Dr. Wafa Sultan speaks out for human rights

I am delighted to announce my brand-new interview with the famous ex-Muslim activist Dr. Wafa Sultan!  Dr. Sultan is the firebrand apostate who took on a Muslim cleric in a debate that was seen by tens of millions worldwide. For her brave actions, Sultan was named in 2006 one of TIME’s most influential people.

Dr. Sultan kindly agreed to let me interview her for my Freethought Examiner column –

Wafa Sultan’s message to America

Particularly important are the wise words of advice she has for Americans to protect themselves against what she calls “the evils of Islam.”


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Let’s get the word out – Dr. Sultan deserves our attention and respect.  She lives under constant death threats, as she states in this exclusive interview.

She also states:

“Under Islamic sharia, a woman is not considered a free being. She is mentally unfit to decide her own life.”

If you are a woman or if you love any women, you need to pay attention to Dr. Sultan, as your very freedoms depend upon it.

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