• April 21, 2024

Islam is not a race

Over the years, certain knuckledraggers have attempted to thwart my criticism of heinous ideologies by calling me a “racist.” The foolish tossing out of this absurd epithet has mainly occurred when I have addressed the numerous atrocities committed in the name of Islam, a long list indeed that needs to be harshly criticized. Yet, individuals who are apparently a bit daft simply cannot understand that Islam is not a race. Like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism, Islam is an ideology. Hence, criticizing Islam is not “racist.”

There are Muslims of practically every culture and race – although admittedly I haven’t heard of any Muslim Eskimos, yet. There are Arab Muslims, Persian Muslims, Chinese Muslims, Indian Muslims, African Muslims, Caucasian Muslims and even Mexican Muslims. Obviously, Islam has nothing whatsoever to do with race, so shrieking “racism” whenever Islam-inspired horrors are discussed represents the behavior of an ignoramus.

Here is a list of just some of these Islamic atrocities that we are not allowed to criticize or else we are “racists”:

  • Hatred of and calls to murder or enslave nonbelievers
  • The oppression of women, including forcing them to live under dark-colored tents, depriving them of sunlight and air, and subjecting them to intense heat
  • child “marriage,” i.e., rape
  • female genital mutilation – a “cultural” tradition that often goes hand in hand in Muslim countries and that is understood by many Muslim women to be an Islamic doctrine
  • bombings, beheadings, beatings, stonings, hangings, limb amputations and so on, ad nauseam.
  • animal abuse – Muslims are often taught to hate dogs, for example

Not to criticize these heinous human-rights and animal abuses represents the epitome of immorality; yet, according to reprobates, to point them out makes one a “racist.” Obviously, such an epithet is utterly false, but that fact won’t stop ignoramuses from trying to use it whenever they have no real ground to stand on.

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21 thoughts on “Islam is not a race

  1. I remember living in Chicago in 1999 when an email (early days of email) was going around describing the abuse of women in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban.

    I signed the petition and sent the email to my friends and it was not more than a day before i was visited by some idiot sheep at the public location that was used by a lot of people to do email and so forth.

    They told me “you better be careful what you say” and a lot of other veiled threats about sending out political emails and gave me some kind of weird “your intentions are good but you don’t know any better” BS about racism. And, that the email was a “strategy to hide racism behind the issue of women’s rights”.

    And this, of course, was coming from someone who worked for, and still works for the local govt. in Chicago, who likes to hang around with people who have utter disdain for the American citizenry, and believe it or not this knucklehead is a -woman-.

    Low and behold it did not take long before we learned about the Taliban, and it was common knowledge that the hateful disgusting hatred toward women in that country was global..

  2. It’s interesting that some feel counter Islamic ideology might be considered racist, perhaps it’s a deeper look into how they feel about people who are not immediately within their race class.

    I don’t think it says much about you, but it probably says a little more about “them”. It probably works for them too…

    Maybe it’s better to attack the ideas, than the group? Reminds me of this Youtube video…


    1. Yes, of course it’s better to critique the ideas rather than the group. That’s why I constantly reiterate – even in this article – that I am criticizing an [i]ideology[/i], not a “race.”

      In fact, that’s the whole point of this post.

  3. clarification
    Please let me clarify, that the person who worked for Cook County was not acting in an official capacity when I was told to “be careful”, be she is exemplary of the kind of thugs hired in that system..

    also, it was probably earlier than 1999. probably closer to 1993-95

  4. I’m so sick of labels. I’ve been called so many things and to tell you the truth I really don’t give a sh*t. I know what and who I am. I definitely hate certain things that I have made perfectly clear. Hate is a human emotion and those that deny that they have these feelings are lying. I hate religion. I love many religious people. To watch this stupefying nonsense steal the time and thoughts of the people I love is absolutely infuriating. As far as the Islamist garbage is concerned…I absolutely hate their pre-historic ass kissing of a demented opportunistic guy named mohammed. They use his nonsense to justify so many crimes. And why the hell don’t the freethinking nations of this world stand up for the human rights of their people? Oh well, maybe Obama will get there, if he doesn’t then the women and children of the Arabic world are screwed for a while longer.

  5. OY VEY!
    Yah kiddin right! But really racist for pointing out what is “condoned by- enacted, enforced, ETC. by the RELIGIOUS LEADERS ALL OF THE RELIGIONS” your article on mental illness might just hit the mark!

  6. Starting to think you are a racist.
    You seem to attack Moslems more than any religion. You sure highlight all the vises it offers, you even promote a well known racist video below. When did he make a video that is critical of Christianity or any other religion? Here is a list of Heinous Christian crimes that only befitting for a scum back named Jesus character:





    I can go on and on listing all info available about the crimes committed by Christians. It is pure filth. Now if you are an honest critic of all religions, especially those that incline to inhuman and criminal behavior then you got to watch this video here:


    And read here:

    1. And you could be an ‘idiot?’
      Thank you for proving my point. Not only did you not even read this post, but it’s clear you do not know my work very well.

      Yet, you acted precisely as the image in this post lampoons: You started shouting “racism!”

      If you knew [i]anything [/i]about my work at all, you would know that I am notorious for critiquing Christianity – in fact, my books are mainly about exploring the Christ myth and are motivated in significant part by the atrocities committed in the name of Christ.

      In the meantime, it is [i]only [/i]Islam that currently and happily engages in the horrors listed here – about which you have nothing to say, while pointing fingers elsewhere.

    2. Really?
      Mass murder, “honor killing”, oppression…,committed IN THE NAME OF ISLAM, and with written instruction (Qu’ran).
      What part of that is so difficult to understand?
      This is happening TODAY all over the world.
      Pull your head out of the sand.

  7. Cheesus Crust!
    LOL, I don’t know how you and Pat do it? You guys can’t say anything about one religion without getting accused of bias or racism. Is the whole world mad, or is it just me?

    I guess there is not much difference than how I am always accused of being sexist when I blame the patriarch/male dominance ideologies or the fact that men behave horribly under them. :s

    Its so frustrating I have to laugh. 😆

  8. Acharya’s WORK IS AMAZING, full credit there ….i’m a fan …changing belief systems is almost impossible ..from my own experience this involves much effort because of a discouraging atmosphere !sadly this means we probably won’t see a better humanity for some time if ever !history has repeated itself for thousands of years . the bastards have not been brought to account ..but whats worse is they are running the countries ! anyhow i owe it to myself to try ..4 THOSE THAT ARE WITH ME …cheers

  9. Glad to see this issue get checked. It’s only racist when a white westerner says it. Typical PC anti-white, anti-western bs. Are non-whites who criticize Nazi atrocities anti-white racists too?

    Islam needs to make up it’s mind whether its a race, a religion, or a culture. It tends to evoke whichever of these poses is convenient when playing the victim…that is, whenever a westerner complains of it’s anti-Jewish racism, enslaving & abusing of women, homicidal tendencies, intolerance toward everything non-Islamic, ect.

    As for “Syrian Nationalist Party”, you should tune in more or search the archives. And if she did attack Islam she’d be more than justified anyway since Islam is by far the most violent, oppressive, hateful religion out there.

    And if you have a problem with all those Christian atrocities, why won’t you criticise the much more numerous Islamic ones? Pointing out that other ideologies have murdered by the millions isn’t much of a defense, is it? But its not like you could even begin to deny any of the brutality & murder your ideology is responsible for so mabe it’s the best defense you could attempt. Nice try.

    And calling Jesus scum when you revere a “man of peace” who participated in 27 battles and raped a 9 year old child. Is there no Arabic word for hypocricy?

  10. re: Cheesus Crust!
    [quote name=”Amy”]I guess there is not much difference than how I am always accused of being sexist when I blame the patriarch/male dominance ideologies or the fact that men behave horribly under them. :s

    Did I do that? Hope not. I think you blamed maleness itself in the case that I spoke up on. Probably simply a case of careless wording. It would’ve certainly been shouted down as sexist if the sexes had been reversed, & rightly so.

    Noone can reasonably doubt that many men behave horribly under patriarchical ideologies. Its a given. On the flipside, I’ve met some oughtright man-hating sexist pigs who dignify their bigotry under the banner of feminism too, but the prevailing PC theology seems to encourage this.

    Mabe I’m a tad fast on the trigger with the identity politics issues. I see bigger themes with these particularisms & their Orwellian logic & double-standards. Complain about the wrong race’s racism or behavior & you’re a racist. Complain about the wrong sex’s sexism & you’re a sexist. Complain about the wrong group’s intolerance(racist, sexist, dhimmi-hating ISLAM in this case) & you’re intolerant.

    Heaven forbid we simply speak our mind freely without first consulting whether the subject is aligned with a group favored under the present orthodoxy. Why stand or fall as an individual when you can invoke group priveliges to deflect criticism?

    Mabe a few decades under this brainwashing & thought policing has achieved a sort of oversaturation & the effect is wearing off. I know it’s achieved a backlash in my case. I think this present socio-political paradigm is finally starting to crumble under the weight of it’s contradictions & hypocrisies.

  11. Hiya Jeff,

    I wasn’t talking about you, but the majority of men and women that I run into on a regular basis.

    If I say, women are biologically superior for this or that, or that men are biologically inferior in this or that area, I am automatically deemed a sexist.

    There are biological differences and men are superior in some areas and women in others. And the fact of the matter is that women are superior to men at nurturing, caring for children, knowing whats best for children and creating stable, safe, loving and nurturing societies. That does NOT mean that men can’t be loving and benificial for children or can’t feel strongly for them. And if you are, it is most likely a woman is responsible for it . I know 5 women in my husbands life that are completely responsible for making him, what his step dad deemed, “too tender hearted”. And it is a fact that men have had their time to prove that they are biologically capable of knowing what is best for our children and it has been an epic failure.

    Women are forced to hand their children over to patriarchal institutions at evey turn and even at birth. The priest hood of medicine have done and are still doing everything possible to force women to birth children in their unnatural, cold, steele hospitals and have created laws against midwives and home births. Then they created laws to force poisonous vaccines on our children. We are forced to send our children to patriarchal institutions of conformity (schools) where some children are actually driven mad, i.e, Columbine. These are all institutions based on male dominance ideologies and they are f*cking our children up! And why? Because men are not biologically capable of knowing what is best for children without women telling them. And there is science to prove it.


    Frans De Waal is the author of ‘The Age of Empathy’ and IMO does the best job at explaining how it is the maternal bonds that create empathy and morality. Patriarchal institution have and always will be guilty of doing everything in their power to put cracks in the mother/infant bonds and incert themselves there as the ultimate authority figure. Father hood is not a god given nor biological right, it is a privilege! And if that stance is sexist, than I guess biology is sexist.

    I could understand you calling me sexist if I had said…men are only good for providing baby batter or that men are useless cuz that would absolutely be sexist, but stating biological facts does not make one a sexist. And it certainly doesn’t mean I hate men! I hate patriarchal male dominance ideologies and the behavior it creates. Just like Acharya and Pat criticize religion and the behavior it creates, I criticize patriarchy and the behavior it creates. And just like Acharya and Pat being called racist for speaking out against religion, I get called sexist for speaking out against patriarchy. It’s really just a defence mechanism used so that people dont have to deal with reality.

    And I will apologize for not making myself more clear on my views, but time is an issue for me and I worry about taking over threads with women’s studies. I have a LOT of respect for Acharya’s work and think it is EXTREMELLY important to stay on topic, and I have a tendency to take everything over to women’s studies. I’m a bit obssesive.

  12. But you have been extremely derisive in the past towards those having various beliefs of their own (especially Muslims), even though they don’t stand up to your “scholarly” appraisals. Critiscise the belief, yes, but not the person holding the belief. Don’t deny it. We have the proof. Perhaps this leans you a little more towards the accusation of racist than you are currently prepared to accept.

    1. Please provide an example of me being “extremely derisive” towards those having “various beliefs of their own?” I have consistently criticized the ideology, and I almost NEVER say anything “derisive” about individuals, so your contention is false. (Oh, and by the way, these are almost never “beliefs of their [i]own[/i]” – they are borrowed from others often long dead.)

      “even though they don’t stand up to your ‘scholarly’ appraisals.”

      That makes no sense at all. “Even though?” [i]Especially because[/i] they don’t hold up to my scholarly appraisals. (The quotation marks around “scholarly” is a nice derisive touch on your part.)

      “Critiscise the belief, yes, but not the person holding the belief. Don’t deny it. We have the proof.”

      Who has the proof of what? As I say, I consistent criticize the belief/ideology and rarely address any individuals, so your contentions are, again, utterly erroneous. And [i]we [/i]have the proof, so don’t deny it.

      You seem not to know my work at all, so it’s curious why you would be in here pretending to be an expert about it.

      And what part of “religion is not a race” did you not understand? No matter how hard I criticize demented religious beliefs that have cause a huge amount of turmoil and suffering on this planet, I will never be a “racist.” That’s the point of this post, which you appear not even to have read in your nonsensical post deriding me personally.

  13. arabs not a ‘race’
    To take this one step further, believe it or not, there is only ONE race, the Human race, of which we are ALL a part, although some of us don’t always act like we are.
    The term ‘race’ came from who-knows-where, but I think I can guess.
    I refuse to let the media, church, friends, family, or even my rabbitts to make up my mind for me, or even not make up my mind. After all, it is mine. If I do watch the news, it’s BBC, since they seem to be the only ones who know how to talk without yelling. Besides, I love tea and think Monty Python the best thing that the Brits have ever done.
    As far as the “race’ issue goes, unless you are some sort of Cyborg or Mutant, you are HUMAN not matter WHAT your ethnicity! Sorry!

  14. Racism V Idealism
    Only a few days back, there has been [b]two Mosque attacks in Lahore[/b] by the so called [b]Tehreek-e Taliban, Punjab(Pak) branch[/b]. Because these two Mosques belonged to a (minority muslim sect) sect called [b]Ahmadi [/b]in Pakistan. About 1700 people has been killed in these two mosques because it happened during the prayer time when the two mosques were fully packed with people.

    Although they are also the [b]”Islamic”[/b] followers but has been officially banned during the regime of the hardliner islamic fundamentalist regime of [b]President Zia Haq[/b].

    Ever since that time, these muslim minority sect followers has been persecuted gruesomely in whole of Pakistan by the majority [b]Sunni Wahhabi/Salafi Islamic [/b]hardliners like [b]Al Qaeda and Talibanis[/b].

    [b]Shias [/b]has been a perpetual cause for persecution by these same majority [b]Sunnis [/b]all over the world. It may be mentioned that [b]Iran[/b] is the custodian of [b]Shia Islamic Sect [/b]of Islam all over the globe currently.

    It might also be worth mentioning that the same [b]”Tehreek-e Taliban of Pakistan (TTP)”[/b] has claimed their link (rightly or wrongly) to the recent [b]NY Times Square Bomb in US[/b].

    It is the discretion of the person to call these occurrences as [b]racist or ideological[/b]. Words may be only a [b]verbal juglary [/b]but the truth remains that [b]”Islamic Ideology”[/b] has time and again proved fatal to herself, not because of [b]external threat [/b]but because of serious [b]internal threat[/b] in the [b]”Islamic World”[/b], wherever it exists.

    It is an [b]environmental pollution[/b] that rightly concerns the global think tank for a serious debate of far more importance than the [b]global warming[/b].

    God bless
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  15. :cheer: oh yes first class Acharya , its quite true that most peoples ideas are borrowing ! once again Acharya’s brilliance puts us to shame !

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