FBI’s surprising ‘flying saucer’ document

Interesting little document on the FBI’s new “Vault” part of its website. Here’s the description from the “Unexplained Phenomena” section of the FBI Vault:

Guy Hottel was a Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office. The information concerning Mr. Hottel is in regard to a March 22, 1950, memo he sent to the Director concerning flying saucers.

The memo is addressed to the Director of the FBI at that time, J. Edgar Hoover. It is from the FBI Special Agent in Charge, Guy Hottel. It is dated March 22, 1950, and the subject is:


The contents read:

The following information was furnished to SA [redacted] by [redacted].

An investigator for the Air Forces stated that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots.

According to Mr. [redacted] informant, the saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar set-up in that area and it is believed the radar interfers with the controlling mechanism of the saucers.

No further evaluation was attempted by SA [redacted] concerning the above.

This particular document doesn’t say it’s specifically about the Roswell incident, but it appears to be so, although the FBI Vault also includes a document making the “high altitude weather balloon” claim for Roswell. While this information may not be new to many researchers, the fact that it is posted on the FBI website itself is fairly new, dating to December 2010. Other documents such as those pertaining to the Majestic 12 have the word “BOGUS” in big black letters scrawled across them, so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about this document, although it does not have any such writing on it – and the FBI’s summary of it makes no such notation – so it therefore may well be genuine. Of course, if there really were such saucers with tiny occupants, it still could be a governmental experiment involving not necessarily “aliens,” one supposes, but, rather, midgets or dwarfs.

On the other hand, if there are aliens or “extradimensionals” of some sort on, in or above this planet, as many claim there are, they don’t seem to be doing much to help us, so I’m not particularly impressed. And, if the document is genuine, we’ve obviously been lied to for a long time.


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  1. There are many of us out here on the front lines who are not “three year olds,” and we could use the help. If “advanced ETs” are real, the fact that they don’t recognize the hardworking, decent people trying to help humanity leaves me unimpressed as to their level of evolution and enlightenment.

    In any event, I’m not talking about giving us advanced technology to kill each other – that would be helping out warmongers, of which I am most assuredly not one. Leaving millions to die horribly when they could do something about it is reprehensible, period. [i]Especially [/i]if the bulk of humanity is to be considered as little children. That would be child neglect, plain and simple.

    1. Assuming these are, indeed, aliens from another galaxy, dimension, or astral plane, we would be seriously remiss in assuming that they would have the same sensibilities as a human. What we may assume to be cruel or, literally, INHUMAN or INHUMANE could be perfectly logical wherever they have come from.

    2. Acharya S I totally agree with you!
      I have been saying that if the “Space Brothers” are watching us…why don’t they help us?
      They can shut down nukes?
      Fix the Japanese nuclear reactors.
      If you aren’t going to help, just watch, get outta here!

      1. I concur. Any such creatures should receive NO glory, while some of us are here risking our necks on the front line, with little to no help, fighting some of the greatest evils imaginable.

        In the meantime, who are the human-haters who gave my previous post thumbs down? 😡

    3. to be fair, if there is a community out there, it would seem reasonable that they are playing a waiting game. the way i see it is if you have a community out there, they would likely be waiting till a point where 1) we, the public can demonstrate a level of acceptance without mass panic and 2) the world leaders are able to put aside their petty differences and work together as one. i mea, why would they come to make an appearance when all the see is destruction and silly squables over land and imaginary lines in the name of flags which are no more than an identity of a region. were all genetically from the same source, we bleed the same, we have the same biology and we stem from thousands of years of genetic mutations. but that aside, they are out there and in some cases protecting us from self destruction. only time will tell wether we grow up and start acting like the human race were supposed to be

    4. Not Necessarily So
      :unsure: Consider why they should care? They’re probably monitoring us, watching us and seeing where it all goes? I saw two craft 1000 ft from my house, just like or very similiar to the ones detailed above in the fall of 2003. Completely silent. One was as big as my house the other 1/4 the size. They were positioned in such a way that only I and my brother could see them. They didn’t move until we started watching them. The big one moved along the treeline slowly and disappeared (I tried to head him off on the highway which crossed his path and after the treeline it was flat priarie but he vanished). Makes sense because the little guy came in to commiserate with the big guy at about Mach 100 and then when they saw us watch little guy left at Mach 100 with big guy heading for the trees and prairie.

      Listen, ancient peoples drew them, observed them. They have been here for a long time and have an agenda, their own. You’re projecting your viewpoint and agenda onto something/some beings who obviously are watchers in some capacity. That’s like saying God should do this or that, otherwise there is no God. Like a child having a tantrum.

      Finally, I don’t agree with your assessment on humanity. Nature is designed with a specific machine-like quality. You want to go against this design with do-gooder agenda with a ideological slant towards something that has a reason, purpose and goal (usually balance and equilibrium). The fact is there are too many of us and normally, in the past, it was regualted through many natural occurances, now its slower but will still happen along with messing with the natural order will bring blowback. My guess “they” may know all this very well (going by the 1000s of years of observation) and I would reason ‘they’ are much wiser than you, I, 99% of the featherless bipeds on this planet.

      You’re wrong, “they” don’t care that you’re wrong so stamp your feet, howl at the moon, throw a tantrum, you’re a bug in the universe and irrelevant to the endgame. Not just YOU all of US.

  2. Would You Give A Loaded Gun To A Three Year Old?

    In Stanton Friedman’s book “Flying Saucers And Science”, he ponders why extraterrestrials haven’t made official first contact yet. And he raises many possibilities such as it would seriously disrupt our way of life and we are too primitive for their technology. It would be like giving a loaded gun to a three year old. And that is a very real possibility. Would any technology that they gave us be used to blow up or enslave another country? These are reasons why they have not made first contact not to consider that the governments don’t want us to know about them. So that is why they don’t help us out too much.


    1. 3 Year Olds
      I think Rogers hit it right on the head hence the destruction of previous civilizations in some cases. We’ll never know that true history but it is defiantly a fact they were in contact with them and I am sure it lead to some wanting to war and some having a technological lead above others. I also feel some of the governments have a lot of this technology already they just hold it back from us. This could have been an agreement made many years ago to prevent the 3 year old gun shot.

  3. ufos
    They are here and probably have been for a long time. Some secret branch of the military is attempting to reverse engineer them for our own use. This is why those who know (the elite few) keep it top secret- not because they think the rest of us “can’t handle it.”

    1. We “can’t handle it”
      When they say we “can’t handle the truth”, what they mean is
      “you people will act responsibly and the government and military people won’t be able to play their dumb as batsh*t little games”

  4. The Guardians of the Earth
    Nullify the vanity and then you could, perhaps, to begin to understand a little of this thing.
    What I know is that, at this moment, the path points to a radical cleansing of these piles of sh*t, full of vanity, that infect this Holy Land, this MATERNITY.

  5. It’s not that ET would be reluctant to unleash technology on the primitive lifeforms which inhabit this planet. It’s that they cannot.

    The reason why ET has not announced itself en masse is because it would violate the Law of Confusion.

    Another way of stating this is that positive ET is against the initial use of force. Such an announcement would force many people to change their views on life in the Universe, religions, social orders, and the like. Initial use of force is not acceptable to those of positive orientation.

    In other words, until a certain percentage of people are aware and accepting of life elsewhere in the Universe, positive ET is bound not to make a definite, overt appearance. Negative ET is similarly constrained, but ironically takes more liberties in this regard.

    Therefore, be most cautious when dealing with life from elsewhere. It is quite possible your encounter is with those who do not have your best interests in mind, but rather their own.


  6. UFOS
    I do not understand the continued cover up, or even if there needs to be one. The government tells us frequently there are no ufos. Fact is, is that we have not been attacked and if we were, there is no way we could defend ourselves. The second fact is, we are still here on earth. The third fact is, if there are ufos, they are not hostile. Finally, the entire world from Arabia, Africa, Mexico, South America, India and China all have recognized this possibility and there is no panic!!
    C”mon, don’t you think Americans can handle it? We would welcome that are other living intelligent creatures that can communicate and travel. We may ask them for a lift to their home from time to time, but what the hell, they know where we live.

  7. UFO recovery
    If these saucers are being reverse engineered by the US, the rest of the world might as well just bow their heads, kneel and scrape because such technology would allow America to rule the world for a very long time to come and woe to the rest of us.

  8. super skeptic
    Generally speaking I do not always trust those in position of oversight an or in what is known in those who submit themselves to authority.
    I do not trust the FBI – I think they are just as scandalous as any cop – not that they are all bad people but that is not out of the question.
    the UFO thing – they can fabricate any kind of document they want – so that leaves this reader doubtful of the validity of little people that where 3 feet tall. also the shape of UFO – was widely reported in the 50’s, To conclude – just words are hardly any thing of evidence I can put my money on.

  9. Indifferent but cautious…
    My parents and I ave watched and observed these things since I was a child growing up in the mountains of Utah (and fishing and hunting near SkinWalker ranch). Particular activity has always been around the Strawberry Basin & Reseviour. My thoughts are that these beings have always been here, earth is their home as much as ours. But like animals the animals, they are indiferent but cautious around humanity, sharing the planet, but learned to stay out of sight as much as possible. In the forests, animals are everywhere, but you, as a human, hardly see them. They just want you to pass by so they can get back to life too. I believe their intellegence has demanded great concern for what humanity is doing to their planet. The Memo alludes that human technology effects them, like it does whales and birds. Think about how many transmissions and microwave frequencies are filling out atmosphere at any given time. Not to mention HAARP.

  10. help us?
    How about not turning UFOs or extradimensionals into a religion. Even though much can be done behind the scenes, are we not capable of helping ourselves?

    Once we get our society in order and live together without blowing up each other and other species, once we are able to live in peace, then the visitors come to visit.

  11. Until I can detect them with all of my senses, aliens on or near this planet are merely supernatural phenomena and can be thrown in the “out basket” with all of the other supernatural and paranormal phenomena like religions of the day. Man has the tendency to hallucinate and see things that aren’t there. His imagination although very useful can and often does get him into trouble.

    There may be government projects that are being researched, that are misleading us, but aliens are out of the question. If the universe is 13 billion years old and the earth 4billion years old, the fact that we have only progressed this far in approximately 3 billion years of evolution suggests that there hasn’t been enough time for super-intelligent faster than the speed of life forms to have evolved on other planets. On the other hand, if there are infinite multiple universes than there probably is human like life out there somewhere that have broken the speed of light barrier. And it follows, that if they had trillions and trillions of evolutionary time they may be knocking at our door. However,considering our present day knowledge this is probably a trillion to one shot.

  12. Ed – if it is a top secret kept by the ‘elite few’ – how come you know about it?? And if you really do know it to be a fact then why haven’t you bought it to the world’s attention? Are you paranoid of being assassinated or being used as an experiment in some nefarious FBI plot? 😮 Anyway, exactly what or who is [u]’some secret branch’ [/u]of the military’?
    Jeez, give me a break!

  13. Because We’re Ants…
    It is true their technology is so advanced and their way of thinking is so advanced. But I don’t think it’s because we’d use their technology for bad. I believe it is similar to us and ants…If we gave an ant a loaded weapon they’d simply crawl all over it. In other words, their technology is so advanced it would take us a million years to understand it, let alone utilize it.
    So they cannot fathom our way of life, who is good and who is bad. Essentially if some of us are bad then all may as well be considered bad because Aliens don’t really care.
    It’s like saying “hey, go touch that bee hive” and the person you say it to says “but I’ll be stung” and you say “not all of them will sting you.” So why deal with it either way?

  14. Neighbors
    If I had noisy, mean, greedy, slightly psychotic neighbors would I want to talk to them and give them guns?

    We won’t even provide healthcare for our own and let sociopaths lead us into wars. Now the space program has ended.

    Tell me we are good neighbors please…

  15. Well I will say only this, ponder the odd nature of obvious older and as old civilizations, as per the pre-break up of the continents. And now ask just who’s planet are WE on? Just think about it, megaliths and construction beyond thinking in capability and size? Are WE the alien’s on another world, than what we had evolved from? Because there is now as of yet no link between man and ape! And for what purpose? Well if what has been as far as our history goes”?” is any example may be we, could be an experiment? Or is/has this planet become, just a big giant prison for unsavory creatures?

    We may never know, but it seems we are going to assure our own demise anyway by our abuse of everything. Sad to say and to see!

    1. I like that you keep asking “out of the box” questions. There is no doubt that there were civilizations in the past that were able to do things that we’ve completely lost touch with (moving 200+ ton, perfectly carved granite blocks for instance), maybe they “passed the test” and were invited to move past this physical plane. I don’t know but I think we’re here for a reason. Maybe the reason that there are so many of us here at this time is to witness something remarkable. Someone I admired, the late researcher Terence McKenna, said that there was something (and even someone as gifted with language as he was couldn’t put it into words) out there in the near future waiting for us, drawing us toward it. Some might call it “God” but he never did and I certainly wouldn’t – given the absurd, ugly characteristics that “modern man” has attached to that word. It was something intangible that even he couldn’t describe. Maybe it’s these beings or their and our Creator. I don’t know but it’s going to be fun finding out.

  16. Aliens are here already
    I have been an Abductee for 14 years now. I know they are real and I have pictures to prove it at my website. Google Paranormal Viewer.

    The Government wants to keep them secrets because their technology is more powerful than the Governments. I believe we can become more powerful than them by having Disclosure. Keeping their secrets is not a good thing. I was not surprised to learn in the document above that the Aliens looked like humans. I have always felt they wore suits to cover up their real identity even the Grays.

  17. Government Public Acknowledgement
    Whomever controls the highest technology controls the planet. This became clearly evident at the end of WWII. Nuclear weapons accelerated the end of the conflict.

    The Western government armies, specifically the U.S. NRO et al, have routinely shot down Star Nation star craft for the past 60 years. This disastrous policy remains in full force and effect today, with the military doctrine of ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, including the ‘control’ and monitoring near earth space.

    The weaponized reverse engineered technologies developed by these violent, roque, USAP black projects is the reason government acknowledgement has not taken place yet . . .

    It is coming. They are evolved, peaceful, and wish to assist us in transforming our war torn, unequitable, money based, planet killing primitive existence.

    The neo-cons are going to go down hard and be prosecuted. Humanity’s future has been hijacked by these neo-con satanists.

    Star Nations are increasing their ‘Displays of Presence’ to force the U.S. government to make the announcement:

    Manhattan, NYC: Daytime overflight
    Coastal California: ‘Missile’
    Chicago O’Hare: Nighttime formation
    LAX: Nighttime formation

    It is going to get more interesting . . .

  18. annunaki
    The annunaki are said to have created modern man. Thats why theres never been an all out nuclear war,. they won’t let it happen. They have been here for a long time, and this blue planet that we live on is prime property for life of all kinds. GOD created life, but the Annunaki gene-spliced humunoids with there own genes and created a slave race called “HUMANS” thats us.

    1. The Anunnaki are ancient mythical concepts, not aliens. They are typical astronomical, astrological and astrotheological ideas, as can be seen from this essay:

      Who are the Anunnaki? ([url]http://www.truthbeknown.com/anunnaki.htm[/url])

      1. Annuaki
        How about “a rose by any other name”?

  19. “ponders why extraterrestrials haven’t made official first contact yet”?

    Really? Take a good, hard look at “us,” if you please!

    We fight amongst ourselves continuously, apparently without remorse, because this is an old, old story. We’re literally, irreversibly destroying the places where live, i.e. our natural environments, without a care, so it seems. And, we just might be entering a neofuedalistic era with extreme wealth concentrated in the hands of so very few and we’re all apparently content about it.

    So, tell me, fellow humans, even with our limited intellectual abilities, would an advance race of beings even want to contact us?

    “We” might just be a galactic joke.

    Stanton Friedman has articulated in the past why ET has not made contact with us … or wouldn’t want to.

  20. 4D+ matters/antimatters
    Ufos,Usos,Usas are all have on thing in common and that is they all share endglands made in united-kondoms

  21. UFO Comment
    If there are alien visitors coming here to our planet for far distances, these visitors would have to be very far ahead of us in their technology to accomplish such vast distances through space. They would have had to overcome incredible problems in all aspects of science.

    The so-called alien visitors may not want to communicate with us directly, because they would not want to interfere in our evolution.

    There are many scientific and logical reasons about why or why not aliens can be visiting us. Most of the reports that we see are not legitimate and are used to exploit the subject for either financial gain or for fame.

    Jerry G.

  22. Heaven on Earth
    “Star Nations” is just another dream that man imagines, hallucinates about and above all gives him comfort. This is just another “God” myth which mankind just can’t seem to get rid of.

    In this chaotic universe we live in, mankind has difficulty adjusting to the truth. The truth is that we are alone,living in a universe without a God or any other supernatural entities. We have to come to terms with this idea if we want to continue as a civilized species. All of the imaginative myths, dreams, and comfort paradigms may have helped us in the past,but now, in this century we can no longer continue to pleasure ourselves with our gullibility. We must face the universe with the knowledge we have of the present facts. If we can get past all this infantile supernaturalism and irrationality, concentrate on the technological and biological advances that are here and coming, we could, with a little patience, eventually have what you might call a heaven on earth.

    Throw off the ancient memes of the past which no longer guide our evolution and advance with the reality of the universe. Paranormalism supernaturalism and spiritualism have no relevance in the new world to come.

  23. Old release, why now?
    The Hottel document isn’t new. It was released in the 70s.

    I am wondering what they are trying to cover up by hyping these old releases.

    For some fun reading, google Frederick M. Olsen v. NSA.

  24. Even though I think 99% of the UFO sightings are government/corporate Black Projects (anti-grav, inter-dimensional), if some small contingent is visibly visiting us, I can’t even fathom why they would contact any government or institution. If they are as advanced as we hope they are, surely they would be wise enough to see how corrupt, blatantly evil and backward the concept of government (let alone corporations or churches) is. Nation/states are fictions and surely these beings don’t deal in fictions. If contact comes, they would communicate directly with the people on an individual basis.

  25. I am really grateful to the holder of this website who has shared this enormous article at here.

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