Broke? Blame Christianity!

Here’s an interesting take on the American economical down spiral: It’s the fault of Christianity and the evangelist “Prosperity Gospel!”

Did Christianity Cause the Crash?

America’s mainstream religious denominations used to teach the faithful that they would be rewarded in the afterlife. But over the past generation, a different strain of Christian faith has proliferated—one that promises to make believers rich in the here and now. Known as the prosperity gospel, and claiming tens of millions of adherents, it fosters risk-taking and intense material optimism. It pumped air into the housing bubble. And one year into the worst downturn since the Depression, it’s still going strong.

…It can be hard to get used to how much Garay talks about money in church, one loyal parishioner, Billy Gonzales, told me one recent Sunday on the steps out front. Back in Mexico, Gonzales’ pastor talked only about “Jesus and heaven and being good.” But Garay talks about jobs and houses and making good money, which eventually came to make sense to Gonzales: money is “really important,” and besides, “we love the money in Jesus Christ’s name! Jesus loved money too!”…

Praise the Lord!


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  1. The Hillsong Church (Australia’s largest church and owner of the “Gloria Jeans Coffees” franchise) reportedly teaches this prosperity doctrine, too.

    The idea that Jesus will reward the believers in the now and the hereafter is kind of ludicrous when you consider that in many cases being a Christian is a cost to the individual and their financial wealth to begin with.

  2. What was that Jesus said to the rich man who asked him how to inherit eternal life?Oh well,if Paul could ignore what Jesus’s words about the Law still being in force then all bets are obviously off & noone will ever be called out on any of this.

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