legitimized by any other religious ideology today.

      Why not focus on black slavery? I certainly do, as in this previous article:

      Islam’s disturbing legacy of slavery ([url]http://freethoughtnation.com/contributing-writers/63-acharya-s/498-islams-disturbing-legacy-of-slavery.html[/url])

      Exposing man’s inhumanity to man is not an “either-or” proposition.

    2. Africa is 1/4 Muslim
      An[i][i][i][i]d Islam is huge in Africa..Africa was the first continent into which Islam expanded. Islam is the largest religion in Africa.1/4 of the world’s Muslims are in Africa. I guess you get my point.[/i][/i][/i][/i]

  5. Hypocrisy
    You are such a hypocrite. you are using a statement from an individual to target muslims and Islam. However you forgot that your Religion so called hinduism promote prostitution in temples in the form of devdasi. How about that? You are such a shame for a country like India promoting hatred and misinformation abouut other religion. Just a moron like you stop be sent to a mental asylum.

    1. You obviously know absolutely nothing about me. I am not a Hindu, so attacking me, Hinduism and India is merely a distraction fallacy and is just plain asinine.

      In the meantime, while you are here mindlessly attacking me for daring to expose this atrocity, the atrocity continues. Perhaps you should find something constructive to do, rather than attempting to impede the efforts of others to prevent such grotesqueness as this Kuwaiti woman proposes.

      But what she’s saying evidently doesn’t bother you at all – you are more interested in a “tu quoque” fallacy by pointing fingers elsewhere, so we don’t pay attention to this heinous Islamic doctrine.

      1. Dear Acarya S,
        I seems to me that what we have in such comments is a case of the “herd mentality”. It is as prevalent in Islam as in the other monotheisms. Keep on with your excellent work in criticising and critiquing these fools (you have more patience than I!). As I see it, sheep react to sheepdogs as if they were wolves . . .
        Regards, Z

  6. The religion of Peace and Love
    Perhaps Ms Salwa Al-Mutairi would like to kindly offer herself as the first such sex slave to a horde of sex starved muslim men….to service their every pleasure, whim and sadistic urges? 👿

    This religion of “peace” and “love” just keeps on getting better and better

  7. Firstly…….how dumb do women have to be?
    Firstly, my initial question is how dumb does a woman have to be to get with a guy she thinks would cheat anyway?

    The excuses used by males the world over to excuse bad behaviour and expecting women, although its not what they want, to suck it up and deal with it are many. This however, has to be the one that says ‘men must think women are stupid’, then out comes this female activist that proves that many of us are.

    I just don’t get that instead of saying ‘men cheat, okay, okay, I will accept that and just not get with a man ever’…………..she says ‘okay so I will buy him a sex slave’.

    You got to rack up what men have going for them if this womans view of them is correct and why any woman would want them.

    1. “You got to rack up what men have going for them if this womans view of them is correct and why any woman would want them.”
      Very true, but, from my experience with the generally admirable muslim women in the UK, I think we have to ask, “You got to rack up what men ARE DOING TO them if this womans view of them is correct and why any woman would want them.”

  8. Read some other religious texts
    To say that this is only in Islam is rubbish such degrading statements are in Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism as well. IMHO religion is but a sanctuary for the spiritually weak or those who do not have the ability to generate original thoughts.

    1. [quote]Dustin: “To say that this is only in Islam is rubbish such degrading statements are in Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism as well.”[/quote]
      Provide evidence for your claim. Where are Christians, Jews or Hindus coming out with recent public statements, such as the one by the muslim woman above in the blog, making claims that those religious devotees need sex slaves today? Even if they did your argument is still a fallacy because two wrongs don’t make a right and the topic of this blog is the comments by the muslim woman endorsing sex slavery. There are plenty of other blogs here about Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism – do you go into those blogs and jump up and down and say “What about Islam…”??? I find it odd that people (Islamist apologists) love to attempt to bring up other religions anytime the spot light is focused on Islam.

      Your argument is just another distraction fallacy attempting to point fingers away from the topic at hand. It’s classic Islamist apologetics 101, anything to avoid addressing the issue at hand. It’s especially dumb here because the muslim women was quite clear in her public, well documented statement proving you wrong. So, all those attempting to argue against her need to take it up with her not Acharya – that’s merely attacking the messenger simply for bringing it up and posting it here, which is another fallacy.

      [b]Dhimwit[/b] ([url]http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/Dhimwits.htm[/url]): “A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.”

  9. The Flip Side
    We men are subjected to the same sort of usury and abuse from women – in the West, it’s called marriage …

    1. Unfortunately that does happen. I suggest sticking with common law marriage, but support your kids if you split. Anyway, your comment, while apt, falls outside the scope of the article.

  10. all semitic religions
    Aren’t all Semitic religions promote sex slaves! i.e: Mormons

  11. !!!
    I could never understand the credo of refusing to accept one’s mistakes and pointing fingers wildly at any and everyone I’m sure Ms. Sanning has had to read a lot worse addressed to her in the course of her constant efforts to expose religion for what it is, both from Christians and Muslims, and maybe the rest of them as well.
    I only want to make what I assumed would be an obvious point that even if slavery exists in other places and in other forms, even if it has sanction under another religion (it doesn’t, but that’s besides the point), nothing, not all of this if it exists in any way justifies what this Kuwaiti lady had stated and what she wants, in the form of a law, no less.

    1. Himanshu, your comment reflects that you have not really read or comprehended the blog or the comments here. Ms. Sanning is not in any way “pointing fingers wildly at any and everyone,” in fact, she’s providing quotes from specific muslims making specific claims which make it categorically clear that Islam strongly supports sex slavery even today. The muslim woman quoted in the blog even goes as far as to claim that muslim men NEED sex slaves.

      What part of this quote did you not understand:

      “KUWAIT: A female political activist and former parliamentary candidate has recommended the introduction of legislation to legalize the provision of enslaved female concubines for Muslim men in Kuwait in a bid, she says, to protect those men from committing adultery or corruption….”

      So, she’s making the case that muslim men need sex slaves or adultery will escalate out of control, which is really weird because, apparently having sex with sex slaves isn’t adultery in their view so long as the muslim men either own the women or pay for the sex.

      Read the blog BEFORE commenting out of utter ignorance.

  12. abubaqar, congratulations you’ve committed 1, 2 & 3 in the Muslim apologetics tactics:

    1. Denial
    2. Deflections/distractions
    3. Insults
    4. Threats
    5. Violence

    Insulting Acharya by calling her a “liar” just tells us all we need to know about your own character and integrity. She has accurately quoted the muslim women in the blog as well as scriptures from the Koran so, shame on you.

    You, like so many other apologists for Islam posting here seem only to have denial, insults and assorted distraction fallacies to offer here. You all expose your own utter dishonesty with every post for all to see. So, thanks for that. What does this blog have to do with “haroun al rashid,”Bill Clinton,” “Iraq,” “Afghanistan,” or “Israel” ??? [b]NOTHING[/b], just more distraction fallacies attempting to point fingers anywhere else away from Islam. One would think that by now after these fallacies have already been pointed out repeatedly Islamist apologists would realize that we are onto you and your totally dishonest tactics but, it doesn’t seem to bother you to repeat an endless supply of dishonesty even after having been called out on it every time. Apparently, that’s all Islamic apologists have to offer?

    If the well documented news by the muslim women above in the blog wasn’t good enough for you maybe quotes from a variety of other muslims would make you happy?

    Quotes by muslims:

    “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
    – Omar M. Ahmad, founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations ([url]http://www.danielpipes.org/rr/394.pdf[/url]) (CAIR) July 4th, 1998

    “I am telling you that my religion doesn’t tolerate other religion. It doesn’t tolerate. The only one law which needs to spread, it can be here or anywhere else, has to be Islam”
    – Abu Bakr, Muslim Cleric

    “The real weapons of mass destruction are the desire for martyrdom. Millions of you are ready to be shaheed. Half a million martyrdom shaheed is enough for Muslims to control the whole of earth forever. In the end of the day, Islam must control earth, whether we like it or not.”
    – Abu Hamza al-Masri, Islamic Cleric

    “We don’t make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians…Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value.”
    – British career welfare recipient Sheikh Omar Bakri

    “We must not forget that Allah’s rules have to be established in all lands…”
    – Imam Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Islamic Society of North America

    “Ultimately, we (Muslims) can never be full citizens of this country…because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country”
    – Ihsan Bagby, CAIR

    “The 9/11 hijackers should be honored as martyrs.”
    – Warith Deen Umar, Former Muslim Chaplain, New York Prisons

    “Now, all our imams, our public speakers, should be concentrating on militarizing the Muslim public…Only carrying arms will do this task.”
    – Muhammad Al-Asi, Former Imam at the Washington, D.C. Islamic Center

    “Americans in general might be more supportive of targeted attacks on civilians, as part of the war on terror, than U.S. Muslims.”
    – Ahmad Al-Akhras, CAIR

    “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing left will be Islam.”
    – Siraj Wahhaj, Brooklyn, New York Imam

    “Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the secular system in the United States, for it “is against the orders and ordainments of Allah …”
    – Imam Zaid Shakir, Former Muslim Chaplain at Yale University

    “This religion [Islam] will destroy all other religions through the Islamic Jihad fighters”
    – Jordanian/Palestinian School Book 1998

    “Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers.”
    – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan

    “Islam not a religion of violence, but if you burn Qur’ans or draw Muhammad, we’ll kill you”
    – Gambian President

    “No we don’t want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy” “We love you, America – and we want your children for Islam”
    – Islam on Capitol Hill.com

    “I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be. We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bearers of Islam.”
    – Samir Khan

    History of Hitler and Muslim Waffen SS ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3pq1KIUZb4[/url])

    The Association between Naziism and Arab Antisemitism ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBFBvceJvIU[/url])

    Taqiyya – Lying For Islam ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvlvS2a2AVE[/url])

    Islam Reality ([url]http://islamreality.wordpress.com[/url])

    Three things about Islam video ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib9rofXQl6w[/url])

    Islam MUST Reform Now ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou2zPYRc7Iw[/url])

    From where I stand, it seems that muslims are very upset because the truth hurts – well not really as muslims already know these facts they simply don’t want the infidels or kafirs to know them. This article seems to have hit a nerve – muslims better learn to get used to it. It will continue until Islam is reformed for the 21st century by removing all the hatred, bigotry and violent spewing scriptures throughout the Koran etc.

  13. [quote]acharya the liar is at it again, denigrating and insulting islam which her main aim in life.
    could you tell us please how many of the concubines of haroun al rashid died in poverty or was not maintained properly?

    also tell us how many times a man has abused you,used you and then went on his way without committing to taking care of you?[/quote]
    abubaqar the liar is at it again, denigrating and insulting me, which is his main aim in life. It’s really quite simple why I don’t like Islam, abubaqar, but being a fanatic, you have no empathy for other human beings, obviously, so you just can’t imagine why I – a free and enlightened woman – would object to a violent, male-dominant cult of infidel-hatred and women-enslavement. Your abusive remarks here merely serve to prove my point that Islam – and other religious fanaticism – causes people to behave like sociopaths, going around calling others “liars” and making all sorts of disgusting and vile personal attacks on them. That’s the whole problem with religious fanaticism – and you have just proved it once again.

    As proved abundantly in this thread alone – by the words of these Muslim women as well as the verses from the Koran in the other comments I’ve made here – ISLAM OPPRESSES WOMEN, period. Hence, I don’t like it, don’t want it around me, don’t want to see it in the world at large. Islam is responsible for the deaths of some 270 million people ([url]http://www.politicalislam.com/tears/pages/tears-of-jihad/[/url]) – an educated person with a soul and conscience would never follow such an ideology. What an absolute disgrace. I am frankly embarrassed to be alive on a planet with such a barbaric caveman cult.

    No amount of your foul and hateful insults will make me accept this hideous cult, so just get it through your head already. YOU are operating on a lack of integrity and morality, in your defense of this cult that enslaves your mind.

    [b]Concubines?![/b] Are you serious? The sex slaves were well treated – that’s supposed to impress me? Are you a Neanderthal?

    “also tell us how many times a man has abused you,used you and then went on his way without committing to taking care of you?”

    What planet do you live on, the Planet of the Apes? Why on Earth would a free woman like me be interested in having a man take care of her? And what does that say of men in general, that they abuse women in the first place? So, Muslim men assuage their feelings of guilt and barbarism because, AFTER they abuse women, at least they “take care of them?” Take care of them how, by turning them into sex slaves?

    As concerns your distraction fallacies, I AM DISCUSSING AN IDEOLOGY, not an individual, so your comparisons are not appropriate. But logic is not a strong suit for Muslim apologists, obviously. If Bill Clinton was motivated by a particular ideology in his apparent transgressions, then I will critique that ideology. That is how truly enlightened people who are trying to help better humanity proceed: They do not go around posting personal insults on other people’s blogs, attacking living, breathing human beings whom they don’t even know. They assail the unfeeling IDEOLOGIES that are driving those individuals, who may in fact truly be innocent, if they were not victims of the ideologies. Obviously, it’s YOU who do not care about innocent people, because you are going around spewing at decent and moral individuals in order to defend an IDEOLOGY. I find that sick stance based on religious fanaticism to be absolutely reprehensible. [b]You attack living, breathing and feeling human beings over an inanimate collection of ideas.[/b] The person you are attacking could be a completely decent and responsible person, but because he or she doesn’t subscribe to your cult – nay, he or she may hate your cult because it is abusive and violent – you will not hesitate to abuse him or her. Islam has made you frankly immoral.

    If women are being raped in Afghanistan and Iraq, by anyone, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, people of conscience condemn it. I have NEVER supported the actions in Iraq or Afghanistan, so once again you are spewing calumny against someone you don’t know in the least – you are behaving dishonestly and mendaciously. Are you not concerned for your soul? Is that what the Islamic paradise is all about, accommodating liars and libelers? If so, then it would be my hell, and I’m very happy not to go there.

    I note that you are also quite gleeful at the notion of seeing billions of people tortured and abused by Allah for their disbelief. What stellar attributes your cult has imbued you with – but thanks for verifying that Islam is all about violently abusing non-believers.

    The Palestinians? That’s a nice card for you to play – did you learn that in Islamic dawa training? Focusing people on the Palestinians is a very lame tactic, especially since very few people actually care about the people themselves. You are weeping crocodile tears – do you take Palestinian refugees into your own home? And how is Israel treating them any worse than Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to name a few? See what Saudis think of the “noble Palestinians” –

    ‘Next To Jews, We Hate Palestinians The Most’ – King Fahd ([url]http://www.rense.com/general29/FAHD.HTM[/url])

    Do you really love the Palestinians, or are you just using them cynically in order to defend your infidel-hating and woman-enslaving religion by pointing fingers elsewhere?

    “God’s curse be upon the infidels! Evil is that for which they have bartered away their souls. To deny God’s own revelation, grudging that He should reveal His bounty to whom He chooses from among His servants! They have incurred God’s most inexorable wrath. An ignominious punishment awaits the unbelievers.” Quran 2:89-2:90

    “Lord…Give us victory over the unbelievers.” Quran 2:286

    “Lord…give us victory over the unbelievers.” Quran 3:148

    “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.” Quran 8:12

    “When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.” Quran 9:5

    “Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate.” Quran 9:73

    “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous.” Quran 9:123

    “Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another…” Quran 5:51

    “He that chooses a religion over Islam, it will not be accepted from him and in the world to come he will be one of the lost.” Quran 3:85

    “Let not believers make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful – he that does this has nothing to hope for from Good – except in self-defense. God admonishes you to fear Him: for to God shall all return.” Quran 3:28

    “Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting their skins and that which is in their bellies. They shall be lashed with rods of iron.

    “Whenever, in their anguish, they try to escape from Hell, back they shall be dragged, and will be told: ‘Taste the torment of the Conflagration!'” Quran 22:19-20

    “Muhammad is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another.” Quran 48:29

    “Those that deny Our revelations We will burn in fire. No sooner will their skins be consumed than We shall give them other skins, so that they may truly taste the scourge. God is mighty and wise.” Quran 4:56

    “Let not the unbelievers think that they will ever get away. They have not the power to do so. Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your command, so that you may strike terror into the enemy of God and your enemy…” Quran 8:59-60

    “Believers, know that the idolaters [non-Muslims] are unclean. Let them not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year is ended.” Quran 9:28

    “The unbelievers among the People of the Book [Bible] and the pagans shall burn for ever in the fire of Hell. They are the vilest of all creatures.” Quran 98:6


    “They ask you about menstruation. Say: ‘It is an indisposition. Keep aloof from women during their menstrual periods and do not approach them until they are clean again; when they are clean, have intercourse with them whence God enjoined you….'” Quran 2:222

    “Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please.” Quran 2:223

    “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.” Quran 4:34

    “A male shall inherit twice as much as a female.” Quran 4:11

    “Call in two male witnesses from among you, but if two men cannot be found, then one man and two women whom you judge fit to act as witnesses…” Quran 2:282

    [b]”[Forbidden to you are] married women, except those whom you own as slaves.”[/b] Quran 4:24

    Quran Quotes ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm[/url])

  14. muslims men need sex slaves to keep from committin
    acharya the liar is at it again, denigrating and insulting islam which her main aim in life.
    could you tell us please how many of the concubines of haroun al rashid died in poverty or was not maintained properly?

    also tell us how many times a man has abused you,used you and then went on his way without committing to taking care of you?

    how do you feel about blowjob bill clinton who when caught having his penis seviced in the white house went on to murder innocent people in sudan on false pretences to hide his guilt and to deflect the worlds attention about his conduct? do you feel any remorse for the innocents who were murdered?

    how do you feel about the iraqi,s and afghani women and men being raped by sexually by western men who are sexually satisfied according to you, and the american women who are raped in uniform also???

    all this nonsense will disappear one day when the time of restitution comes, the name only muslims will vanish and the true followers of the prophets will rise to ascendancy as the true muslims in thought and deed who even your forefathers became one of in history!
    it is our destiny to bring truth,justice and freedom from tyranny and oppression to all the world which the westerners are currently promoting plain to see to all!

    the time for this to happen will be the drying up of the sea of galilee in israel as foretold by prophet mohammed (pbuh)when the state of israel will be destroyed, being wicked and evil ingrates that they are as is evident to all in the world today in they treatment of the palestinians, which acharya has nothing to say about of course.

  15. “Oh yes, having sex slaves is much more moral than committing adultery. Sometimes I can’t believe I live on the same planet with such Neanderthals.”
    I agree, but it would be better not to insult Neanderthals: better to say “moral lepers”. No?
    Regards, Z.

  16. re:
    “Dhimwit”! Brilliant. :D. The definition is apt to any such grouping, though. That word just has to be sent to the OED committe for inclusion in the next edition of the dictionary!

  17. This site promotes hatred and ignorance
    I doubt this will get posted, since Acharya (obviously pseudonym, her real name is probably Suzy or Christine), loves to censor people who expose her hypocrisy, ignorance and fallacious tactics.

    The last time I challenged Acharya (before she banned me), to provide direct quotes from the Quran that I supplied, since her quotes were not from the Quran, but from anti-Islamic websites (just look at her sources, not a single one are from the Quran itself, but are sub-sources from other websites. She even sources HERSELF, which is, academically speaking, lazy and erroneous). The worse are her leg humping followers who know nothing about Islam or its history.

    If Acharya or whatever the hell her name is was truly about free thinking and impartiality, she would also discuss the kinds of things that other religions and political groups do; such as the wanton slaughter of Christians in India and mass raping of Nuns by Hindu fanatics; murdering of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people and the poisoning of the land and waters due to DUI by Western states; the constant and belligerent murdering of Palestinians by Israeli terrorists; the slaughtering, raping and use of chemical weapons against the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan military; the murdering of women and children in Afghanistan due to aerial bombings and predator attacks by the US military.

    All of these things would be included, however these things do not fit into Acharya’s biased agenda, which is to whip of a frenzy of hatred against Islam, and to initiate mass murder and killings of all Muslim people throughout the world. She and her ilk are like the Nazis of 1930’s, except the difference is that instead of Jews being the targets it is the “moozlum”.

    Orissa: Hindu extremists burn one nun alive, rape another http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Orissa:-Hindu-extremists-burn-one-nun-alive,-rape-another-13056.html

    Killing innocent Tamil civilians, Raping, sexual abusing Tamil womanhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOHNIS8lgcU

    1. This site promotes truth and exposes hatred
      So many lies, so little time. First of all, I don’t know who you are, but you are quite incorrect in stating that any of the quotes I’ve published from the Koran aren’t really in the Koran. You are simply wrong, so I will await an apology…

      The quotes I have on my websites most certainly ARE from the Koran, from the Dawood translation with the side-by-side Arabic for anyone to see for themselves.

      Quran Quotes ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm[/url])

      But you should already know that fact, if you know anything about the Koran, because these quotes are all over the internet – and they most certainly are from the Koran. The fact that you are making such erroneous claims indicates that you don’t know what you are talking about. You apparently haven’t read the Koran at all.

      Could it be because you LIE and make personal attacks that you were banned? I rarely ban people, and I constantly put through and address all sorts of biliousness, so again you are caught in a lie.

      “She even sources HERSELF, which is, academically speaking, lazy and erroneous).”

      What a ridiculous remark. Where do I “source myself?” You mean I wrote the Koran? That’s very surprising! If you are referring to the ACADEMIC PRACTICE USED BY ALL SCHOLARS TO REFER TO THEIR PREVIOUS WORKS SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO REPEAT HUNDREDS OF PAGES OF SCHOLARSHIP, you are obviously not a scholar and are quite ignorant of scholarly practices. As a major example of a scholar citing himself, Dr. Ramsay MacMullen is arguably the best Roman historian in English alive today. In this 331-page book, published by Yale University, he cites his own work at least 60 times, sometimes four or more on a page:

      Corruption and the Decline of Rome by Ramsay MacMullen ([url]http://books.google.com/books?id=J1pjwcqMhJ8C&printsec=frontcover&dq=ramsay+macmullen&hl=en&ei=l65lTMasC5CcsQPo882BDQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCgQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=macmullen&f=false[/url])

      It is obvious you do not know what you are talking about, and it would be wise to study a subject before you express strong opinions, especially negative ones with infantile insults. These do not work on me, as I continue to pass along FACTUAL INFORMATION straight from Islamic texts, including the Koran as well as the hadiths.

      You do not know who I am in the least, because if you did, you would know that I have constantly brought up atrocities of all sorts from around the world dating back thousands of years into the present era. Again, you are being dishonest in your remarks. Anyone who knows my work would find it bizarre for someone to suggest that I haven’t brought attention to the atrocities of Judaism ([url]http://www.google.com/custom?hl=en&client=pub-8327295676949120&cof=FORID%3A13%3BAH%3Aleft%3BS%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Ffreethoughtnation.com%3BCX%3AFTN%2520Search%3BL%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Ffreethoughtnation.com%2Fimages%2Fstories%2F728-90ftnbannerani1.gif%3BLH%3A50%3BLC%3A%230000ff%3BVLC%3A%23663399%3BDIV%3A%23336699%3B&adkw=AELymgWusxXfMFGTBDwAcYSyCXip3-ictligmRlZLCybsjvdqJjPtfYUlQApRlllK4vRjWKl61Mi1kqzhKyvXFAB11ddnFNaxCy-NhF47nTXgsoKdshlvVo&boostcse=0&ie=ISO-8859-1&oe=ISO-8859-1&q=judaism&btnG=Search&cx=partner-pub-8327295676949120%3Ao4kcodsrg5k[/url]), Christianity ([url]http://www.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-8327295676949120%3Ao4kcodsrg5k&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=christianity&sa=Search&siteurl=freethoughtnation.com%2F[/url]) and even Buddhism ([url]http://www.google.com/custom?hl=en&client=pub-8327295676949120&cof=FORID%3A13%3BAH%3Aleft%3BS%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Ffreethoughtnation.com%3BCX%3AFTN%2520Search%3BL%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Ffreethoughtnation.com%2Fimages%2Fstories%2F728-90ftnbannerani1.gif%3BLH%3A50%3BLC%3A%230000ff%3BVLC%3A%23663399%3BDIV%3A%23336699%3B&adkw=AELymgWusxXfMFGTBDwAcYSyCXip3-ictligmRlZLCybsjvdqJjPtfYUlQApRlllK4vRjWKl61Mi1kqzhKyvXFAB11ddnFNaxCy-NhF47nTXgsoKdshlvVo&boostcse=0&ie=ISO-8859-1&oe=ISO-8859-1&q=buddhism&btnG=Search&cx=partner-pub-8327295676949120%3Ao4kcodsrg5k[/url]) and Hinduism ([url]http://www.google.com/custom?hl=en&client=pub-8327295676949120&cof=FORID%3A13%3BAH%3Aleft%3BS%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Ffreethoughtnation.com%3BCX%3AFTN%2520Search%3BL%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Ffreethoughtnation.com%2Fimages%2Fstories%2F728-90ftnbannerani1.gif%3BLH%3A50%3BLC%3A%230000ff%3BVLC%3A%23663399%3BDIV%3A%23336699%3B&adkw=AELymgWusxXfMFGTBDwAcYSyCXip3-ictligmRlZLCybsjvdqJjPtfYUlQApRlllK4vRjWKl61Mi1kqzhKyvXFAB11ddnFNaxCy-NhF47nTXgsoKdshlvVo&boostcse=0&ie=ISO-8859-1&oe=ISO-8859-1&q=hinduism&btnG=Search&cx=partner-pub-8327295676949120%3Ao4kcodsrg5k[/url]). I have been critiquing religious pathology for decades. The fact is that at the moment, the worst single ideology on the planet is Islam, and it needs to be examined closely. As concerns modern situations such as Iraq and Afghanistan, I have consistently opposed them, beginning with the first incursion into Iraq (Operation Desert Storm) under the elder Bush – I protested in the streets against that in 1990-1. What were you doing?

      You need to ask yourself why you are defending an ideology that is responsible for the deaths of some 270 million people ([url]http://www.politicalislam.com/tears/pages/tears-of-jihad/[/url]) worldwide over the past 1,400 years? Do you not realize that in the spread of this ideology, your own people were likely slaughtered and raped? What was your pre-Islamic culture? You speak of Indians – was it Hindu or Buddhist? If so, you have lost much from the domination of Islam, responsible for the deaths of some 80 million Indians. Here’s the breakdown of the body count:

      120 million Africans
      60 million Christians
      80 million Hindus
      10 million Buddhists

      As we can see, the shrieking of “Nazis” on your part is sadly misplaced, since even the Nazis couldn’t reach this body count. Muslims have murdered hundreds of millions, while I have killed no one – yet you make this disgusting calumny against me. You should be ashamed of yourself. Please also see the comment above this one, from a fellow religionist of yours who just can’t help rant and rage like a madman, spewing anti-Jewish bile, just as he has been programmed to do via his Koranic/Islamic conditioning. And you think that’s all a good thing, such that you are in here being abusive of me as well? One thing fervent Islam defenders constantly verify is that they are full of rage and ready for violence at the drop of a hat.

      Speaking of killing innocents, how about this video of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s abuses of women?

      Iranian Woman’s Testimony of Rape and Torture by Islamic Regime ([url]http://youtu.be/xpNI6LPp-U8[/url])

      Are you going to defend that and attack me, as well as point fingers elsewhere, just so everyone will be distracted off the issue at hand, which is the ongoing abuse of the Persian people as well as so many millions of (forced) Muslims who are victims of Islam?

      Again, why are you defending such an ideology and in here making personal attacks and telling lies about someone you don’t even know in the least? Instead of raging and being dishonest, you should be studying the subject more closely:

      Islam Reality Videos ([url]http://islamreality.wordpress.com[/url])
      Quotes from the Quran ([url]http://truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm[/url])
      The Religion of Peace ([url]http://www.thereligionofpeace.com[/url])
      270 Million Murdered by Islam ([url]http://www.politicalislam.com/tears/pages/tears-of-jihad[/url])
      Faith Freedom ([url]http://www.faithfreedom.org[/url])
      Islam Watch ([url]http://www.islam-watch.org[/url])
      Jihad Watch ([url]http://www.jihadwatch.org[/url])
      Prophet of Doom ([url]http://www.prophetofdoom.net[/url])
      Islamic Crusades ([url]http://occidentalsoapbox.blogspot.com/2008/11/islamic-crusades.html[/url])
      Women’s Rights in Islaml ([url]http://freethoughtnation.com/womens-rights-in-islam.html[/url])

      Good luck.

    2. I dont know what it is you are advocating but if you are in any way defending this activists proposal to enslave people then you are the very reason religion – all religions – should be banned.

      Why are the leaders in the middle east so hard set on controllin­g their populations like that? And then go so far as to kill them to assert that control? If someone doesnt want to be a believer in your god, let them be; if someone doesnt want to adhere to the life style and philosophi­es that are dear to you, let them be. If someone has different views on things, allow them to express it. As long as they dont infringe upon another individual­’s rights and freedoms, let them be. This is really the basis for freedom, stability and peace and the beginning of enlightenm­ent. Europe went through that phase and we saw what happened and only until the above mentioned was adhered to, did the mass chaos and killings stop. And to this day, everytime you infringe upon those rights (to self determinat­ion, autonomy, freedom etc), the result is uprising and uproar and unrest. When will humanity learn its lessons: you CANNOT control human beings like that; it is not sustainabl­e and -they arent cattle, they arent mindless drones – they are individual­s with certain inalienabl­e rights NO ONE has that the right to step on – I dont care woh your damn divine savior is.

  18. some replies to your vitriolic abuse to us muslims acharya!!

    “I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes. The moral effect should be good…and it would spread a lively terror…. “– Winston Churchill commenting on the British use of poison gas against the Iraqis after World War I .

    there were more Jews and Christians than Muslims as Islam was a new religion beginning to take root. Jews and Christians were alarmed with the fast spread of Islam eroding their numbers. Now if as you, Acharya, claim that prophet Muhammed was an exception among the scociety he lived in for marrying a young girl, how come his enemies the fundamentalist Jews and Christians never accused the prophet for his conduct??

    This acccusation is of very recent origiin by the Jews and Christians to malign the fair name of the prophet of Islam.

    So Acharya please don’t suppress the FACT that it was the custom of the society during the prophet’s period to marry young girls. This was quite quite normal for all, Jews, Christians, and Pagans alike. Mohammed was 40 years of age when the Koran was revealed and all Muslims were converts from these religions. The religions from which these converts came did not proscribe child marriage. And the Koran has specifically mentioned that the scriptures of the Jews and Christians were revealed by the same and one God, Allah and should be respected by the new converts to Islam. And if God did not think it ncessary to proscribe child marriage as unhealthy for the girl in those scriptures then what right has Mohammed to proscribe it in a hadith as morally wrong? None being the messenger of God.

    So Acharya and all you Jews and Christians please dont try to malign the prophet unjustly and Islam through this suppression of FACT.

    There will be more to this even when all the Jews finish shoveling their smoke and mirror act as they always do. I smell a rat here – or better put – I SMELL A JEW! What was the Major using as a weapon that had hundred of rounds to fire. What the hell is the TRUE story? It’s not like it happened 30 minutes ago. Was it 7 killed and 12 wounded – or 13 killed and 30 wounded. Was there a second person involved in the shootings at the american army base?

    This perfect propaganda PR for the filthy sadistic murdering lying Jews. I read many comments and much of the profiles of the victims. With a few exceptions – I damn sure would not ‘welcome’ these hateful sadistic people in MY home. You should see the racist and just plain redneck ignorant comments – and we wonder WHY we are so hated world wide as killers rapists and criminal thugs.

    ALL of our problems are the fault of the JEW – as well as our own stupidity for not kicking their sorry asses out of my Christian nation in the first place.

    You morons! While the Arab people of faith refer to Christ and His blessed mother wil the HIGHEST of respect – the SAME respect and reverence with which they address the name of Muhammed – the Godless filthy sex crazed lying jews blaspheme our Lord as a “BASTARD” and His Holy mother as a “WHORE” ON PUBLIV TELEVISION!. Watch some of the 100% Jew channels for a few days and you WILL see what i am talking about.

    Just in case ANY of your have forgotten the TRUTH Of the matter – here is a refresher course of FACTUALLY UNDENIABLE Jew filth. Unlike 99.9% of you readers _ I have spent time in IsraHELL with
    top ranking intelligence officials and witnessd crimnal Jew gangsterism up close and personal. LEARN THE TRUTH


    It wasn’t the Arabs who called the mother of Jesus a “WHORE” – it was the Jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who wrote the largest assemblage of anti-Christ/Christian hate literature (TALMUD) in history – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who mocked the early death of our Lord – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who declared that our Lord’s fate was to be boiled alive in a pit of excrement (sh*t) – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said that Jesus “ seduced, corrupted and destroyed Israel” – it was the jews.

    It wasn’t the Arabs who called Jesus an “ Idolator” and “seducer” – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said Christians “were idolators, the worst kind of people, much worse than the Turks, murderers, fornicators, impure animals, like dirt, unworthy to be called men, beasts in human form, worthy of the name of beasts, cows, asses pigs, dogs and worse than dogs; that they propagate after the manner of beasts, that they have a diabolic origin, that their souls came from the devil in hell after death; and that even the body of a dead Christian is nothing different from that of an animal” – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said “ A Nazarine is one who follows the false teachings of Christ..” it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who called Christians “Goy” – an insulting and demeaning term – lower than an animal, it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said that the sexual intercourse between Christians is like that of a beast – it was the jews.

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said that “ They (Christians) give birth to sucklings the same as dogs” – it was the jews.

    It wasn’t Arabs that said “The seed of a ‘Goy’ (Christian) is the same as that of a beast” – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who were called the “children of the Devil – By Christ- God – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs whose laws demanded that a Christian’s greeting must not be returned – it was the jews.

    It wasn’t the Arabs whose law states that they cannot go before a Christian Judge – it was the jews.
    It wasn’t the Arabs whose laws state that a Christian – because he is considered lower than an animal – cannot be used as a witness – it was the jews.

    It was not the Arabs who refused to associate with Christians because they were considered unworthy and “unclean” – it was the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who must refuse to be attended by a Goy Christian physician – it is the jews

    It is not the Arabs who teach that whenever possible they must murder Christians and do so without mercy – it was the jews

    It is not the Arabs who call Mary, the mother of Jesus – “chairia” – sh*t, dung , it is the jews

    It is not the Arabs who call Christian Saints perverts an homosexuals. It is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who call Christian Churches a house of evil – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that Christians honor ‘their’ God ( Jesus) by sh*tting before Him – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs whose law says that Christians must NOT be told if they are paying too much – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that the rightful propertyof Christians must NOT be returned to them – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teachings state that it is allowed to cheat/defraud Christians – it s the jews.

    It is not the Arabs whose written laws encourage ‘usury’ against Christian ‘Goy’ – it is the jews.

    It is not Arab law that teaches that they may lie and perjure themselves to condemn a Christian – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that an injured Christian must NOT be aided – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that a Christian must ALWAYS be deceived whenever possible – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs that teach a Christian woman in childbirth or that ANY Christian in danger of DEATH must NOT be helped – it is the jews

    It is not the Arabs who teach that all of the Christians – even the best of them are to be killed ( as were 20,000,000 Christians in Russia!) – it was the jews

    It is not the Arabs who teach their ilk that no festival – no mater how solemn must prevent the murder of a Christian – it was the jews

    It is not the Arabs whose leader teach that it is OK for them to do evil if they do it in a city where they are not known – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that hitting one of them is the SAME as hitting God – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who are taught that if they are hit by a Christian, it is permissible to murder that Christian – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that they need not pay a just debt to a Christian – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who are taught it is good to rob, cheat or kill a Christian – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who consider all Christian children as “ animals’ – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who taught that the disciples of Jesus practiced sorcery and black magic – it was the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who were taught that the very name of Jesus was an abomination – it was the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who were taught that agriculture is the lowest form of occupations – it was the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who are taught that it is “nothing” for an adult male to have sex with a pre-school child (sound very much like the USA jew originated NAMBLA perverts?) – it is the jew.

    It was not the Arabs who recently wrecked our entire economy and looted the country as did mega criminals like JEW – Nicholas Cosmo – stole $300,000,000 or JEW Arthur Nadel – stole $400,000,000 or Talmudic JEW, Ezra Merkin – stole $2,400,000,000 – or JEW thief, Bernie Madoff – stole $50,000,000,000 or JEW mega traitor, nation robber – *Rabbi Dov Zakheim – who literally raped our nation (the Pentagon) for a whopping $2,000,000,000,000! – The largest theft in America’s history! (read more below)

    Yes – that number is TWO TRILLION DOLLARS! To putt that into perspective – If you had a time machine and returned to post-war USA in 1950 – you could ‘OWN’ ALL of America – it’s entire wealth including ALL personal income (GNP) for a bit over $350 billion. Think about that next time you hear about some Godless Christian hating IsraHELL loyal Jew criminals like the above scum.

    Then – imagine a struggling AmeriKan ‘goy’ widow having her meager SS check confiscated because she didn’t report some modest stock cap. gains she honestly forgot and never even benefited from after the market crashed recently. Yes ‘Dorothy’– der ‘OZ’ (occupying Zionist) IRS Gestapo WILL take her pitiful pittance check along with a nasty letter telling her that she has NO recourse under our laws – if they decide to – and that is from PERSONAL Experience!

    Forget about ‘writing your Congressman’. Chances are that he promoted the Jew mandated Draconian legislation that allowed the feds to rob your piggy bank in the first place!

    *”Also involved is a demented wealthy-beyond-wealthy rabbi, Dov Zakheim, say Thorn and Guliani. Zakheim, they tell us, is the man who filched more then $2 trillion (yes, that’s trillion) from the Pentagon, making him the biggest thief in history. Zakheim, former comptroller in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, was one of the architects, along with some other rabid Zionists, of a document called Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century, published by the Project for a New American Century.

    This document, which has been dubbed the blueprint for the 9-11 attack, called for “some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new ‘Pearl Harbor’ as being necessary to foster the frame of mind needed for the American public to finance and die in a war in the Middle East that would politically reshape the region for the benefit of Israel and Zionists in power in the United States”

    MY NOTE: If your son or father or brother died for the greater glory of IsraHELL in murdering hundreds of thousands of perfectly innocent civilian human beings – mostly children – in the JEW serial wars of the Mid-East – Talmudist Rabbi Dov Zakheim is probably the MOST responsible Jew for ALL of the destruction and murder of innocent people – including the deaths of OUR sons – since not one drop of precious Jew blood was spilled. OH- and if you ignorant goy our there STILL don’t believe the Jew is laughing his collective ass off about your son’s deaths – read on ====.

    AND IT WAS NOT THE Christian or Muslim ARABS WHO SAID THAT “THE DEATHS OF A MILLION *ARABS (* or- of course any other gentile unclean beasts) ARE NOT WORTH THE FINGARNAIL OF ONE JEW”
    ——– IT WAS – of course THE LYING THIEVING JEWS

    AND it wasn’t ANY Arab person who ruined my son’s life with deadly poisonous Psychotropic drugs – it was the filthy Jews!!!

    My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.
    I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

    1. [quote]some replies to your vitriolic abuse to us muslims acharya!![/quote]
      I don’t engage in “vitriolic abuse” of Muslims, abubaqar, but you constantly engage in unprovoked personal attacks, calumny and libel against me. What I do is criticize ISLAM – and to the others who likewise may not understand the concept, YES, we most definitely MUST criticize IDEOLOGIES that cause people to behave badly, whether it’s Nazism, Communism, Judaism, Christianity or Islam. By coddling violent and hateful ideologies we are enabling them to continue.

      And here you are again dragging in an endless stream of nonsequiturs, distractions and other logical fallacies so we won’t look at the issues to which I and many others are pointing.

      You need to free yourself of this infidel-hating cult that overtook your land and destroyed your pre-Islamic heritage. As concerns the lame excuse of Mohammed just being one of the boys in “marrying” a child, because that was the thing to do at the time, then I have to say that whatever “God” he was talking to was not very intelligent. Why didn’t Allah tell Mohammed it wasn’t right to have sex with children and that would be one of the main things He wanted Mohammed to put an end to? Ditto with slavery? Instead, there is a load of violent speech and sexism in the Koran, with slavery being just fine and dandy.

      And thank you for demonstrating that Muslim fanatics just can’t control their rage and need to blame Jews for everything that happens in the world – sounds like Nazism, as in one of Hitler’s Muslim legions ([url]http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00t3ybj[/url]).

      All the excuses, distractions, ranting and the rest will simply not suffice to justify this savagery. We need the entire world to wake up to false and ethnically biased “religions” that are in reality little more than licenses to extort, exploit and defraud humanity. Clinging to them will get us nowhere except endless warfare.

      Join the human race – time to evolve now beyond these brutal, archaic and barbaric ideologies.

    2. Subtle
      Do you think he is at all antisemitic? 👿

  19. Fogged Looking Glasses
    Whoa! Exoteric Religion showing it’s ‘Pearl of Great Price’–above!

    Is this normal behavior? At least the X-tian movement has grown up since the early 1900’s. They the X-tian men treated their women about as bad then–as the Fanatical Islamists do now…

    So who is right and who is wrong…when it comes to Exoteric Religion. Who ever has the biggest club—Wins!

    The ancient Greek’s called Roman Christianity—Atheism!

    The comical hits keep a coming. At least A.S. speaks up for ALL HUMANITY!

    1. Hypathia,

      Xianity has been tamed in America thanks to the US SECULAR Constitution.

      “X-tian men treated their women about as bad then–as the Fanatical Islamists do now…”

      Well, they didn’t make them walk around the desert heat covered in black from head to toe and worse. Nobody is denying the history of bad treatment of women and humanity in general throughout history. The point I think Acharya has been making with her blogs on Islam is that many muslims still live in accordance to Islam’s 7th century barbaric ideology while the rest of the world for the most part has moved on long ago. If many muslims had their way the entire world would be forced to live according to 7th century Islam.

      So, from where I stand it’s categorically clear that Islam is wrong and in dire need of very serious reform in order to catch up to the 21st century. Acharya has helped me and many others realize that fact.

  20. Dear [Pistis] Sophia (Wisdom),

    I agree with you. “Tamed Down”? But–How many women are still beat and abused by their husbands today in this X-society? How many Xtian men run around on thier wives? If the recent long train of Politician’s extra affairs (on both sides) is any proud example to set–I’m not sure if this is ‘tamed down’ or not? I’m glad the women of today are speaking up for themselves. I like A.S. work, as she seems to stick up for human rights abuses, caused by all Exoteric Religions.

    North American women could not vote until ca. 90 years ago, or show their ankles (dresses to feet). How hot would that of been in the farming fields? 90 years is not a long time within the whole tain of time!

    Any Religion of the “Emotions” is the worse kind for humanity. I think the treatment of women in Islam is horrible as well. Islam is a branch of Christianism…

  21. ABUB!! DUDE!! Fake that youre human and shut up.
    All I can say to that is a simple and heartfelt ‘Wow.’ I’m glad those lively people were here to hear that authentic frontier gibberish. Does my heart period to sides a barely little psychopath go on an antisemitic rant plagiarized straight from the undeniable and reasonable Protocols of Zion. Have you read a piece of nazi propoganda you didnt integrate into your own personal narrative? Man. Took my breath away and I was compelled to mention it.
    And before the accusations, im female, non religious but apathetic protestant if u need a title. Your title shall be ‘ Rabid Dog Imbecile.’ Like it? It really suits you. But I can’t say how many man have used me author promising to take care of me; it’s so fun I keep losing count and have to start over but dont tell my husband that. Ya crazy funster. He’d between sent away for being naughty hasn’t he? Maybe he’ll find a muslim, skinhead girl to treat him like the Gimp he is and he may calm down. A bit

  22. Sex in Religion
    In the Sacred Mythos Symbolism. Adam and Eve were originally Twain. Meaning mystically that Man was (and Still IS) both He/She Aphrodite. All this sexism in Religion is on account of taking scripture Literally. The Soul (female) within every Man on Earth is typed Feminine. So in the Human Race so in the Inner Individual. The Sacred Glyph and Symbol of this Union is noted in an actual marriage Symbol where Man is denoted the, “BRIDEGroom is he is to marry his Soul-meet” That is the OUTER Symbol–of what was to be attained within the INNER Man (Men). Until all Men learn to exalt the WOMAN within themselves, he will never be able to return to his original Divine State. Adam and Eve are a mystical glyph. We all know there are older versions of the creation story, but they carry the same message. The WOMAN will be exalted in the End. And when they learn how this is properly completed within themselves (All Men), his INNER Self will give Birth to a Christ!! Son-Man. This is how Mary(Isis) always remains emaculate in the Mythos. Because the Sacred Mythos story takes place within the INNER Spirtual Core of Every Man’s Being. However, since all Materialist’s have Idolitrized the Ancient Mythos, Men don’t get it. Now playing the devil’s advocate for a minute. Perhaps this is why Islam shrouds their Outer woman? I don’t know. Because then Men will not be tempted towards Outer Lust. There are suppose to be wedding their INNER Soul(Female). However, (Exoteric) Isalm should have studied Estoeric Hermetica…there they would have learned if they exalted the Outer Woman of all Humanity—he would by Natures Laws also be at the same exalting his very own INNER SOUL (Female). So in the Outer Human Race–So within the Inner Female Soul of Every Man On Earth. We know the Gnostic’s secretly exalted the WOMAN. Churchianity(Female) has laboured to deprive the WOMAN of her rightfull place in the Divine Cosmic Economy. By doing so–it will Finally Fall from Grace as well. If it has not already…So I guess regarding the above article about Sex Slaves. If Men Sex Slave the OUTER Women–he is by default making his very own INNER SOUL a SLAVE as well. And it will be to his very own Soul’s demise…She is your inner help-meet. Anyway…hope this helps further Human Rites…Love Humanity Hy-Path-ia

  23. This is despicable. She is an activist for exactly what? Sex slave trade? How would she feel if her daughters were sold into sex slavery: used like a rag, sick with venereal diseases and then tossed out. let’s face it, the bigger problem here is the societies in the middle east in which women are oppressed and sexual drives and sexuality repressed and made into something ugly and punishable, not to mention backwards religious thinking. To even suggest prostitution (slaved, forced prostitution), especially as a means to counter adultery is antithetical not to mention it puts the wife at risk for STDs as well. This woman appears to be in an intellectual coma and severely ignorant, just as anyone on here trying to justify her murderous suggestions.

  24. Sally
    I don’t agree that these guys are horny at all. it is all a big cover up and propoganda to make it seem like Muslims love sex and women. if they did they would be doing all they could to get it. Fact – muslim men hate sex and have made up rules to prevent them having to prove so they can cover up how bad they are in bed. Fact- Most muslim men are virgins until they marry at 30 or 40 years, who would tolerate that? Fact – if you offer them the opportunity to have more freedom they choose not to – see Libya Fact – if you ask a muslim man does he prefer to pray or shag a girl, he will choose praying. Fact – most muslim men need viagra to have sex with their wife/cousin There you have it. Ignore all the crap about them saying they beat their wives and shag slaves, they dont do any of that and can’t even get a boner.

  25. thank u
    a sad case of zero faith in a creator, but a pretentious audacity, in protecting that which is created! ISLAM . behaviour, actions speak louder than ,a bunch of retards. They project insecurities within thier dememted selves! Please do not play thier dangerous game,they thrive on attention,and SHOW! Thier focus is on FOOD: HALAL MEAT ,MEAT, MEAT,………….. and more MEAT .BEASTS .BUT readily feast of Haram

  26. you know what’s funny
    that’s really funny, because am Egyptian & I have some friends who is working & living in SaudiArabia & Kuwait, & none of what she’s saying does happen there !
    yes in Saudi Arabia they don’t give women their full rights, but that’s not because of Islam, it’s just a stupid from those who took over everything there,
    but not to this far! sex slaves !!!!! come on we’re not on another planet!!
    what I wander to is not ur ideas, because you being deceived about what arabs do & looks & live
    most of you think we’re the stupid sand people, but you know what? you do know nothing about Arabs, but I can’t imagine why a woman like her would show up and tell lies ?! that’s weird ! mostly she’s being paid to said this
    some foreign reporters paid people here in Egypt to say bad political things, but these were not about religion ! I can’t believe this woman !

  27. Mohammed was the first adulterer of Islam
    The sham which is known as Islam. Having sex with a sex slave is 10 times worse than committing adultery. Adultery is having sex with anyone who is not your wife. That means that it would include sex slaves too.

    Now an adulterated women can walk away from the relationship. She is not the property of that man, unless of course he calls the husband an infidel and kills him. A sex slave on the other hand cannot refuse sex and cannot leave. She is property. If his wife does not like it tough. She is technically property too.

    Islam is all about excuses. Mohammed made excuses for himself every time he did an immoral act and now Muslims perpetuate the sin.

    Be careful of the prophet you follow. – DK

  28. Happiness should not de defined by you, Madame, t
    Happiness should not defined by you, Madame, this is the problem of Muslims. Happiness, shame, dignity, Muslims always talk about it, but they just define it without considering human– being’s feeling, i guess because they are still poor, uneducated, barbaric, they could not understand modern culture, they are cancer of our time, that is true

  29. Hatred
    I see much hatred and prejudice in these discussions.

    Human trafficking is real, and poverty is a fertile ground for organised crime.

    Slavery existed throughout written history and even before.
    There is indeed a problem with deep-rooted mentalities.

    Over-exploitation of natural resources, including environmental depletion is the real cause of the many conflicts: that is not religion but the greed of ruling classes and “grey eminence” to keep control in a wasting, fast profit oriented society, which treats the lower classes like waste.

    This world consists of diversity, and humanity has also its different cultures.

    But cultures and traditions are not a reason of maltreating, abusing or killing other people (and of other life forms, just for fun or economic benefits), just because they have a different colour, belief or gender, or because they are attractive, too ugly, handicapped or successful.

    Respecting human rights begins with concern for life, that of humans, animals, plants and our environment and of protectim them. And there must be a serious rethinking about women’s rights and the prevention of child abuse and violence.

  30. too bad you all seem to hate each other
    I think all the commentators here, other than me of course, should be put in a small room with clubs. Think of the lessening of anger that would happen.

    1. This post has nothing to do with the commenters here hating each other. Nor do we need any such violent exercise. The original article is about a Muslim “spokeswoman” stating that Muslim men should have sex slaves.

      Meanwhile, another innocent person has been enslaved in the time it took for me to type this response.

  31. Salwa Al-Mutairi,

    She looks like a man in drag.

    Maybe she wants this law so she does not have to be raped herself all the time?

    Islime society is so sick! It makes me want to puke…

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